Backpack with Hidden Pockets: Image of guy pulling out credit card from xd design secret pocket
Credit: XDDesign

Are you looking for backpacks with hidden pockets that aren’t easy for others to reach without you noticing?

Perhaps you are hunting for a bag with pocket(s): 

  • at the rear/back panel, perfect for storing document especially when your travel;  
  • on the shoulder strap, where you can stash small items like a credit/debit card;
  • on the hip strap/side panel, which can be internal or external;
  • that have concealed zipper openings, which only you know is there, and much more.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Backpack with Hidden Pockets Review: Image of someone stealing an item from a backpack

Pickpockets thrive in crowded places, they operate on transport systems all over the world, and usually target unsuspecting tourists. 

But you don’t have to be a victim of pickpockets.  

Whether you are traveling, at a train station, strolling through a busy street, or sitting at a restaurant, give yourself peace of mind with these 14 cool backpacks with hidden pockets.  

Backpacks with hidden pockets in 2023

Backpacks with hidden pockets (regular options)

In this section, I’ll be discussing antitheft backpacks that are made to stop theft by having special security features. And of course, they all come with secret pockets!  

XD Design Bobby Original Backpack

Backpacks With Hidden Pockets: XD Design Bobby Original Backpack
Credit: XD Design

Summary: The Bobby Backpack offers you a clean minimalist exterior and peace of mind knowing your tech and valuables are secure even in crowded cities.

Undoubtedly one of the safest and best anti-theft backpacks, the Bobby Backpack offers you a clean minimalist exterior and peace of mind knowing your tech and valuables are secure even in crowded cities.

First off, the bag doesn’t have any external pocket; even the main zipper is concealed so no one is going to be able to access your bag.

The highlight is how it’s able to keep your cards, wallet, or phone safe and within reach in the concealed pockets – a large pocket on the back, two on each side, and on the shoulder strap for your cards.

What we also love

Made with very water-repellent fabric with anti-cut proofing, this sturdy bag is available in three beautifully designed versions of black, grey and red.  

Other thoughtful features include a well-padded back support, well-padded and suspended tech sleeves, luggage strap, and USB charging port.

If you like a freestanding sleek design with anti-theft features for supreme protection, you’ll love the XD Design Bobby bag.

What’s not great

Due to its design, you will find yourself having to take the bag off and open it up to get what you need. Also, its lacks external pouch for water bottle or umbrella, and is not the best for long-term nomads due to small capacity.

LOVEVOOK Women’s Antitheft Laptop Backpack

Backpack with Hidden Pockets: LOVEVOOK Women’s Antitheft Laptop Backpack
Credit: amazon

For anyone who’s constantly on the go, the Lovevook backpack allows you to protect your most important belongings like your laptop, phone, and travel documents, just to name a few.  

It features a large-open-mouth design that can only be opened with both hands. It also helps that this opening makes it easy to organize and access the content of the bag so you can quickly take all stuff, also you can easily find what you want. Even better, the backpack has a secret antitheft pocket on the back where you can put your wallet or mobile phone in it, and not have to worry about misplacing them.

On the inside, you’ll find enough room and organizational pockets to store a 15.6” laptop, tablet, books, clothes, and other essentials. Plus, there are pockets for storing small items, including 2 slip pockets, a water bottle pocket, a tissue pocket for quick access tissues or wipes, and even a front pocket for your lipstick, sunglasses, small mirror, and more.

What we also love

Perhaps my favorite features of this bag are the trolley sleeve that allows you attach it to a rolling luggage, and the built-in USB port for charging your device with any connected power bank inside the bag. Not to mention that it’s water-resistant and well padded with adjustable shoulder straps. 

What’s not great

People who bought this bag from Amazon had some issues. They said that the zipper is not good because it can break easily and makes it hard to open and close the bag. Also, a few customers think the bag is not strong if you use it a lot or put a lot of things in it. So, if you want a bag you can use often and anytime, remember these things.

KOPACK Antitheft Laptop Backpack

Water resistant and cut resistant that it’s almost impervious to pick pockets, the OutJoy Anti -theft Travel backpack  is ideal for navigating airports, recreational areas or pretty much anywhere.

It features a hidden zip pocket for a quick access to your valuable items such as passport, phone, ID card and wallet and a card-size zip pocket on the shoulder strap for convenient access to your card, key or any item you slip in there. 

