A good concealed carry backpack allows you to carry your firearm and ammunition in a much safer manner.  

Simply put, it gets the job done.

Especially if the whole point is comfortably carrying concealed without anyone knowing you are carrying a weapon in public.

However, the market is rife with so many options so much so that it can be tough deciding on the reliable carry to go for.

Best concealed carry: a gun on a backpack

I’m here to put you out of your misery with these carefully selected top 10 concealed carry backpacks on the market today.

They offer the perfect combination of ample storage, practical features, and all-day comfort.

Also, they come with a dedicated space for your firearm and can be used for a wide variety of activities including everyday use, hiking, military deployment, traveling, etc. 

So without further ado, let’s get to it.

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Top 10 Concealed Carry Backpacks of 2021

After all, if you’re going concealed, you might as well get the best bag for it.

With that in mind, here are the 10 concealed carry backpacks I would recommend in 2021. 

  1. Best Overall: 5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpack
  2. Best EDC: Maxpedition Entity 27 Concealed Carry Backpack
  3. Best Sling: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack
  4. Best for Hiking: Maxpedition Falcon III
  5. Most Compact: M-Tac Tactical Bag 
  6. Best Range Bag: G. P. S Tactical Range Backpack
  7. For the Enthusiast: G. P. S. Handgunner Backpack
  8. For Women: Concealed Carry Madelyn Backpack
  9. For Men: Vertx Gamut 2. 0 Backpack
  10. Most Tactical: 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 2.0 Bag

    Best Overall: 5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpack

    Best concealed carry: 5.11 COVRT18 2.0 Concealed Carry Backpack
    Credit: 511Tactical.com

    The COVRT18 2.0 is well-suited as a concealed carry backpack thanks to a R.A.C. (Roll-down Assault Compartment) compartment designed specifically to fit a full-sized handgun.

    The best part?

    It offers a dual-access entry so you can easily access your gun from both sides.

    And the fact that this bag doesn’t look tactical is an added plus.   

    For construction, the COVRT18 is made of durable and water-resistant 500D nylon fabric and features a low-profile minimal aesthetic that helps you blend in and be even more ready for any situation.

    Because the bag is available in a plethora of colorways, you can pick a design that suits your style.  

    Still, there’s more.

    Padded backing, sternum straps, and compression straps make carrying this classy concealed carry backpack comfortable and easy.

    What we also love

    At 32 liters, it has enough capacity to let you bring along your usual essentials including two water bottles, and of course a 15″ laptop in a padded and TSA-friendly compartment.

    What’s not great

    You will have to buy a holster separately for carrying your pistol.

    Best concealed carry: Maxpedition Entity 27 Concealed Carry Backpack
    Credit: Maxpedition

    If safety is one of your primary concerns, the Entity 27 bag is your go-to.

    What’s special about it is that despite its discreet look, it features a fully loop-lined and dual access CCW compartment that can fit a decent caliber firearm, several knives, etc.

    True to its name, it allows no-fuss, quick access to the gun compartment even if you’re right or left-handed.

    And for extra caution, it comes with a Security Lockout Strip so your gun is held snug and secured.

    For design, this tactical backpack takes a more low-profile approach to help you blend in with the crowd and not draw unwanted attention.

    Best concealed carry: Maxpedition Entity 27 Concealed Carry Backpack

    At 27-liter capacity, it is large enough for your essentials while remaining compact enough to take on a day hike or to use as a daily urban backpack.

    It features 2 compartments to keep your items secure and organized – a lockable main compartment as well as a lockable and dedicated 15inch laptop compartment.

    There are also water bottle pockets, two side pockets, two mesh zippers for organizing your pieces and bits.

    What we also love

    No matter how full the backpack is, you can expect comfort thanks to the padded shoulder straps, and its sternum strap for extra support.

    What’s not great

    At over $200, the price is quite steep.

    Best concealed carry: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack
    Credit: Red Rock Outdoor Gear

    The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling offers a one-strap backpack with a tactical look and a safe slot for your CCW.

    Located at the back, the gun compartment which is designed to hold a pistol, and a universal holster is fleeced line to protect your ammunition from scratches.

    It also has three compartments where you can easily carry an iPad, a phone, a first aid kit, binoculars, and other survival essentials inside its 9-liter capacity.

    Not to mention, there are also pockets and Molle webbing so you can attach and organize your smaller accessories and supplies.  

    While it offers very limited storage, you cannot beat the quality and comfort it offers.

    Best concealed carry: Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rover Sling Pack

    What we also love

    An underrated feature is the decent paddings at the strap, handle and back panel of the bag that enables you to conquer a busy day comfortably.

    What’s not great

    There are complaints from users about poor stitching.

