Today, the best backpacks for techies have more than a mere laptop sleeve.

They often have compartments designed for multiple devices. 

From your laptops to your tablets, from cameras to binoculars, or whether we are talking about your drones or gaming gadgets, these backpacks have compartments to  help you carry sometimes up to 3 or more of  these devices at a time – and in a safe and organized manner too.

Best backpacks for techies; a man with tons of camera gear and a backpack

In this article, I’ve combed the web for the tech orientated backpacks that stand out for performance, design and features appropriate to specific types of tasks.

So whether you are an IT professional, a student, a gamer, or indeed someone who carries tech around for work or other reasons, you will hopefully find an option that suits.

Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at my list of the best backpacks for techies!

Table of Contents

The Best Backpacks for Techies

Here are the 18 best backpacks for techies that I would recommend in 2023.   

  1. Best overall: OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack
  2. Best Minimalist: AER DAY PACK 2
  3. Best Expandable: Nomatic Travel Pack
  4. For photographers: Wandrd PRVKE Camera Bag
  5. For Gamers: Asus ROG XRANGER Backpack  
  6. Best for drones: LowePro DroneGuard BP 250
  7. For Her: Away The Backpack
  8. For Him: The Ridge Commuter Backpack
  9. Best for Commuters: Incase Icon backpack
  10. Best for Travel: Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack 
  11. Best Solar powered: Solgaard Lifepack Backpack
  12. Best budget buy: Mancro Laptop backpack
  13. Best for student: The North Face Recon backpack
  14. Best Smart Backpack with charging port: Matein Laptop Backpack
  15. Best for Rain: OUTJOY 17-inch waterproof laptop backpack
  16. Best for versatility: Lo & Sons The Hanover Deluxe 2
  17. For the born organizer: eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack
  18. Best Anti-theft: BOPAI Leather Anti-theft lightweight backpack

            Best overall: OGIO Renegade RSS Backpack

            Best backpacks for techies; OGIO RSS Renegade backpack
            Credit: OGIO

            Summary: If you like pockets, cavernous space, and tech protection in a backpack, the Renegade RSS is hard to beat.  

             If you’re into tech, gaming, or simply need a lot of equipment for work, you couldn’t find a comfier and highly organized bag like the OGIO RSS.

            This bag has a lot to brag about, as far as organization is concerned. Apart from three main compartments, this 30L bag has no less than eight external pockets to allow you to organize your gear from your expensive laptop to your earphones.

            Best of all, it gives maximum protection to your expensive tech gadgets. RSS which means ‘reactive suspension system’ works to prevent your laptop from striking hard surface even when you bang or roughly drop the bag.

            Aside from the protected and dedicated 15-inch laptop compartment, there’s a padded pocket for a tablet or e-reader, a cozy camera/mouse pocket, and a crush-proof vault for your sunglasses.

            What we also love

            A beast of a bag, it also features a luggage handle pass-through, ergonomic shoulder straps with sternum strap and cushioned back panel for ultimate comfort.

            What’s not great

            If you’re more concerned with style, or want fancy colors, this very limited four-color options bag isn’t for you.

            Best for Minimalist: AER DAY PACK 2

            Best backpacks for techies; AER Day Pack 2
            Credit: AER

            Summary: A sleek and sophisticated tech bag with storage for your everyday tech essential. 

            For tech lovers who want the best protection and organization, but in a sleek and minimal design, the AER Day Pack 2 delivers.

            First off, the Pack 2 offers a well-padded 16-inch laptop compartment, with a false bottom to protect your tech from the effects of accidental drops.  

            This mean if your laptop ever gets scratched, it’s won’t be from carrying it in the pack as the inside is lined with a soft fleece-liked fabric.      

            Also, the organization is well thought out. 

            Apart from the top pocket for your sunglasses/phone, there are organizational pockets for your mouse, cables, headphones, flash drive, stationery, etc.

            Made with durable 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon with water repellent coating, YKK zippers and Duraflex hardware, this is one of the most durable packs for your tech. 

