16 Best Carry-on Luggage in 2023
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Picking out the best carry-on luggage for your travel can be a tough decision.

Not only do you have to worry about fitting everything in, but you also have to make sure it meets the size and weight restrictions of the airline. Let’s not even get started on all the different compartments and pockets you need to keep everything organized!

And of course, you want something that looks good too.

With all of these factors to consider, it’s no wonder that people often spend hours online trying to find the best carry-on luggage for their needs.

To save you the headache, we have written a detailed review of the 16 best carry-on luggage based on expert reviews and customer feedback, complete with their pros and cons, so that you can decide what is right for you.

We’ll also give you an overview of what to look for when choosing a bag, so you can find the perfect option for your needs.

So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is the best carry-on luggage?

In my opinion, the best carry-on luggage are the Monos Carry-on Luggage, the Tortuga Outbreaker pack, and the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Underseat Bag. This is thanks to their combination of style, durability, and functionality. Each of these bags is made from high-quality materials and features a sleek design that will make you look good on the go. Even better, these carry-on bags meet the size and weight restrictions of all major airlines.  So you won’t have to worry whether or not your luggage will make it on the plane.   

Best Overall (Monos)
Best Carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage
Best Backpack (Tortuga)
Best Underseat (Travelpro)
Best Luxury (Rimowa)
Best Overall (Monos)
Best Carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage
Best Backpack (Tortuga)
Best Underseat (Travelpro)
Best Carry-on luggage: Travelpro Underseat luggage
Best luxury (Rimowa)

If you’re looking for something lightweight and easy to maneuver, consider Monos’ carry-on luggage. If you prefer to carry your belongings on your back, the Tortuga Outbreaker pack is ideal. And if you’re looking for something spacious and durable for short trips, the Travelpro Maxlite 5 Underseat Bag won’t let you down.

However, there are other options of suitcases and bags designed to meet different travelers’ needs.

Read on to see these alternatives and a detailed account of why they have made our list of the best carry-on luggage in 2023!

Top 16 Best Carry-on Luggage in 2023

Here is a preview of the top 16 best carry-on luggage in 2023:  

    1. Best overall carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage 
    2. Best backpack carry-on luggage: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack
    3. Best carry-on luggage for International Travel: Baseline CX International Carry-on Spinner
    4. Best hardside carry-on luggage: Away The Carry On
    5. Best softshell carry-on luggage: Travelpro Platinum Elite 22” Expandable Carry-on
    6. Best stylish carry-on luggage: LEVEL8 Pro Carry-On
    7. Most affordable carry-on luggage: AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage
    8. Best luxury carry-on luggage: Rimowa Original Cabin 22″ Suitcase
    9. Best sustainable Carry-On luggage: Paravel Aviator Carry-On
    10. Best duffel carry-on luggage: Monos Metro Duffel
    11. Best carry-on for business: Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21″ Carry-on
    12. Best underseat carry-on luggage: Travelpro Maxlite 5 Rolling Underseat Carry-on Bag
    13. Best carry-on luggage for women: Calpak Ambeur Carry-On Luggage
    14. Best carry-on luggage for Men: Arlo Skye The Frame Carry-On 
    15. Most lightweight carry-on luggage: July Carry On Light
    16. Best carry-on luggage preferred by pilots: Luggage Works Stealth 22 bag

    Best overall carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage

    Best Carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage

    The Monos Carry-on is hands down the best carry-on luggage you can buy in 2023.

    Here’s why:

    This Carry-on is made with a tough, yet lightweight and water-resistant German polycarbonate hard shell that can handle being thrown around in airplanes or storage compartments.

    Whether you’re roughing it on a budget airline or enjoying a first-class flight, your belongings will be safe and sound.

    The wheels on the Monos Carry-on are smooth and quiet, making it a breeze to push through airport crowds or down busy city streets.  

    The telescopic handle can be adjusted to 4 different heights settings, so everyone from small children to tall adults can easily pull it along. 

    What’s more?

    This luggage comes with some organizational features you’ll love.

    There is a built-in compression pad, a laundry bag, and two shoe bags.

    You can tuck your shoes away at the zipped panel while the compression straps will keep your clothes compact and snug so nothing falls out!

    Also, the interior is lined with a soft fabric that is anti-microbial, meaning it resists bacteria growth.

    This is important for preventing odors and keeping your belongings fresh during long trips.

