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The Nordace Siena is a smart and spacious everyday pack for the modern-day traveler, adventurer and more. It’s packed with features and stylish to boot! However, it does have some shortcomings that you should know before you take the plunge.


  • Stylish design

Smart and minimalistic, it’s versatile for school, travel, trails and what not.

  • Organization

A very spacious bag with internal and external pockets to help you with organization.

  • Smart features

There’s a USB cord, luggage straps, bottle pocket to help you travel in convenience.

  • Extremely lightweight

Weighing 1.9 lbs, you can wear for long hours and even use as a carryon.

  • Padded and ventilated back and shoulder straps

Even when heavy, you’ll find it a comfortable wear.

  • Dedicated laptop compartment

You can fit a 15.6-inch laptop in padded sleeve to protect your gear.

  • Color options

There are 6 different colors you can choose from.


  • Lower-quality external parts

There have been complaints from some users that some parts of the exterior are cheaply made.

  • Not the cheapest in its class

It’s a bit expensive and so not the best option for those on a tight budget.

Nordace Siena Backpack Review 2023

Hello, and welcome to my review of the Nordace Siena backpack. You may have seen or be intrigued by the Nordace advert in which the Siena backpack seems to fit everything.

I know I am.

So, this backpack is full of features but where does it fail or excel?  

Nordace Siena Backpack review: Nordace Sienna worn by a female model
Credit: Nordace

If you are thinking of splurging on this bag, you’ll certainly want to read this Nordace Siena backpack review.

In here, I’ll break down each feature one by one to help you decide if this is indeed the right bag for you or not.

Nordace at a Glance

Nordace Siena Backpack review: about us excerpt from Nordace

Nordace makes smart and stylish travel luggage and accessories that fit the needs of the modern traveler and adventurer.  

The brand uses quality eco-friendly Microfiber vegan leather to make environmentally friendly and sturdy bags.   

Another interesting fact is that Nordace only works with Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) accredited manufacturers. Which means the workers are in great working conditions and are treated fairly in accordance with human rights.

Their products include a range of backpack, duffels, totes, organizers, and even apparels.

Table of Contents

Design & Quality

Nordace Siena Backpack review: backpack front side
Credit: Nordace

You won’t have to fret about this backpack cramping your style. The Nordace pack is super stylish and simple without being basic.

You’ll get so many compliments for its clean-cut style which comes in six different color options – black, beige, blue, dark green, gray, and red.

In case you’re wondering, this 19L bag can fit almost all content as shown in the advert on the Nordace website- a 15.6-inch laptop, clothes, and other essentials with room to spare.

Nordace Siena Backpack review: water bottle feature

Despite its minimalistic design, it doesn’t skimp on features.

It features a USB charging port, a padded laptop compartment, and hidden pockets and a luggage strap for hitching a ride on your wheelie suitcase. Another feature that has me impressed is how it’s designed to sit upright and in shape, whether it’s empty or stuffed full.

And to really seal the deal, the padded back panels help keep the bag comfortable against your bag and a water repellent fabric keeps your content safe.

All in all, the Nordace Siena is designed to stand out and be as functional as you need it to be.

Materials & Construction

Nordace Siena Backpack review: vegan leather zippers and handle

Although the Nordace Siena is designed for travel, it is versatile – suitable for work, school or short getaways; this is partly due to it’s minimalist style and numerous compartments for organisational bliss.  

It’s made with a frosted fabric polyester, while the handle, zippers and logo insignia located on the right end corner of the bag are all made with vegan leather.

Keep in mind that while it is water resistant to the occasional shower, it is however not waterproof and so can’t survive heavy rain onslaught.

At 16.54 x 11.4 x 6.3 inches and weighing 1.9 lbs, it’s decently sized to go as a carry-on and customers have confirmed that it’s small enough to fit neatly beneath the seat in front of you

Now let’s dig into the features and all that jazz. 

Nordace Siena Backpack review: Nordace Siena features

Structured design
The bag can stand on its own, without support, as well as maintain it shape, whether it’s empty or packed full.

USB port
If you’re always charging your phone on the go, then you’ll love this feature. Note however that a power bank doesn’t come with the pack.

Luggage straps
One more reason to love the bag is that it features a luggage strap in the back.
Best part is, it slides right over the handle of your rolling luggage for the most hassle-free airport sprints imaginable.

