Convertible backpacks: a woman rocking a convertible backpack in three styles

From the stylish to the practical, I’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the best convertible backpacks that will blow your mind. These bags aren’t just trendy, they’re also practical, giving you multiple ways to wear them.

Every single bag on this list can be worn in at least two ways, and there are even some options that can be rocked in up to four different ways. Talk about versatility!

Excited? Here are the best convertible backpacks for commuting, working out, traveling, and more.

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2-in-1 Best Convertible Backpacks

In this section, I’ll be reviewing convertible bags you can wear in two different ways, mostly as a backpack and also carry a tote or shoulder mode. 

Cluci Backpack Purse

Best Convertible Backpacks: Cluci Backpack Purse

This insanely popular backpack purse has proven its versatility in various situations including work, commuting, travel, and even serving as a diaper bag. The bag proves to be top in its class with over 12,000 Amazon reviewers awarding it a perfect five-star rating for how handy the bag is.

The best part is its versatility in carrying options. I like that you can choose to rock it as a tote, backpack, or shoulder bag, thanks to its nifty detachable shoulder strap. It’s like having three bags in one!

What we also like

This is one of the best convertible backpacks that are budget-friendly- priced under $40. And it’s got a decent storage capacity. There are pockets for all of your must-haves—including laptops, water bottles, books, and umbrellas.

Plus, the Cluci convertible backpack purse offers an impressive selection of 39 different colors, allowing you to find the perfect hue that complements your wardrobe.

What we don’t like

Kat Miller, the editor of DailyMail, expressed her concern about this bag, pointing out that its opening was not spacious enough to provide easy access to larger items such as a MacBook Air. Miller stated, “This isn’t the most convenient way to tote around my laptop, so typically I refrain from carrying this bag when I know I need my computer.”

Furthermore, other common complaints about this bag include issues with defective zippers, an unpleasant odor upon receiving the bag, and its overall inferior quality when compared to other premium bags like the Away Weekender. 

Bivy Tote Backpack

Best Convertible Backpacks: Troubadour Bivy Tote Backpack

Troubadour is renowned for their beautifully minimalist yet functional carry pieces that are perfect for navigating the city.

It’s no surprise, then, that their Bivy convertible backpack tote ticks all the boxes for a reliable bag suitable for both daily use and travel.  After all, it’s chic enough for the office or daily commute to being your trusty personal item on a flight.

And as one of the best convertible backpacks, I like that you can effortlessly switch between hands-free backpack mode and a sophisticated tote, depending on your needs and style.

Best yet?

The Bivy is not only built to last and environmentally friendly, but it also features waterproof antimicrobial linings and water-resistant zippers. This extra layer of protection ensures you won’t need to worry about the elements when you’re out and about.

What we also like

This Bivy bag is designed with a spacious 21L capacity, allowing you to comfortably carry essential items such as an iPad, a change of clothes, two water bottle pockets, and it even features a dedicated protective pocket for a 15.4″ laptop.

Becca from Half Half Travel reviewed the bag and expressed her satisfaction, stating, “It fits everything I need, and then some, if I pick up something like food or an item from the office while I’m in the city”.

What we don’t like

The bag has one drawback that I’ve noticed – the tote handles are quite short, which may not be very comfortable for shorter individuals. When carrying it as a tote from the handles, Becca noted that shorter people might find that it almost touches the ground or feels too heavy. 

The Rowledge Backpack

Best Convertible Backpacks: Lo and Sons The Rowledge Backpack

Not sure whether to get a backpack or a tote bag? Why not both? This bag from Lo & Sons offers not just one, but three carrying styles.

You can carry it as a briefcase for the office, easily convert it into a backpack for your daily commute, or attach it to your rolling suitcase using a pass-through luggage sleeve for your trips. So no matter where you’re off to, you can adjust the look.

Highly acclaimed by reputable sources such as Business Insider, Pack Hacker, and Condé Nast Traveler, the Rowledge convertible backpack tote excels in any role that involves securely transporting your tech, whether it’s serving as a daypack, a work bag, or a reliable travel companion.

Plus, this bag has a smaller version too, if you prefer a sleek and stylish option, instead.

What we also like

This 23L bag features a separated and padded 13″ laptop sleeve, a document sleeve, two expandable water bottle pockets, and numerous pockets for easy access to small essentials.

For example, Lydia Mansel, a travel and lifestyle writer, shared her experience with the Rowledge bag in her review for Condé Nast Traveler. Over the past 15 months, she has used this bag to carry two laptops and all her carry-on essentials.