    And with a 39.9L storage space, the suitcase has enough space for all of your essentials for a 2–5-day trip.  

    And if you’re worried about losing your valuables during your travels, don’t be!

    The Monos Carry-on comes with its own TSA-approved combination lock to keep your belongings safe and secure while you travel.

    Best Carry-on luggage: Monos Carry-on Luggage

    Also, the Monos Carry-on is compliant with most airlines’ size restrictions for carry-on luggage because it measures 22″ × 14″ × 9″.

    And its 7 lbs weight makes it easy to lift into overhead bins or onto luggage racks without straining your back.

    What we also love

    The Monos Carry-on is more than just functional; it’s also stylish.

    The minimalist design is chic and modern, and it comes in 10 cute colors to suit your personal style.

    Its sleek design and understated color palette will make you look good no matter where your travels take you.

    What’s more?

    The vegan leather details on the Monos Carry-on add a touch of luxury while still being environmentally friendly.

    So what are the disadvantages?

    The major complaint about the Monos carry-on luggage is that the exterior of the bag tends to have scuff marks and dirt easily after a few uses.

    To avoid this, I advise you to go for the darker shades of the suitcase, rather than the bright-colored options.

    Also, some users like Hannah Freedman of Insider, found that using erasers helps in removing the marks.  

    All in all, the Monos Carry-on is one of the best carry-on luggage because it is stylish, functional, and fits everything you need without being too big or too heavy.


    • Durable & water-resistant polycarbonate shell exterior
    • TSA-approved combination lock
    • Adjustable and height setting telescopic handle   
    • 360° spinner wheels
    • Many color options
    • Built-in compression pad, laundry bag & two shoe bags
    • Cute and minimalistic


    • Will show scuffs and scratches with time
    • Quite pricey

    Key specs:

    • Dimensions: 22 × 14 × 9 inches
    • Weight: 7.01
    • Capacity: 39.9 lbs
    • Wheels: 4
    • Hard or soft material: hard
    • Material: polycarbonate shell
    • Warranty: lifetime

    Best backpack carry-on luggage: Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack

    In terms of the best carry-on luggage in backpack form, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option than the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack.

    I’ve heard such great things about this  backpack carry-on item and the most common praise for it is that it’s incredibly lightweight, yet still packs a punch when it comes to fitting all your belongings in.

    Weighing just 1.63kg, the Tortuga backpack is one of the lightest options of best carry-on luggage on this list.

    So it’s a great alternative to a suitcase that you’d have to drag everywhere.

    This backpack is also fitted with lockable YKK zippers, which are the world’s leading suppliers in zipper products.

    This means that you can rest assured that Tortuga produce only the best products and work with the best suppliers in the industry, giving you confidence in your backpack.

    The lockable zippers also give you more confidence when travelling as it’d be much harder for others to get into your backpack without permission.

    One downside however is that it’s pretty expensive for a backpack.

    There are definitely more affordable options out there. 

    In my experience with luggage in the past, I’ve discovered that you definitely get what you pay for and you really shouldn’t compromise on quality, just for the sake of saving a buck or two.

    Interestingly, the Outbreaker is comfortable to wear!

    Why, the pack is fully supported with a removable hip belt, a supportive suspension system and padded shoulder straps so even when it’s full to the brim with all your belongings. 

    In summation, I highly recommend the Tortuga Outbreaker Backpack if you’re in the market for lightweight best carry-on luggage in 2023.


    • Super lightweight
    • Incredibly spacious
    • Fully supported back system


    • Pretty expensive for a backpack

    Key specs:

    • Weight: 1.63kg
    • Dimensions: 55h x 34w x 19d cm
    • Wheels: none
    • Hard or soft material: soft
    • Warranty: limited
    Best carry on luggage: Briggs & Riley Baseline CX International Carry-on Spinner
    Credit: briggs-riley.com

    If you’re looking to invest in high-quality and versatile carry-on luggage for your next international trip, the Baseline CX International suitcase is a perfect choice!

    Briggs and Riley is a brand renowned for offering quality luggage items and this one is no exception.

    This suitcase is made with high-quality materials and construction, so it will last you for years of travel.

    Plus, its features make it perfect for jetting off to any destination around the world.

    One of the best things about this suitcase is its expandability.

    With CX Technology, you can increase the size of the bag by 34%, giving you plenty of extra space to squeeze those much-needed holiday clothes and souvenirs inside your case.