Hidden pocket
What’s more, there’s a secret pocket at the back that is perfect for storing your passport.

There are some drawbacks though. For one, the zippers aren’t the ever-reliable YKK, and the some users have complained that the leather fabric attached to the zipper looks cheap and is not as sturdy.

Moreover, the padded laptop sleeve is average at best. It’s not heavily padded enough as you’d like for your precious gear neither is it cushioned at the bottom to serve as protection from hard impact in the event of an accidental drop.

Fit & Comfort

Nordace Siena Backpack review: side and back view
Credit: Nordace

Ok, let’s talk comfort.

Interestingly, its minimal design and lightweight material makes carrying 19 liters of weight very comfortable and manageable. The straps are not just adjustable but also well-padded to make you stay comfortable even if you’re wearing it for a long time.

So what are the shortcomings? 

Nordace Siena Backpack review: laptop compartment cons and features
Credit: Nordace

The shortcomings… 

I would have loved the addition of a hip strap which would help take the load off your shoulders if you are carrying a lot. But this is a minor issue since this is more of a daypack that is not meant for heavy load.  

A far more serious issue is that the laptop compartment is not heavily padded and most importantly has no suspension bottom for added protection in case you accidentally drop the bag. 

To mitigate this, I would suggest keeping your laptop in its case when putting the laptop into the bag.

Nonetheless, the Siena comes with amazing features ranging from the luggage strap to USB charging port, and a little clip that prevents excess straps from flapping or dangling about.

Storage & Organization

Nordace Siena Backpack review: compartments and pockets
Credit: Nordace

There’s enough room  and more than enough pockets to take this 19L capacity bag on small trips or overnight stays, making your investment go much further than the daily commute. 

Bottle pocket: On the side, there’s a pocket where you can put your bottle. The great thing is that it’s streamlined and won’t bulge when not in use. That said, it’s not big and lacks the depth for large bottles.       

Two Side pockets: There are two zippered spacious compartments on the front of the bag.

The one on the right has a little fleeced line sunglass pocket and a key fob.
The left compartment has three little pockets to help with organization. Interestingly, the two pockets overlap each other and are pretty handy for things like your phone, wallet, charger, hand sanitizer and those other often-needed items. 

Nordace Siena Backpack review: laptop compartments
Credit: Nordace

Laptop compartment: At the back, there’s a dedicated compartment that can comfortably fit a 15.6-inch laptop.  

Secret pocket: At the back of the bag, on the luggage sleeve is a zippered pocket where you can put your passport in for the extra bit of security. 

Nordace Siena Backpack review: main compartment filled with items
Credit: Nordace

Main compartment:  It opens about half way and is big enough to carry lots of larger things like books, clothes, cables, or any other gear you want to haul along.

But it’s loaded with more…

Inside here, you get a clear pocket for your toiletries as well two small slip pockets where you can keep your pens, air pods, chargers, or whatever small items you choose to stow in there.

Tablet pocket: It can also pocket your tablet, kindle or other papers that you want separated from the other items.  

If you’ll be taking lots of items for a trip, it’s advisable you use Nordace packing cubes that’ll help you save space and have optimal organization.  

Extra Accessories

Nordace Siena Backpack review: Nordace Accessories
Credit: Nordace

Apart from the backpack, Nordace tries to create synergy by introducing several other accessories which works seamlessly with the bag.

They include Travel bundle (packing cubes and wash pouch), Universal Travel Adapter, Slippella (Lightweight Water Repellent Umbrella), Travel Wallet with RFID Blocking and Air Cushion Shoulder Strap.

Note: Each of these products are available in different colors but come at extra cost to you.


The Nordace Siena backpack isn’t cheap. The extra accessories that make the bag even better also come with a cost.

But because the bag has lots of great ways to keep things organized, a lot of people would argue that the price is reasonable and justified.


Nordace Siena Backpack review: Nordace Warranty
Credit: Nordace

The Nordace Siena backpack comes with a one-year warranty.

The warranty only covers defects in the manufacturing or workmanship of the bag for a year. Also, the brand offer repairs that are not covered under the warranty, but at a reasonable cost to you. 

Note: The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, abuse of the pack on your part or the natural breakdown of colors and materials over extended time and use.

