Is Monos a good luggage brand?: a female with a Monos Carry On suitcase by the pool

Monos is a relatively new luggage brand, but they are already making waves in the travel industry. If you find yourself asking ‘’is Monos a good luggage brand?”, then you’re in the right spot.

This article will give you all the information you need to know about the brand and their suitcases.  

Now get cozy, because we’re about to dive deeper… 

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: Monos suitcases

Yes, Monos is a good luggage brand. They are known for making durable suitcases that will last you for a long time. Their exterior especially is made from one of the best materials on the market.

Not only are their exteriors durable, but their interiors are also very soft and made from a very durable polyester fabric that is germ-free and waterproof.

Monos is also known for making classic, timeless, sleek and modern suitcases. Their luggage is ideal for people who like simple things or are minimalists.

Additionally, Monos as a brand care about the environment thus they contribute to the environment through their sustainability efforts to protect the planet earth.

To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, Monos put their suitcases through a series of rigorous quality tests before they are released to the market.

Monos offer a lifetime warranty on most of their luggage and a minimum of 1 year on their accessories.

Below are reasons why we think Monos is a good luggage brand.

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of a Monos luggage

Monos hard shells are made from German Makrolon Polycarbonate– a lightweight aerospace-grade material that is nearly impossible to break. Due to its flexibility, it can absorb energy from impacts and spring back into shape making it an extraordinary resilient material.

The telescopic handle is sturdy, beautifully sleek and feels solid in the hand thanks to the custom-designed high-grade aluminum used to replace the conventional zinc tubes used in other brands.

Not only that, the release button on the telescopic handle was also re-engineered to be underside which makes it more ergonomic to use.

That’s not all, Monos use the highest model of the Hinomoto wheels—a Japanese manufacturer considered to be the gold standard for wheels- which is the Lisof Silent Run. These wheels are best-in-class and unrivaled in quietness, performance and durability.

Let’s not forget about the locks.

They use an integrated TSA-approved lock for better security and then the quality YKK zippers for smooth zipper action with lockable double zipper pulls.

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Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of the interior of a Monos luggage

Beyond the practical properties of the materials used, Monos as a brand also thought about how these materials engage our senses.

Their interiors are draped in 350-denier polyester. This is a durable, waterproof and anti-bacterial fabric that is luxuriously soft to the touch.

Their regular carry-on suitcase features a zipped panel on one half of the suitcase which keeps your shoes and other items tucked away. While a compression pad and ballistic nylon straps keep your clothing compact on the other half of the suitcase.

It also features generously sized pockets to help you maximize the storage available to you.

3. Their suitcases are classic, sleek and modern

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: Monos Carry On Pro suitcase

Monos as a brand love simplicity and they believe that a well-designed and premium suitcase doesn’t have to be loud or flashy, it should simply speak for itself.

They are one brand that doesn’t follow trends mainly for mass consumption, but they have a set and target audience.

Hence their suitcases are designed to be a timeless classic with an impeccable aesthetic that stands the test of time.

So if you are a minimalist and you love simple things, having a Monos luggage isn’t bad at all. Their suitcases are sleek and built for the modern traveler who also believes in their vision that less is more.

MONOS Luggage is one of my favorite luggage sets in 2022. 

4. They care about the sustainability of the environment

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of Monos luggage 1 for the planet membership

Good travel products don’t have to come at the expense of the planet earth. Everything Monos does as a brand is also to benefit the environment by reducing waste.

Their products are designed to stand the test of time in both quality and durability. What this means is that you get to use their product for a long time and you don’t have to keep buying another one. Plus the materials used are recyclable and degradable.

They also have projects that enable them to give back to society through their humanitarian activities such as donating 1% of their profit to NGOs that are dedicated to preserving and restoring the natural world.

Additionally, they are the first luggage brand to be certified by Climate Neutral for measuring, offsetting and reducing their carbon emissions in all aspects of their business operations.

