It can be tough finding the best backpack purses.

They need to be stylish and spacious enough to carry all of your belongings, but not too big or bulky that they become a nuisance to carry around.

You also want something versatile and functional that you can take from work to socials.

And with so many different options on the market these days, it can be hard to know which one is right for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 20 best-rated backpack purses available right now. 

Best backpack purses: MKP Women Fashion Double Zipper Signature Medium Backpack Purse PU Leather Teen Girls Ladies Bookbag Travel Bag Set 2Pcs
Credit: amazon

We’ve done all the research for you, so you can rest assured that you’re choosing a quality product that will meet your needs.

Whether you’re looking for something small and sleek or big and roomy for work, dinner dates, daily commute, plane, and more, we’ve got you covered!

So read on to discover the best backpack purses of 2023!

Table of Contents

Small best backpack purses

Reviewed below are small backpack purses you can carry when you want to stay as light as possible.  

Rebecca Minkoff Women’s Julian Backpack

Best Backpack Purses: Rebecca Minkoff Women's Julian Backpack

Summary: The sleek, stylish design of this Julian backpack makes it the perfect accessory for any day.    

The sleek and sophisticated design of the Julian backpack is sure to inspire a chic, modern vibe with its clean lines.

This bag is the perfect accessory for any adventure.

It features a unique zip enclosure, an egg-shaped pouch with enough room to store your essentials, and decorative tassels on the front that only adds to its appeal. 

The subtle details give this bag an edge from the dog clip closure to the swingy zip tassels, making it one of the best backpack purses you can wear with any of your casual wardrobes.

Even better, its leather construction not only has a luxurious feel but is also durable enough to withstand daily use!

Not a fan of leather backpack purses?

Not to worry.

On the Rebecca Minkoff website, you’ll see other versions of the Julian pack made with durable nylon and other leather variations from smooth to pebbled leather which reflects in the design and looks.

You only have to go for what suits your needs best.

The Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack is made to fit your bare essentials.

With its chic design and stylish accessories, this bag will be perfect to take your iPads, fancy water bottles, phones, cosmetics, and more with you.

What’s more?

It has an adjustable harness, making it comfortable for any body type and size!

Best Backpack Purses: Rebecca Minkoff Women's Julian Backpack

What we also love

The bag’s design makes it a great option for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Convertible straps allow you to convert your bag into different styles, making it easy for when the occasion calls for one type of carrying but not another.

This means, you can wear this as your everyday backpack during business hours, then switch up straps at night time to use it as a handbag.

What’s not great

Even though the design of this bag is so beautiful, some buyers have found that the leather of their pack feels stiff and rigid.

Although only a few people complained about this, I’d expect that for a bag of this price, there would have been some kind of flexible material for you to bend around your items inside.

And finally, I advise you to watch out as this backpack has a sharp zipper in the front that can cut your fingers if you’re not careful.

Calpak Kaya Backpack

Best backpack purses: Calpak Kaya Backpack

Summary: The Kaya backpack is the perfect piece for any stylish woman on the go.

If you are out for the most fashionable backpack purses to make a statement, I recommend the Kaya Laptop Backpack. 

This elegant bag can be used as a travel companion or everyday accessory to take you through your day at work to an evening dinner date.

Just see how cute it is with its quality faux-leather exterior and nice braiding accents.

However, since it’s a small backpack, the organization is very minimal.

It has only one main storage compartment with interior pockets.

Still, you can easily fit a variety of accessories in there like your phone, keys, a juicy novel, makeup essential, as well as plenty of slots for passports, keys, cards, rings, and small documents.  

Of course, there are also the adjustable shoulder straps, a simple carry handle at the top, and a luggage strap to slide it sideways on your suitcase while you are traveling.

Best backpack purses: Calpak Kaya Backpack

What we also love

The Kaya backpack is the perfect transition piece for your day-to-night look, with its feminine shape and alluring print.

You can take it to work, on dinner dates, and to any occasion where you can to be as stylish as possible.

I only suggest you buy this pack if you’re not afraid of looking super chic or of receiving lots of compliments from strangers!

What’s not great  

As I’ve stated, the Kaya backpack comes with only one main compartment and a few pockets, which is quite restrictive as far as organization goes.

Also, the zipper doesn’t open all the way and this makes it quite difficult to quickly get items in and out of the bag.

Overall, if storage capacity in your backpack purse is not your main concern, the Kaya is gorgeous, easy to commute with, and fit for everyday use.

Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack

Best Backpack Purses: Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack

Summary:The Citysafe backpack will keep your valuables safe as you go about in the city.

The Citysafe qualifies as one of the best backpack purses because it can be worn as a backpack or folded down into a handbag.

Cool right?

It is the only bag on this list with such a design and I quite like it.

What this means is that it’s great for transitioning from a day out to a night out.

And the best part?

It is designed to protect your valuables from thieves.

Its antitheft features include a cut-resistant exterior material, RFID-protected pockets as well as zippers you can lock for additional peace of mind.

Apart from these, the shoulder strap is also cut-resistant and is lockable around a fixed object so your bag isn’t taken away, in an unguarded moment. 

At 8 liters, this is a small-sized functional pack that easily fits a tablet, camera, phone, wallet, credit card, passport, snacks, and other bits and pieces.  