    If you usually pack more than what the 9-liter can offer then I recommend you check out the 11.5 liter Rover Sling which has a lot of the same great features in a larger size.

    Best for Hiking: Maxpedition Falcon III

    Best concealed carry: Maxpedition Falcon III
    Credit: Maxpedition

    Whether you are out for a scenic hike or a rugged adventure, the Maxpedition Falcon III is the backpack!

    Firstly, it’s CCW compatible thanks to a dedicated pocket that can fit even large pistols and has lockable zippers for more discreetness.

    And second, it is made with 1050-Denier water and abrasion-resistant nylon. So, you know it can easily handle the rigors of hiking adventures.

    Best concealed carry: Maxpedition Falcon III

    Carrying a large load?

    Its padded shoulder straps, sturdy sternum, and waist support make hauling heavy gear a cinch!

    So, whether it is to handle overnight trips or outdoor adventures up to three days in length, this 35-liter pack is up to the task.

    What we also love

    Also, this pack is hydration bladder-compatible and has plenty of room for everything you need to carry.

    What’s not great

    As awesome as this concealed carry is, it’s not for everybody. There’s the price, which is substantial.

    Best concealed carry: M-Tac Tactical Bag
    Credit: M-Tac

    If you want a small and discreet tactical sling pack for concealed carry of a pistol, the M-Tac Tactical Bag is the way to go.

    It features a stealthy pocket inside the front pocket that allows you quick access to a sidearm in any position.

    In addition to this, it has five storage compartments and loops for holding extra mags. So, your wallet, phone, keys, and small essentials should fit in here nice and easy.  

    Best concealed carry: M-Tac Tactical Bag

    Meanwhile, the strap is adjustable so you can wear it at any height you prefer.

    Plus, you get a nicely padded back panel that protects your back from hard or pokey items and makes wearing the sling bag for hours seem like child’s play.

    What we also love

    Sturdy 600D polyester covered with PVC for water repellency ensures your bag will last and always stay dry.

    What’s not great

    The holster is for smaller-sized CC handguns and can only take so much. So, if you have a larger gun, this bag just won’t do.

    Best Range Bag: G. P. S Tactical Range Backpack

    Best concealed carry: G. P. S Tactical Range Backpack

    If you frequent the pistol range, then you’ll dig the construction and functionality of the GPS Tactical Range Backpack. 

    What impresses me about the relatively inexpensive G. P. S Range Backpack is both the quality construction and organization ability. 

    It has a whopping three separate removable pistol storage cases. And each of these cases is padded and can hold one pistol and four magazines.

    Besides, the pistol compartment zippers have provision for a lock.

    There are also dedicated pockets for earplugs, shooting glasses, targets, ear muffs, and room for other tools you need to take to the range.

    With this organizational efficiency, you have easy access to three of your finest handguns and other tools without having to dig around blindly.

    Say goodbye to a jumbled mess!

    Best concealed carry: G. P. S Tactical Range Backpack

    And did I mention that this bag is free-standing? 

    Now, let’s talk about the construction a bit. 

    It is made of heavy 1000 denier polyester with Teflon coating, and as such, it’s tough. Also, the bag is water-resistant and comes with YKK zippers — so trust me, it can hold its shape in the rain.

    And there’s a rain cover so you can take it to outdoor ranges even on bad weather days. 

    Another advantage is that the bag is incredibly abrasion-resistant.

    So if you tend to throw your range bag down on rough surfaces or take it through hell, you don’t have to worry about stains and whatnot.

    What we also love

    I like that the G. P. S Range Backpack Range has a chest strap and hip belt, which ensures the wearer’s comfort all distance long.

    What’s not great

    The pistol cases are a little small. If you don’t have compacts or single-stack pistols, it won’t fit.

    For the Enthusiast: G. P. S. Handgunner Backpack

    Best concealed carry: G. P. S. Handgunner Backpack

    G.P.S. Tactical makes compact range backpacks that can fit a ton of weapons and gear, and the Handgunner Range is another good example.  

    This one can store four small to medium handguns! 

    They are accommodated in a removable foam storage shelf that protects your gear from scratches or more significant damage. You can easily retrieve the firearm you need then slide it back inside the backpack.

    There are also marked pockets for 6 magazines each and other range gear like eye pro and shooting muffs. 

    Need security?

    How about lockable zippers! You won’t have to worry about your handguns being in the wrong hands.

    And get this…

    Its pockets have helpful labels for each type of accessory, so you know exactly where to place every item!  

    Even when packed out, the Handgunner Backpack manages to stay surprisingly compact, rather than look sloppy or bulgy.

    And in the case of a sudden downpour, there’s a pull-out rain cover to keep your content dry and clean. 

