Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag IN PLAID

You may not have seen it yet, but there’s a new bag in town that has been causing quite a buzz —surprise! — it’s the Beis Weekender bag. But the question remains: is the Beis Weekender bag worth it?

Could this TikTok famous bag that can fit a lot of items, including even a hairdryer be the perfect carry-on bag for super quick getaways?

What are the reviews saying and should you really buy it?

In this post, I’m going to give you my honest opinion on whether or not the bag is worth your money as we chat about its price, reviews, quality, what fits inside, and SO much more!

Ready? Let’s GO! 

The Beis weekender bag is worth your cash; the weekender bag has enough space to store a laptop, clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings. And storing and retrieving your belongings is a joy since the bag is designed with lots of compartments and pockets for effective organization and convenience of use.  

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

What’s more, because it is functional and versatile, using it for travel or everyday trip is a delight.

Other reasons that make the Beis weekender bag worth it include its affordability, well-made popular chic design and the high quality material from which it is made.
But before you go out and get yourself one, read our full post to learn everything about the bag, including the pros and cons below. 

This spacious 49L weekender can fit everything you need for any occasion, including your clothes, shoes, laptop, and even your hairdryer (bye-bye, frizz!).

For example, Rebecca Carhart says the BEIS weekender bag fit her four days’ items at the beach with space left over, while Madison Flager carried the bag for a three-day trip to Boston.

Blogger Anvita Reddy remembers traveling for a 3-day trip with her dad with this bag and was able to “fit my clothes, my dad’s clothes, two thin towels, my iPad, and a small pouch holding my tech accessories. I packed two tops, two pairs of jeans, two dresses, and a pair of PJs, plus undergarments. My dad packed two pairs of jeans, shorts, three collared shirts, and PJs, plus undergarments. The bottom compartment consisted of my dad’s toiletries, my toiletries, my skin-care pouch, my makeup bag, my flat iron, my mini hair dryer, and a pair of dressy shoes.

I must admit I have been impressed at how much this tiny bag can hold! 

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? :Reddit on the Beis Weekender bag

Okay, it’s obvious that the BEIS weekender bug has bitten a lot of people.

The appeal of this bag—deliberately advertised to get millennials and Gen Z to take out their wallets—is obvious if you scroll through the social media feeds of travel influencers or pay close attention to the personal bag that women are carrying through the airport today.

And if you check BEIS’s website like I did, you’ll see widespread appeal in action.

It remains the brand’s best-selling item to this day!

Moreover, the BEIS weekender has been featured in popular publications like Travel & LeisureRefinery29, Forbes, and on SFGATE, where Chloe claims her weekender bag is still going strong after 2 years! 

3. Functional and versatile for everyday use or traveling.

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

My favorite thing about weekender bags is how I am able to easily pack everything I need for a weekend into this one bag, and also use it as an everyday work bag!

And guess what! The BEIS weekender fits the bill!

As I said, I have seen this bag being used by different buyers and reviewers as a diaper bag, a gym carry, and as a travel bag for overnights and weekend trips.

And if you have to travel with it, the dimensions of this bag fit most airline requirements for a personal-item bag, and can be a piece of carry-on luggage you can stow in the overhead bin compartment, should you stuff it full.

According to other reviewers, like Sarah Stiefvater who used this bag on her 2-Week vacation, and successfully fit her shoes, toiletry bags, and even laundry, the weekender is incredibly versatile, even as it’s roomy. 

4. It has several pockets and compartments

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

One of my biggest pet peeves is a travel bag with a small number of pockets.

Don’t even get me started on those tiny pockets usually on the bag’s exterior that is only large enough to hold a chapstick (they just taunt us).

This is why I am thrilled about the several pockets and compartments on the Beis Weekender bag, which will keep even the worst over-packer in line.

Let’s look at each one individually.

Inside the bag, there’s a large zip pocket, 2 slip pockets, a key leash, and a padded laptop sleeve with a strap that can fit a 13” & 15” device!

The weekender’s exterior has a back pocket that also functions as a trolley pass-through sleeve, a zipped pocket on the front, and my personal favorite, a zippered bottom section that is made to keep your shoes, toiletries, and other essentials separate from your other essentials.

5. Boasts of functional features

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

The weekender bag from Beis offers a number of excellent practical features that I think you’ll like. 

This stylish bag has two carrying options (shoulder or handheld), a trolley pass-through sleeve for attaching it to your rolling wheelie, and a padded laptop sleeve so you can travel with your devices without worrying about damage.

And did I mention that the weekender bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which means you get to wear it across your body or over your shoulder.  