She mentions, “While my 13-inch laptop slides smoothly into the dedicated laptop compartment, I can also fit my 16-inch laptop into the spacious middle section—with plenty of surrounding room. I often fill that space with a book, an extra layer, or a thin pouch or Dopp kit.”

What we don’t like

If you happen to have a larger build, you might want to reconsider your choice. The shoulder straps are slightly shorter, causing the backpack to sit higher on your body.

This observation has also been made by the Pack Hacker Team, who mentioned that the Rowledge doesn’t perform as well for individuals with larger frames. 

Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack

Best Convertible Backpacks: Pacsafe Citysafe CX Antitheft Convertible backpack

The Citysafe bag can be worn as a backpack or folded down into a handbag. Cool right? It is the only bag on this list with such design and I quite like it. What this means is that it’s great for transitioning from a day out to a night out.

And the best part? It is designed to protect your valuables from thieves. Its anti-theft features include a cut-resistant exterior material, RFID-protected pockets as well as zippers you can lock for additional peace of mind.

The details don’t stop there. The adjustable backpack straps are also cut-resistant and are lockable around a fixed object so your bag isn’t taken away, in an unguarded moment. 

What we also like

At 8 liters, this is a small-sized functional pack for carrying essentials such as a tablet, camera, cell phone, wallet, credit cards, passport, snacks, and other bits and pieces.

Did I mention that Citysafe is sustainably made from a water-resistant material? You’re getting a quality bag that’s good for the environment.

What we don’t like

The Citysafe anti-theft convertible backpack tote is really small, so sorry, no space for your laptop or a truckload of gear. But hey, on the bright side, it just might cradle your patience as you hustle to work or conquer your daily grind. 

United By Blue Convertible Carryall

Best Convertible Backpacks: United By Blue Convertible Carryall

It’s comforting to know the backpack you’re carrying has been constructed to have a minimal environmental impact and that’s exactly what you’ll find with the Convertible Carryall by United By Blue.

This backpack/hybrid tote is constructed using recycled polyester made from plastic bottles sourced from the oceans or landfills. Additionally, the bag is designed to be water-resistant, adding to its practicality.

What’s even better is that you can carry it in two different ways: as a backpack or as a tote.  This means you essentially get two bags for the price of one—and that price is pretty reasonable too. Don’t you just love that?

What we also like

The organization in this bag is just a dream. It boasts a spacious 25L capacity, a padded sleeve designed to protect a 15″ laptop, and handy pockets to keep things in place on even the busiest of workdays. Plus, the style is available in a wide range of colors to cater to every taste.

What we don’t like

One common complaint about this bag is its big size, particularly for women with small frames. A customer expressed their perspective by stating, “Like many said it is big and when you are 5’3″ and 110 pounds its not a good fit. I really wanted it to work. It’s cute but kinda bulky with too many straps going on.” 

3-in-1 Best Convertible Backpacks

Here, we’ll be looking at bags that can be worn in three different styles, from backpacks to shoulder or crossbody bags. 

Convertible backpacks: Caraa Studio Bag

I believe the best purchase is one that can be used on many different occasions. This bag serves as a duffel, backpack, gym carry, carry-on travel bag, and more! It is truly one of the best convertible backpacks, allowing you to switch between three carrying modes: satchel, backpack, or crossbody simply by manipulating the straps.

Isn’t it just disappointing when a bag breaks down after only a few uses or fails to protect your belongings from the rain? Fortunately, this bag is crafted from durable Italian leather and water-resistant nylon material to shield your items from unpredictable weather conditions. Just know it’s as tough as you need it to be.

And let’s not forget about its ergonomic design. It features padded shoulder straps that are expertly designed to avoid pressure points, ensuring maximum comfort.

What we also like

If you’re a gym rat, you’ll need more room for your gear than your average convertible bag. The Caraa bag is spacious with thoughtful organizational features, including a waterproof shoe pocket, a 13” laptop sleeve, and a breathable vent with an antimicrobial interior lining to keep your content neat and cool. 

What we don’t like

Based on the reviews I’ve come across, some people have mentioned that the bag is expensive and feels heavy even when it’s empty. One Reddit user expressed their thoughts by stating, “I ordered the large studio bag. Gorgeous in person but super heavy even empty! It has pretty hardware but that adds to the weight.”

Cheruty Women Backpack Purse

Best Convertible Backpacks:Cheruty Women Backpack Purse

Looking for great style, but not willing to take out a loan? The incredibly budget-friendly Cheruty convertible backpack purse comes in at just $27, a price that cannot be beaten for a handbag. 

More than that, this leather bag deserves a spot among the top convertible backpacks for women, thanks to its versatility. It can be worn in three different ways: as a tote, a backpack, or a handbag, giving you the triple threat advantage.

