Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena review: The Nordace Siena backpack on a model
Credit: Nordace

Regardless of what type of trip you’re making, one thing everyone needs is a reliable and feature packed backpack. 

This is what has made the super stylish Nordace Siena backpack so popular.

Compact and travel friendly, it has a handful of useful features including a discreet luggage strap, secret pockets to keep your valuables safe, a USB charging port, and a padded laptop compartment. 

And of course, an impressive structural design that makes the bag stay in shape. 

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena review: The Nordace Siena backpacks

Despite its many good traits, not everyone is a fan.

One common complaint is that the bag is expensive for the quality. 

This leads to an important question: Are there any good Nordace Siena backpack alternatives – options that offer good value for money?

The answer is yes! There is a lot out there with similar features that are perhaps better, cheaper (or good value for money), and even more durable.

This is why I have compiled this list of backpacks similar to Nordace Siena in design, functionality, etc.

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Backpacks Similar to Nordace Siena

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena review: The Nordace Siena backpack with features

For anyone looking for an alternative to the popular Nordace Siena backpack, these picks might be up your alley.

To determine what makes a backpack similar to the Nordace Siena, it must meet some necessary requirements in term of shared features and design.

So, what’s the criteria? 

  • For one, it must have enough space with ample compartments and pockets for your laptop, tablet, water bottle, phone, wallet and so on.
  • It should be streamlined, durable, comfortable and at least, water resistant.
  • Be travel friendly with features like luggage strap, a USB charging port, hidden pockets etc.
  • And to seal the deal, it has to be versatile for work, school or short getaways.

With that in mind, here are 9 beautiful backpacks similar to Nordace Siena!

Bellroy Transit Backpack Plus

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Bellroy Transit Backpack front and back view
Credit: Bellroy

Summary: The Bellroy Transit Backpack plus has it all – quality eco-friendly materials, dedicated laptop compartment, stylish vibe and is equipped for travel!  

The Transit backpack is one of the best backpacks similar to Nordace Siena for those who want a design that is as stylish as it is functional. 

They both spot leather details on the zipper pull handle, logo insignia, and shoulder straps as well as similar front pocket design and structure.

What we also love 

Also, this 28L bag is stuffed with features: a protected 16-inch laptop compartment, water bottle pocket, sternum strap & waist belt for weight distribution, and a contoured back panel with padded straps for carrying comfort.

Even better, the bag is not only durable and water resistant, but is also ecofriendly as recycled fabric is used to help keep plastics out of landfill and oceans.

What’s not great

The Transit doesn’t come with a luggage sleeve, a USB port for charging nor a hidden pocket. Save for these few features, the Bellroy Transit is actually a more durable dupe for the Siena in look and construction. 

Day Owl backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Day Owl backpack
Credit: Day Owl

Summary: Streamlined and ecofriendly, this is one cute and functional pack that you can use for pretty much anything you want!

If you are particularly attracted to the Nordace Siena’s minimalist appeal, the Day Owl backpack has a clean-cut style that blends in well in any setting.

In fact, it does take minimalism to a slight extreme which is why it made the cut into this list of backpacks similar to Nordace Siena; all the 5 external pockets are hidden to secure your items and maintains a clean and streamlined exterior.

What we also love

A 21L capacity bag, it comes with a top fleeced line pocket, a side pocket, a front panel pocket, a water-repellent chimney pocket and a dedicated 16-inch padded laptop pocket, all concealed! 

A travel companion also, this carry-on sized bag has a luggage sleeve and is water resistant as well – so your precious gear would stay dry if caught in a slight drizzle.

And to really seal the deal, the bag is not only eco-friendly but also comes with a one-year warranty!

What’s not great  

The pack doesn’t have a false bottom for laptop protection against sudden drop impact neither does it have a USB port to allow you to easily charge your smart device on the go. 

Matein Mlassic Travel laptop backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack
Credit: Matein

Summary: A more spacious and price-friendly alternative to the Nordace Siena backpack. 

If you are looking for backpacks similar to Nordace Siena but with a little more pocket storage, comfort and lesser price, then the Matein laptop backpack is a great choice. 

This backpack is made with water resistant and durable polyester fabric, while the zippers are metal.

Also, the backpack features a hidden pocket at the back, a USB charging port, laptop compartment, and a luggage sleeve similar to the Nordace Siena backpack.

What we also love 

The Matein comes with a well-protected and heavily padded tech compartment that fits a 15.6-inch laptop and tablet while the Siena’s laptop protection is average at best.

Also, it has a stretcher pocket that can fit huge water bottles and is much more affordable.

The best part? This highly rated 34L spacious bag has multiple compartments and pockets to perfectly organize all your stuffs with a comfortable harness system and is available in 6 different colors.

What’s not great

It doesn’t come with a chest strap and the quality of the bag has some users doubting how long it’ll last.  

Kroser Laptop Backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: KROSER laptop backpack
Credit: KROSER

Summary: A spacious and sturdy backpack that you can rely on, it comes with all the features you’d need in a travel backpack. 

For those looking for backpacks similar to the Nordace Siena but much more spacious, the Kroser laptop backpack is a great go to option.

It’s also more organization-friendly as evidenced by a lot more pockets and compartments – a main compartment for bulky items,  dedicated and padded laptop compartment that fits up to 17.3 laptop, two side pockets and an organizer with different slots and pockets for smaller items.

What we also love

Sturdy and water resistant, its high-quality eco-friendly poly fabric makes sure that the bag can take a beating. Also, it features a built in USB port, a luggage sleeve, a sunglass strap, great price, air-flow back padding system and is available in three colors.