In addition, Nordace offers a 30-days return policy such that you can return any product of theirs that you are not satisfied with.

Users Thoughts/Reviews

Nordace Siena Backpack review: Nordace Siena cons

Granted, the Siena looks good and is equally functional as seen in this Nordace Siena backpack review.

But it’s not perfect.

For starters, the bag is considered to be pricey, with some buyers on Reddit and Amazon complaining that the bag lacks the ‘posh’ feel that is shown in adverts and the pictures. Another drawback is the laptop compartment that is not well padded, particularly at the bottom for extra safety.    

Then there’s the is minor of the water pocket that is not stretchy enough to fit bigger bottles. Its due to these cons that I rated it a 3.5 out of 5 in this Nordace Sinea backpack review.  

But all in all, buyers were generally pleased with their purchase.. issue 

Alternative to consider: Day Owl Backpack

The Day Owl backpack 21L is a cute and functional bag that is perfect for everything from work to outdoor activities.

More impressively, it’s an eco-groovy backpack with features such as a luggage sleeve, carry-on size, deceptive roomy capacity in a minimalistic design. 

If you’re looking for the perfect cute little bag that you can take just about anywhere, this is a viable option.

You can read more about it here.

Final Thoughts

We’ve come to the end of my Nordace Siena backpack review.

The pros are that it holds a lot without feeling too heavy on your shoulders and it is fitting for work or the outdoors as far aesthetics is concerned. And with all its features, I do personally recommend you get one if you tend to travel a lot. 

A key point of hesitation is the price – it won’t fit everyone’s budget. But I think a fine looking, spacious and well-made bag is a wise investment.

With proper care, you’ll likely get a long time use of this bag.

Let me know in the comment section what your take is on this bag. I’d love to hear from you.

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43 thoughts on “Nordace Siena Backpack Review | The New Perfect Modern Everyday Backpack?”

  1. Femi,

    This bag looks rather nice actually. It is a bit expensive, but it looks like it would hold up the test of time. I know that when I’m traveling, I like bags that I can easily find things in a cramped plane, and this looks like it would be perfect.
    I’ve noticed a lot of bags that have the ability to hold laptops actually don’t have padded bottoms, but rather padded sides. Maybe they think we won’t drop the bag because it has straps?

    Overall though, this is a really nice bag! Thanks for sharing this review!


    • Hi Katrina,

      First things first – thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes, the bag is a bit on the steep end when it comes to price (though there is a 40% discount deal going on now at Nordace.com). If however, you place value on being able to organize your things more than anything else – then the bag is somewhat unique because it has numerous pockets and then could explain the premium.

      The padded bottom or false bottom for the laptop compartments is a recent innovation in backpacks, which I suspect is driven by customer feedback. It would seem that people do fear damage from accidentally dropping their bags so it gives peace of mind to have protection not just from the side but also at the ‘bottom’.


  2. Excellent Nordace Siena backpack review. I was impressed that it is of great design, that it is not too heavy, and has nicely organized pockets. The price is really a bit higher, but you buy such a backpack for a longer period of time and it is a long-term investment.
    I am also enthusiastic about the company, I like that they use environmentally friendly materials and have a respectful and all commendable attitude towards the workers.
    Friendly greeting,

    • Thanks for sharing your views Nina.

      Brands like Nordace are increasingly realizing that it makes commercial sense not just to churn out great products but also to produce them by workers who are treated well and in a way that is environmentally friendly/sustainable because consumers care about these things.


  3. This is a good looking bag with lots of features. All the pockets are great, especially the hidden ones.

    I guess we have become spoiled very quickly as I too believe that the laptop sleeve should be suspended or at least padded. The USB port seems like a good idea, but only necessary if you are using your phone a lot during the day.

    I expected more than a one year warranty, considering that some competitors are offering lifetime warranties.

    As a day pack this seems ideal, but too small for overnight trips I think.

    Thanks for the review, but I think I’ll keep looking.

    • Thanks Andrew for leaving a comment.

      I particularly welcome what you said about the warranty – personally for the price they are charging I think they could have done better by giving at least 2 years. You only offer 1 year if you think your product isn’t going to last that long. Again as I said to someone else in the comments section, the premium price (bar discounts) is coming for the exceptional organizational feature the bag offers in the way of the numerous and bespoke pockets.