And construction-wise, the Citysafe is made of water-resistant nylon and polyester material that is sustainably made.

Best Backpack Purses: Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack

What we also love

This pack is available in four cool colors so you can pick a style you are comfortable with. I like that the bag’s design is clean and minimal and that you can detach the strap and tuck it away.

Plus, it’s pretty stylish and comfortable too.

What’s not so great

The Citysafe anti-theft backpack is really small and so doesn’t have room for a laptop or a ton of gear.

But if you want a stylish antitheft backpack purse that is bigger, you may want to check out the Travelon Antitheft Classic Backpack.

2pc Fashion Casual Faux Leather Backpack for Women

Best Backpack Purses: 2pc Fashion Casual Faux Leather Backpack for Women
Credit: Amazon

Summary: A 2-in-1 value that can also be worn in three different styles.

The fashionable and functional design of this medium-sized backpack makes it one of the best backpack purses for women whether it’s used as a crossbody or on your back.

This bag is ideal for all your everyday needs.

It can be used as a book bag, diaper bag, work bag, and more!

This fashion backpack purse is made from high-quality 100% eco-friendly vegan PU leather, which makes it durable and easy to clean. 

Simply wipe with water and you are good to go.

Additionally, the striped fabric lining and gold-tone hardware inside ensures that your belongings stay safe!

Its lightweight makes it ideal for carrying just the most essential items.

It features a zippered pocket in the back, two internal pockets, and an interior that can fit small items like a wallet, phone, hair comb, keys, sunglasses, and a few makeup accessories.

Plus, the bag is available in 12 different stunning colors!

Best Backpack Purses: 2pc Fashion Casual Faux Leather Backpack for Women
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

You’ll love how easy it was to style this cute backpack!

Thanks to the detachable strap, you can carry this bag as a backpack, crossbody bag, or handbag.

Adjustable straps make the bag easy to carry around, while its sturdy grab handle allows you to switch up your style handbag mode.

Also, it comes with an extra wristlet pouch, so you can carry even more items without worrying about them getting lost in your larger ones!

What’s not great

This bag is pretty and can be worn in three different styles, but the straps are too short for comfort when worn as a backpack. 

If you’re on the tall side, you may have to only carry it around the handle, which is quite restrictive.

And finally, this backpack purse is not big enough to hold a tablet, laptop, or any large item, but is great if you need a small bag for carrying a limited number of items on the go.

Michael Kors Rhea Medium Leather Backpack

Best Backpack Purses: Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Leather Backpack

Summary: The Rhea backpack is a stylish mini carry with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship and timeless design.

The Rhea zip backpack from Michael Kors is a stylish and functional way to carry all your essentials.

It is impressively versatile.

You can wear it as a crossbody or shoulder bag, which makes it one of the best backpack purses as it offers you the option of switching up your style.

Plus, you can trust this bag to last you for years.

While still achieving that laid-back yet luxe vibe, the Rhea backpack takes the traditional style up a notch with its supple Venus leather and high shine hardware.

The Rhea pack is perfect for daytime activities that don’t require hefty equipment.

It has two compartments, including a padded iPad pocket, and a front pocket, with a key fob that makes it easier than ever to stay organized.

Best Backpack Purses: Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Leather Backpack

What we also love

Use it for the office, or running errands– no matter what the occasion is, you will come to appreciate its original look.

Your load won’t feel heavy as the backpack has adjustable shoulder straps for comfy carry.

What’s is not great

The price tag may be steep, but its design and craftsmanship is timeless, making it one of the best backpack purses.

Best backpack purses for travel

These backpack purses are bags you can travel with.

They are spacious and practical with enough compartments and organizational features.

With these backpack purses, you can fit your essentials: passport, boarding pass, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, water bottle, snacks, and even a a few clothes and toiletries without being weighed down by unnecessary baggage .

Paravel Fold-Up Backpack

Best backpack purses: Paravel Fold-Up Backpack

Summary: The Paravel Fold-Up Bag is the answer to all of your storage needs. When it’s time for a quick trip, just unzip and pack away!

Portability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style, and the Fold Up Backpack proves just that!

This pack can be zipped up into a tiny pouch that fits comfortably in your purse or pocket, so you’re never without this essential travel accessory again.

It is so sleek and portable that you can store it in a purse, pocket, or suitcase for easy and quick storage!

It is one of the best backpack purses you’ll love for its versatility.

Take it on a day trip, use it daily on your commute, or as a cool gym bag, the Foldup is everything you want it to be.

Even better, the Fold-Up pack is also TSA-approved for the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you so you won’t have to worry about carrying your items over the weight limit or having the storage for your souvenirs when traveling abroad!

Not to mention, it comes with a luggage sleeve so you easily slide it over the handles of your roller suitcase and travel hands-free.

For storage, it features two pockets and an interior capacity that can hold a 15-inch laptop, a change of clothes, and a few other essentials.

With a simple unfolding of the backpack, you have access to everything that is inside.

It’s so easy and convenient!

Plus this bag is not just environmentally friendly, but also cost-effective since they use 15 recycled plastic water bottles per unit which will result in less waste sending them off to landfills where eventually all plastics become hazardous to nature/animals.

Plus, the nylon material of this bag makes it both durable and weather resistant.

