Aesthetic Backpacks: Cluci leather Backpack

A quick internet search on the best aesthetic backpacks- be it grunge, pastel, 90s, cute bags- would show you thousands of results. On Amazon alone, you’ll see many offerings with tempting price tags. 

But which is the best out of the bunch? And how do you choose the perfect aesthetic backpack?

Well, you’re definitely in the right place!

Aesthetic Backpacks: beautiful backpack

After thorough research on each bag’s pros and cons as well as users’ reviews, here are what I consider to be the top 18 aesthetic backpacks in the market right now!

And you don’t have to worry about your budget – most of the bags on this list are quite affordable (under $100), while being water resistant, comfy, and remarkably cute.

Ready? Let’s explore!

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Aesthetic Backpacks: Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

Summary: An iconic piece, the Fjallraven Kanken is trendy, simple and well-made with a variety of color options.

The Kanken backpack is one of the most popular packs in the market and it’s easy to see why it deserves a top spot on this list of aesthetic backpacks.

Why, the Kanken has been iconic since the late 1970s when it was first launched.

The bag is made with 100% Vinylon F – a highly durable material that is unique to the brand and smooth running YKK zippers.  

Also, it is not only lightweight (0.94lbs only); you’ll be glad to know that the pack is water resistant as well.

Its other cool features include a seat pad that cushions your back, and the snap at the top which you can use to secure the two handles together and carry your items by hand if you wish to give your shoulders a break. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

What we also love

This everyday carry backpack is comfortable, has a lifetime warranty and comes with plenty of colorways to suit diverse tastes.

All in all, you can be confident that the Kanken backpack is not only durable, they are iconic – likely to stand the test of time in a world of fast fashion bags that can sometime break down all too easily. 

What’s not great

There aren’t enough pockets and compartments in the bag to enable you to arrange and separate your items as you’d like.

And if you don’t mind the lack of padding on the straps, properly sized pockets, and a dedicated space for your laptop, the Kanken rocks.

But then again, there are Kanken Laptop models if a laptop pocket is important to you.

Worried about the size of your laptop?  

Luckily, the Fjallraven Kanken has three different laptop versions with a dedicated laptop compartment for your 13” 15” and 17” laptop in the Kanken Laptop 13”, Kanken Laptop 15” or the Kanken Laptop 17” respectively.

To know more about the Fjallraven backpack, check out my detailed review on the brand and some of their offerings. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Rhfemd Women Corduroy Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Rhfemd Corduroy backpack is one of a kind aesthetic backpacks suitable for everyday use.

One of the best aesthetic backpacks with a grunge aesthetic appeal, the Rhfemd Corduroy backpack boasts of a simple and vintage appearance.

This sucker is simple, functional and durable. 

Made from high quality corduroy with a polyester inside layer and a simple yet elegant design, it can go with you everywhere in tow.

And it is light and easy to carry.

It features semi-padded, adjustable shoulder straps with a soft strap handle.

Although a small bag, it has a simple organization to hold your everyday bare essentials.

With an interior main compartment, internal pockets and a front pocket, you get easy access to your phone, books, wallet, keys, and a change of clothes.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Rhfemd Women Corduroy Backpack

What we also love

With an adorable look and a few bold color options, it is a nice upgrade to your avant-garde outfits and impeccable style. 

What’s not great

This backpack is small– no laptop sleeve and the internal water bottle pockets are small.   

Aesthetic Backpacks: Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Amazon best seller Modoker backpack spots a unique vintage style with an affordable price tag. 

Spotting a gorgeous retro styling and classic look, this 25L Modoker backpack is one of the highly rated aesthetic backpacks.  

It features brown leather trim and accents that gives it an air of sophistication while the main body is made of 600D nylon fabric that’s lighter, more durable and water resistant.

Organization is decent too.

With the Modoker, you get 6 pockets with a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a USB port for charging, affordable price and five color options.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack

What we also love 

With a pair of adjustable and padded shoulder straps, this backpack is extremely comfortable to carry even when it’s fully loaded.

What’s not great

The side pockets are tiny and can’t fit any water bottle except a small umbrella and some users have complained about the USB port not functioning well. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Fitmyfavo Backpack Bookbag
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Fitmyfavo backpack is fun, fashionable & fairly priced.

If you are looking for what’s hot in the world of aesthetic backpacks, the Fitmyfavo backpack deserves a consideration. 