      Best regards

  4. Hi Femi,

    I’m actually really taken with the Nordace Siena Backpack.

    I know the plain design may not be to everyone’s liking, but it’s absolutely perfect for me.

    I note that you mentioned the expense a number of times in your review, so I did have a sneak peak, and it’s actually not as bad as I first assumed.

    Okay, admittedly the price is more than you’d expect to pay for a regular backpack, but this is anything but “regular” in my opinion.

    I also note that there is currently a 40% discount available, which makes this the ideal time for anyone looking to snap up a great deal.

    I actually love the idea of a USB port, but I got a little carried away with the notion, until you mentioned that it also requires a power point.

    At first, I was amazed and assumed that this was some magical, new, technological invention that I hadn’t heard of, LOL.

    Sorry, my stupidity and ignorance came to the fore, Haha.

    However, I soon came crashing back down to Earth with a bang.

    With that said, I do think this is a pretty neat function of the backpack.

    I’m really glad that you’ve also mentioned the lack of padding, in terms of your laptop potentially becoming damaged if you drop the bag.

    I appreciate your honesty in this matter, but this is much the same as many other backpacks in the marketplace anyway.

    All-in-all, I’m a fan.

    Thanks for the insightful and informative review Femi, it’s much appreciated.

    The Nordace Siena Backpack is definitely on my wish list.


    • Partha

      Thanks for your comment – you covered a number of interesting points.

      You are not the only one who thinks the USB port meant something remarkably novel. I too initially thought perhaps it came with a power bank – after all some modern suitcases come with pre-installed powerbanks. But these are rare and seen as gimmicks cos most folks prefer to buy their own top banks. Besides, you can’t carry some of these banks onto the aircraft – has to be checked.

      Protection for laptops is something that modern backpacks are giving priority since people are increasingly carrying around their machines, plus consumers notice it. So it is a differential.

      All for now.

      Best regards

  5. Another excellent review. I’ve been browsing your site and thought I would leave a comment on your review of Nordace Siena backpack. I like your reviews because you go over every single aspect of the backpack and give your personal opinion about it.

    Overall, I think this is a good product and I’m certainly interested. However, since I would be carrying my laptop in it most of the time, I’m a bit concerned it has no additional padding at the bottom to protect the content like a laptop from braking.

    Other than that I feel this is a great backpack! Thanks again for your thoughtful review!

    • Hey Ivan,

      Thanks for the kind feedback and for sharing your thoughts.

      If your laptop protection is a priority there are other stylish packs out there that offer better protection – I’m thinking of the Everlane Renew Transit backpack and the Herschel Little America backpack to name a couple.

      However, you can always put your laptop in its case for added protection before putting it into the backpack because the Nordace Siena backpack has a lot of other things going well for it.



  6. Hi Femi,
    I came back searching for a Nordace Siena Backpack review, and I was so happy to see that you have reviewed this backpack. In all of the internet, I think your reviews are closest to genuine and really well done.
    Thanks for this article. It has all the information I need. I love the fact that this backpack stands upright. and has so many useful features.
    Keep up the good work.

  7. I really like the Nordace Siena backpack. I love that it has vegan leather. Although some vegan leather may be made of plastic, nowadays vegan leather is more plant-based. In Mexico, for example, they have found a way to make plant-based leather from the nopal cactus, which is sturdy material.
    The bag looks elegant and I especially favor the white color. A one-year warranty is also very good. The complaint that it may not look as posh as advertised is in my opinion based on personal preferences. We all have different likes and expectations, don’t we?
    It’s a pity it is a little pricey, but is this backpack durable? If it lasts for years, then the price is maybe justified.

    • Hey Christine,

      Thanks for contributing to this thread. I’m encouraged to hear that vegan leather today is more likely to be plant-based as opposed to artificial because the materials I came across in my research appear to suggest otherwise. But I must admit some of the research is a bit old.


  8. Hi Femi,

    I think I have seen an advertisement for this bag before and I thought the USB port was absolute genius and perhaps a very useful bag for travelling. It’s a nice feature to have but the thought of having the wire dangling..

    And come to think of it, my current laptop backpack is not heavily cushioned at the bottom as well! It is rather strange. Hahaha.