6. The weekender is cute, minimal, & timeless

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

The aesthetic alone was almost enough to convince me to buy The Weekender, even before I learned more about its features. 

This bag simply looks good and satisfies the aesthetic standards I look for in a piece of luggage: it has an understatedly stylish and timeless design with very little branding without any extraneous details.

It also has a fake patent trim on the bottom that is simple to clean after a weekend of placing it down on different surfaces with spills, dust, and dirt.

The other big perk: you can pick up this baby in five other colors: beige, grey, atlas pink, navy, or black. However, my personal favorite is the plaid design, which is regrettably a limited edition.

Plus, it is simple to pair with any outfit and can be worn for multiple events, whether you’re going on a city break, to the gym, the office, or out for the day running errands.
No wonder people love it!

7. The Beis Weekender is affordable

Honestly? I’m tossing the price for this bag into the pros column.

Well, that’s because you can score this bag for — gasp — less than $100!

For comparison with major competition, the popular Longchamp Le Pliage tote costs $235, the Away weekender is $165, while the Beis Weekender bag is only $98!

That’s a significant saving if you ask me.

I suppose Beis’ affordable strategy for pricing its bestselling product is part of the reason it has attracted many fans.

Drawbacks of the Beis Weekender Bag

Even though the Beis Weekender bag is worth your money, there are still a few drawbacks you should know about:

1. Big and heavy

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

Surprisingly, one of the main criticisms I heard about the Beis weekender bag is that it can hold too much, which in turn can make it too heavy and too big for day-to-day use. 

While I appreciate its spacious 49l capacity, which is large enough to fit a few days’ worth of travel necessities, you must keep in mind that this is a large bag that can get heavy when filled to the brim.

I should also mention that the models who carry these bags in advertisements are tall, and it’s likely that the bags are empty. However, if you’re small-framed, you quickly discover that the weekender may appear excessively large on you.

And there’s the sad fact that this bag may be too big to fit under the seat in front of you as a personal item on strict airlines as it measures 19″ x 10″ x 16″, instead of the commonly acceptable size of 18” x 14” x 8”.
As such, I suggest carrying it as a carry-on that will easily fit in the overhead bin rather than as a personal item unless you’ve confirmed the bag’s dimension with your airline or are willing to put up with a scratched and dented bag.

Best of all, if you want something small, light, and manageable, I think you’re better off with the scaled-down version- the Convertible Mini Weekender.

2. Scratches and scuffs will show in time

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : scuff marks on bag

Another common complaint I have noted about the Beis Weekender is that scuffs and scratch marks tend to show on the exterior. 

To help keep your bag looking its best, avoid dragging it on rough surfaces and be careful when setting it down.

I also suggest you go for the darker shade colors (black, and navy) instead of the brightly colored options (beige, grey) as darker colors are typically more forgiving when it comes to scratch marks,

Also, if you’re planning to travel with the bag, I hope you account for the fact that putting it in a tight overhead bin compartment or under the seat in front of you can cause the bag to have some marks, especially when the bag is loaded out.

If you do notice any scuffs, you can usually buff them out with a soft cloth.

With a little care, I think your Beis bag will serve you well for many weekends to come!

3. Poor customer service & durability concerns

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? :Trustpilot review on the Beis Weekender bag

From my research, I noticed that most of the negative reviews were centered on poor customer service from the brand or some complaints from users about the durability of the Beis Weekender Bag.

The majority of the 1-star reviews on their website and on Trustpilot are left by consumers who either never received their purchase, received the incorrect order (often a color issue), or had a terrible experience trying to return a bag they do not like.

And according to reviewers, the major issues is either stitching in the bag coming apart or there are problems with the zippers.

“The bag is fine. Purchasing from your company is a nightmare”, writes one woman. “used it once and the seams are already starting to come apart. loose pieces of thread are showing” adds another.

So, if you’re considering ordering from them, my advice would be to proceed with caution and keep them in mind. 

Closing Thoughts – So, is the Beis Weekender bag worth it?

Is the Beis Weekender Bag Worth it? : Beis Weekender bag

Yes, I certainly think the Beis weekender bag is worth your money because it’s undeniably fashionable and functional for a variety of uses.

I like that you can travel upstate with this baby as a carry-on, especially if you need a lot of storage space. Alternatively, you can take it to the beach or grocery shopping. Or, well, pretty much anywhere else for that matter.

What I do not like:

The biggest drawback is that it’s huge and can get very heavy when loaded up with lots of items.

Also, if you have a short frame, I recommend you go for the smaller version of the Beis weekender bag because this bag is waayy bigger than what the advert pictures show.

So have you traveled with the Beis weekender bag before? What are your thoughts? 

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