Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of a Monos suitcase beside an away luggage

Monos and Away are two quality luggage brands with comparable price points and similar features. So, it is no wonder that some people are asking, “Is Monos luggage better than Away?”

If you find yourself asking the same question, you are in the right place; we have tackled the question head-on in the post.

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Monos is better than Away on a few fronts. For starters, the exterior features of Monos luggage are sturdier and of better finishing compared to that of Away’s, and the interior materials are of better quality. Monos also has the edge is in colour variety. This is important if you want a case that suits your style and personality. Not only does Monos outperform Away on the aesthetics, it offers better thought-out compartments to help organize your belongings and it provides designated space for your dirty things.

Oh! And that’s not all.

There are more complaints about Away luggage than there are of Monos’. So you can rest assured of the quality of their luggage.

Plus, if simple things are your thing, Monos does it better; their designs are more minimalistic than Away’s.

Last but not least, Monos uses eco-friendly materials to manufacture its suitcases, making it perfect for the eco-conscious individual.

Read on for more on why Monos is the better of the two luggage brands…

On the exterior, the telescopic handle of Monos is more stable and sturdier, thanks to the thick high-grade aluminum material used for the tubes.

They then custom-designed them at 45-degree angles, which all combine to greatly reduce unwanted movement and make the handle feel especially solid and sturdy.

Also, the stitches of Mono’s outer spine where the zippers are located are protected with a a color-matched, eco-friendly rubber tube for a cleaner look to the case.

Mono’s stitching are concealed for protected and cleaner look

In the case of Away, the stitching is exposed on the rubber tubes, making it more prone to wear and tear. What’s more, they have used a standard black for the zippers and stitching which makes for bog standard aesthetics.  

Away’s stitching are exposed and prone to wear and tear

For the interior, Monos opted for a 350 denier silk-like fabric for the lining which is anti-microbial and extremely soft yet durable.

The straps in the suitcase are designed in such a way that they will be nearly impossible to remove. They are screwed directly into the hardware components of the wheels and the underside of the handle so no glue is involved.

These straps are also industrial-grade ballistic nylon paired with a custom release buckle.

If you’re the type that pays attention to details, things like this will interest you and make you less confused when you’re trying to make a decision between Monos and Away.

In the case of Away’s Interior – the interior straps are secured by gluing them to the side of the inner shell. We found this may not be great with continued use as there is a lot of tension on the straps when secured for the interior compression pad.

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Is Monos a good luggage brand?: Monos suitcases

Monos offer more color options to choose from better than Away. This means you will find more colors that suit your personality.

Their color selection is unique and not the regular colors you would find in most luggage brands. The hues of blue, and green and the inviting hues of red are really beautiful and will make you stand out from the crowd.

The limited color edition Terrazzo and Terracotta are phenomenal and unique. The Terrazzo collection is inspired by the material called Terrazzo which draws its inspiration from centuries-old Italian villas.

The stonelike-organic pattern and matte finish features influence classic styling and also make any scuff on the suitcase virtually invisible.

The Terracotta has a beautiful earth-like color that is very warm and beautiful as well.

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3. Monos offers more compartments for better organization

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: GIF of how to pack a Monos suitcase

In terms of storage layout, they are very similar, but Monos offer more compartments to organize your belongings.

On one half, they both have a zipped compartment for shoes, accessories, or whatever you want to put in it. In the other half, you have a compression pad which is also a zipped storage compartment that you can use to flatten your clothing or to maximize the space available.

Now here’s the deal, Monos has extra zip storage on top of the main compartment for more storage and a small center zip as well.

The suitcases also come with two shoe bags and a laundry bag to stow away your dirty clothes. Away on the other hand doesn’t have any extra storage section except the mini storage compartment that stores the included laundry bag that comes with the carry-on.

4. More people complain about Away luggage more than Monos

The telescopic handle is one of the major things Monos did differently, not just from Away, but from most luggage on the market.

There have been lots of complaints about Away’s telescopic handle from people who have purchased and used their suitcases. The handle is not stable at all.

It feels flimsy and wobbles.

Monos on the other hand offers a sturdy telescopic handle that is stable and won’t wobble which shows the quality of the building of the suitcase is better than Away’s.

The push button on Mono’s handle was re-engineered to be underneath the handle, making it even more ergonomic.