    I’ve seen many good reviews on their website but your unbiased write-up is done great. Thanks for this.


    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Yes, Nordace has been promoting the Siena backpack lately which is why I chose to do the review.

      The lack of a cushioned laptop compartment base should not be a deal-breaker (unless it is the most important feature for you) – one just has to be careful, plus you can use your laptop case for extra protection:)


  9. Another great and detailed review. This backpack is absolutely suitable for the city, I love the design. I like that luggage strap and also the possibility to choose from 6 options. Thanks for sharing.

  10. LOL, I don’t want to have a look at your website anymore, I get seduced every time. 🙂 *Just joking of course*
    But all joking set aside, I like the look of this backpack. It doesn’t look too square and yet it is, so every utensils would fit in perfectly.
    What I don’t like is that plastic is called vegan leather, just to upgrade the word. I think it degrades the word vegan.
    But you have explained all the cons and pros very well, so thank you!

    • Haha Hannie – very funny indeed:)

      I feel you on the vegan leather matter though. I think some brands are quick to adopt the term so that they can be seen to be doing something good. And indeed it is better than using animal products.

      The concern is that many of the vegan leather products are – historically – made from plastic materials. It is not clear to me if the Nordace Siena backpack is made of plastic or plant materials. That said, I have been informed that the majority of vegan leather being produced today are made from plant-based or recycled materials.

      All the same, thanks for your witty and complimentary comments:)


  11. Hey,

    I am really pleased that I came across this article. When I go back to work in the new year, I need a new backpack. I carry a laptop, cables, USB, books, notepads etc. My current bag is getting a bit tatty, so I need a new one. This bag looks absolutely perfect for what I need. It will be great for when I go on business trips and when travelling around the city.

    I will let you know if I do invest in this bag, and I will update you on how it is going.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  12. Thanks for sharing. The Kånken backpack is usually my to-go-to backpack, but I must say I’m impressed with the Nordace Siena backpack. It has the sleek look, and functionality that are a must for a backpack in my book. Extra plus for the separate pockets, like the laptop compartment, eco friendly, and usb port and luggage strap.
    Nice find, one I would absolutely give a try!

    • Hey Veronica – welcome back and thanks for leaving another fine comment:)

      The Kånken backpack is certainly another decent bag – actually I will be publishing a review of it shortly. But as you have rightly noted the Nordace Siena is a cool contender when it comes to dapper design and the numerous functional features it offers including ample organization.


  13. Hi Femi

    This bag seems to be a solution to the many bags I carry in regards to compartments and I LOVE the design as it doesn’t comply with the traditional backpacks I see on the high- street which is often a put-off.
    I would prefer it if the warranty was extended than what they offered.

    • Hey Toyin – Thanks for stopping to leave a comment:)

      I agree that they could do better than a year’s warranty – especially if they are going to charge a 3-digit-price for the pack (when they aren’t doing promotions).


  14. Hi Femi. Thank you for this very thorough review! I have purchased the Siena backpack, but I’m due to travel to Europe next week, and still am a bit nervous about using it as a personal item to fit under the airline seat. Has anyone actually put it under the airline seat, as I keep measuring it, and it seems just a smidge bigger than allowed. I love this backpack, and it won’t be overpacked at all, as I am praying it fits under the airline seat! Please let me know if anyone has travelled with it as a personal item on aircraft! Thank you

    • Hi Jennie,

      Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t heard accounts of it being taken on board a flight as a personal item and I think you are right to double check because the dimensions are ever so slightly larger than the most common size restriction for under-seat luggage which is 16x12x6 inches. (Siena’s dimension is 16.5×11.4×6.3). That said, I think you should be able to get away with it if you pack it pretty light.

      Sorry I can’t be of more help. Best wishes with you travels.

      • Thank you for the reply! I will update you after this weekend, as due to fly on Saturday. Hopefully it will help others with the same question.

        • That would be fab Jennie. I look forward to hearing of your experience. And while we are at it, I just published an article on carry-on luggage rules. Grateful if you could take a look soon and let me know if you find it particularly useful given the nature of your question. Any feedback or comments will be most welcome.

          Again, wishing you a safe trip.