5. Monos Products are rigorously tested for quality

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of a Monos luggage

All their products are tested to survive the toughest travel conditions. To ensure the highest level of quality and durability, their suitcases are put through a series of 40 tests. Some of them are;

Drop Test: This test is to check what happens to the suitcase when it is dropped at a certain height. This is done by storing the suitcase at an average temperature of about -12 degrees Celcius for four hours before testing and then loaded with up to 25kg. It is then dropped on each surface, edge and corner from a height of 90cm

Mileage Test: This test is to check the durability of the handle and the wheel system of their suitcases over a certain level of distance. This is done by loading a suitcase with 25kg weight and an extra 7kg on the telescopic handle and then rolled at a speed of 4km/h on a specialized treadmill with bumps to simulate uneven ground. This test is run for an average of 32km.

Tumble test: This test is to maximize the effect of high drops and hard impacts on a suitcase. This is done by loading a suitcase with 16kg of weight and then placed inside a rotating chamber full of obstacles simulating rough handling during transport. The process is repeated for 25 cycles.

Other tests are telescopic handle jerk test, wheel abrasion test, stairs and road conditions test and others.

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Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of a Monos luggage

All luggage purchased directly from Monos or any of their authorized third-party retailers are backed by their limited lifetime warranty. Except for a few of their products that have a minimum of 1-year warranty.

The warranty covers the following:

  • Cracks or breaks in the shell
  • Broken wheels, handles and telescopic handles or parts that are no longer usable
  • Broken zippers

What the warranty doesn’t cover:

  • Cosmetic damage which includes scratches, dents, dings, scuffs, stains, color changes, and normal wear and tear (outer and inner).
  • Technological obsolescence or other non-functional changes in the appearance of the product that occur during normal handling and use of luggage by any party and which do not impair the functionality of the product as luggage.
  • Replacement of any non-defective parts in the luggage
  • Damage determined by the brand due to intentional abuse, modification, tampering and/or alteration beyond what could be considered normal handling and use.

Not convinced about your newly purchased Monos suitcase?

Monos offer a 100-day trial to ensure your new suitcase is the right travel companion for you.

This means that when you purchase a new Monos suitcase, you can try it out for up to 100 days and if you don’t like it, you can return it. Provided that you use it in an indoor environment and not outdoor.

Drawbacks of Monos luggage

As “all that” as you think they are, Monos suitcases have a few drawbacks too.

Some of them are:

1. Limited designs

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: image of Monos luggage

Monos suitcases are limited in their designs and they look quite simple. In fact, most of their suitcase look the same with differences in color, size and features.

Their suitcase comes in six different options which are the carry-on, the carry-on plus, the carry-on pro, the carry-on pro plus, the check-in medium and then the check-in large.

The difference between the first two is that the carry-on pro is slightly bigger than the regular carry-on.

So if you’re someone who tends to be adventurous with colors and love sophistication, you might not find all that in Monos.

2. Monos luggage is a bit on the high side

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: animated image of a dollar sign on a hand
The price point for their suitcase ranges from $225 to $345 for their carry-on and then $290 to $320 for their check-in which is quite expensive.

So, if you’re someone on a very tight budget, you might want to look out for cheaper options.

However, if you consider the features and the quality of the suitcase and make a comparison with others on the market, you’d realize that Monos offers even better quality and is not priced as high as its competitors.

Other Luggage Brand Alternatives

There are quite a few brands that are comparable to Monos in terms of its features and you might be interested in knowing more about them.


Is Monos a good luggage brand?: Beis Carry on luggage

In comparison with other brands such as Beis, we found out that they both have a lot of things in common.

Beis also uses the Japanese Hinomoto wheels for its luggage-but not the same model as Monos.

They’re equally durable as their hard shells are made with polycarbonate.

Additionally, Beis also offers a limited lifetime warranty.

In regards to functionality, even though Beis handles are adjustable like that of Monos, however, they don’t offer the four level of adjustable heights to suit most individual’s height.