Best backpack purses: Paravel Fold-Up Backpack

What we also love 

The Fold-Up pack comes in a variety of colors that appeal to everyone, from minimalist travelers to trendsetters who love a splash of color!

Thanks to its reinforced cotton webbing shoulder straps and top handle, you can carry it in one hand or on your back because there are straps for both options.

What’s not great

The main downside to the folding design is that it isn’t as structured and doesn’t provide much protection for laptops or delicate items, but I think it’s worth it for the added versatility it affords you.

The Paravel Fold-Up Bag is so lightweight, stylish, and versatile enough that you can use this as your everyday bag or take it on vacation to help with daily activities.

Dakota Neoprene Backpack

Best backpack purses: Dakota Neoprene Backpack

Summary: The Dakota Neoprene pack is a sleek, water-resistant backpack perfect for the work commute or gym session.

The Dakota backpack is a must-have for any modern-day busy woman.

This 16L versatile backpack purse will keep you rooted while on the go, from work commute to gym sessions.

It is one of the best backpack purses that have a place for everything and anything.

The Neoprene pack has a dedicated spot to store your sneakers, wallet, phone, lip balm, keys, and even a 13” laptop with room to spare!

Also, the environmental friendliness of this bag is unbeatable.

It is made from 100% premium neoprene, a high-tech fabric that’s water-resistant and paired with insulating as well as shock-absorbing qualities.

This means you can take your adventures anywhere without worrying about getting wet!

Also, the lining of the shoe bag, dust bag, and the pack itself are all made from Reprev recycled polyester, meaning they all serve one purpose: helping save our planet by recycling bottles into these very stylish functional items.

Best backpack purses: Dakota Neoprene Backpack

What we also love

This teeny baby is also lightweight (2 lbs); has a luggage strap sleeve and comfy straps that won’t dig into your shoulders. 

So, take it with you everywhere, no worry.

But wait, what if you need something smaller, or even bigger?

Well, the Dakota Neoprene is available in two other sizes (8L  and 20L) and a variety of colors, so you can easily go for the most suitable, whether that be a mini pack or a travel bag.

What’s not great

The only complaint about this bag is that it is not easy to clean and stains so easily.

To avoid this, I suggest you go for the darker shades like the dark moss, onyx, and storm colors instead of the dune or heather grey which would show stain more readily. 

TUMI Voyageur Carson Backpack

Best backpack purses: TUMI Voyageur Carson Backpack

Summary: The Voyageur Carson backpack is effortlessly stylish, incredibly practical, and built to last.

The Voyageur Carson backpack is one of the best backpack purses for women who appreciate sophisticated style and function.

It will look good commuting to the office, college, or boarding a plane.

And like most Tumi backpacks, this one is lightweight, highly durable, and uniquely designed for women.

Although slim, it comes with a surprising volume.

It has two compartments: a laptop compartment, the main compartment, and pockets for smaller items.

The main compartment is large enough for your files, books, and other essentials while the separate laptop compartment allows for a 15” laptop to be securely stored with a padded sleeve for a tablet.

It is well padded for amazing protection of your expensive tech.

Exterior storage includes two side water bottle pockets, a hidden phone pocket, and a front pocket with organizers so you can stash away cables, a phone, and other personal items with ease.

And just like is expected of Tumi backpacks quality, the Carson backpack doesn’t disappoint.

This sucker is made of durable nylon and will withstand the rigors of travel and daily use while keeping your content safe from the rain.

Even better, one of the side pockets is water-resistant, so you can throw in your wet umbrella, or wet item.

What’s more?

It has five colors and three hardware designs to choose from with long pull tabs that add to the bag’s appeal.

Other nice features include fully adjustable, padded shoulder straps, a leather carry handle, a leather key ring, and a top locking zipper pull.

Best backpack purses: TUMI Voyageur Carson Backpack

What we also love

If you tend to travel now and then, you’re in safe hands.

It can easily fit into any overhead compartment or be tucked out of sight under your seat.

Not to mention, the slip-through back panel allows you to slip over luggage handles for a hands-free movement.

What’s not great

Some customers noted that the back panel is not well padded, neither is it breathable, and the carry handle is not padded nor strong enough for heavy lifting.

A few other complaints were on how the zippers tend to get stuck on the fabric and that it gets dirty quickly.

All in all, this bag has a refined look so you can wear it even on a suit!

Mariah Backpack with Lunch & Shoe Bag

Best backpack purses: Mariah Backpack with Lunch & Shoe Bag

Summary: The Mariah Backpack is feature-rich as it is stylish.

The Mariah Backpack from MinkeeBlue is a one-stop-shop for your daily essentials.

This pack comes with a removable lunch bag, a built-in shoe compartment, and a pop-out water bottle pocket so you can take this along on any adventure without having to bring extra bags or worry about losing something important inside of it!

As if that is not enough, there is also a fob, two inside pockets, and a padded 13” laptop slip pocket to help with the organization of your smaller items.

Plus, it comes equipped with magnets that are designed connect to connect with the top zipper closure which makes sure nothing falls out as you go about your daily activities.

And this is one of the best backpack purses that’s perfect for any vegan who wants to feel luxurious while still being environmentally conscious.

The Mariah Backpack is made of nylon and vegan leather that is complemented with beautiful blue twill lining and gold-plated hardware.