            What we also love

            The harness system features padded straps, a breathable back panel lined and a nice sternum strap. You will find it a comfortable wear, even when the bag is fully packed out.

            Additionally, it features a self-standing design, a luggage pass-through as well a lifetime warranty to deal the deal.

            What’s not so great
            It’s compact size won’t suit techies who need to carry bulkier items or larger loads.

            Best Expandable: Nomatic Travel Backpack

            Best backpacks for back pain review: Nomatic Travel Bag
            Credit: Nomatic

              Summary: The Nomatic Travel Pack offers versatile storage for your tech essentials, be it for everyday carry or travel. 

                The Nomatic Travel Pack is potentially one of the best backpacks for techies who love their tech.

                One of the best things about the Nomatic Travel Pack is the dedicated laptop and tablet compartment that fits a 15” laptop and a 13” tablet comfortably.

                I love two things about these compartments: first, it opens up clamshell-style with a Velcro strap to hold your devices secure so you can go through airport security.

                Secondly, it’s suspended a couple of inches away from the edge of the bag for protection from accidental falls or hasty drops.

                For the best organization, there are 20 secured spots for all the precious items you don’t want to leave behind.

                What we also love

                I love the amazing features the Nomatic Travel Pack has. There’s the ability to expand the bag from a 20-30L  bag if you need more space for travel .

                Other extras include the ability to switch pack from a backpack to briefcase, magnetic water bottle pockets, luggage sleeve, water resistant exterior and a lifetime warranty.

                What’s not great 

                20 pockets in a backpack can be distracting and you may have a hard time locating specific items on time.

                For Photographers: Wandrd PRVKE Camera Bag

                Best backpacks for techies: Wandrd Prvke camera backpack
                Credit: WANDRD

                Summary: A great camera backpack that is expandable, water resistant and very functional. 

                With the PRVKE (pronounced ‘Provoke’), you get a cleverly designed backpack that doubles as a tote bag but with all the protection you need for your delicate camera equipment.

                The core layout features a removable camera cube that is large enough to house a selection of cameras and lenses. There’s also a dedicated laptop compartments for a 15-inch laptop and a tablet with chargers, pocket for your phone and still have room for other accessories.

                The best part?

                The Wandrd Prvke comes with an expandable roll top cover that gives additional 5 liters of space, if you need it.

                The build-quality of the Wandrd Prvke is top notch. With a water-resistant exterior and zippers with the addition of a rainfly, you can trust it to survive any weather and abuse.

                What we also love

                I like that it comes with a magnetic tote handles, waist and sternum straps, padded shoulder straps and foam back panels. 

                Available in 2 sizes (21L and 31L), and 3 colors options (black, green and blue), this Instagram-worthy backpack is great for photographers, videographers, or anyone who needs a bag for EDC and travel.

                What’s not great

                Perhaps, it only hitch is the weight – at 3.4 lb (31L), you may have to think carefully about your other gear choices, especially if you intend to fly carry-on only.

                Best for Gamers: Asus ROG XRANGER Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies; Asus ROG Gaming backpack
                Credit: ROG
                Summary: For gamers on the go who need lots of storage for gaming equipment and accessories.

                The ROG Xranger comes with millions of pockets you’d need in a gaming backpack, thus perfect for gaming equipment and accessories.

                There’s a of course a well-padded 17” laptop sleeve that’s suspended to prevent your device from hitting the ground when you set the bag down. In addition to that, you get special compartments for your gaming mouse, keyboard, camera, head phone, cables, portable hard drive, iPad, and other accessories.

                Still, there’s more.

                It also has two water bottle pockets, a hidden back pocket, and the straps even have a 6-inches phone pocket and a detachable keyring.

                Even better, it’s made of water repellent 1680D ballistic nylon and features a hard-wearing outer shell to protect your gear even when it’s banged or thrown around.

                What we also love

                The best thing about this pack is how easy it is to carry even when loaded up.

                There are padded straps, mesh back panel and sternum with waist strap that help distribute the weight of your gaming devices.

                What’s not great

                Although a well-designed gaming pack, it’s very large- nearly 2x the size of a daypack when loaded up.