Flirty, fun, fashionable and fairly priced, this water-resistant backpack will take you from the bus to the classroom and beyond in style.   

Also, it is highlighted by a large main compartment, a padded 15.6“laptop sleeve, an internal pocket and a simple front pocket that gives you fast access to items. 

It’ll keep your books, makeup stuff, a pouch, and a few tech accessories.

Even though it looks more like a school backpack, it’s cool enough for work, travel and everyday use. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Fitmyfavo Backpack Bookbag

What we also love

This Amazon’s Choice pick comes in dozens of colors and lots of positive ratings.

What’s not great  

Even though there are two side pockets, they make for a tight squeeze for a standard sized water bottle.

Also, it’s not a big bag and so won’t do for activities that requires you pack a lot.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Aesthetic Vaporwave Spread Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Aesthetic Vaporwave Pack spots very cool print with great craftmanship.

If you want attention-grabbing aesthetic backpacks with creative designs, the Aesthetic Vaporwave Pack from Redbubble is the way to go.

Its large capacity and beautiful design make it a perfect workhorse for students and creatives alike.

It spots a simple style that blends in anywhere, from your university campus to the busy city streets and even at weekend trips. 

Talk about art appreciation!

This roomy pack has what it takes to keep your gear secure and organized.

Not to mention, there’s a 13″ laptop pocket for your tablet/laptop as well as a front pocket for all those small items with a mesh pocket for so you can fit your water bottle or umbrella.

The Vaporwave Pack is constructed of durable 100% polyester and comes with measurement of 17 × 12.5 × 5 inches.

What’s more?

It has what you would come to expect from a daily backpack like contoured shoulder straps and a cushy back panel for ultimate carrying comfort. 

What we also love

Redbubble has these backpacks in a wide variety of styles and creative designs, you can find a design that fits your personality.

What’s not great

It lacks some modern features like a USB port, a smart sleeve and a waist belt for comfort.

Also, there are complaints that the main compartment is kind of narrow. So, if you want a bag to fit in big items like a binder, it would make for a very tight fit.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Hey Yoo Hy760 Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Hey Yoo Backpack is a triple threat; affordable, functional and truly stylish.

The Hey Yoo Backpack is one of the best aesthetic backpacks that has managed to be super cute and equally functional for everyday use.

It’s so easy to fall in love with its look and its features.

It is a 18L bag with several pockets for everything from pens, water bottle/umbrella, keys, wallet, books, and other daily essentials you need to be on move.

Add in a padded 15.6” laptop sleeve, built-in USB mobile charging port, with a headphone jack, and you have one of the cutest aesthetic backpacks to conquer busy days. 

Because the makers had comfort in mind when designing the backpack, the shoulder straps are not only padded but are also adjustable.

What’s more?

This backpack is loved for its ultra-compact design that ensures a great fit for petite bodies.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Hey Yoo Hy760 Backpack

What we also love
And it’s just under $40!

Not to mention, the Hey Yoo Backpack is well rated by customers and has a few beautiful colors that all look so good you may find it hard to pick one.

This is one of the best aesthetic backpacks for teens and students.

What’s not great

While this bag is really cute, it is not however the most durable on this list of aesthetic backpacks.  

Some buyers complained about broken straps, damaged zippers and weak seams when the bag is loaded out.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Herschel Classic Backpack
Credit: Amazon

 Summary: It doesn’t get as simple and timeless like the Herschel Classic backpack.

The Herschel Classic pack is great if you are looking for aesthetic backpacks that have a classic look with a twist!

Clean and timeless, this is a bag for everyone and anyone. Not a fan of single tone color designs? There are duo tone colors, and floral prints designs as well.

Need to carry your laptop, books, clothes, water bottles and other daily essentials? With a 30L large carrying capacity, you won’t be disappointed. As a bonus, the laptop sleeve is well padded to keep your 15” laptop snug and protected. 

What’s more? The Herschel Classic is made of a lightweight and water-resistant fabric. 

And carrying this bag is easy. The back panel is cushioned to keep it from being too hard on your bag even if you have heavy items in there. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Herschel Classic Backpack

Additionally, the contoured backpack straps ensure your pack stays put and won’t slip around during wear.

What we also love

There are many color options to ensure there’s a style and design for everyone.

And if you think the 30L capacity bag will be too big for you, there are smaller sizes you can go for.

