Best carry-on luggage for kids: Olli Ella See Ya Kids Rolling Suitcase

Choosing the best carry-on luggage for kids can be tricky because you have to take into account their age, size, and how much stuff they need to bring with them. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

We’ve gathered the best of the best when it comes to suitcases, ride-on luggage, backpacks, duffels, and luggage sets in 2023.  So whether your child is just starting their travel journeys or they’re a seasoned traveler, there’s something for them.

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Best carry-on luggage for kids (Ride-on suitcases)

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase

Traveling with little ones can be a handful, to say the least. But one piece of luggage that can make your life infinitely easier is a ride-on suitcase.

These handy luggage allow your child to sit on them and ride while you tow them along behind you. No more tired little legs (or tantrums) when you’re trying to make your way through an airport!

Reviewed below are the best ride on suitcases for kids!  

Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Trunki Original Kids Ride-On Suitcase

If you have young children, chances are that you’ve heard of Trunki, a company dedicated to making travel more fun for kids (and less stressful for parents). Here’s everything you need to know about Trunki Ride-On, including why it’s made my list of the best kids luggage.

It is a small suitcase on wheels designed for young children to ride on and carry their belongings. It’s a brilliant concept, and it’s no wonder that this easy-to-carry family luggage has become so popular. Not only does it have a comfy seat and horn grips for little kids to ride on, but it also features versatile carrying options for both kids and parents. 

The functional strap makes it easy to tote around, and the integrated wheels make it easy to roll along. As such, toddlers can simply pull the case along, thus keeping them entertained, and parents can tow tired kids when they are not in the mood for dealing with a suitcase. It’s sure to make travel time that much more enjoyable for everyone involved!

Several parents, including in their review, have expressed how this easy-to-carry family luggage has significantly simplified their travels with toddlers. They mentioned, “The Trunki has made travel with our toddler so much easier. She is 3, so there are still moments when we have to carry her and the Trunki altogether! But overall, she really loves her Trunki case. It is so much better than having a backpack and I adore the way it converts from ride-on to tow, to over the shoulder”.

What we also like 

The Trunki is roomy enough to hold all of your little one’s travel essentials. With its 18L storage space, the luggage can fit a few clothes (not bulgy), toys, and your kid’s favorite things. Lastly, this bag is very affordable compared to other ride-on suitcases on the market.

What we don’t like 

A concern about the Trunki Ride-on is the extra ‘workload’ it might pose for parents. What if the child falls off the suitcase while it’s being ridden? Or worse, what if the child is left unattended and wanders off while riding or dragging the suitcase behind them?

As such, you’ll need to help your child get on and off of it and supervise them while they’re using it. And when your child is not riding it, as a parent, you’ll have an extra suitcase to carry around, coupled with your other bags. 

JetKids By Stokke BedBox

Best carry-on luggage for kids: JetKids By Stokke BedBox

The JetKids by Stokke BedBox is more than just a ride-on suitcase – it’s a travel essential that’ll help make your child uncomfortable on long flights or car rides. The BedBox transforms any seat into a first-class seat for children, complete with kid friendly features like a footrest, leg rest, and headrest. This means your child can sleep, play, have leg rest, and watch movies without being cramped up in their seat.

Not to mention, it’s also officially approved by most airlines so you can be sure it will meet all of their requirements. It can fit in the overhead compartment or even under the seats in aircraft.

Moreover, its swivel wheels make it easy to maneuver through airports, while the top handle allows your child to have a firm grip while riding. The adjustable strap makes carrying easy. It allows parents to carry it over their shoulders, or pull the bag behind them for easy transport.

What we also like 

The JetKids package comes with the suitcase, adjustable straps, and a rolled-up mattress. Also, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. Plus, the sleek design will make you the envy of all the other parents at the airport! 

What we don’t like 

The BedBox is a great idea, but there have been some complaints about its durability and its high price tag. A few parents have complained that the BedBox is not very sturdy and some break easily.

It is only approved for use on certain airlines, so if you’re planning to use it on a different airline, be sure to verify with your airline first.  