                Best for drones: LowePro DroneGuard BP 250

                Best backpacks for techies: LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 backpack front and inside compartment view
                Credit: LowePro

                Summary: The LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 offers offers ultimate protection with a padded hard-shell casing for your drone and tech.

                The Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 is a highly rated backpack you can trust to securely transport your drone and other tech essentials.

                Although specially designed to carry portable drones like the  DJI Mavic 2 Pro,  it has been found to be able to carry other lightweight drones like the Evo from Autel as well.

                If you love organization, you’re in for a swell.

                Having three separated compartments, the main compartment can fit your drone, batteries, charger cables and several accessories, all of which can be organized with soft dividers and elastic straps.  

                At the back is a suspended and padded compartment for a 15” laptop and 10”tablet.

                The pack also has a front organizer pocket with an elastic key strap for your charging cords, and other smaller items as well as a small pocket on one of the shoulder straps for your phone.

                What we also love

                Extra durable and well built, the compression-molded FormShell material used in the front gives the right protection to handle bumps, fall etc.

                There’s also a moisture-wicking back panel as well as a sternum and waist strap to keep it comfortable, even on longer wear.

                What’s not great

                The BP 250 doesn’t doesn’t stand upright very well and is only available in color and style.

                For Her: Away The Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies; Away the backpack
                Credit: Away

                Summary:  The Away Backpack provides both style and utility with a clean-cut style and neatly compartmentalized interior.

                Who says a tech backpack has to be borings?

                The backpack by Away has compartments for all the tech you need  —from laptop to gadgets—securely in place. You’ll appreciate the separate laptop compartment fits a 15-inch laptop.

                Should you need more room, there are 2 other compartments with interior pockets to stash your many other stuff.

                At 25.5L and weighing just 1.3lb, it’s a go-to bag for travel, commute, work, and exploration.

                Plus, it’s made from water resistant nylon so your items stay dry on wet commutes.

                What we also love

                Other smart features include expandable water bottle pockets, luggage pass through sleeve to snag your pack to a suitcase and padded straps for comfort.

                 What’s not great

                Although beautiful, it looks saggy when not stuffed full due to its lack of structure.

                For Him: The Ridge Commuter Backpack

                Summary: Built for adventures and daily activities, the Ridge is waterproof, smart and tech friendly. 

                Whether you’re an artist, a freelancer, an adventurer, or just a gadget lover, the Ridge will keep all your devices organized and safe wherever your quest takes you. 

                Featuring 3 compartments and several pockets, there’s room for all your stuff including  a shock-resistant laptop compartment and power bank pocket to keep your devices charged while on-the-go.

                What we also love

                Made from waterproof 600D nylon and YKK Aquaguard zipper, this sleek and beautiful bag Ridge bag will keep all your gadgets dry, no matter what. 

                The Ridge pack also comes with water bottle holder and a smart strap to secure to your luggage.

                What’s not great

                The back panel is not as padded and not as comfortable for a prolonged wear.

                Best for Commuters: Incase Icon backpack

                Best backpacks for back pain review: Incase Icon backpack
                Credit: Incase
                Summary: A modern carry with the best protection and optimal organization for all your tech and daily essentials.  

                Great for your tech

                Tech can be expensive. A good tech bag should be able to give your devices ultimate protection, and the Incase Icon does this well.  

                One of the things that I like the most about this bag is how well it protects your expensive device from scratches and bumps.

                There’s a slightly suspended and fully padded 15” dedicated laptop compartment, a separate tablet pocket and a top pocket for your phone/ sunglasses, all faux-fur lined. 

                Need space? This 17L bag can deceptively hold a lot of your daily gear despite its size and streamlined exterior.

                What we also love

                I like that the Incase Icon is comfortable, has a water-resistant exterior and comes with a cable port so you can charge on the go.

                What’s not so great

                There’s no single water bottle pocket on the side, and the color options are limited.

                Best for Travel: Kroser Travel Laptop Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies; Kroser laptop backpack
                Credit: Amazon
                Summary: A spacious and sturdy backpack with features needed in a tech travel backpack.