What’s not great

The bag has very few internal organizer pockets and so isn’t helpful for those small quick access items.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Canvas School Laptop backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Canvas School backpack is a durable and eyes catching carry.

This Canvas backpack is a great option if you want something affordable, and functional. It can be a travel bag, an EDC bag, and even an outdoor pack. 

It is worth noting that the main compartment of the backpack has three internal pockets for your phone, iPad, and wallet, including a laptop sleeve. It also features a front pocket for those smaller items. 

Aesthetic Backpacks: Canvas School Laptop backpack

What we also love

The back panel and shoulder straps feature decent padding for carrying comfort. It would have been nice however to see breathable mesh on the back panel for ventilation. All in all, not a bad pack if you like strength and unique design in aesthetic backpacks.   

What’s not great

The main downside is that the laptop pocket is not padded nor reinforced.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Orvilly Backpack Purse
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Orvilly Backpack is cute and handy for everyday activities.

For a more sophisticated look, the Orvilly Backpack makes the list of the best aesthetic backpacks for women.

I particularly like that this bag can be worn three ways- as a tote, backpack and as a handbag– which gives you the triple threat advantage. In fact, this Amazon top choice can be used for different purposes. From traveling to commuting to the office or being a diaper bag, it is a super handy everyday bag.

And the best part? It is lightweight and water-resistant.  

And it’s got a decent storage capacity.  There is room and pockets for all of your must-haves—including laptops, wallet, documents, power banks, clothes, water bottles, books, and umbrellas.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Orvilly Backpack Purse

What we also love

This super stylish bag is affordable at under $30. And guess what? There’s a larger Orvilly Backpack which can fit a 15.6-inch laptop if this size is a little too small for you.

The padded shoulder straps take care of your upper back muscles so you won’t feel stressed when carrying it for hours. Additionally, there are several different color options to choose from, which means there are a number of different ways to make sure you’re reflecting your own personal style when you wear it. 

What’s not great

The laptop pocket is not padded to hold your device safe and secure. Also, some users don’t like that the bag is small in carrying capacity.

Muzee Canvas Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Muzee Canvas Backpack

Summary: The Muzee Canvas backpack is secured, affordable, and of course, attractive.

The Muzee Canvas backpack has cool features that makes it a great contender on the list of aesthetic backpacks for both men and women.

My favorite feature has to be its antitheft properties.

The main compartment is lockable and the back pocket is hidden enough to keep your valuables safe during unpredictable travels. Other must-have features include a dedicated laptop compartment, a scratch and abrasion resistant exterior, and a retro vibe cute enough for everyday activities. 

So, what fits inside? Well, the main compartment is large enough for books, documents, and a lunch while the separate laptop compartment allows for a 15.6” laptop or tablet to be securely stored.

Outside storage include a front pocket for your wallet, phone, and other smaller items as well as side pocket that only fits a small water bottle or umbrella.

What we also love

You can use the external USB charging port for your iPhone, iPad or kindle. Plus, this bag is unisex!

What’s not great

Well, a few complaints. Firstly, the zippers tend to get caught up in the fringe and doesn’t seem to be of good quality. Also, you may not like that the bag is stiff.

Nevenka Leather Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Nevenka Leather Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Streamlined and cute, the Nevenka Backpack is a functional pack that you can use for pretty much anything you want!

Because quality aesthetic backpacks do not have to be outrageously expensive, the Nevenka Backpack Purse sweeps in with a very sweet deal.  

You get this clean-cut style and well-rated backpack for under $25!  

It is just the right mixture of backpack and purse that blends in well in any setting.

It’s elegant enough to be a purse for a quick errand yet practical enough as a backpack when you’re on the run and want your hands free. Despite being minimal, the Nevenka pack will comfortably hold your essentials, like a phone, notebook, folding umbrella, tablet, card or card bag, and more.

Inside, there is a divider to break the bag up for easy organization and a front pocket for your go-to items.

What we also love 

Made of quality PU leather – a synthetic material that looks and feels like leather it is touted by thousands of users to be able to withstand the demands of daily use. Thanks to the golden zippers, the bag looks elegant and will get you multiple compliments. I promise.

What’s not great  

Some users don’t fancy the pocket right across the middle of the bag because it makes gets in the way of you getting items from the bag.

Gootium Canvas Vintage Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Gootium Canvas Vintage Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Gootium Canvas Backpack is for those looking for a bit of a vintage feel and superb durability.