Samsonite Dream Rider Children’s Luggage

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Samsonite Dream Rider Children's Luggage

The Samsonite Dream Rider is an innovative piece of luggage designed with young travelers in mind, and it has everything you need to make your life easier – and your child’s life more fun.

Thanks to its smooth-rolling design and a built-in seat, your little one can roll around for fun, and simply pull the bag by its handle to take a break when they get tired. Not only is it adorable, but since kids have their own luggage, it also means one less thing for you to carry.

The interior compartments are perfect for storing art supplies, books, snacks, toys, and other items that your child might need during the journey. And with a 28L carrying capacity, this bag is ideal for a two-day trip with family or friends.

Along with 2000 parents on Amazon, a customer who bought this bag for their 3-year-old son said it is good quality, and easily opens, and closes. They could put everything he needed for 10 days. And since the bag is also lightweight, it was easy for them to carry it when their child got bored.

What we also like 

This hard-side luggage is made from 100% Polypropylene material that can withstand even the roughest handling. And if your child is particularly hard on their belongings, not to worry—the bag comes with Samsonite’s legal warranty so you can rest assured knowing that you’re covered in case of any accidental damage.

What we also like 

Frankly, I think the organization of this luggage could be better. The interior has no pocket or compartment, just a plastic shell with compression straps. This can make it difficult to keep track of smaller items and can cause them to get lost in the bottom of the bag. 

N-A Kids Ride-On Suitcase Carry-On Luggage

Best carry-on luggage for kids: N-A Kids Ride-On Suitcase Carry-On Luggage

The N-A Ride-On Suitcase has some features that set it apart from other ride-on luggage options on the market. First, it has a unique design that makes it more secure for small children. The curved pony design allows the child to hug the body of the luggage with their knees and has built-in footrests to prevent dragging feet.

Also, it comes with a belt to secure your toddler while they’re riding on it. This handy suitcase allows your child to sit on them and ride while you tow them along behind you.

And, for added maneuverability and stability, it has universal swivel wheels and an aluminum alloy handle. You won’t have to worry about your child tipping over when they’re riding this suitcase. As a parent, I can appreciate the peace of mind this brings.

What we also like 

The suitcase comes in 2 sizes- a 20” smaller version for kids aged 1-6 and a 24” size for older tweens aged 6-12. This means that you can find the perfect size for your child no matter their age. 

It is also very versatile. Children can ride it, sit on it and even wheel it around, making it perfect for any traveling situation where your toddler will be walking or be on their feet for a long period.

What we also like 

Some Amazon buyers of this bag have found that both the 20″ and 24″ sizes of the N-A Kids Suitcase are too big to be considered a carry-on item. As a result, it can be difficult to fit in an overhead compartment or below the seat in front of you. To be on the safe side, check with your airline to make sure this Suitcase meets their size requirements. 

Kiddietotes 3-D Hardside Scooter Ride On Suitcase

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Kiddietotes 3-D Hardside Scooter Ride On Suitcase

This piece of luggage is designed for children ages 4+, so it’s perfect for those in-between years when they’re too big for a stroller but not quite ready to walk on their own. I like how this scooter is specifically designed to make traveling with your child a breeze.

It has a slip-proof standing deck to ensure safe scooting, as well as an easy tilt steering system with a leaning motion that makes for a comfy saddle through crowded spaces. And if that wasn’t enough, it also folds and locks in place so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in the overhead bin.

Plus, it converts into a conventional roller travel bag so you can use it even when your child has outgrown the scooter phase. Best of all, the entertainment factor will keep your child happy and engaged, which means less stress for you.

What we also like 

The scooter is lightweight and easy to ride, carry or pull, making it the perfect option for best kids luggage. And you don’t have to worry about it not being allowed on the plane—the Kiddietotes scooter is TSA- and IATA-approved. It even comes with a 1-year warranty and is available in three fun designs.