                If you tend to overpack or travel every now and then with your tech, the Kroser Travel Laptop backpack is easily a top choice.  

                This roomy bag comes with four separated compartments– one larger compartment for bulkier items, a dedicated and padded 17.3” laptop compartment, an iPad pocket, and an organizer with different slots for smaller items.

                Even better, there are lots of external easy access pockets including a protective sunglass pocket, two elasticated water bottle pockets, and an anti-theft back pockets for extra security.

                What we also love

                Sturdy and water resistant, its high-quality eco-friendly poly fabric makes sure that the bag can take a beating.

                Also, it features a built in USB port, a luggage sleeve, a sunglass strap, great price, with a air-flow back padding system.

                What’s not great

                It may be too large for short people or those with small frame. 

                Best Solar powered: Solgaard Lifepack Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies: Solgaard Solar backpack
                Credit: Solgaard
                Summary: Solar powered and designed to protect your tech from thieves or drops: the Solgaard Lifepack is a gem.  

                The Lifepack is an excellent option for someone looking to snag a backpack that’s solar powered and ecofriendly as well as it’s tech friendly.

                The organization is top notch: featuring two main compartments with four hidden pockets and a drop proof laptop section for ultimate protection of your device.

                You’ll like that it comes bursting with features you need to stay on your game like a Bluetooth speaker, charger, a solar panel and anti- theft features.                  

                What we also love

                Dedicated to the environment, it’s made from 100% recycled material that’s pulls 5 lbs plastic waste from the oceans!

                What’s not great

                It’s not large enough to be a long-term travel backpack (it’s only 18 liters), and is heavy at 4 lbs.

                Best Budget: Mancro Laptop Backpack  

                Best backpacks for techies; Mancro laptop backpack
                Credit: Amazon

                Summary: Security, enough space and style options in an affordable package.

                An Amazon highly-rated bag, the Mancro backpack is not only super affordable, you also get the option of going for a 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch options based on your preference.

                For a 40L bag, room and organization for all your tech and daily items are not a problem. You get a dedicated and padded sleeve for a 15.6 laptop and pockets for a phone, iPad, headphones, charger, papers, clothes, water bottles/umbrella, etc.

                It also has lots of anti-theft features like a hidden back pocket and a lockable zipper with a 3-number code so you won’t have to worry about being a target for thieves.

                Best backpacks for techies; Mancro laptop backpack

                What we also love
                For a water-resistant backpack, you also get a trolley sleeve and two “S” curve padded shoulder straps for comfort.

                What’s not great

                There’s no hip or chest straps to help lighten the load.

                Best for students: The North Face Recon backpack

                Best backpacks for techies: North Face Recon backpack
                Summary: A tech-friendly backpack for students with lots of tech to carry. 

                Tuck your laptop- and every other gear you could possibly need for class, outdoor adventures or short trips- in the ever-practical North Face Recon backpack.

                For a tech bag, it’s most defining feature is the insanely padded and highly-protective laptop compartment that allows you store your 15-inch laptop or MacBook.

                Additionally, there is an extra padded tablet sleeve and a fleece-lined pockets for sunglasses or electronics– very convenient features for both travel and school.

                At 30L, it’s very spacious with three separate compartments and several pockets where you can easily fit gadgets, books, water bottles, a change of clothes, and with room to spare.

                What we also love

                I like that it’s water resistant to protect your gear while while staying lightweight at 2 lbs. only.

                Its FlexVent suspension system, padded back panel and the addition of a sternum strap and a removable waist belt make it very comfortable to carry.

                What’s not great

                Due to its shape, the bottom is slanted so it falls over or slides down constantly when you try to load and unload it. 

                Best Smart Backpack with a USB Charging Port: Matein Laptop Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies: Matein laptop backpack
                Credit: Amazon
                Summary: A smart charging backpack that keeps your gadget powered up.

                Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, the Matein Laptop backpack keeps them secured and powered up.

                It comes with a protected and heavily padded tech compartment that fits a 15.6-inch laptop and tablet with multiple compartments and pockets to perfectly organize all your stuff.