Whether you’re simply running errands in town, going out for the evening, or traveling on a weekend trip, this bag is the handy go-to item you never knew you needed.

Also nice: You’ll like that this Amazon bestseller comes in over 20 color options, ranging from neutral tones to vibrant pops of color, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your style.

What we also like

How much can it hold?

Well, this bag is medium-sized and can hold different things like a tablet, books, work files, extra clothes, or a lunch. It also has six pockets to help you organize important items like a phone, umbrella, water bottle, house keys, and more.

Remember, I mentioned that you can travel with this convertible backpack purse? A reviewer who needed to bring a lot of stuff for a 7-day trip to Japan liked that this bag was not only compact but also fit most of their travel items.

What we don’t like

I’ve noticed a recurring trend among affordable bags on Amazon, and unfortunately, this particular one follows suit. It is plagued with some negative reviews highlighting issues such as subpar zipper quality, persistent unpleasant odor, and overall cheap quality that suggests the bag may not last for a very long time. 

CoolBELL Convertible Backpack Briefcase

Convertible backpacks: CoolBELL Convertible Backpack

The Coolbell backpack is just perfect if you’re after a work briefcase that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. Over 5,200 Amazon shoppers have given it a five-star rating, with many liking how this convertible bag seamlessly transitions from briefcase to backpack.

Simply switch it up to match your needs. You can sling it across your back for a backpack, toss it over your shoulder for a shoulder bag, or grab the two handheld straps for a messenger bag.

But it’s not just versatility that makes this bag a hit. It’s built to last. Countless reviewers have raved about its durability, with some using it for a year, two years, and even more than that. One particular shopper has put it through the wringer, taking it on international flights every other week for over three years, and guess what? Not a single issue.

What we also like

According to CoolBELL, this bag is designed to accommodate a 17.3″ laptop. However, I have come to realize that in many cases, large laptops don’t always fit despite what the bag manufacturers claim.

To put this claim to the test, a reviewer who owns a massive gaming laptop, which is typically too large for most laptop bags, confirmed that their laptop fit comfortably in this bag, despite its size and thickness. Another customer even managed to fit two laptops inside the bag.

And even if you don’t need to transport your computer, you’ll like that this bag is very spacious with 6 separate pockets for organized storage of essential items like keys, cards, wallet, and more.

What we don’t  like

In her review, traveler Amy Schulman mentioned that although the CoolBELL Convertible Backpack is a good deal, it is not made with the most premium materials. As a result, you may encounter zippers that jiggle and occasional abrasions. 

Carhartt Hybrid Convertible Backpack Tote

Convertible backpacks: Carhartt Hybrid Convertible backpack Tote
Credit: Amazon

Bring this on vacation trips, running errands, and the occasional foray into the outdoors.  This Carhartt convertible backpack purse is suitable for all occasions, thanks to its durable and water-resistant fabric that makes it just solid enough for heavy-duty.

And you don’t have to ask. I’m happy to let you know that you can carry this bag as a backpack, a cross-body bag, or as a tote, whichever suits you more.

What we also like

While it’s not particularly a big bag, it’s spacious enough for your daily essentials.

The Carhartt pack has a large main compartment, with a 15” padded laptop sleeve and pockets to keep your easily accessed items like phone, key, wallet, etc. And since the pack weighs just 1.5 lbs, it is easy to haul around.  

What we don’t like

The main drawback of this convertible backpack purse is the poor design of the straps, which has received complaints from users. They have expressed difficulties in transitioning the straps from tote mode to backpack mode, finding it cumbersome and awkward to maneuver. 

KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

Best Convertible Backpacks: KL928 Canvas Sling Bag

If you wanna keep it casual and trendy, it doesn’t get better than the effortlessly cool Canva sling pack. It’s perfect for travel (compact enough to slide beneath the seat), festivals, minimalist hikes, walking the dog, or everyday use.

This is one of the best convertible backpacks because of the ways it allows you to switch up a sling bag. With its unique zippers, you can change the bag into a chest bagcrossbody bag, or small backpack.

All you gotta do is just zip or unzip to your desired taste.

For good measure, it’s made of durable, water-resistant canvas material with sturdy zippers, so you know you can trust its quality day in and day out.

What we also like

Not looking to spend over $40 on a convertible backpack purse? Lucky you—this classic bag is around $36, and it has a pretty unique style that helps you stand out in the crowd of people while soaking in compliments here and there.

Also, it’ll help you stay organized. There is a roomy compartment with both exterior and interior pockets for your bare essentials, like a tablet, phone, books, and even a water bottle!

What we don’t like

There have been complaints about the unpleasant odor of the bag, which may take some time to dissipate. Therefore, it is important to be aware of this potential issue before purchasing the bag.