What we don’t like 

The Kiddietotes scooter has a few negative reviews on Amazon. The recurring theme is that the Ride-on is expensive, and some buyers have complained about the poor wheels and push button handle quality. With that being said, this suitcase is lightweight, easy to use, and comes with plenty of features that will make traveling with kids a breeze.  

Best Carry-on Luggage for Kids (Suitcases)

Watching your little ones roll their own luggage through the airport like a pro not only is adorable, but it also means one less thing for you to carry.

Reviewed below are the best suitcases for families with kids:

American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage

Best carry-on luggage for kids: American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage

Kids love to travel just as much as adults, if not more!  And what better way to make traveling fun for them than with their very own Disney-themed luggage? The American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage meets carry-on size restrictions, making it one of the best kids luggage that’s great for airplane travel.

When it comes to packing, this suitcase has plenty of room for all of your child’s things thanks to its 21-inch size. The fully-lined interior of the bag features a mesh divider panel and tie-down straps that help your child’s belonging in place.  

What we also like 

This Disney-themed case is not only unisex but is also available in different favorite characters, including Snow White, Mickey, Minnie, etc.  Plus, the vibrant Disney artwork on the case will surely delight your little ones. The case features a height-adjustable telescopic handle and four spinner wheels that make maneuvering a breeze, even for children.

What we don’t like 

Buyers of this American Tourister luggage have complained about the handles being a little fragile. More than 7 reviewers on Amazon said that the handles broke after just a few uses.

Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Hardside Spinner Luggage

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Rockland Jr. Kids’ My First Hardside Spinner Luggage

This luggage is lightweight and easy to maneuver, making it perfect for your child’s first luggage experience! It comes with a built-in spinner wheel system and a retractable handle with an ergonomic grip that makes it simple for your child to get around.

I also like that the Rockland suitcase is big enough to fit all of your child’s clothes and accessories, but not so big that they’re cumbersome to carry.

What we also like 

Kid suitcases should be cute, and this one absolutely is! Your kid gets to select their favorite design from a range of animal characters, including Dinosaur, Puppy, Shark, Owl, frog, Turtle, and Monkey designs. Plus, it is very affordable!

What we don’t like 

There have been some complaints by a few parents about the handles and wheels on this luggage. Some say that the handles are too short and don’t fold down properly, while others have had issues with the wheels not rotating well.

That said, Rockland is a reputable brand, and most of its products are highly rated, so it’s likely that you can return the bag if there’s anything wrong with your order.

GURHODVO Kids Luggage with Wheels

Best carry-on luggage for kids: GURHODVO Kids Luggage with Wheels

Not every kid’s bag has to have cartoon characters or graphics. So if your little one is not a fan, a sleek and simple option like the Gurhodvo luggage might be better suited.

Made from tough and impact resistant-resistant ABS+PC materials, this little suitcase can take a beating and keep on going. It’s also surprisingly lightweight, making it easy for a girl or boy to take along on vacations, school trips, and even sleepovers with friends. 

What we also like 

The amount of storage space in this bag is also impressive. It features 2 compartments with a compression strap, and several handy pockets to easily hold important items for kids such as clothes, books, and their favorite toys.

What we don’t like 

If you’re looking for a carry-on luggage option for your young toddler, the GURHODVO kids’ suitcase with spinner wheels might be a good option. However, bear in mind that it might be a little heavy or big for very young toddlers. So, make sure your little one can handle it before purchasing.  

Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage

This rolling luggage is nearly 3,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. So you can trust that you’re making a good decision, should you decide to get one for your kid. Moreover, it features ample storage space with multiple pockets that are perfect for storing your child’s travel essentials, from snacks and drinks to toys and games.

A customer expressed agreement, mentioning that despite its small size, this suitcase has a remarkable capacity to hold a significant amount of items. Furthermore, they found it to be sturdy enough for children to utilize as their own personal suitcases.

This bag is also affordable—a major plus in my book. There are options for sales under $50- a fraction of what you would pay for similar bags from brands like Trunki and Olli Ella.