Whilst Monos only make hard shells, Beis on the other hand make both hard and soft shells and are equally durable.

One edge Beis has over Monos is that it is expandable and is priced lesser than Monos with their carry on being $198.


Is Monos a good luggage brand?: Away luggage set

Away suitcases are very similar to Monos in terms of appearance and aesthetics.

They both offer a limited lifetime warranty and they both have TSA-approved locks for better security.

In terms of innovation, Away is quite ahead of Monos.

Their interior features the compression system which Monos lack. The away suitcase also comes with some better innovations like the ejectable battery to charge your device.

Both are equally durable, Away however has both polycarbonate and Aluminium suitcases whilst Monos on the other hand only make polycarbonate suitcases.

If you’re eco-conscious, you might want to tilt towards Monos as their bags are 100% vegan. Their luggage tag is made from a recycled ultra-microfibre alternative instead of the leather detailing Away used.

Away is one of my best luggage set, and The  Away The Large Aluminum luggage is one of my top recommendation of the most durable luggage for international travel.


Is Monos a good luggage brand?: July luggage set

Here’s one brand that’s least talked about on most forums and blogs. Surprisingly, they have very beautiful suitcases with modern features.

Though pricier than Monos with their carry-on being $295 yet very similar to Monos.

This Australian luggage brand makes sturdy and durable suitcases. Similar to Monos, they make use of the German Makrolon Polycarbonate for their cases.

Their wheels are equally strong and silent proof.

In terms of innovation, July beats Monos hands down. Similar to the Away, the July Carry-on come with an ejectable battery to charge your phones and laptops.

Whilst Monos boasts of 4 levels of adjustable height for their telescopic handle, July’s telescopic handle has multiple stops that can be controlled to any height that best suits you.

Additionally, July offers a 100-day trial just like Monos and even a better warranty as they offer an unlimited lifetime warranty. 

July makes the best luggage set for women, while the brand’s Carry-On Light is my top recommendation as one of the lightest carry-on luggage for travel.

Closing Thoughts – Is Monos a good luggage brand?

Is Monos a good luggage brand?: a female with two Monos suitcases

So, is Monos a good luggage brand? 

The answer to that question is an unequivocal yes! Their suitcases are timeless and classic–one of the reasons why it’s loved by many. They are also well designed, durable, and highly organized. 

Even with a few drawbacks being its price and limited designs, you know you’re getting your money’s worth with a Monos luggage. 

Have you tried out Monos luggage before? What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below!

For any other general luggage-related questions, you are sure to find some answers in my Ultimate Guide to Carry-on Luggage and the Ultimate Guide to Checked Luggage posts. 

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  1. Monos sound greek, but the brand comes from Germany I believe. I was looking for nice, durable, and still relatively small luggage. This one seems to fulfill all of those requirements. However, it is on the pricey side. On the other side, they are offering a lifetime warranty, so that might be an extra reason to go for it. Great post Femi

  2. Hey Femi, very valuable information. I learned a great deal about “Is Monos a Good Luggage Brand.
    My wife and I recently purchased new luggage in the Philippines. It has some of the same qualities but falls short in other areas. We find we need to be careful with the zippers.
    It seems like Monos are a very high quality brand of luggage, and therefore a little pricey for our budget.
    I do like to be aware of the various brands though and your post is an excellent reference. Thank you.

  3. Hey Femi,

    Monos luggage looks like a good type of luggage and not too pricey either.

    For my colleagues who are going to be travelling a bit more in 2023 will be very interested in theis and your other articles.

    I will share this article and your site with them so they can decide on their best type of luggage to travel with. Thy need something to carry laptops and other equipment aswell as clothes etc.

    I will let you know what they decide on.

    Keep up the great work.

    All the best,


  4. Hey, Femi! I really liked your review on the Monos bags – they have never come across my view up to now. High quality usually is related to a higher price, but they seem durable and in my eyes beautiful. I enjoy simple and clean designs – so, thank you for introducing them to us!
    Wishing you all the best,


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