Other nice touches include a water-resistant exterior, suitcase sleeve, and padded shoulder straps for carrying comfort.

Best backpack purses: Mariah Backpack with Lunch & Shoe Bag

What we also love

Not only does it look nice and stylish with its sleek exterior which can easily pass as “work” attire if needed, but you’ll also like how lightweight yet durable they have made this bag.

Watch out!

You may never want another travel companion after getting the chance to use this one!

What’s not great

The common complaints are that this bag is not roomy enough and the magnet on the pocket closure flips open too easily.

But overall, the Mariah Backpack is practical and stylish.

It has lots of compartments you can use for storing things, which makes it a useful consideration on the list of best backpack purses. 

EDC best backpack purses

These backpack purses are a great option as an everyday carry because they are practical and easily accessible.

Plus, they leave your hands free to do other things and can fit at least your bare essentials.

Fjällräven Unisex Totepack No. 1

Best Backpack Purses: Fjällräven Unisex Totepack No. 1

Summary: The Totepack No. 1is a convenient way to carry your everyday items.

The Fjallraven Totepack No. 1 is a lightweight and convenient bag that will help you stay organized throughout your day.

It has long, adjustable shoulder straps and a short leather handle that make it easy to carry around town, no matter your height.

This is also one of those backpack purses you can carry in two different ways- as a tote or as a backpack.

Sling it over one shoulder for easy carrying, or turn it into an amazing backpack!

Totepack, get it?

This 14L bag has a roomy interior with an interior safety pocket to keep your small items like keys, a wallet, cards, etc., so they don’t get lost.

There is also an exterior pocket in front of the bag where you can stash items you need easy access to on the go while the soft inner lining protects your items from bumping or rubbing against any hard surfaces.

Also, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of this bag!

It is made from Fjällräven G-1000, a heavy-duty material combination (65% polyester, 35% cotton) that also has double layers of fabric at the bottom for extra durability.

With both modern design elements and long-lasting quality to its construction, you can be sure that your purchase will last long enough without needing replacement or repairs anytime soon.

Best Backpack Purses: Fjällräven Unisex Totepack No. 1

What we also love

Whether it’s for short errands, grocery shopping, or other belongings you want to carry with you during the day, you’ll love how stylish you look carrying this piece across town.

Plus, it is also available in 12 beautiful colors!

What’s not great

The major disadvantage of this totepack is that it has very few organizational options, which can make it difficult to find things on time.

Also, the material picks up dirt easily and looks dirty after a few uses, especially for the bright-colored options.

But the best thing about this bag is that it’s tough enough to take on any adventure, but is also lightweight and comfortable.

Elliah Convertible Backpack

Best Backpack Purses: Elliah Convertible Backpack

Summary: The Elliah convertible backpack is a handy small bag for daily use.

If you’re looking for a backpack purse that’s understated enough to go with any daytime look, the Elliah convertible backpack is just what you need.

This backpack is made with faux leather material and adorned with gold hardware that allows you to pair it with any outfit, regardless of the occasion.

Best of all, the bag is functional too.

It features a zipper compartment and multiple pockets, including two internal slip pockets and a back pocket on the exterior which will provide the ultimate safety to your valuables.

The straps are also soft and comfortable for carrying comfort.

On top of everything, you can use it for going shopping, dates, trips, and other occasions.

Best Backpack Purses: Elliah Convertible Backpack

What we also love

You can carry it three different ways — as a top handle bag, a shoulder bag, and as a backpack! 

What’s not great

A few complaints have it that the magnet to close the flap of the backpack gets weakened with time, and since that’s the only top covering, contents may spill out when you’re on the go.

Carhartt Legacy Convertible Backpack Bag

Best backpack purses: Carhartt Legacy Women’s Hybrid Convertible Backpack Tote Bag
Credit: Amazon

Summary: If you want something a bit more rugged, the Carhartt Convertible pack is your guy.

The Carhartt Convertible pack is a rugged yet stylish option for those who want to look good while they’re out exploring.

Made from heavy-duty polyester with rain defender durable water repellent treatment, this backpack is a solid choice for heavy-duty uses both in the outdoors and in city life alike.  

And you can carry this sucker as a backpack, a cross-body bag, or as a tote, whichever suits you more, making it one of the best backpack purses on the market.

While it’s not particularly a big bag, it’s spacious enough for your daily essentials.

The Carhartt pack has a large main compartment, with a 15” padded laptop sleeve and two additional pockets.

On the exterior, you get two slash pockets for bottles and a zippered pocket to keep your easily accessed items like phone, key, wallet, etc.

Best backpack purses: Carhartt Legacy Women’s Hybrid Convertible Backpack Tote Bag

What we also love

The Carhartt pack weighs just 1.5 lbs and is easy to haul around.  

Rugged and reliable, this bag is perfect for daily use, and the occasional foray into the outdoors, which is why it qualifies as one of the best backpack purses for men and women.

What’s not great

The main downside is the poor design of the straps.

Users have complained about how it gets awkward to maneuver the straps into using as a backpack from a tote.

Some other customers do not like that the side pockets are tight and also dig into the main compartment when stuffed on both sides.

KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

Best Backpack Purses: KL928 Canvas Sling Bag
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Whether it’s for day hiking or city breaks, you’ll love the Canva Sling for its versatility.

If you wanna keep it casual and trendy, it doesn’t get better than the effortlessly cool Canva sling pack.

This popular carry is one of the best backpack purses because of the ways it allows you to switch it up to your preferred style.

With its unique zippers, you can change the bag into a chest bagcrossbody bag, or a small backpack.

All you gotta do is just zip or unzip to your desired taste.

It’s thus perfect for travel (compact enough to slide beneath the seat), festivals, minimalist hikes, walking the dog, or everyday use.

Also, it boasts of an impressive low-profile organization.

There is a spacious compartment and both internal and external pockets for your bare essentials, like a tablet, phone, books, and even a water bottle

And it has a hidden antitheft pocket where you can stow away your phone, wallet, or many small items from prying eyes and hands.

For good measure, it’s made of durable, water-resistant canvas material with sturdy zippers, so you know you can trust its quality day-in and day-out

The straps have a nice, comfortable layer of padding and the pockets couldn’t be more easily accessible.

Plus, it is affordable.

Best Backpack Purses: KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

What we also love

It has a pretty unique style that helps you stand out in the crowd of people while attracting more than a few appreciative glances.  

The bag also comes in seven vibrant colors so you can easily pick a style suitable for you.  

What’s not great

Some users have criticized how the sling has this bad smell that takes a while to wear off, but luckily you can speed up the process.

The best way is just to let the air out for a while and then wash with soap as this will help absorb any strong scents from the fabric.

Leather best backpack purses

If you are a fan of leather backpack purses, this list includes a variety of options from premium to affordable and sustainably made leather backpack purses.

Senreve Maestra Bag


Summary: If you’re looking for a bag that can handle anything, the Maestra will be your new best friend.

The Senreve Maestra Bag might just be your favorite go-to backpack purse that you can carry anywhere, from work to play.

You can take this bag in any situation and it will never fail to impress with its stunning beauty and sleek design that is capable of handling anything, making it one of the best backpack purses for women.

This bag is made from genuine Italian leather, making it scratch and stain-resistant.

It also has a water-resistant exterior that will keep your belongings safe in any weather condition!

The base is protected by sturdy metal feet to prevent damage and ensure durability.

The Maestra Bag is a perfect size and can easily hold all of my belongings without feeling too heavy.

This bag has up to eight interior compartments for easy organization as well as plenty of room for all your belongings, including a 15-inch laptop.

Best backpack purses: Senreve Maestra Bag

What we also love

The Maestra Bag is so versatile!

As one of the best backpack purses, you can wear this bag as a backpack, satchel, tote, or crossbody!

What’s more?

This backpack purse is available in 5 jaw-dropping color choices. 

What’s not great

While the Maestra is well made, this one just isn’t for you if you tend to carry a lot of essentials or on a tight budget!

But if what you need is a do-it-all pack for a casual day out, work, travel, or a date, this Italian gorgeous leather bag has you covered!  

Cuyana Leather Backpack

Best backpack purses: Cuyana Leather Backpack

Summary: The Cuyana backpack is functional, sturdy, and beautiful. 

The Cuyana backpack is one of the best backpack purses for women that looks and feels ready for anything.

It is gorgeous, sustainably made, and boasts of a sleek exterior design that is so easy to fall in love with.

Even better, this leather backpack features two different carrying options making it a perfect choice for any occasion be it to the office or an evening outing with friends.

You can carry this bag as a backpack or as a shoulder bag.

The Cuyana backpack is made of high-quality Italian pebbled leather that is LWG Gold certified, so you know the leather is tanned responsibly and made in good environmental practices.

It can comfortably accommodate a 13″ laptop leaving enough space for 2-3 books, a water bottle, a small umbrella, and even a change of clothes.   

In addition, it is secured with hidden magnetic snap closures and features two exterior pockets for your need-to-reach-quickly items.

What’s more?

With a functional design, sturdy construction, and gorgeous look, this backpack will be your go-to for all of life’s adventures, be it work, school, or day trips!


What we also love

As one of the best backpack purses, this bag is the perfect accessory for any occasion and can easily transition from one event to another.

It is not only durable and stylish but is also available in three goes-with-everything color options so you’re sure to find a style that fits your taste!

What’s not great

The Cuyana leather backpack is a work of art, and the price tag reflects its quality.

Although not the most expensive leather backpack, it still is a great investment that is worth it because this bag makes such an impression on those who see or use it!

Nevenka Leather Backpack

Best Backpack Purses: Nevenka Leather Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Streamlined and cute, the Nevenka Backpack is an affordable pack that you can use for pretty much anything!   

If you are a fan of well-rated backpack purses with clean-cut style and a minimal vibe, you may want to consider the Nevenka leather backpack.

It is just the right mixture of backpack and purse that blends in well in any setting.

It’s elegant enough to be a purse for a quick errand yet practical enough as a backpack when you’re on the run and want your hands free.

Made of quality PU leather – a synthetic material that looks and feels like leather it is touted by thousands of users to be able to withstand the demands of daily use.

Thanks to the golden zippers, the bag looks elegant and will get you multiple compliments.

I promise. 

Despite being minimal, the Nevenka pack will comfortably hold your essentials, like a phone, notebook, folding umbrella, tablet, card, and more.