That’s not all, Monos has up to four levels of adjustable heights on the handle making it easy for you to adjust to any height that suits you on the handle but Away only stops at two levels.

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5. Monos is more minimalistic in design than Away

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of Monos suitcases

While they both share an appreciation for minimalism, if you look deeper, there are many details that set Monos apart from Away and other brands.

Their design is an integral part of the brand’s philosophy on travel and life which makes Monos suitcase really exceptional.’
If you take a good look at the rhythm of the line spacing you’ll see the changes, progression, and transformation all in one suitcase.

Not only that, the outer finish of the Monos suitcase is smooth and more refined which makes their suitcase feel more modern than that of Away which has a rougher textured finish and looks more industrial-like unrefined sandpaper.

Monos’ smooth texture will be very close to Rimowa in terms of feel.

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of Monos luggage Climate Neutral membership

As the first luggage brand to be Climate Neutral Certified, Monos only uses recyclable materials to make its suitcases.

An example is the rubber tube that runs around the case where the zipper is. Monos opted for a more expensive material called TPE which is eco-friendly and easy to recycle.

Whilst Away and most other companies use a cheap PVC plastic that is not compostable and will never be recyclable.

Additionally, Monos’ bags are 100% vegan.

Instead, for any “leather detailing” such as the included luggage tag in Away, Monos uses a recycled ultra-micro fiber alternative for their luggage tag.

The manufacturing process for this uses no water and makes zero waste but the longevity is just as good as real leather.

Advantages Away suitcases have over Monos

Having said that, there are ways in which Away is better than Monos;

Away has better innovative designs

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of an Away luggage charging a phone
Away suitcases feature an ejectable battery that can be used to charge your devices.

This is to ensure that you never have to worry when your device is low on power, you can always charge on the go.

So if you’re someone who is always busy and rarely has the time to charge their phones, having an Away suitcase can be a great relief for you as you get to charge your device while on a trip–it’s like using one stone to kill two birds.

2. Away suitcase has an interior compression system for better storage

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of Away luggage compression system and removable lining
It is quite rare for a hard side to have a compression system.

The Away Carry-on Flex features a compression system that gives you more storage to pack extra stuff and then compressed back to its original size as a carry-on.

The flex suitcase also features a removable and washable interior lining to help keep your things clean, after a trip.

Away is one of my best luggage set, and The Away The Large Aluminum luggage is one of my top recommendation of the most durable luggage for international travel.

Final Thoughts -is Monos luggage better than Away?

Is Monos luggage better than Away?: Image of Away luggage suitcases

So is Monos luggage better than Away? The answer is still yes!

Monos offer a better quality of suitcases and they are suitable for eco-conscious individuals due to the sustainability efforts of the brand.

They have incredibly beautiful colors of suitcases that will suit your style and personality and make you stand out from the crowd.

Monos pays attention to every detail of their suitcases which makes them even more durable than Away.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

For any other general luggage-related questions, you are sure to find some answers in my Ultimate Guide to Carry-on Luggage and the Ultimate Guide to Checked Luggage posts. 

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  1. Fantastic read Femi! Fun fact: I’m actually going on a holiday soon and this article is definitely great for someone like myself who needs the guesswork taken out of buying luggage bags (simply because I haven’t been overseas for over 17 years) so honestly I am very basic when it comes to this. Definitely will keep your recommendations in mind when it comes to purchasing my next travel accessories.

  2. Hi Femi,

    Thank you for sharing this interesting article on Monos vs Away luggage.

    I will keep an eye out for Monos when I invest in m next piece of luggage and let you know how it is going with the Monos.

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  3. Monos definitely looks like a better option. I like the interior and the interior straps which hold everything more in place. It looks very sturdy which is important during travel. Is Monos also better in prices, compared to Away? Would you recommend Monos for frequent traveling?

  4. Hi Femi,
    Thanks for this detailed comparison.
    Monos had me when I saw the 4-5 layered compartment packing video with the horizontal interior belts! Exceptional!. Definitely makes for easier packing since you can compartmentalize quite well. I travel quite frequently, so this makes finding and taking things out less cumbersome. Their stitching is definitely more superior than that of Away

    These days, weight and durability are super important features because of restrictive maximum weights imposed by airlines on their passengers. Is Monos the winner on this too? What about pricing?


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