What’s not great

It may be too large for short people or those with small frame and there are complaints about the poor quality of zippers by users. 

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Modoker Vintage Laptop backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Amazon best seller Modoker backpack spots a unique vintage style with an affordable price tag. 

Spotting a gorgeous retro styling and classic look, this 25L Modoker backpack is similar to the Nordace Siena in design.

It features brown leather trim and accents that gives it an air of sophistication while the main body is made of 600D nylon fabric that’s lighter, more durable and water resistant.

What we also love 

With the Modoker, you get 6 pockets with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a USB port for charging, affordable price and five color options.

With a pair of adjustable and padded shoulder straps, this backpack is extremely comfortable to carry even when it’s fully loaded.

What’s not great

The side pockets are tiny and can’t fit any water bottle except a small umbrella and some users have complained about the USB port not functioning well. 

Himawari Laptop backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Himawari Laptop backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: While travel backpacks tend to be bulky and not so attractive, this cute and functional Himawari backpack is an exception.  

Made of durable nylon fabric, the backpack is water- and scratch-resistant with reinforced edges and steel frame which help the bag retain its shape at all times.

It also features a handy built-in USB port and a comfortable ergonomic design with padded reinforced straps. However, if your shoulders need a break, you can carry the bag by its top handle.

What we also love 

Compact and roomy, the bag has a wide opening with a 13” laptop sleeve, several internal pockets, and four external pockets for easy access to your necessities.

Available in tons of colors, from solid to color combo design and floral patterns, lots of users on Amazon has left raving five-star reviews, a sign that you can trust this bag to serve you well, and why we have shortlisted it in this review of backpacks similar to Nordace Siena. 

What’s not great

When a laptop is inside the bag, it is not comfortable to wear as you’ll feel the big flat surface of the laptop against your back.

Gion Backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena: Horizn Studio Gion Backpack
Credit: Horizn Studios

Summary: Super chic, lightweight and fully functional, the Gion backpack is a perfect backpack for women. 

The Gion backpack impresses with its stylish minimalist aesthetics, water-resistant zippers and durable vegan construction built to withstand every tough environment and last for years.

Designed for a seamless transition from work to exploring the world with friends, it spots a protective 13-inch laptop sleeve, a hidden back pocket, a luggage sleeve and two spacious compartments for your all and items.

What we also love   

In addition to its sleek appearance, it comes with breathable padding on the back and shoulder straps, so you can move around more comfortably.

If you are interested in backpacks similar to Nordace Siena, you cannot go wrong with the Gion backpack because not only has got similar features it is more durable and much more sophisticated.

What’s not great

The 18L bag doesn’t have enough storage space to qualify for a one solution travel backpack unless you opt for the 23L version which is more expensive. 

Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

Summary: If you’re looking for a versatile, stylish and practical backpack to keep your items safe, you will love this Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack. 

Like the Siena, The Tzowla business backpack is a feature-packed daypack that includes an anti-theft pocket with lock to keep all your items secured whenever you go.

Besides keeping your work essentials safe, the pack is also made from a high-quality polyester fabric and even comes with adjustable shoulder straps and multi-panel airflow system for hours of carrying comfort.

What we also love 

Packed with pockets, you’ll find a place for everything- a main compartment with a padded sleeve for your 15.6inch laptop, a secured “hidden” pocket, two side water bottle pockets and even a front organizer with slots for small items from pens to keys.  

Also, a practical trolley strap on the back securely attaches to your rolling luggage handle and a handy USB charger port allows you to charge your phone on the go.

What’s not great

There are reports that the USB port is flimsy and doesn’t always work.

Standard Luggage Co. Carry on backpack

Backpacks similar to Nordace Siena :Standard Luggage Co. Carry on backpack
Credit: Standard Luggage Co.

Summary: Well-built ergonomic backpack with the most useful features you’ve seen in a travel backpack.   

Made with durable 1680 ballistic nylon, water-resistant exterior, and YKK zippers with a rain cover, this is the ultimate waterproof travel backpack to keep you moving without any worry.  

Designed to meets airline cabin rules for international travels, you can even expand from 35L to 45L if you need that extra space.

Notice the subtle leather accents on the zippers and handles, and you can see why this pack has made our list of beautiful backpacks similar to the Nordace Siena design.

What we also love   

Even better, its equipped with lots of features: dedicated laptop compartment, luggage sleeve, water bottle pocket, hideaway straps, hip-belt, a rain cover, shoulder strap and two color options to choose from makes this bag a steal. 

Another amazing feature is the 3-in-1 design which allows you to use the bag in three different ways -as a backpack, suitcase, or carry it like a shoulder bag.  

Minimal and comfortable, it also includes an adjustable sternum strap, two padded straps, and a nicely padded back. 

What’s not great

The backpack straps have very little padding and there are no extra slots inside for pens or accessories. 

Bottom Line

Like any great travel companion, a good pack should be reliable and versatile for all adventures — work, school, commute, outdoors. Your backpack is home to your beloved belongings, so you want it to be strong and protective with different sections, and pockets to keep you organized whilst on the go.   

Also, it should be comfortable so that it won’t break your back after a few hours, stylish and armed with features to make your life and trip easier.

In other words, you want to make sure that it has all the qualities you need most (just like the stylish Nordace Siena backpack). 

Here are 9 beautiful backpacks similar to the Nordace Siena (based on reliable user testimony).

Over to you. Do you agree with these picks or do you have any recommendation? Take the lead in the comment sections, I’d love to hear from you.

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