Inside, there is a divider to break the bag up for the better organization and a front pocket for your go-to items.

Best Backpack Purses: Nevenka Leather Backpack

What we also love

The Nevenka leather backpack is one of the most affordable best backpack purses that look as classy and chic as the more premium counterparts.

Its minimalistic design means you can pretty much wear it on any outfit be it for work or an outing, while the many color options guarantee you’ll very most likely see something you’ll like.

Plus, the raving reviews following this bag mean you can trust it to serve you well.

What’s not great

Some users don’t fancy the pocket right across the middle of the bag because it gets in the way of you getting items from the bag as quickly as you’d like.

But all in all, the raving reviews following this backpack purse mean you can trust it to serve you well.

Opus Mind Medium Backpack- Terracotta

Best Backpack Purses: Opus Mind Medium Backpack- Terracotta

Summary: The Opus Mind backpack features a timeless style that is both cute and minimal in design.

Opus Mind helps reduce the industry’s environmental footprint by making products for the eco-conscious consumer, and their best-selling Circular Backpack is simply a must-have.

With a delicious yet durable taste, this bag is made from 100% recycled leather that has been certified and traceable.

As a result, the backpack purse is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and light while bringing awareness to the environment every time you use it!

And for organization, it comes with a 13″ laptop compartment, and two pockets for better organization. 

Best Backpack Purses: Opus Mind Medium Backpack- Terracotta

What we also love

The Circular Backpack isn’t only sustainable, but also luxurious.

It also doesn’t hurt that the pack features adjustable straps, is beautifully minimalist in design, and is one you would likely use indefinitely.

Plus, if you’re not a fan of this particular terracotta-colored design, the other 5 colorful designs are as captivating.

What’s not great

The pack might seem expensive to the average shopper, but it’s the price to pay for high-quality craftsmanship.

Best backpack purses for mom

These backpack purses below are a great options for moms who need something stylish and functional.

La Mère Petite from Azaria

Best backpack purses: La Mère Petite from Azaria

Summary: The La Mére bag is the perfect choice for moms that want stylish, modern diaper bags.

A diaper bag is one of the most essential accessories for any mom, and the Azaria La Mère Petite bag is the ultimate luxury diaper bag.

This scaled-down version of the La Mère, which translates to ‘the little mother’ in French has been designed specifically so smaller loads don’t weigh down on your back or shoulders when carrying them around. 

It is just 10L and weighs 2.2 lbs.   

Plus, it has six exterior pockets with five inner pockets for your storage needs as well!

As a result, minimalist and smaller body types can now enjoy a sleek, stylish diaper bag with plenty of pockets to pack all their essentials without feeling overwhelmed as other larger models do!

It’s so stylish that you can use it for other purposes too!

Its angular and timeless design combined with luxe leather construction makes this bag ideal not only as your go-to when it comes time to take care of your little one on the go but also long after those initial babyhood days are over!

Made of high-quality vegan leather, you get all the comfort and durability that comes with leather without any animal products.

Best backpack purses: La Mère Petite from Azaria

What we also love

The La Mère is so versatile!

You can wear it as either a backpack or you could tuck away the straps and use its messenger strap, making it one of the best backpack purses for not just mothers.

What’s not great

The size of this bag is perfect for carrying around your everyday essentials, but it’s not big enough to carry a laptop and many items.

So, if you tend to commute or carry more baby gear, then the bigger La Mère Original might be better suited as an option.

KROSER Laptop Backpack

Best Backpack Purses: KROSER Laptop Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Kroser backpack provides both style and utility with an affordable price tag that’s hard to beat.

If you are looking for the best backpack purses for women with a classic look and an affordable price tag, it doesn’t get better than the Kroser backpack.

This bag is just so chic and practical!

It features leather trim and accents that give it an air of sophistication that makes it great for commuters, students, or travelers, while the main body is made of nylon fabric that’s lighter, more durable, and water-resistant.

It also makes for a great laptop backpack as it has a roomy compartment with pockets and a sleeve inside to safely tuck away your 15.6” laptop and documents. 

Your books, headphones, change of clothes, etc. can go in the main compartment while two exterior side pockets will hold your water bottles or umbrellas.

You also get side pockets and a front compartment for storing your small items like credit cards, keys, phones, and more.

Best Backpack Purses: KROSER Laptop Backpack
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

The Kroser woman backpack has so many positive reviews from buyers and is also budget-friendly, making it one of the best backpack purses you’ll see on Amazon.

Don’t believe me?

Just go through the thousands of reviews on Amazon.

Also, there is a built-in USB charging port that allows you to charge your device with any connected power bank inside the bag as well as a luggage strap so you can attach this baby to a wheelie when traveling.

What is not great

Even though it comes with padded shoulder straps and a back panel, this backpack could do with more robust padding on the shoulder straps to make it more comfortable to carry when it’s fully loaded.

All in all, this sleek, stylish backpack is a must-have for everyone who hates boring old backpacks. 

It is available in four different colors and patterns to choose from and is so easy to look stylish, casual, and even professional with this baby.

Cluci Women Backpack Purse

Best Backpack Purses: Cluci Women Backpack Purse

Summary: The Cluci backpack purse is a cute, affordable, and practical backpack that is super handy for everyday activities.