                The best part?

                This highly rated and very affordable 34L spacious bag comes with a USB charging port that allows you charge your device while on the go.

                What we also love

                The Matein backpack is very affordable and is made with water resistant polyester fabric.

                It also features a hidden back pocket at the back, a luggage sleeve, and a comfortable harness system.

                What’s not great

                It doesn’t come with a chest strap and the quality of the bag has some users doubting how long it’ll last.  

                Best for Rain: OUTJOY 17-inch waterproof laptop backpack

                Best backpacks for techies: Outjoy Antitheft laptop backpack
                Credit: Amazon
                Summary: A shockproof laptop backpack to keeps all your belongings safe and dry whatever the weather.

                Whether it’s for college, or travel, the Outjoy laptop backpack keeps all your tech and everyday gear safe from damage or the elements.

                For one, it has 3 compartments and lot of different pockets to keep your items separated – even has a keychain and earphone outlet.

                The techiest part of the Outjoy laptop backpack for me is the padded and shockproof laptop compartment that protects your 17” laptop from bumps, fall or scratches.

                Aside that, the Outjoy laptop backpack also has other special features. 

                It is made of a water repellent DWR outer fabric, and has waterproof rain cover for extra water protection. With both layers combined, even pouring rain can’t penetrate to spoil your valuables inside.

                As for other cool features, there is a USB port with a built-in charging cable (power bank not included though), as well as a luggage strap to attach to your suitcase.

                What we also love

                Designed for comfort, there are breathable and padded straps with back panel which allow air to flow so you don’t get too sweaty.

                 What’s not great

                Some users reported issues with weak strap buckles, especially when loaded out.

                Best for versatility: Lo & Sons The Hanover Deluxe 2

                Best backpacks for techies: Lo and Sons The Hanover Deluxe 2
                Credit: Lo & Sons
                Summary: Sleek and versatile, it’s a tech-friendly backpack you can use for gaming, travel or EDC.

                The Hanover Deluxe 2  is unrivalled when it comes to functionality. You can load ’em up with groceries, fit your gym gear, and even use for overnighters when you’re travelling.

                One of the best backpacks for techies, it can fill any role that involves transporting your tech about safely, be it as a daypack, a gaming pack or a reliable travel companion.

                At the back is a padded compartment great for keeping your 15”  laptop and tablets.

                The pack has 3 compartments with enough space as well as useful organizer pockets to accommodate and keep your gear organized for easy access. My favorite inclusion is the 3D front pocket that’s s deep enough to store smaller tech gear like a charger, mouse, etc.

                What we also love

                This backpack comes with a recycled polyester, water-resistance exterior, adjustable shoulder straps with memory foam and a luggage trolley strap for convenient airport movement.

                What’s not great
                There are not many color options.

                For the born organizer: eBags Pro Slim Laptop Backpack

                Best backpacks for techies; eBag Slim professional laptop backpack
                Credit: eBag
                Summary: Great for keeping all your tech organized and protected.

                The eBay Pro Slim Laptop backpack is easily a top choice of best backpacks for techies because it has pockets and compartments for every bit and bobs.

                It has a large main compartment, a tablet pocket, a hidden water bottle pocket, an organizer panel with 8 pockets, and metal key clips for smaller items.

                You’ll also like the padded and protected 17” laptop sleeve and the crush-proof pocket at the bottom where you can keep your delicate accessories.  

                Even more interesting is how despite its roomy 22L capacity, the bag stays slim even loaded out. 

                What we also love

                Very comfortable, the straps can be tucked away and that the bag has padded back panel and a removable sternum strap.

                Other thoughtful features include a luggage sleeve, and brightly coloured interior linings which allow you easily locate items without stres.

                What’s not great

                While the water bottle pocket can fit a small bottle, it can’t hold a tall or heavy bottle or even an umbrella.

                Another less impressive feature is that it weighs 4lbs when empty and can get quite heavy when loaded up.   