The Gootium Canvas Backpack has got the look of the grunge aesthetic backpacks as well as the sturdiness. 

Offering a sophisticated vintage look, you’ll find yourself the star of the show with this bag is tow.

The addition of the leather details only adds to its appeal.

And should you feel creative, you can totally embroider or add patches and pins to taste.

And this is the bag for when you need to pack lotta of craps.

It has a 18L capacity and useful pockets.

With two external water bottle pockets, a hidden back pocket, and a 13” laptop pocket in the main compartment, organization becomes easier.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Gootium Canvas Vintage Backpack

What we also love 

Even better, lots of users have praised this bag for its durability.  

The canvas material is thick and sturdy, with great stitching to survive the demands of everyday use. 

What’s not great

One thing I don’t like about the Gootium pack is that it’s not the most comfortable bag on this list of aesthetic backpacks.

While the shoulder strap is adjustable, it’s not padded for carrying comfort. So when the bag is loaded out and worn for long, it may dig into your skin and hurt your shoulders.

Himawari Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Himawari Backpack

Summary: The Himawari backpack is cute and functional. 

The Himawari backpack has got lots of users on Amazon leaving raving five-star reviews, a sign that you can trust this bag to serve you well, and why I have shortlisted it in this top aesthetic backpacks. 

Made of durable nylon fabric, the backpack is water- and scratch-resistant with reinforced edges and steel frame which help the bag retain its shape at all times.

Even better, both the style and durability have received rave reviews from purchasers.

I particularly like how it is compact and yet roomy.

The bag has a wide opening with a 13” laptop sleeve, several internal pockets, and four external pockets for easy access to your necessities.

It also boasts of two side pockets that grip your water bottles firm and snug.

If you need a bag that can almost do it all- travel, school, and commute- this is such a bag.

And should your shoulders need a break or switch up your style, you can carry the bag by its sturdy top handle.

It also features a handy built-in USB port and a comfortable ergonomic design with padded reinforced straps. 

What we also love 

I like that the Himawari backpack is available in tons of colors, from solid to color combo design and floral patterns.

What’s not great   

When a laptop is inside the bag, it is not comfortable to wear as you’ll feel the big flat surface of the laptop against your back.  

BAGGU Drawstring Backpack

Aesthetic Backpack: BAGGU Drawstring backpack

Summary: The BAGGU Drawstring Backpack is functional and looks super cool.

If you are looking for very durable aesthetic backpacks, the Baggu backpack should be your go to. It’s not just for students – it’s perfect for people who need a bag for traveling during the day, going out on weekends, hitting the beach, or just using casually.

This Baggu backpack is roomy enough to fit your 13” laptop, a phone, wallet, notebook, water bottle, sunscreen, and more little things. It even has a few pockets to help you keep things organized. 

What we also love

I also like that you can pick from lots of simple colors and cool patterns. You can’t really choose a wrong color, but the pinto color option is my favorite. All in all, it’s a good-looking backpack that doesn’t cost a lot and you’ll enjoy showing it off.

What’s not great

I guess it’s a good thing that this backpack is not huge. The straps aren’t very cushioned, so it might not feel super comfy to carry, the bag was spacious enough to fit plenty items. Also, it doesn’t have much of a structure – it’s kind of floppy and loses its shape, especially when it’s not full.

Hethrone Antitheft Laptop backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Hethrone Antitheft Laptop backpack

Summary: Versatile and stylish, the Hethrone backpack ensures an organized carry and protects your valuables.   

If you are looking for aesthetic backpacks with a classic look and an affordable price tag, then the Hethrone backpack is a great choice.

For anyone who’s constantly on the go, this backpack allows you to protect your most important belongings like your laptop, phone, and travel documents, just to name a few.  

It features a secured opening that can only be opened with both hands.

Even better, the backpack has a secret compartment at the back which allows you access into the main compartment easily.  

On the inside, you’ll find enough room and organizational pockets to store a 15.6” laptop, books, clothes, and other essentials.

Plus, two inner pockets provide storage for small items as credit cards, keys, etc., and two external side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Hethrone Antitheft Laptop backpack

What we also love

Personally, I like the built-in USB port that allows you to charge your device with any connected power bank inside the bag.

Not to mention that it’s water-resistant and well-padded with adjustable shoulder straps. 

What’s not great

Some users on Amazon complained about the poor zipper quality.