The Cluci backpack purse is one of the best backpack purses that is so versatile.

This cleverly designed bag is affordable, has plenty of storage, and can be used for different purposes.  

Lightweight and water-resistant, the pack is made of high-quality soft PU leather, with metal accessories and fabric lining.

This bag’s got decent storage capacity. 

There is room and pockets for all of your must-haves—including laptops, water bottles, books, and umbrellas.

Thousands of happy Amazon reviewers have praised how easy it is to use for different purposes. From traveling to being a diaper bag or commuting to the office, it is a super handy everyday bag.

What’s more?

This pack spots an anti-theft design.

The main zipper closure is located at the back to make it inaccessible to intruders.

Plus, the padded shoulder straps take care of your upper back muscles so you won’t feel stressed when carrying it for hours.

Best Backpack Purses: Cluci Women Backpack Purse

What we also love

I like that you can choose to carry it as a backpack or a shoulder bag, thanks to the detachable shoulder strap.

Wanna know the best part?

This elegant bag is affordable and is available in so many beautiful colors and designs that you’ll very likely turn heads and get lots of enquires when you walk down the street with this backpack.

What’s not great 

One of the most common problems with this Cluci backpack is that defective zippers are reported by users.

Other than that, you’ll love its look and how practical it is.

Buyer’s Guide: What to look out for in the best backpack purses

When looking for the best backpacks purses in 2023, here are some important factors you need to consider before making a final decision. 


Best Backpack Purses: a display of backpack fabrics

The material of a backpack purse is important because it needs to be durable to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use.

What fabric is best for making backpack purses?

The most popular materials for backpacks are PU leather, vegan leather, polyester, and nylon.

These materials are all durable and will last a long time if they are well-made.

PU leather and vegan leather are more expensive but they look better and last longer, while polyester and nylon are more lightweight.

Also, vegan leather is a more environmentally friendly option that is also very stylish on this list.

Ultimately, the material you choose for your backpack purse should be based on your personal needs and preferences.

The good thing is that this best backpack purses review includes options from all these materials.


Best Backpack Purses: Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Leather Backpack

When you’re looking for the bests backpack purses, it’s important to choose one that can withstand the demands of constant use.

You don’t want to have to keep replacing your purse every few months because the quality wasn’t there in the first place.

It should be made with durable fabrics, zips, and other hardware that will keep your belongings safe and secure even when the bag is crammed full.

This is important if you plan on using your backpack purse daily or if you tend to have a lot of items with you regularly.

Storage & organization

Best Backpack Purses: Michael Kors Slater Extra-Small Pebbled Leather Convertible Backpack

Storage is important in the best backpack purses because it allows you to keep all of your belongings organized.

When you’re packing for a busy day, the last thing you want is a pack that is too small to fit your daily essentials or too big that you do not get to use as much as you’d like.

Backpack purses come with multiple pockets and compartments that let you store everything from your phone to your sunscreen neatly.

This way, you can grab what you need without having to rummage through your bag.

Of course, the type of items you’ll store in your backpack purse will vary depending on its intended purpose.

If you’re using it as a diaper bag, for example, you’ll need plenty of space for diapers, wipes, spare clothes, and bottles.

But if you are after a backpack purse that you can travel with or take to work, you’ll want one with a larger storage capacity that can carry laptops, notebooks, iPads, and other such essentials.

On the flip side, a small pack for casual outings can have just standard storage and fewer pockets.

So, beyond just storage, go for the best backpack purses with the right number of pockets for your essentials.



A backpack purse can be worn as a backpack, as a tote, and even be carried by hand.

To ensure that whatever way you carry it is comfortable, the best backpack purses have padded shoulder straps and a mesh back panel to help keep you cool.

The straps should also be adjustable so that the purse can be made to fit different body sizes.

And for convertible backpack purses, the straps should be detachable so that it can be easily converted from a backpack to a handbag or tote.

Looking for features like padded straps, padded back panel, and mesh material ensures your bag doesn’t weigh you down when loaded up.


Best Backpack Purses: two colorful backpacks on colored backgrounds

Humans are naturally attracted to color.

Colors can affect our moods and emotions, so it’s no surprise that they influence our choices in accessories as well.

Backpack purses come in all sorts of colors, from neutrals like black and brown to more eye-catching shades like pink and blue.

So why is color important when choosing a backpack purse?

Well, the right color can help you convey the right message.

For example, if you’re looking for a backpack purse to use for everyday errands and outings, a neutral shade like black or beige is always a good choice.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something to take to the office or meetings, then choosing a classy and sophisticated shade like navy blue can help conveys professionalism.

And of course, if you’re just looking for a fun and funky option to show off your personality, then brightly colored backpack purses are always an option.

Whatever option you go for, make sure it’ll let your personality shine through.

Style and Design

Best Backpack Purses: MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Rhea Mini Logo Backpack

Backpack purses are super versatile.

If you’re buying a backpack purse, I suggest you go for the one that will seamlessly blend with your overall look no matter what you’re wearing.

And of course, one that can go from office to airport and workday to weekend.

And if yours is more casual, a bag that you can take to the gym, carry stuff to the beach, take shopping, and in a pinch, travel with.

So consider the color, design, and what style you can change the bag into.