What we also like 

As one of the best rolling luggage for kids, the Stephen Joseph luggage has a wide range of designs and colors available. From ladybugs and owls to sports and flower designs, there’s something to please even the pickiest young travelers.

What we also like 

The Stephen Joseph suitcase is not the most durable piece of luggage out there, and some people have complained that it’s cheaply made. But overall, if you’re looking for the best kids suitcases that’s very affordable and easy to use, the Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage is worth considering.

Olli Ella See Ya Kids Rolling Suitcase

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Olli Ella See Ya Kids Rolling Suitcase

Before we get too far into talking about Olli Ella’s See Ya Kids Rolling Suitcases, let’s just take a minute to appreciate how adorable it is. It’s a super cute carry-on made just for kids. The bag is made from recycled plastic bottles, so it’s environmentally friendly, and it’s also water resistant, so you can be sure that your belongings will stay safe and dry.

And it comes equipped with an extendable luggage handle and spinner wheels so that kids can easily wheel it around themselves. No more struggling with heavy bags or having to ask mom and dad for help—your child can easily maneuver their bag through any airport or hotel with ease. And that’s something that every parent can appreciate. 

What we also like 

The bag is just the right size – not too big or too small. It features an internal zip compartment that makes it easy to keep everything organized and a clothing clip to keep clothes in place. Plus, it comes with a built-in elastic band so your little one can bring along their favorite toy.

What we don’t like 

The See Ya Rolling Suitcase is expensive and too small to be useful for boys and girls who are above 6 years because it can only fit a few items. It’s also easy for the suitcase to get damaged if it’s not handled with care by parents.

Best carry on luggage for kids (backpack, duffel & luggage sets)

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Olli Ella See Ya Kids Rolling Suitcase

Here, I will be evaluating the finest and kid-friendly luggage sets available on the market, along with a backpack and duffel with colorful characters specifically designed for air travel with kids. 

Travelers Club Kids’ 5 Piece Luggage Travel Set

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Travelers Club Kids' 5 Piece Luggage Travel Set

This set comes with everything your kid will need to travel in style and comfort, including a hard-sided carry-on suitcasea  backpack, a lunch bag, a neck pillow, and a luggage tag, making it one of the best carry on luggage for family travel.

A little detail, shall we? The suitcase is cabin-sized and has four wheels so your kid can easily roll it through the airport. The matching toddler backpack is perfect for carrying any items that won’t fit in the carry-on bag, and the insulated lunch box is great for packing snacks or sandwiches for the plane ride.

The neck pillow is made of spandex fabric with microbeads for ultimate comfort on long plane rides or car trips, while the luggage tag ensures that your child’s belongings will always make it back to you.

What we also like 

One of the best things about this set is that it comes in 7 different color and pattern options, so you’re sure to find one that your kid will love. And because all of the pieces are made from high-quality materials, you can rest assured knowing that this set will last for many trips.

Another big selling point of the Travelers Club Set is its affordable price point. This best carry on luggage for family travel is priced under $100!

What we don’t like 

The suitcase is basic, and reviews suggest that it’s way too small to be practical. Many customers have complained that they were unable to fit all of their child’s belongings into the suitcase – even with careful packing. And if that wasn’t bad enough, several people on Amazon have also said that their order was incomplete, with missing items or damaged luggage. 

Rockland Fashion 2-Piece Softside Upright Luggage Set

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Rockland Fashion 2-Piece Softside Luggage Set

We’re big fans of this affordable set which includes an upright suitcase and a flight tote bag, both of which are spacious and durable.

The suitcase can hold your kid’s clothing and other personal belonging, and the tote bag is the perfect size for carrying onboard essentials like books, water bottles, coloring supplies, and snacks. The upright expands an extra 2 inches in depth to maximize your packing capacity, and both pieces are fully lined with internal and external zippered pockets for the organization of your kid’s gear. 

What we also like 

This best carry on luggage for tweens set is also well-made and durable. It’s manufactured with heavy-duty 600 denier fabric, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart after a few uses. And it even has its lock and key so you can be sure your valuables are safe.

