Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : image of a Samsonite suitcase and a Rimowa suitcase

At some point, every big traveler will have to ask the question: Is Samsonite better than Rimowa?

Since both luggage brands are popular for their high-quality suitcases, it can be hard to decide which brand is better for your needs.

Luckily, we’ve done the research for you and listed some of the significant differences between Samsonite and Rimowa to help you decide which luggage brand is better for your needs.

This article compares the two brands based on several features to help you make an informed decision.

Read on to know more!

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : image of a Samsonite suitcase and a Rimowa suitcase

Not in my view, Samsonite is not better than Rimowa. Here are some reasons why:

Firstly, Samsonite is not as durable as Rimowa, which might not be ideal for you if you are a frequent traveler.

Samsonite also doesn’t offer fast and easy repair services like Rimowa does, which might make it difficult for you to repair your suitcase wherever you are in the world.

They also don’t offer a lifetime warranty as Rimowa does.

Samsonite has a limited range of colors, which might not be ideal if you’re someone who loves edgy and vibrant colors.

Lastly, Samsonite suitcases are not as stylish and timeless as Rimowa’s.

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : Rimowa luggage

No doubt Samsonite makes durable suitcases.

For example, the Black Label Cosmolite 3.0 is made from a material called “Curv” which is layers of woven polypropylene. This material is incredibly lightweight and impact-resistant.

Still, it doesn’t match up to Rimowa’s strength and durability.

It’s hard not to love Rimowa luggage since they are sturdier and offer peace of mind with their strong metal frames and double-wall insulation.

Because they are built to be extremely durable, they’ve been known to withstand wear and tear in any travel conditions, including hot and extremely cold weather- from Arabian heat to Icelandic cold.

The aluminum magnesium and bicarbonate build make it not only extra durable and splashproof, but also weather-resistant.

Moreover, all Rimowa suitcases have double spinner wheels and telescopic handles for easy maneuvering and are stronger than some Samsonite models.

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : Rimowa luggage

Samsonite has a luggage repair policy backed up by their warranty. Their repair services have lots of terms and conditions and aren’t so fast and easy.

If your suitcase has a fault and you need to fix it immediately, you might not get a speedy repair service from Samsonite.

Rimowa, on the other hand, offers fast and easy repair services. You can get your suitcase fixed on the spot when you walk into any of their stores nearest you. Alternatively, they could ship it to you if the repair needs more time.

They also offer repair services in their partnered 5-star hotels around the world. Should your suitcase develop a fault, Rimowa will quickly fix it for you before you board your next flight.

Check with your hotel to know if they have such a partnership with Rimowa.

3. Samsonite doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty on their suitcases

Beyond the aesthetics and looks of a suitcase, people want to know if what they’re buying has any form of quality guarantee.

Samsonite suitcases are covered by their limited global warranty, which could be up to 10 years. Otherwise, it’s a minimum of 3 years, which is quite fair. The warranty comes with a lot of terms and conditions and only covers manufacturing defects.

On the other hand, Rimowa offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on their suitcases, which is a big advantage over Samsonite.

This is a new offering by Rimowa, and thus, the lifetime warranty only applies to new suitcases purchased from July 25th, 2022, onward.

If you’re someone who likes to know that your suitcase is protected by a warranty, then you might want to consider the brand that offers a better guarantee. In this case, that’s Rimowa.

4. Samsonite has a limited range of colors compared to Rimowa

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : Rimowa luggage

If you like expressing yourself with flashy and vibrant colors, Samsonite might not work for you, because their suitcases don’t come in many interesting colors.

Rimowa offers more colors that are both edgy and bright and will make a statement with any outfit.

Some of their colors include yellow, pink, hues of green and blue, bright red, coral, lilac, their iconic silver, and many others.

5. Samsonite suitcases are not as stylish as Rimowa’s

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : Samsonite luggage

Rimowa will be a better choice for you if you enjoy following style trends.

Whilst they both make suitcases with great designs, their style is very different.

Samsonite’s style is more modern and minimalist, ideal for the business professional. Rimowa has a sleek and classic design, which makes it more stylish.

The ribbed design of the Rimowa suitcase is unique and trendy and will not go out of style anytime soon.

 Rimowa is also not just a luggage brand that makes appealing suitcases; they are now gaining traction in the fashion world by partnering with some top fashion brands like Dior, Supreme, and Offwhite to produce stylish suitcases.

The luxurious design of Rimowa suitcases has made the brand famous in the fashion world, with many celebrities choosing Rimowa as a fashion item.

Where Samsonite is better…

If you’re looking for a suitcase that won’t weigh you down, Samsonite is a good option.

Their suitcases are often lighter in weight than Rimowa’s, making them easier to carry through the airport.

A regular carry-on from Samsonite weighs between 4.4 to 8.7 pounds,   whereas a regular carry-on from Rimowa weighs about 9.3 pounds.

However, Rimowa’s sturdier construction means that your belongings will be better protected while in transit.

If you’re choosing between the two brands, it really comes down to what’s most important to you: weight or durability. Sadly, as durable as Rimowa is, it comes with a literal heavy burden.

2. Samsonite offers suitcases that are more affordable

Samsonite offers suitcases options that are less expensive than Rimowa. Though their premium suitcases can be on the more costly side, the average price points are still lower than Rimowa’s.

A regular samsonite suitcase costs around $100 to $200, while their premium suitcases are about $700, which is still very affordable and offers more durability than other brands for the same price.

A typical regular Rimowa checked luggage, on the other hand, tend to cost nothing less than $1000.

Even with the huge price difference between both brands, Rimowa still manages to have loyal customers who love the luxurious look of their suitcases. 

3. Samsonite has more collections

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : picture of a collection of suitcases

If you’re looking for more options to choose from, Samsonite has the edge over Rimowa. With dozens of different collections, there’s a Samsonite suitcase for nearly every need.

But does that mean it’s automatically the better choice? Not at all.

Samsonite is popular for offering a diverse variety of suitcases, from hard shells to soft shells with different designs. Some customers prefer soft-side suitcases because they’re lighter.

While this is true, there are other people who prefer to use hard-side cases, and Samsonite offers both options. They have both aluminum and polycarbonate hard-side suitcases for extra protection for your belongings.

Rimowa, on the other hand, only offers hard-side suitcases. They’re popular for their traditional aluminum suitcases and the ribbed design, which gives them a distinct look.

So, if you tend to prefer a soft-side suitcase, Samsonite might be a good choice for you.

Final Thoughts

Is Samsonite better than Rimowa? : image of a comparions concept between Samsonite and Rimowa

If you’re looking for the best luggage brand on the market, you really can’t go wrong with Samsonite or Rimowa. They both offer well-made suitcases, though Rimowa is more stylish than Samsonite, and offers a variety of features that make it perfect for frequent travelers.

However, if you’re on a budget, Samsonite is a great alternative. It’s not quite as luxurious as Rimowa, but it’s still a great option for those who want quality luggage without breaking the bank.

The major downside to Samsonite is that it’s not as durable as Rimowa luggage and may not last as long in rough conditions.

But if you don’t travel too often, then this likely won’t be an issue for you.

Have you found the information in this article helpful? Let me know in the comment section! Thanks for reading!

For any other general luggage-related questions, you are sure to find some answers in my Ultimate Guide to Carry-on Luggage and the Ultimate Guide to Checked Luggage posts. 

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