Is Samsonite better than Delsey?

Samsonite and Delsey are two popular names in the luggage industry. Knowing this, people often ask “Is Samsonite better than Delsey”?

This is a very tricky question, as both brands seem to have very similar features with only slight differences.

In this article, we’ll show you what distinguishes them from each other and some minor features that will help you decide which is best for your needs.

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Is Samsonite better than Delsey?

No, Samsonite isn’t better than Delsey. In fact, we feel that Delsey is better than Samsonite, if only by a small margin. These features below make Delsey our first choice:

Firstly, Samsonite suitcases are less durable than those of Delsey and have exterior features that may not last long.

Samsonite doesn’t the same advanced innovations as Delsey.

Samsonite suitcases are not as modern as Delsey, and they don’t have vibrant colors to choose from.

Is Samsonite better than Delsey? : Samsonite Luggage
Credit: Samsonite

In terms of durability, Delsey offers suitcases similar to Samsonite. However, some models are slightly more durable than the ones Samsonite offers.

The zippers of the Delsey Turenne suitcase, for example, is extremely durable and cannot be opened with a pen or key thanks to the “Zip Securitech” design.

Delsey uses this technology for its zippers, making them highly durable.

This technology is exclusive to the brand alone. You often don’t think the durability of the zipper matters, until you’re left with a broken one and can’t open your suitcase!

The wheels are also sturdier than some models of Samsonite luggage.

Most Delsey suitcases have double spinner wheels which are thicker and of better quality.

Some highly priced Samsonite suitcases only have a single wheel which is very fragile. In many cases, the wheels are the first thing to break because they’re not as durable as they should be.

Is Samsonite better than Delsey? : Delsey Luggage

You’ll find the usual features you see in other brands in both Samsonite and Delsey.

Their suitcases both feature TSA-approved locks for better security, adjustable telescopic handles, and spinner wheels for easy maneuvering.

Though both brands have similar features, Delsey offers some pretty good innovations in their suitcases that are slightly better than Samsonite’s.

They have a technology that is exclusive to the brand alone called “Zip Securetech”.

This gives extra protection to their zippers, and no matter the foreign object used to poke the zippers, they will never break or open.

Also, their suitcases are made with rubber-coated double spinner wheels, which won’t break as easily as the plastic wheels Samsonite uses in some of their models.

Some of their best-selling suitcases come with a label that has your details imprinted on them, so if your suitcase gets lost or stolen, it can easily be recovered.

That’s not all; some models like the Helium Aero Carry-On have a padded pocket outside the suitcase where you can keep your laptop.

I’m even more fascinated by the Delsey Chatelet carry-on, which has a brake system that locks the front wheels of your suitcase, preventing it from rolling away.

3. Delsey offers suitcases with better designs and more colors to choose from

Samsonite and Delsey both have great suitcases that are unique, sleek, and modern. However, Delsey’s suitcases are visually more appealing than Samsonite’s. Their design is sleek and modern.

Delsey also has some beautiful colors that we didn’t find in Samsonite luggage, which might be ideal for you if you like to make a statement with your suitcase.

You can choose from colors like yellow, fuchsia pink, hues of green and blue, and lots more. Not that Samsonite suitcases aren’t colorful, but the brightest we’ve seen from them so far is red.

Where Samsonite is better…

1. Samsonite suitcases are lighter in weight

Is Samsonite better than Delsey?

Samsonite’s suitcases are significantly lighter in weight compared to Delsey, and even other brands.

Due to Delsey’s construction and durability, their suitcases are often heavier. Their wheels are sturdier but bulkier, which significantly influences the weight of the suitcase.  

From the above graph, we can see that Delsey is much heavier than Samsonite in each type of luggage.

If weight is a concern for you, then Samsonite will be a better choice. But if you decide to get a carry-on from Delsey, it might be difficult lifting your suitcase into the overhead bin of the plane.

Some of Delsey’s soft-side suitcases are lightweight. The Delsey Paris Montrouge Soft Side Expandable suitcase, for instance, weighs about 5.8 pounds, which is very light.

According to a report by Clever Journey, On average, Delsey Paris suitcases are 18% more expensive than Samsonite”.

While this is true, it doesn’t mean that Samsonite suitcases are cheap. Samsonite has some premium models with price points as high as $700. Even the mid-range suitcases are more expensive than some other brands in the market.

However, Delsey also offers suitcases that are considerably cheaper than their popular ones. The Helium Aero and Titanium retail for $166 on Amazon, which is cheaper than some of their models and also offers the best features for the price.

Is Samsonite better than Delsey? quora image
Credit: quora

As far as luggage is concerned, Samsonite is the largest and most popular luggage brand in the world. It’s the parent company of other popular luggage brands like Tumi, American Tourister, and more.