                Best Antitheft backpack: BOPAI Leather backpack

                Best backpacks for techies: BOPAI leather laptop backpack
                Credit: Amazon

                Summary: Protects your beloved tech with a suspended and soft-lined sleeve for your laptop and tablet. 

                Looking for a bag specially designed to keep your laptops, iPad, and tablets safe from pickpockets?

                With the BOPAI backpack, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your valuables.

                There’s a hidden and well-padded anti-theft pocket at the back that fits a 15.6” laptop and is only accessible when you take it off your back.

                Apart from this, there’s a hidden pocket at the back, an invisible water bottle pocket and a concealed card pocket in the shoulder strap for extra security.   

                What we also love

                This water-resistant backpack is strong enough to resist knife stab, has a USB port, a luggage strap, and a breathable back design. 

                What’s not great

                If you want space, this 22L is not your best bet as it is quite small on the inside.

                Bottom Line

                From busy professionals to photographers and world travelers, everyone needs an efficient and safe way to carry their tech.

                From my selection of the best backpacks for techies, you get tons of options to do that in style and comfort with the perfect bag of your choice.

                The packs on this list are functional as they practical with smart features to protect your tech and make your life easier. Some if not all of them come with features like organizational pockets, padded laptop sleeves, charging abilities, trolley sleeves, or expansion capabilities.

                The backpacks featured in this review are designed to meet your tech needs, while being practical and comfortable.

                However, this list is by no mean conclusive, so I’m open to hearing your recommendations, questions and/or experiences with these or any other bags.

                Please leave your comments below.


                This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These backpacks have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.  

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                1. I like the back pack with the USB charging part. It looks great. I drop the hint to hubby for my Christmas wish list.

                2. Femi,

                  I love that drone bag! The LowePro! Now that one is pretty cool. We have a couple of drones, but we don’t really tote them around too much. They’re kind a pain in the rear to tote them anywhere long distance. My husband got one a few years back because he wanted to take it moose hunting with him, only to find out that he couldn’t. It’s like cheating to hunt with. So, now he just uses it as a toy and flies around. The other one he has is smaller, so it’s a little easier to carry, but when we go camping, I’m always worried it’s going to get damaged. This bag would be perfect!

                  Thanks for sharing this! Awesome reviews!


                3. Femi,

                  Sounds like there are tons of great options out there! My interest was in the Matein Laptop Backpack, especially with the built-in charger. That’s an interesting feature. I understand that different backpacks would go better with certain travel situations, but that one was interesting.

                  One that was intriguing was the Asus ROG XRANGER Backpack. Gamers need that kind of sensitive storage to keep their equipment safe. Having it be water-resistant is even better. As far as the size, it may depend on what you’re using it for. If you’re flying then it might not be a great fit. But, if you’re traveling by car then it might be better.

                  Thanks for your article! I learned more about which backpack is best for travel.

                4. What a great review of backpacks. nobody writes about backpacks as u do. Thank u for all the invaluable information Femi. It’s because of websites like yours that we can get a feel of what to buy, and from where.

                5. Some good suggestions Femi. I was actually online on the weekend checking out some of the new backpack features – was after easy access for portable power packs actually. Will check out some of your suggestions in more detail.

                  Thanks for sharing.

                6. Wow, Femi! So many options. I have to admit I am getting dizzy from all the information. 🙂 I had no idea that there are so many backpacks out there. I like the sustainable backpacks made from bottles. I am amazed that there are backpacks with solar and that we can charge our phones. There are so many departments in a backpack nowadays, very well thought of the possibilities for commuters, photographers, but even gamers. Amazing! Thank you very much for your very detailed review! It is a great help! 🙂

                7. Hey Femi,

                  I love these bags for Techies. I am a techie and so is my Dad and my brother, so we would have a great debate looking through all the different bags in your article. It’s amazing how many different types of bags there is for technical people.

                  I like the waterproof bags because I live in the UK and you probably know that it rains A LOT in this country. A waterproof laptop bag is what I need. But, not just a bag for laptops, I need a bag for my tools too.

                  I will go through this article with my Dad and my brother and have a good chat about what we should go for.

                  Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

                  All the best,



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