    It’s therefore one of the best carry-on luggage perfect for people who tend to overpack!

    The Baseline CX International also comes with a built-in suiter, which is perfect for keeping your clothes wrinkle-free.

    This type of technology is just one of the features that make the Briggs and Riley Baseline Spinner suitcase stand out from its competitors.

    You’ll be able to fit everything you need in and more, without worrying about breaking the seams of the case thanks to its quality hardside design.

    Also, it has a SpeedThru pocket that allows quick access to travel items at security checkpoints.

    The case is made from ballistic nylon fabric on the outside, which protects and resists stains, water, and general wear and tear.

    The Baseline Spinner case is also fitted with a hybrid fiberglass frame which provides additional support for durability and flexibility.

    This means you can rest assured that it’s not going to become flimsy or dented, just because you’ve packed a little too much in your case!

    Another thing that makes this case the perfect stylish travel companion is the TSA locks and double spinner wheels which make carting it through the airport an absolute breeze.

    Also, the Baseline CX comes with an adjustable aluminum handle system with ultra-comfortable pads which provide a good level of cushioning, without compromising on the grip.

    If you’re looking for a luxurious and high-quality piece of luggage, then look no further than the Briggs & Riley Baseline CX.

    However, this carry-on luggage will cost more than the other bags on this list but it’s worth every penny if you’re in the market for a luxury piece of luggage.

    But if you’re looking for a suitcase that will last you for years of travel, then the investment may be worth it.


    • CX expansion system for more room inside
    • Water and stain resistance
    • Strong and durable frame
    • Comfortable hand grips


    • Very expensive

    Key Specs

    • Weight: 9.3 lbs (4.2 kg)
    • Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 9 inches (53.5 x 38 x 23cm)
    • Wheels: 4
    • Hard or soft material: soft
    • Warranty: lifetime
    Best carry-on luggage: Away The Carry On Luggage
    Credit: Awaytravel

    Update: I haven’t heard any complaints about this piece of carry-on luggage not fitting when flying. The criticism I have heard being levelled against the suitcase is that there is no outside pocket on the case.

    Now, this no longer an issue! 

    The Away Carry On now comes fitted with an additional outside pocket; I personally love the fact that Away listened to their customers’ wants and needs and then responded by adding the nylon front pocket for added ease and convenience for travel documents.


    For many years now, Away have been cited as one of the top luggage providers in the travel industry.

    So it’s easy to see, therefore, why their suitcase has made its way on to my list of the best carry-on luggage in 2023.

    The Away The Carry On is the brand’s offering of a perfectly designed carry-on luggage item that’s designed to fit in most overhead bins of most major airlines’ aeroplanes.

    What I particularly love about this suitcase is that it’s small and simple, yet still has an incredibly sophisticated design, which makes it the perfect airport companion.

    Furthermore, you won’t struggle too much when wheeling it or carrying it through the airport.

    This is because this baby comes equipped with four spinner wheels which aid in your efforts when pulling it along.

    From my research, the wheels of the case are actually many people’s favorite thing about it and they definitely stand out from the competition by providing flexible, yet sturdy wheels. 

    Another incredible stand-out feature of this Carry-on case is that it’s fitted with a TSA-approved combination lock.

    With the Away luggage already equipped with this lock, it means that you can rest-assured your luggage will be kept safe and protected, but can also be accessed in an emergency or in the event of a security breach by the TSA.

    What’s more?

    This bag is made from a strong and stable polycarbonate shell, which you’ll know from reading our previous luggage guides on Travelccessories.com, is a material that’s durable and strong, yet still pretty lightweight.

    Other than that, I love that the case comes in over 8 shades and colours, and an ejectable USB charger that can charge your phone up.

    I think this is a pretty handy feature to have on a suitcase as when you’re travelling for a long time, you want to ensure that your phone is fully charged so that you can make the most of your Netflix documentaries while you’re on the move!

    So what are the disadvantages?

    One of the main complaints about The Away Carry On is that with time, you’ll start seeing scratches and dents after many trips. 

    This should not be a deal breaker if you are not too bothered by the scruffy aesthetics that a few scratches and dents leave. If you are, you may want to steer clear of this bag.

    Another disadvantage is that The Bigger case from Away is slightly on the heavier side compared to some of its competitors.