4-in-1 Best Convertible Backpacks

The convertible travel bags in this section can be carried in four ways or more. You can carry them either as a backpack, tote, shoulder bag, messenger, handheld, and more.

Everyman Hideout 5-Way Commuter Bag

Best Convertible Backpacks: Hideout 5-Way Commuter

With its aptly chosen name, the Everyman Hideout 5-Way Pack truly lives up to its reputation by offering five distinct carrying modes that cater to every lifestyle.

Whether you prefer a backpack, a briefcase, a messenger bag, a crossbody sling, or even a clutch, this bag effortlessly transforms into any style you desire, solidifying its position as one of the best convertible backpacks available.

But wait, there’s more!

The Everyman Hideout doesn’t just look clean and professional, it’s built to last. Crafted with a 1680 ballistic nylon material, stainless steel hardware, and waterproof zippers, this bag is both stylish and durable. After all, your valuables deserve nothing less than the best, and this bag delivers.

What we also like

And let me tell you, you’ll love how well-organized it is. With a capacity of 18 liters, it’s just the right size for carrying essential items like your laptop, notebook, and stationery. And if you need to, there’s still enough room for your gym gear or travel essentials.

The main compartment is designed with a clamshell opening and includes compression straps and four packing cubes, allowing you to organize your belongings to your heart’s content.

Moreover, this bag features a suspended laptop sleeve that provides an extra layer of protection against accidental drops. Additionally, there are designated compartments to store your pens, magazines, notebooks, and other accessories.

What we don’t like

The Hideout 5 Way comes in one color only: black. Now, whether that’s a win or a bummer depends on your perspective. I personally like brands like AER and of course, Everyman that stick to black like it’s their best friend, but hey, a little variety never hurt anybody, right?

Samsonite & Sarah Jessica Parker: The Carried Away Convertible

Convertible backpacks: Samsonite & Sarah Jessica Parker: The Carried Away Convertible
Credit: Samsonite

Carry it like a shoulder bag, a crossbody, a backpack, or a handheld, bag– the Carried Away Convertible is as versatile as you are! The fact that the bag is so versatile that it can be worn in four ways is just one of the many reasons I adore it.

And on days you prefer to move as light, this bag includes a removable clutch that’ll hold your very bare essentials. Talk of versatility.

What we also like

The bag is highly organized to fit your tech essentials and everyday items. It features a 14.1” padded laptop compartment, a hidden pocket, and many convenient pockets to carry everything.

Its sleek and modern design is further enhanced by a water-resistant finish, ensuring your belongings remain protected even in unpredictable weather conditions. The inclusion of a trolley sleeve adds another layer of convenience, allowing you to effortlessly transport the bag while traveling.

What we also like

While the Carried Away Convertible backpack purse may bear the approval of Sarah Jessica Parker, I should note that there are mixed reviews from Amazon shoppers regarding its value for the price tag it carries.

Convertible backpacks: Divinius The Everyday Convertible Bag

What is a convertible backpack?

Convertible backpacks are bags that you can turn into different styles, like from a backpack to a tote, a messenger to a backpack, and even a backpack to a duffel bag or cross-body bag.

Isn’t it amazing? What this also means is that you can use one bag for several purposes.

Due to their versatile design, convertible backpacks are such that you can take them to the gym, then convert to a backpack for official purposes, and even use them as a travel bag for weekend trips.

And just like regular bags, convertible bags come with features like water-resistant fabrics, pockets, padded laptop sleeves, and compartments.

How do you use a convertible bag?

Like I said earlier, convertible backpacks or bags are just like regular bags, but just with the advantage of turning them into a slew of styles. To that effect, you can use a convertible bag depending on whatever style or look you are going for.

For a tote/backpack combo for instance, you can also wear it backpack mode on your back to keep your hands free at the airport, or you could wear it on your shoulder when you’ve reached your destination.

Importantly, you can transform convertible backpacks into what you need most for whatever role you’re in, whether you’re a commuter, business professional, grocery shopper, traveler, etc.

The style you opt for should be comfortable and fitting to the occasion, e.g. transforming your backpack into a briefcase for a business meeting.

How do you wear a tote bag as a backpack?

Bottom Line

So, there we have it – 12 best convertible backpacks that are worth your money. Most of the convertible backpacks on this list can also be carried as totes and crossbody bags and even slings, depending on your mood and preference.   

I have carefully selected these convertible backpacks to cater to various preferences and tastes. I hope this list helps you to decide on the bag that suits your needs. 

Over to you, let me know in the comments if you agree with my picks or have any recommendations for the best convertible backpack purses.

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