Herschel Little America Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: Herschel Little America Backpack

Summary: If you want a stylish backpack to accommodate your items, the Little American backpack might just do it for you.

The Little America pack from Herschel Supply Co. offers a streamlined casual laptop backpack that ensures you never stay out of style.

This is courtesy of it mountaineering flaps and buckles that manages to be minimal and rich at the same time. 

Perhaps, its most notable feature is how it doesn’t joke around when it comes to protecting your laptop. 

It features a 15” floating laptop sleeve that serves as protection from drop impacts. It is also well-padded and fleeced lined, which means your device is safe from scratches.

Should you plan to carry the bag for day-to-day commute and for hours on end; the Little America pack provides ergonomic carry technology with a limited lifetime warranty that ensures you get the bang for your buck. 

What we also love

Even better, the colors and style options are aaaamazing!  

What’s not so great

It doesn’t offer much in the way of organization in term of pockets and compartments.

There are not enough of them unless you make do with packing cubes or pouches especially for smaller items.   

CLUCI Backpack Purse

Aesthetic Backpacks: Cluci Backpack Purse

Summary: A cute and practical black leather backpack that is super handy for everyday activities.

The Cluci backpack purse is one of the best aesthetic backpacks because it is very versatile.

It is a cleverly designed bag that is affordable, has plenty of storage, and can be used for different purposes.  

Lightweight and water-resistant, the pack is made of high-quality soft PU leather, with metal accessories and fabric lining.

This bag’s got decent storage capacity. 

There is room and pockets for all of your must-haves—including laptops, water bottles, books, and umbrellas.

Tons of users have praised how easy it is to use for different purposes. From traveling to being a diaper bag or commuting to the office, it is a super handy everyday bag.

At under $38, this elegant bag is a real steal!

And the best part?

This pack spots an anti-theft design. The main zipper closure is located at the back to make it inaccessible to intruders. to deter sneaking fingers.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Cluci Backpack Purse

What we also love

I like that you can choose to carry it as a backpack or a shoulder bag, thanks to the detachable shoulder strap.

The padded shoulder straps take care of your upper back muscles so you won’t feel stressed when carrying it for hours.

What’s not great

This backpack can’t stand upright it is not fully packed!  Also, there are complaints about defective zippers.

JanSport Superbreak Plus Backpack

Aesthetic Backpacks: JanSport Superbreak Plus Backpack

Summary: The JanSport Superbreak Plus Backpack is iconic, simple and affordable.  

Why not end the list on the best aesthetics backpacks review with the iconic Jansport SuperBreak!

An improved version of the iconic Superbreak, the JanSport Superbreak Plus (get it?)  is one of the best aesthetics backpacks with a mouth-watering price tag.

Aside from being downright adorable, the bag is loved for its quality.

Plus, this water-resistant fabric comes in over 30 patterns, so you go for your favorite pattern, color or style design.

If you’re looking for something durable enough to hold your heavy textbooks when you go back to school, this bag has all the space, including a 15-inch laptop compartment, a front pocket, and a large compartment that can hold notebooks, folders, books, and a lunchbox at once.

For a small bag, it can hold quite a bit.

The pack measures 16.75 x 13 x 8.5 inches and is specifically designed with a sturdy side pocket that’s large enough to hold a water bottle.

It also features adjustable padded straps and a padded back for comfort and support.

Aesthetic Backpacks: JanSport Superbreak Plus Backpack

What we also love 

The Superbreak Plus is an Amazon best seller with tons of reviews, so you know you are in safe hands.

Plus, it is super affordable!

What’s not great

It is not machine wash friendly.

Also, there are many fakes of this bag, so buy only from reliable retailers like Amazon to avoid getting a counterfeit.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Aesthetic backpacks

Aesthetic Backpacks: two beautiful backpacks

There are hundreds of aesthetic backpacks in the market. 

But how do you choose the one you can count on to keep your essentials safe and accessible while being stylish and suited for different occasions?

When looking for the best aesthetic backpacks, look out for these tips. 

Style and Design

Aesthetic backpacks are trendy and super cute.

If you’re buying aesthetic backpacks, it will make sense to find one that will seamlessly blend with your overall look no matter what you’re wearing.


Aesthetic backpacks can be used for different purposes.

When you’re choosing a bag, consider what you will be using the bag for.

For instance, if you will be traveling with the bag, make sure to choose one that is properly sized to fit on an airplane, or at least is travel-friendly. 