    However, I still fully believe that this suitcase is worth the investment and it’s definitely one of the best carry-on luggage options in the market today


    • Durable polycarbonate shell exterior
    • TSA-approved combo lock
    • 360° spinner wheels
    • Excellent choice of colours


    • Will show scuffs and scratches with time
    • Relatively heavy

    Key specs:

    • Weight: 8.4 lbs
    • Capacity: 47.9L
    • Dimensions: 22.7″ x 14.7″ x 9.6″
    • Wheels: 4
    • Hard or soft material: hard
    • Material: polycarbonate shell
    • Warranty: lifetime

    Best softshell carry-on luggage: Travelpro Platinum Elite 22” Expandable Carry-on

    Best carry on luggage: Platinum Elite 22” Expandable Carry-On Rollaboard
    Credit: travelpro.com

    Travelpro is another one of my most highly recommend brands for best carry-on luggage in 2022 with a  vast range of features.

    And the Travelpro Platinum Elite 22” Carry-On is  a  worthy consideration. 

    With a fairly basic design, this luggage offering  might not look quite as fancy as the Tumi model for example, but it still packs a punch when it comes to travelling with a carry-on suitcase.

    It is  ideal for frequent business travelers as it comes fitted with a built-in wrinkle-resistant suiter and a tie-down system.

    This means that your business attire doesn’t need to get ruined just because you’re travelling with a smaller bag!

    There’s more. 

    Another excellent feature that makes the Platinum Elite stand out is its built-in USB port which allows you to charge your electronics on the go.

    However, this bag has its downside. 

    One slightly negative aspect of this luggage item that I’ve discovered from research online and from numerous friends who have used similar models before is that the two wheels can sometimes prove to be a hindrance when wheeling the case.

    While it’s fitted with a tip-resistant tapered extension and two Rollaboard wheels, this has actually proven to prevent people being able to roll the suitcase smoothly along, especially when in a rush.

    However, if you’re careful and manoeuvre the case in a timely and patient manner, then you definitely shouldn’t have any issues with this.

    It’s a common misconception that hardside luggage is more durable than soft side.

    While of course this is quite often true, it’s not always the case every single time and I think that this suitcase proves that.

    Made from tough and durable ballistic nylon, the Platinum Elite offers you a carry-on that provides a great level of protection against scratches and scuffs. 

    Furthermore, this case is the best carry-on luggage in 2023 because it has truly remarkable interior features that make it stand out from similar models.

    With numerous built-in accessory pockets, a fold-out suiter and various little additions that make it convenient for you to travel with, the Platinum Elite Carry-On is an excellent choice for softshell best carry-on luggage in 2023.


    • Great interior features
    • Airline-grade aluminum handle
    • Durable


    • Only has two wheels

    Key specs:

    • Weight: 3.5kg
    • Dimensions: 56h x 36w x 23w cm
    • Wheels: 2
    • Hard or soft material: soft
    • Warranty: lifetime

    Most stylish carry-on luggage: LEVEL8 Pro Carry-On

    Best carry on luggage: LEVEL8 Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket 20''
    Credit: level8cases.com

    The LEVEL8 Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket is a sleek and stylish carry-on bag that is perfect for those who need to bring their laptop with them on their travels.

    The laptop compartment which is in the front of the bag is designed to give you easy access to your laptop and other electronics.

    This front pocket is zipperless, easy to open, and well-padded which helps keep your devices protected.

    Even better, it can fit a 15.6” laptop, tablet, and even extra magazine. 

    And as one of the best carry-on luggage on this list, it is suitable for most aircraft overhead compartments with a dimension of 14.5” x 9.3” x 21.6” (measurement includes the wheels).

    Like the Away carry-on, this one comes with a USB charging port to easily connect to your electronic devices and an interior compartment for your power bank.

    This way, you always stay powered on the go.

    This suitcase is also finely crafted with aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon®, making it water-resistant, lightweight, and durable.

    The Pro also has thoughtful features to make your life easy on the go.

    It comes with a 360° spinner wheel system and telescopic handle for easy maneuverability.

    In addition to that, the TSA-approved combination lock keeps your belongings safe and secure, while the spacious internal compartment, zippered divider, and two zipper pockets will allow you to organize everything neatly.

    Not to mention, it’s hard not to fall in love with its sleek, minimal and simple design.

    Plus, there are thee beautiful color designs to choose from.

    I do have to point out that this suitcase will not look brand new for a while – the smooth shell scratches according to users. And it does nothing to make them less visible.

    Other than that, if you need a carry-on bag that can hold everything you need, then the LEVEL8 Pro Carry-on with Laptop Pocket is perfect.