          • Hello Femi! Just to let you know that my wonderful Siena backpack fitted just fine under the seat of my United Airlines flight! Their measurements aren’t as generous as some other under the seat sizes, but I was so happy and relieved that my backpack fitted under with no problems! But, please don’t overpack the backpack if you intend to slide it under the seat. If it crammed to full, and bulging, it won’t fit properly if it’s too thick. I had mine packed normally, and I also tried it where you measure the dimensions of the cabin bags and personal items at the check in. I was so relieved it fit under the airline seat, as I love this backpack, and will be happy to travel anywhere with it now! Hope this helps with people who wish to purchase this backpack for airline travel!

  15. I actually purchased this bag after failure of other bags. I was skeptical and questioned the cost. I love it! I use this bag 3-4 days a week for work. The laptop section is padded, but I also keep my sleeve on my laptop just for a little added piece of mind. It holds everything I need from books, files, a med kit, pens, sanitizer, etc. I also purchased the compression cubes I use when traveling. If we are traveling for pleasure, my husband can actually fit his size 12 dress shoes in the laptop compartment and the packing cubes held three days worth of clothes, and the toiletries section is a nice touch. I’ve had this bag for almost two years and it’s been through a lot, and still kept its shape and looks good. I have learned the light color has been nice because you can actually see what’s inside the bag when you open it, instead of a dark struggle I had finding items in my older black back packs I previously tried. Don’t be scared of the light color- it wipes clean easily. It also fits underneath the airplane seat, even packed full. This bag is a winner and I highly recommend it if you are looking for a reliable, sturdy, and stylish bag.

    • Hey Dana – thanks for sharing your experience with the Nordace Siena backpack. I was particularly struck by your comment that the pack “fits underneath the airplane seat, even packed full.” One of our readers have asked the question because of plans to use it as a personal item on a trip to Europe. When you used it on the plane, was that on a domestic or international flight?


  16. Hi Femi, and thank you. Would welcome your insights here. I just received a Nordace Sienna II backpack. Absent clearer instructions or a user guide – hard copy or online – I am unclear about the purpose of the two external “ports” – one male and “extractable” and one female which stays in place. Neither is a USB or iPhone compatible. The male cord is connected internally to a black circular cable holder (inside the vertical RFID pocket). The other end of the cable holder is a proper USB. (Presume I must purchase a portable power bank to utilize this feature.) The “3-in-1” tag on the backpack says to pull the cable and plug into your device. For an iPhone, the tag further says to “flip over to the side with the letter I facing upwards.” I have no idea what this is referring to. Thoughts most appreciated!

  17. Hey Femi,

    Thanks for this review. Just a query re capacity. If one were to buy the starter kit with the 2 compression cubes and the wash pouch – can all of this fit into the backpack with some room to spare, or is it a case of the 2 cubes and the main compartment is full?

    Love your reviews.

  18. I recently ordered the Nordace Sienna II backpack for my trip to Scotland. Unfortunately the zipper broke the first time I used the backpack, after I checked in at the airport where I was unable to replace it with my old tried and true Patagonia backpack. Quite frustrating as it was the first time I tried to use the bag. I contacted customer service. After a week of emailing photos back and forth they finally offered me a 15% refund or they told me I could purchase a new bag. I was shocked at these options. A 15% discount does me no good as I’m still left with a backpack I can’t use. I’m not thrilled at paying for another backpack that could leave me in a predicament on my next trip. After doing more research many others have had trouble with the quality of the zippers on this bag. This is one thing that should be considered before a purchase. I appreciate the opportunity to let others know about my experience as I tried to leave a review on the Nordace website and they only allow excellent reviews that are approved by management.

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      I can only imagine how disappointed you must have felt given their customer service response. Considering that this is the first time you are using the bag, I would have expected them to offer to repair the zipper – albeit for a small fee – to say the least. After all, according to their warranty policy and I quote, “Damage due to wear and tear, misuse or neglect, while not covered under this warranty, may be repairable for a reasonable fee.” From what you account, damage is not even caused by wear and tear, it can’t have been damaged through neglect. The only push back I can contemplate is around misuse, that you may have tugged on the pull too hard and caused it to come off. Again, even if you did this – it is a new bag and the chances of this should small – the only plausible reason is this particular came with a rather low par quality zipper.

      Did you ask for it to be repaired?



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