Their main target audience is customers who want durable, low to mid-range priced suitcases.

The durability of their suitcases has made them gain more popularity around the world, and this has earned them a loyal fanbase. Thus, their products receive good reviews on blogs and forums, including their website as well.

Its many features are reasons why many customers globally feel it’s worth buying a Samsonite suitcase.

Delsey also is a known luggage brand, but it doesn’t command the same global respect and presence that Samsonite does.

Where they are both equal…

Both luggage brands offer similar warranties. They both offer up to a 10-year warranty on their suitcases. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects such as zippers, handles, and wheels.

Their warranty doesn’t cover damages by the airline, cosmetics damage, or regular wear and tear.

However, they offer repair services if you need to repair any part of your suitcase.

For Samsonite: If your faulty suitcase is under warranty and repairable, they will have it fixed at no cost. All you must do is ship your suitcase to the nearest repair center, and they’ll ship it back to you once the repair is completed.

If the suitcase is no longer under warranty, Samsonite might repair it based on their discretion and you’ll have to cover all the costs. For more details on their warranty, check here.

For Delsey: Delsey will repair your suitcase provided you notify them within 30 days from the time it was purchased, and you noticed it was damaged on arrival. Like Samsonite, they will also cover the cost of shipping it back to you. However, their processes are not as simple as Samsonite’s.

2. Samsonite and Delsey care about the environment

Is Samsonite better than Delsey? sustainability image

We love how Samsonite and Delsey are actively involved in protecting the environment. For both brands, making suitcases that are durable and built to last is one of their methods of creating a safer environment.

Their suitcases can be repaired and have any part replaced, instead of simply being thrown away when they develop a fault.

Both brands are also actively reducing their plastic waste pollution by using recyclable materials to make their suitcases.

By 2025, Samsonite aims to reduce carbon emissions in its operations by 15% by using 100% renewable energy.

Final Thoughts- Is Samsonite better than Delsey?

Is Samsonite better than Delsey?

Samsonite and Delsey are great luggage brands, and you can never go wrong with either of them.

Our first choice is Delsey, simply because they are slightly more durable than Samsonite. However, Samsonite suitcases are lighter in weight, which makes them more suitable as a carry-on.

Also, their suitcases are less expensive than Delsey’s, except for their premium models, which are more expensive than some Delsey suitcases.

With that being said, both brands are equal in terms of their warranty and have a similar approach to protecting the environment.

I hope you found the information in this article helpful. Let me know in the comment section below!

For any other general luggage-related questions, you are sure to find some answers in my Ultimate Guide to Carry-on Luggage and the Ultimate Guide to Checked Luggage posts. 

5 thoughts on “Is Samsonite better than Delsey? 3 things you should know”

  1. Hi Femi,

    I am more of a fan of Smasonite than Delsey.

    I have bought a number of Samsonite luggage and cases over the years and they have served me very well.

    A number of my friends use Samsonite too because they are reliable and very well known.

    Interesting article, thank you for sharing.


  2. Hi Femi, you truly are a one-stop website when buying luggage.
    I have learned a lot since reading your articles.

    Luggage is not something you buy every day, so you want the best for your money.
    In my opinion, I will choose a Samsonite because it is more economic and lighter.
    Their service is very good too.
    Though the Delsey is easier on the eye image is not everything.
    Congratulations on a site that gives you everything you want to know.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi Femi,

    Samsonite is better-known than Delsey. I’ve never heard of Delsey, but it looks like a great brand and I especially like the extra protection for zippers. As we all know, zippers break after some time or they get stuck,
    And Delsey has more different colors which gives you the option to pick a unique color that stands out – making it so much easier to spot your bag in the baggage claim area at the airport 😉

  4. Hello Femi,

    Great luggage review and comparison between Samsonite and Delsey! I am French, and I didn’t even know Delsey was a French company until I read your article “Delsey Paris”!! I’ve always known Samsonite. I recently found out about Delsey because my mom gave me one of their suitcases. I thought they were British?!
    I think that if your travel a lot, Delsey is a better choice because of all its durable and innovative features: TSA-approved locks, Zip Securetech (love that one!), rubber-coated double spinner wheels, name labels imprinted, padded laptop pocket, front wheels brake system locks.

    Thank you for this review, very helpful!

  5. Excellent article on suitcases Delsey and Samsonite both brands offer the same guarantees, but regardless of the fact that Samsonite is a more famous and popular brand, I would still choose Delsey because of its durability and double wheels. It is not bad to have both brands and combine them. 🙂 Thank you for this useful informative article. 🙂


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