    • Good maneuverability
    • Water-resistant
    • Strong exterior
    • Beautiful color options


    • Not expandable
    • Likely to get scratched or scuffed  

    Key specs:

    • Capacity: 35 liters
    • Weight: 9.3 lbs
    • Dimensions: 14.5” L x 9.3” W x 21.6”H (measurement includes wheels)
    • LEVEL8 Warranty: lifetime

    Most affordable carry-on luggage: AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Luggage

    Best carry on luggage: Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner
    Credit: amazon.com

    It’s safe to say that we all want to find the best carry-on luggage in 2023 without spending a fortune.

    That’s where the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner comes in. 

    I’ve chosen it as the best budget model in this guide to the best carry-on luggage in 2023 simply because it’s fitted with numerous practical features, but with a fraction of the cost of more popular luggage brands.

    And it is well made. 

    The AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner is made from a sturdy polycarbonate shell which provides plenty of flexibility and is also stain-resistant and weather-resistant too.

    It also offers an extra 15% packing capacity thanks to its expandable features.

    This is definitely a great stand-out feature from the AmazonBasics brand as you’re actually able to pack more than it originally seems.

    Another reason that this piece is so highly recommended by myself and many others as one of the best carry-on luggage in 2023 is its interior compartments are deceptively roomy. 

    This allows you fit everything you need and more inside the bag.

    Best carry on luggage: Amazon Basics 21-Inch Hardside Spinner

    The hardside suitcase also complies with the majority of airlines’ carry-on baggage allowances so you should have no issues taking it on the plane with you.

    However, it is not perfect. 

    Some user reviews deemed this case too good to be true and claimed that the wheels on the case proved why it was such an affordable price.

    Thankfully, I don’t fully agree with that and I believe that the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner offers a great and cheaper alternative to many other expensive models on the market that essentially all fulfil the same role.

    If you don’t want to spend a fortune on new luggage, but you want a strong, capable and scratch-resistant suitcase to take on your next weekend break, then I think this would be a great option for the best carry-on luggage in 2023!


    • Sturdy material
    • Incredibly affordable
    • Plenty of storage space inside


    • Wheels aren’t quite as sturdy as some other competitors’

    Key specs:

    • Weight: 3.3kg
    • Dimensions: 55h x 38w x 23d cm
    • Wheels: 4 dual wheels
    • Hard or soft material: hard
    • Warranty: N/A
    Best carry on luggage: Rimowa ORIGINAL Cabin luggage
    Credit: rimowa.com

    Undoubtedly one of the top luxury luggage providers in the industry is Rimowa and their Original Cabin 22” suitcase is my luxury choice in this best carry-on luggage list.

    Rimowa are renowned for having a plethora of A-list celebrities as part of their clientele and as soon as you see and use one of their cases, it’s not hard to see why.

    Along with being incredibly luxurious, the Original Cabin 22” suitcase also boasts some great and practical features. 

    It is water-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

    While of course you hope that your case never comes into contact with water, it’s definitely a good idea to have an item of luggage that will protect against water damage.

    It’s made from a strong aluminium casing so it’s strong and long-lasting.

    However, this also means that it’s one of the heaviest cases on this list of best carry-on luggage which isn’t really ideal, particularly because you usually have a weight baggage allowance when flying with just carry-on luggage.

    Thankfully, the case more than makes up for this thanks to its heavy-duty abilities and beautifully sleek design.

    Fitted with TSA-approved locks, the  Original Cabin 22” allows airport security staff to gain access to your bag, without having to break anything in order to get in.

    Overall, I think this carry-on suitcase is an excellent option for best carry-on luggage in 2022 if you’re prepared to pay a pretty hefty price tag.


    • Water-resistant
    • Scratch-resistant
    • Beautiful designs


    • Quite heavy
    • Very expensive

    Key specs:

    • Weight: 4.53kg
    • Dimensions: 55h x 40w x 23d cm
    • Wheels: 4 dual wheels
    • Hard or soft material: hard
    • Warranty: 5 years
    Best carry on luggage: Paravel Aviator Carry-On

    Looking for a stylish and sustainable way to carry your luggage on your next trip?

    The Paravel Aviator Carry-On is a great catch.

    The perfect choice for eco-conscious travelers, the Paravel Aviator Carry-On is made primarily from recycled materials, including a recycled polycarbonate shell, recycled zippers, a lining made from 15 recycled plastic bottles, and recycled vegan leather detailing.