What we also love
With a 15.6-inch laptop pocket that opens 180-degrees to easily slip out your computer for airport security, built in security locks, USB port, well-padded harness system, luggage pass through sleeve…, this backpack is decidedly traveler-friendly — and stylish too.

What’s not great

A few users complained about the locks in this hidden pocket backpack not being sturdy enough.

XD Design Elle Fashion Anti-Theft Backpack

Backpacks with Hidden pockets review: XD Design Elle Fashion Anti-Theft Backpack
Credit: XD Design

A super stylish bag with no access point on the front but hidden zippers and a hidden pocket at the back to deter any potential stealing.  

The gorgeous Elle Fashion bag has a structured silhouette in a cut- resistant and water-resistant faux leather for those bag slashing or unpredictable rain showers.

Although only 6.5L, it has enough room and internal pockets to fit daily essentials—a 9.7-inch tablet, notebook, an umbrella, a purse, phone, tampons, lipstick, and all—with a bottle holder (inside).  

What we also love

Why have a plain backpack when you can have one that’s absolutely stunning? The Elle Fashion bag comes in 6 beautiful colors that works all year -round.

What’s not great

Great only if you can afford to splurge on a compact backpack with hidden pocket.  Warning: I should let you know that you may get lots of people commenting on how attractive your new backpack is.

BOPAI Leather Anti- Theft Lightweight Backpack

Backpack with hidden pockets review: BOPAI Leather Anti- Theft Lightweight Backpack
Credit: BOPAI

Looking for a bag specially designed to keep yourlaptops, iPad, and tablets safe from pickpocket?

Get this. The BOPAI Anti-theft backpack has a hidden and well-padded anti-theft pocket at the back that fits a 15.6” laptop and is only accessible when you take it off your back.

Apart from this, there’s a hidden pocket at the back, an invisible water bottle pocket and a concealed card pocket in the shoulder strap to provide security to your items.   

What we also love

The water-resistant backpack is strong enough to resist knife stab, has a USB port to charge on the go, a luggage strap, and a breathable back design that saves you from a hot and sweaty back.

What’s not great

If you want space, this 22L is not your best bet as it is quite small on the inside.

If you are looking for a decently spacious, stylish, laptop friendly backpack with the ability to charge your phone (as long as you own a battery pack), then the BOPAI Anti-theft Backpack is the way to go!

Outjoy Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Backpacks with hidden pockets review: Outjoy Anti-Theft Travel Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Water resistant and cut resistant that it’s almost impervious to pick pockets, the OutJoy Anti -theft Travel backpack  is ideal for navigating airports, recreational areas or pretty much anywhere.

It features a hidden zip pocket for a quick access to your valuable items such as passport, phone, ID card and wallet and a card-size zip pocket on the shoulder strap for convenient access to your card, key or any item you slip in there. 

What we also love
With a 15.6-inch laptop pocket that opens 180-degrees to easily slip out your computer for airport security, built in security locks, USB port, well-padded harness system, luggage pass through sleeve…, this backpack is decidedly traveler-friendly — and stylish too.

What’s not great

A few users complained about the locks in this hidden pocket backpack not being sturdy enough.

Oscaurt Anti-Theft Travel Backpack

Backpacks with hidden pockets reviews: Oscaurt anti-theft travel backpack
Credit: Amazon

The Oscaurt anti-theft travel backpack is built to carry all your items secured and organized. For one, the zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden at the back to deter even the most determined theft.

There’s more. The front pocket is hidden in plain sight that even you may forget it’s there all along even as the two side pockets for your water bottle or umbrella are concealed too.

What’s we also love

Aside from the concealed pockets and a good number of pockets that are installed, the material on this backpack is water resistant and breathable to give your back the best support.

It also travels friendly with a dedicated laptop compartment, a USB cable to connect to your power bank and won’t break your bank account.

What’s not great

When you look closely at this backpack, there are a couple of things to think about. The backpack is quite stiff, which might make it a bit uncomfortable and not very flexible in different situations.

Also, it doesn’t have a lot of space inside for keeping things. If you need a backpack with more room, you might want to keep this in mind before deciding to get it. Just remember these points and think about what you need from a backpack.

Backpacks with hidden pockets (regular options)

Instead of talking about backpacks with special antitheft features, I’ll be looking at normal backpacks that have secret pockets.

Thule Accent Backpack

Backpack with Hidden Pockets Review: Thule Accent 28L Backpack

The Thule Accent backpack 23L is a great everyday backpack. It’s versatile and minimalist, making it perfect for commuting, grocery shopping, running errands, and even a weekend getaway!