    What we also love

    The Handgunner is pretty comfortable.

    The straps are not too thin and they come stitched with plenty of reinforcements to handle high amounts of weight.

    Also, the back panel features a softer Neoprene-like material that wicks moisture, with mesh vents to keep the bag breathable when it’s pressed up against your back.

    What’s not great

    It would have been nice to see some MOLLE straps on the exterior for supporting additional pouches or bags. 

    For Women: Concealed Carry Madelyn Backpack

    Best concealed carry: Concealed Carry Madelyn Backpack
    Credit: Lady Conceal

    If you are on the hunt for a decent and stylish pack that can also carry your protection, the Madelyn should be on your radar.     

    With the Madelyn pack, it is hard to tell that you are carrying a firearm. There is a concealment compartment that can hold a medium-frame handgun in the holster safely and securely.

    It is secured with YKK locking zippers and includes 4 keys.

    Plus, it is great for both right and left-handed users.

    There is plenty of room for all the other items you need to carry including interior pockets and external pockets on each side.

    Best concealed carry: Concealed Carry Madelyn Backpack

    What we also love

    It is versatile. You can wear the Madelyn as a backpack, a sling pack, or a fashionable purse.

    You’ll also like the style of the Madelyn pack. It is made with top-grain faux leather. In addition, it is affordable and has three different colors to choose from.

    What’s not great

    Some users find that it’s kinda small.

    For Men: Vertx Gamut 2. 0 Backpack

    Best concealed carry: Vertx Gamut 2. 0 Backpack
    Credit: Vertx.com

    The Gamut 2. 0 pack keeps your firearm secure in a discreet and subdued bag.   

    Built with organization and efficiency in mind, there is a place for everything in this 25-liter bag. Located on the back of the pack is the concealed carry compartment. It includes a velcro-lined platform that holds both a full-sized handgun.

    The main compartment comes with an adjustable padded 15” laptop sleeve, four gear slots, mesh pockets, and loop panels to attach accessories.

    Best concealed carry: Vertx Gamut 2. 0 Backpack

    Plus, the Gamut 2. 0 also features a padded back panel, a pass-through for rolling luggage handles, shoulder straps, sternum straps, and an adjustable waist belt for comfort.

    And oh, it is hydration compatible.

    What we also love

    This Amazon bestseller boasts of positive reviews and has well-thought-out features to make it the ideal choice for men who need a solid concealed carry backpack.

    What’s not great

    The only gripe would be that you have to shell over $200 to get this bad boy.

    Most Tactical: 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 2.0

    Best concealed carry: 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 2.0 Bag
    Credit: 511Tactical.com

    If you are a law enforcement professional, an avid outdoorsman, military personnel, survivalist, or a casual hiker, then you need a double look at the Tactical Rush 24.

    The Rush 24 is a 37-liter bag with seven compartments and tons of pockets for you to carry all your gear in an organized manner.

    There’s of course, a concealed carry compartment that can accommodate most normal-sized handguns.

    On top of that, there’s also a fleece-lined glasses pocket, two water bottle pockets, a hydration system port, and even a padded sleeve for a 15-inch laptop.

    And its MOLLE compatibility makes the backpack very versatile and open for customization.

    I love that this pack is made from hardy material — 1000D nylon, YKK zippers, and a water repellent coating for those rainy days.

    What we also love

    Other notable features include a cushy shoulder strap, an adjustable sternum strap, and two external compression straps.

    What’s not great

    For a pack this size, it surprisingly lacks a hip belt to help with heavier loads.

    Bottom Line

    Yaay, you have made it to the end of my top 10 concealed carry backpacks review!

    Did you find one that’s perfect for you? I sure hope so!

    Whether you’re a camper, soldier, rock climber, commuter, or security guard, these are some of the most trusted bags on the market. 

    And let me know in the comment if there’s a favorite I’m missing out on, so I can include it for future updates.

    Also, be sure to check out my detailed guide on the 20 Best Everyday Carry Backpacks review. 

    This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These backpacks have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.  

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      • Hi Peter, thanks for your question!

        I don’t have any specific recommendations for concealed carry hydration backpacks that are minimalist.
        However, from my research, I found that there are a few concealed backpacks with different pocket configurations that may work well for you.
        For instance, the Maxpedition Riftblade CCW-Enabled 30L Backpack is one option that features a modular hydration pouch and a CCW compartment with security lockout strip that offers easy access to your firearm.

        Other popular brands that offer concealed carry hydration backpack options include 5.11 Tactical, G4Free, and Grey Ghost Gear.
        I would recommend taking a look at some of their selection and seeing which one suits your needs best.

        Thanks again for reaching out to us!


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