    In addition, the telescopic handle is made from recycled, aircraft-grade aluminum while the interior lining is made from Negative Nylon fabric which is composed of 100% post-consumer recycled water bottles.

    This pack also includes functional features you’ll like.

    It comes with a tough, lightweight hard shell that is both scratch and dent resistant, as well as a built-in TSA-approved lock.

    The telescopic handle on this bag makes it easy to carry around.

    Plus, it features two 360° frictionless carbon steel bearing wheels that make maneuvering a breeze, even in tight spaces.

    There is also a range of stunning color combinations to make a selection from! 

    With a 13.7″ x 21.7″ x 9″ and a weight of 8.2lbs, this carry-on is perfect for most international flights and fits into the overhead compartment of any airline. 

    This 43.7L bag can accommodate your 2-4 days worth of clothes, a pair of shoes, and other travel essentials.

    The interior of this bag has a removable laundry bag, a removable accessories pouch, as well as a compression board to help you with overpacking.

    What’s more?

    There are also pockets to keep smaller items so they don’t take up too much room or get lost among other things inside one pocket.

    While there are many things to love about this bag, it is however not for those on a budget. Some may find the Aviator Carry On a bit on the high side.

    But if you do invest in it, you’ll find it a worthy investment. 

    And it’s hard not to fall in love with the design of the Aviator.

    Maybe it’s the vintage design or just its old-fashioned charm that makes this suitcase so appealing, but this is one of the best carry-on luggage that’s sure to get you admiring glances and compliments.


    • Beautiful vintage design
    • Eco-friendly
    • Removable laundry bag
    • Removable accessories pouch,
    • Compression board to help you with overpacking.
    • TSA-approved lock
    • 360° spinner wheels


    • Quite pricey

    Key Specs

    • Dimensions: 13.7″ x 21.7″ x 9″
    • Weight:  8.2lbs
    • Capacity:  43.7L
    • Colors: 5
    Best carry on luggage: Monos Metro Duffel
    Credit: monos.com

    The Monos Metro Duffel is on my list of the best carry-on luggage because it can do it all and you also have a choice of going green.

    It features a modern minimalist design that makes it easy to store your necessities and use on a variety of trips.

    The bag is available in a nylon version (water-repellent nylon twill with vegan leather accents) and a vegan leather version (ultra-microfibre vegan leather), so you can make a selection of what you prefer.

    The vegan model is made from sustainable materials and recycled plastic bottles, making it one of the best eco-friendly carry-on bags on this list.

    What’s more, this bag has a scratch-resistant coating that ensures your bag always looks as new.

    The Metro is perfect if you need to carry a lot of items but you don’t want something too bulky.

    It measures only 17.5 x 10.6 x 9.6 inches and has a 23-liter capacity, making it the perfect size for your short getaways, weekend trips and as a carry-on bag. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around, weighing just under 3.5 pounds.

    A cool feature of this duffel is that it comes with a removable Metro Classic Kit that can be snapped onto the front of the bag for additional storage.

    It has two interior side pockets to hold your compact umbrella and water bottle in place, as well as a 15” padded laptop pocket with plenty of room to spare!

    Need more storage?

    Well, there is a trolley sleeve that conveniently converts into another pocket when not in use and a front pocket that holds items you need easy access to.

    So what of any drawbacks?

    Well, some users have complained about how the opening at the top of the bag is somewhat small, that it only unzips so much, making is a tad tedious to pack items in there. 

    They say if only the zip went down more, one could fully maximize the space because the bag really does have ample space after all.

    That said, the Monos Metro Duffel is available in a variety of gorgeous colors, including black, ivory, oxford blue, juniper green, dover grey, saddle tan, and mahogany. It means that you are sure to find a color that suits your taste.

    So if you’re looking for a versatile duffel bag that can handle anything, the Monos Metro Duffel is worth considering.


    • Beautiful minimalist design
    • Good storage
    • Metro Kit for additional storage
    • Padded laptop pocket
    • Cute color options


    • Without the front kit attached, the duffel doesn’t look as beautiful.

    Key Specs

    • Exterior measurements: 17.5″ × 10.6″ × 9.6″
    • Weight: 3.46 lb
    • Volume: 23L
    • Colors: 7

    Best carry-on luggage for business: Travelpro Luggage Crew 11 21″ Carry-on