Even better, the Accent is both eco-friendly and stylish. It is made of GRS certified 100% recycled 1680 polyester material, so you can feel good about using a product that is good for the environment.

This pack is also incredibly durable, so you can trust it to hold up to your daily adventures – even if that means taking some abuse in order to protect what matters most (like your electronics). Plus, the 23-liter size is just right for carrying all the essentials without being too bulky.

There are also plenty of pockets and compartments to keep everything organized while offering great protection for your devices. The laptop pocket can safely carry a typical 15.6-inch laptop or 15″ MacBook. The bottom of the laptop pocket is padded and suspended over the bottom of the backpack, so that you can set it down abruptly on the floor without dinging up your device.    

The main compartment also has a dedicated 10-inch tablet pocket which fit both an iPad mini and Kindle, and it has a side handle and side zip for grabbing your laptop quickly.

Additionally, there are 2 small mesh pockets & pen holders on either side for organization of small items. And finally, there is a hidden zipped mesh pocket which is a perfect spot for your laptop/tablet charger.

Now let’s talk about the pockets on the exterior.

The Accent has a hardshell SafeZone pocket to keep your phone, glasses or whatever else you need safeguarded from bumps and bruises. You’ll also have a mesh water bottle side pocket, and an opposite zipped area where small items like keys or earphones will fit in nicely!

Backpack with Hidden Pockets Review: Thule Accent 28L Backpack

What we also love

This bag is one of the most comfortable you’ll ever wear.

The shoulder straps are padded and has a sternum strap, making it more than capable for carrying heavy loads across long distances without feeling like a weigh tuna down your back or shoulders!

Plus, there’s plenty padding in the areas where it is mostly needed including the back panel, and grab handle. The Accent also has compression straps on the bottom for rolling up and carrying jackets or blankets, and a luggage strap on the back so that you can slide it onto the handle of your rolling suitcase.

Whether you’re headed to the gym or on a weekend getaway, the Thule Accent 28L backpack is a great option!

What’s not great

You however need to pay attention to the actual measurement of the Accent 28L bag, especially if you are somebody with a 5’2″ frame. You see, this bag measures 12.2 x 10.2 x 20.1 inches tall, and might look too big on someone who is short.   

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Accent is not waterproof. So, if you want a bag that will be able to keep your electronics and other items inside the bag dry even in a heavy downpour, you may want to consider another backpack.

Nomatic Travel Pack

Backpack with Hidden Pockets Review: Nomatic Travel Pack
Credit: Nomatic

Its main selling point is how this sleek bag gives you the ultimate security from thieves, rain, coffee spills and perhaps the apocalypse.

Whatever valuables you’re carrying, there are 20 secured spots for it – a quick access fleece pocket, RFID blockings and lockable security pocket, protective sunglasses case, multiple mesh zipper pockets, and of course, a hidden pocket that lies against your back for important items like a cash or passport.

What we also love

Made with strong water-resistant material and YKK zippers that will last, you can switch the bag from a backpack to briefcase thanks to its patent pending strap system. 

Other amazing features include a 20 – 30-liter expandable ability, luggage sleeve, a dedicated laptop and tablet compartment that lays flat to make TSA checkpoints a breeze and a Nomatic lifetime warranty.

What’s not great 

The NOMATIC Travel Pack is expensive and comes only in black!

Table of Contents

Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack

Backpack with Hidden Pockets :Matein Mlassic Travel Laptop Backpack
Credit: Matein

Not only does this 34L spacious bag have multiple compartments and pockets for your stuffs, it’s also available in two different options of 15-inch and 17-inch options.  

Even better, it comes with the special addition of an anti-theft pocket hidden at the back to secure your small items and a dedicated and well-padded tech compartment that fits a 15.6-inch laptop and tablet.

What we also love

The addition of a USB connector, comfortable padded straps and a handy luggage strap to so attach a suitcase makes the bag easy to use.

The best part? This backpack with hidden pocket comes with tons of positives reviews and has 6 different colors that suits your style.

What’s not great

While it’s slightly water resistant, it’s not waterproof, but that’s expected of a bag of this price.

Day Owl Laptop Backpack

Backpack with Hidden Pockets: Day Owl Backpack

What I really fancy about this cute   21L functional bag is how all the 5 external pockets are hidden to secure your items and maintains a clean and streamlined exterior.