Space for your essentials 

The capacity of aesthetic backpacks is an important factor to look out for.

They are not always the most spacious. 

So, take into account how many daily items you carry at any given time. 

And go for aesthetic backpacks with the capacity that can comfortably haul your essentials.

Aesthetic Backpacks: Cluci Backpack interior


Aesthetic backpacks should be able to withstand the demands of constant use.

If you are looking for the best aesthetic backpacks, look at their materials, zippers, and stitching, especially in high-stress areas.

It also helps to go for a high-quality aesthetic backpack with the highest of standard and positive reviews from actual users, like the bags featured in this review.


Would you rather have a bag that’s worth your money or one that’ll break down after less than two months?

While a bag’s price tag doesn’t translate to quality, an investment in a well-made bag always pays off.

Fortunately, all the backpacks in my review of the best aesthetic backpacks are super affordable.

Extra Features

The best aesthetic backpacks should have features such as a padded laptop sleeve, easy access pockets, affordable price tag, etc., that can make your life easier. 

As with any backpack, ensure you look for features that best suits your need.


How do you personalize a backpack?

If you want to make your backpack unique to you and stand out in a crowd, there are simple instructions to follow.

According to, you can inscribe your personal details on the pack to avoid theft, tattoo it, or sew on a patch, amongst others. You can see the full process here.

How do you decorate a school bag?

You can customize your old or plain bag yourself by decorating it to reflect your personality and interests. It’s your bag after all, you can show off your creative side by exploring with your favorite fabric patches, beads, rhinestones, glitters, drawings, artwork, etc. You can learn how to transform your schoolbag from a blank canvas into a unique work of art with the guide

How do you make your backpack cool cool

Bottom Line

Aesthetic Backpack

This wraps up my review of 18 best aesthetic backpacks!

From the most practical aesthetic backpacks to the cheapest and drop-dead gorgeous bag, there’s an option for you. I hope this list helps you to decide on the aesthetic backpacks that suits your needs.  

However, this list is by no means conclusive, so I’m open to hearing your recommendations, questions, or experiences with any of these bags or others of your own.

Leave me a comment below!

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  1. I love these aesthetic backpacks as each one is so different. The main downside though is storage space is quite small in many of them. However, for someone like myself who doesn’t travel very often, they’re a great idea for day trips. In particular I like the GLUCI Backpack Purse as not only does it look stylish, but there’s plenty of room for everything. I also like JanSport Superbreak plus. The design is attractive and it can hold a decent size laptop. The only minus point is you can’t machine wash it.

  2. I am looking for backpacks, luckily I saw your post. I am confused to choose between the Modoker Vintage and Fitmyfavo laptop backpack. I love both of them. Fitmyfavo is super cool and I think it will accommodate all the things I want to take during the travel. Though it looks stylish it resembles a school bag. So I will go for Modoker. It is classic and looks good to me.

  3. Hi Femi,

    Thanks a lot for your recommendations in this article. I can tell that you put lots of time and effort into writing a helpful post for people looking for a new backpack. I love Hethrone Laptop Backpack since I carry my laptop everywhere, so I need to consider the anti-theft function. It also has perfect storage spaces, durable materials, and after-sales service. This one is my top pick.


  4. The Fjalraven Kanken reminds me of a student backpack, with the difference that it looks stylish. 😉
    The Rhfemd Corduroy is really cute. I’ve never seen a backpack made of corduroy and it looks great! I think that I would like to get one like that. The only downside is that it’s small and it wouldn’t work so well for me since I tend to stuff lots of things in my backpacks. The Rhfemd one seems more like a stylish accessory to me or it could be used as a large purse 😉
    The one I love is the Orvilly Backpack purse. I like that it can be worn as a backpack, purse, or tote bag. And it has lots of room too. So, that one is definitely a favorite.

  5. Great article on some amazingly stylish and affordable backpacks.
    Very versatile products, beautiful colors and designs.
    I’m not one for using backpacks but I certainly will look into some of the ones you have written about to purchase for my nieces and nephews.

    Thank you for sharing your article with me. It was very impressive.

    All the best,

  6. You really did a thorough research Femi, wonderful choice and a challenge to choose..
    My favourite is the Nevenka Leather Backpack. Love the sleek leather look and it is not too big and will serve my purpose perfectly.
    Thank you for a fantastic informative article and a very good read!.
    Take care


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