Best backpack purses: Dakota Neoprene Backpack

These days, there are handy features that have been incorporated into the designs of a backpack.

They could be a designated laptop sleeve, a water bottle holder, a key fob, a secret hidden compartment, a tech pocket, or weather-proof fabric for stormy weather.

And if you are a conscious shopper, some bags are sustainably made without damage to our planet. 

The best backpack purses should give easy access to your devices or other items you know you’ll be needing at a moment’s notice.

There should also be handy pockets inside and outside the backpack for carrying important items like credit cards and cash.

All, go for one with features that best suit your needs.


Can you use a backpack as a purse?

Best Backpack Purses: MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS Hudson Leather Backpack

You can use a backpack as a purse!

I actually think it’s a great idea – it frees up your hands and keeps everything organized in one place.

And it is a great option if you need to carry a lot of stuff with you, and it can be more comfortable to wear than a traditional purse.

Plus, there are so many cute backpack purses out there these days.

If you’re going to use a backpack as a purse, though, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that the backpack is big enough to fit all of your essentials – you don’t want to be scrambling to find things at the bottom of a small bag.

Second, look for pockets and compartments inside the bag to help keep things organized.

And finally, pick a bag that’s comfortable to carry – you don’t want it digging into your shoulders.

Where can you get a backpack purse?

Best backpack purses: Senreve MINI backpack

There are a few places you can get backpack purses.

One option is to check out some of your favorite backpack brands as they sometimes have some really unique designs that you won’t find anywhere else.

Another option is to check out some of the online retailers that sell them.

My personal favorite is Amazon because they have a really great selection of different styles and colors that will fit your budget.

Finally, you can also check out some of your local department stores.

Whichever route you decide to take, make sure you do your research to find the best deal possible.

Why are backpacks better than purses?

Best backpack purses: a backpack versus a handabe

Backpacks are a great alternative to purses, and they can be just as stylish!

You can use a backpack for everyday activities like running errands or going to school, but they’re also great for travel.

Backpacks offer more storage space than a purse, so you can pack everything you need – including your passport, camera, and extra clothes.

Plus, they’re comfortable to wear and won’t put a strain on your shoulders as a purse can.

So, if you’re looking for a versatile bag that will take you from the office to the airport with ease, consider a backpack!

Final Thoughts

Backpack purses are a great option for those who want the functionality of a backpack with the style and look of a purse.

The 20 best backpack purses we’ve included in this review offer something for everyone, whether you’re in the market for a backpack purse that can handle all of your daily essentials, or are just looking for a stylish and functional new bag to take on your travels.

Let me know which of these backpacks purses is your favorite in the comments below – I’d love to hear from you!

And be sure to share this post with any friends who might be interested in upgrading their style, but still want to keep all of their stuff close by!

This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These bags have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.

8 thoughts on “These 20 Best Backpack Purses Will Enhance Your Style and Serve Any Occasion”

  1. I’ve been looking for a small back pack for my partner that was stylish and functional. Your review of these backpacks helped us make our decision. We settled on the Cluci Women Backpack my partner really liked that one.

    • Thank you for your review, James, I’m glad this article was helpful in making your decision.
      And I am happy to hear that the Cluci Women Backpack suits your partner’s needs and style. I hope she enjoys it for many occasions to come.


  2. I need a new purse. Mine is old and worn out. These purses all look really nice. The KL928 Canvas Sling Bag looks awesome and it has a unique design. I also love the Casual Faux Leather Backpack. That one is stylish and beautiful. Faux leather is becoming more fashionable now since more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the cruelties in the leather industry and also the impact on the environment.
    Have you seen the purses made of cactus faux leather? They look stunning! And they’re durable 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words, Christine!
      And great choice on the KL928 Canvas Sling Bag and the Casual Faux Leather Backpack. They are both beautiful and well-made bags that are perfect for any occasion.

      Like you, I am excited to see more and more people moving towards faux leather as it does have a huge positive impact on the environment.
      And you are right about bags made of cactus faux leather, they are a great alternative to leather and is quickly becoming a favorite among people.

      Thank you for sharing.

  3. My girlfriend has been looking for a purse recently. Well, a travel purse, she has a ton of purses. She would be more interested in leather ones though. My only concern with PU leather is how long it will last. Do you happen to know? Also, what should you clean the purse with?

    • Thanks for your question, Garen.
      We recommend using a damp cloth to clean PU leather purses and wallets. As for how long they’ll last, that really depends on how often they’re used and how well they’re taken care of.

      Of course, it won’t last as well as original leather, but with good care and use, there’s nothing stopping your girlfriend from having it for months or even years.

      We hope this helps!

  4. Hello,

    I have been looking for a new bag for my girlfriend (as it’s her birthday coming up soon).

    So it was amazing to see the Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack on here, which I think she will love, as it’s a combo of a bag and purse! (how wonderful).

    I really enjoyed reading your post, it was really in-depth and gave me plenty of choice to look at.

    I appreciate your hard work.

    Thanks again for helping my friend!

  5. My wife is a traveling nurse and she carries on of these all the time it would a nice gift from me. She does need a new backpack to carry all the right things for her.
    She would benefit off of all these bags I can see the her wearing one right now.

    Glad this article came at this time she is going to be excited.



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