There’s a top fleeced line pocket, a side pocket, a front panel pocket and a dedicated 16-inch padded laptop pocket, all concealed.

The great thing about the chimney pocket is that it is hidden, so your bottle or umbrella doesn’t fall out every time you bend over and is water repellent too to prevent any spills or leaks from entering the bag.

What we also love

More impressively, it’s an eco-groovy backpack with features such as a luggage sleeve, carryon sized, and deceptive roomy capacity in a minimalistic design. 

What’s not great

For a backpack with hidden pockets and a tech compartment, it doesn’t have a false bottom to protect your laptop nasty drops

Nordace Siena Backpack

Backpacks with hidden pockets :Nordace Siena Backpack
Credit: Nordace

Although the Nordace Siena is designed for travel, it is versatile for work, school or short getaways; this is due to its minimalist style and numerous compartments for organizational bliss.  

What’s more, at the back of the bag, on the luggage sleeve is a hidden zippered pocket where you can put your passport or wallet for the extra bit of security

What we also love

To seal the deal, it features a water-repellent fabric, USB charging port, a padded laptop compartment, a plush back panel, and a luggage strap for hitching a ride on your wheelie suitcase.

What’s not great

The laptop compartment is not well padded, particularly at the bottom for extra safety and the water pocket is not stretchy enough to fit bigger bottles. Still, you’ll get so many compliments for its clean-cut style which comes in six different color options – black, beige, blue, dark green, gray, and red.

Matein Carry on Travel Backpack

If you are looking for a travel bag with a secret compartment but with more storage,  comfort, and lesser price, then the Matein Carryon backpack is a great choice.

This is why it features a hidden pocket at the back of the pack as well as a secret compartment inside to safely tuck away your documents.

In addition, it has a separate 15.6” laptop compartment, a main compartment with double zippers, a shoe compartment, and tons of pockets.

What we also love 

 It’s an Amazon highly rated and affordable travel pack with a luggage strap, a USB charging port, and a comfortable airflow back design that gives you maximum back support.   

What’s not great

This travel bag doesn’t have a chest strap, which usually helps spread out the weight. A chest strap is useful for balancing the bag’s weight and making it more comfortable to carry, especially during travel.

Without it, the bag’s weight might feel more on your shoulders and could be less comfortable for longer trips. While the bag can still be used, those who prioritize even weight distribution might want to keep this in mind when deciding.

AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack

Backpacks with hidden pockets: AMBOR Travel Laptop Backpack
Credit: amazon

If you need a backpack that can fit all your stuff for a day’s adventure and keep it safe from thieves, the Ambor Travel Backpack is a really good choice.

Firstly, it has hidden pocket at the back that only you can reach. This means you can move around in crowded places without worrying that someone might try to take your valuables like passports and wallets.

There are also other thoughtful features. Like a special lock with a password that you can set, S-curve straps that make carrying easier on your shoulders, and a USB port with a built-in cable. This lets you charge your device without needing to open the backpack and take out your power bank.

People who bought this backpack on Amazon really liked how much room it has and how many pockets there are to keep things organized. There’s even a padded sleeve for your laptop and a smaller padded pocket for a tablet. The backpack also has straps on the sides that you can tighten to make everything fit better. 

What we also love

The Ambor travel backpack is a really cheap backpack with hidden pockets! And guess what? It’s also made from tough material that resists water and scratches, so your stuff stays safe and dry no matter what.

What’s not great

Just like many cheap bags, some people discovered that this backpack might not last for a long time, even if you’re not using it too much. They talked about stitches coming off, straps ripping, zippers breaking, and other issues. So, if you want a backpack that will last a long time, especially if you’re going to use it a lot, I’d advise you go for a more quality antitheft backpack

Bottom Line

Having a great quality backpack that’s keep your valuables safe and secure whether you’re commuting or travelling is always a welcome addition. 

Granted, backpacks with hidden pockets won’t make up for situational awareness when you’re strolling through a busy street. But the beauty with these kinds of bag is that it make pickpocketing difficult, meaning you are less likely to be a statistic.

The backpacks featured in this review are designed to meet your needs of security, while being practical and comfortable. However, this list is by no mean conclusive, so I’m open to hearing your recommendations, questions and/or experiences with these or any other bags.

Please leave your comments below.

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10 thoughts on “14 Backpacks With Hidden Pockets To Keep Your Things Safe From Pickpockets”

  1. Hi
    I had a bad experience once traveling on the TGV from Paris to Amsterdam. I put my backpack on the luggage rack above where I was sitting. I guess I wasn’t paying attention all the time. I had become used to living in the US and generally less petty theft so I was too lax. When I arrived in Amsterdam I found someone had managed to lift my laptop from inside the backpack. I was totally mortified. After that, I was fantasizing about fitting piano wire traps that would snap around someone’s wrist if they dared venture inside. Of course, I never went further with the idea but I was a great deal more careful after that.
    When we get back to traveling again, the circumstance where I will have the most need for a backpack will be when I travel for work. That usually involves travel to Europe, staying in a hotel, and carrying drinking water and often an umbrella. So I find those kinds of features on a backpack to be essential.
    I must say I am very conscious of the risks of pickpockets now and when I travel on a train or subway I am very careful to take my pack off my back and carry it in front of me as I find that is the safest way to hold it in a crowded space.
    Thanks and best regards

    • Hey Andy,

      I’m sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience from Paris to Amsterdam. I use my laptop a lot for work, and so I can only imagine what the loss of your laptop must have felt like.

      I must say I’m relieved to hear you didn’t go ahead with the wire traps but opted to be much more careful instead:)

      Indeed, situational awareness is still important to ensuring that you don’t fall victim to pickpockets.

      Stay safe and keep being careful.


  2. Hey Femi,

    I live in London in the UK and one thing that we get when we’re on a crowded tube is pickpockets. I have actually been pickpocketed out of my old laptop bag. It was a very basic bag and didn’t have many pockets.

    But, now I am thinking I need one of your backpacks for when I go back to work after this pandemic. When the tubes start to fill up again and become crowded, then I need to be sure that what’s in my bag is safe and secure.

    Thank you for sharing another brilliant range of backpacks.

    Keep up the amazing work.

    All the best,


    • Hi Tom,

      Sorry to hear of your pickpocket experience – it is not something that one encounters all the time but in that one instance when you suddenly become a victim, it can be very difficult dealing with the aftermath of missing property.

      But I’m pleased to know that your can use the article as a resource to informing your next purchase of backpacks with hidden pockets when the time is right.



  3. It is very difficult to find a backpack that suits one’s needs. It has to have secured pockets, waterproof, carry water bottle and snacks, laptop and a few documents that must not get lost. I liked the nomatic however having 20 hidden pockets seems to be a little extreme in my travels. Of course like you say, it all depends on your requirements and the places you travel to.

    But one has to keep in mind if you are planning on putting everything into the laptop then you best keep that laptop attached to you somehow and this would be nice to see a strap that attaches to you when you fall asleep at an airport or someplace. Thanks for the awesome review, at least I have some idea of what is out there for when I travel to Europe.

    • Hey Rick,

      It can sometimes be tricky finding the most suitable backpack for your needs, but the secret is to not give up, right?

      You’re right though, 20 pockets in a bag seem extreme, but that’s only if you intend to use all of it. Lol.

      Anyhow, I’m glad this review has been helpful to you.


  4. Hi Femi!

    Very nice product review. These bags are very useful as unfortunately nowadays there are many pickpocketer. It is very handy to have some secret pockets to keep the important stuffs. Moreover these bags look so simple and safe that it will not attract thieves.

    I personally like Nordace Siena Backpac for its sleek design:)

    I will stay tuned with your website to look for some other cool travel stuffs!


    • Hey Arnaud,

      Thanks for your kind words and I am glad you found this review helpful.

      I have noticed the Nordace Siena Backpack is a favorite among my readers. If you want to know more about the bag, you can check out my detailed review of it.


  5. Hi Femi.

    Could you please advise which kind of pocket is safer between one vertical side pocket (can see the zipper from side?) and one hidden back pocket? Both are behind back. Thank you

    • Thanks for your question, Ruby.

      It depends on the type of bag. If it’s a backpack, I think a hidden back pocket is safer because it’s harder for someone to steal from it as the pocket bag would be resting behind your back. I think if anyone tries to gain entrance, you would know.

      But keep in mind that items you put in a back pocket must be lightweight and not bulge (like cash, cards, passport, phone, etc) as it would not be only noticeable, but would be uncomfortable against your back.

      But if it’s a tote, duffel bag, or you tend to carry your bag by the side, then I think a side pocket is more secure.

      Personally, I would recommend choosing a backpack with a hidden pocket located on the back as it is less likely to be noticed and accessed by thieves.
      I hope your question has been answered. If you have any other questions or clarification, please let me know.



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