What we don’t like 

One of the biggest complaints about this luggage set is that the suitcase doesn’t stand on its own, and topples over easily. This is not ideal when you’re trying to get through an airport with kids in tow.

So if you’re planning on using it as carry-on luggage, be prepared to hold onto it or prop it up against something else. But if you’re looking for something easy to transport, and won’t break the bank, then we recommend the Rockland 2-Piece Luggage Set. 

iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Luggage Set

Best carry-on luggage for kids: iPlay, iLearn Kids Carry On Luggage Set

We’ve all been there—you buy a luggage set only to have it fall apart after just a few uses. With the iPlay, iLearn set, you won’t have to worry about that happening. This set, which includes a suitcase and a backpack, is built to last with its ABS plastic material, that’s also lightweight.

I found a delighted Amazon customer who shares my opinion regarding the bag’s durability. They purchased this bag for their two children and waited for a few trips before writing a review to assess its resilience. Even after four trips, the bags have maintained their excellent condition, despite the kids consistently sitting and riding on them. 

What we also like 

The included backpack which has padded shoulder straps, is perfect for school, travel, and other daily activities. And of course, this luggage set is cute enough that your child will want to use it. With plenty of features designed with both kids and parents in mind, this is one piece of luggage you’ll be glad you have on your next trip!

What we don’t like 

It’s worth mentioning that some other customers have expressed concerns about scratches and scuffs appearing on the exterior of the suitcase. With that being said, this is one of the best luggage for kids that’s loved for its functional design, adjustable handle, double spinner wheels, and cute aesthetics.

Mountaintop Kids Backpack

Best carry-on luggage for kids: Mountaintop Kids Backpack

The Mountaintop Kids Backpack is the perfect size for kids between 3-6 years old. This Amazon bestseller is also ultra-lightweight, so your little one won’t get tired from carrying it around all day long. The padded shoulder straps are adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit for your child, the back panel is well-ventilated, while the chest strap helps cushion the weight of the bag.

It has a front elastic mesh pocket for easy access, a main compartment with wet & dry functions, as well as a mesh side pocket to hold snacks, toys, and water bottles.

Best of all? The bag is versatile. According to reviews on Amazon, this bag is sturdy enough for hiking, school, and even travel, which is why I have included it in this list of best carry on luggage for kids.

What we also like 

The backpack has a name tag on the inside, so if your child misplaces it, someone can easily return it to them. Plus, it’s very affordable! And comes in multiple colors, so your child can choose their favorite!

What we don’t  like 

Some parents said this 8L bag is too small. This particular bag is perfect for toddlers and kids who don’t need a lot of supplies for school or travel. However, there are bigger-sized options, so that might be something to look into if you have a larger child. As such, you can go for the 12L, 16L, and 20L versions of the bag, depending on the need of your child.  

PUMA Kids’ Evercat Transformation Duffel

Best carry-on luggage for kids: PUMA Kids' Evercat Transformation Duffel

The PUMA Kids’ Evercat Transformation Duffel is the perfect duffel for kids because it is durable and functional for gym and travel. The exterior of the bag is made from durable polyester material that can withstand anything your kid throws at it, while the interior is lined with water-resistant material to keep everything inside dry.

Plus, it has an external mesh pocket that’s perfect for keeping items you need easy access to. And if they need to wash their gear after a long practice or game, no problem! The Evercat Duffel is machine-washable.

What we also like 

The Evercat Transformation Duffel comes in several different colors, so your kid can find the perfect one to match their personality. And with its cool design details like reflective piping and a Puma logo on the front, they’ll love showing it off to their friends. Plus, at just $25, it won’t break the bank.

What we don’t like 

Although it’s marketed as a kids’ duffel, some customers found the duffel to be smaller than they expected. This bag won’t be able to hold as much as you might hope. I also noticed that there are no interior pockets, meaning you’ll have to be especially careful with your belongings if you choose to use this bag.


What size luggage is best for kids?

The best-size luggage for kids will vary depending on the age and height of your child, as well as the length of your trip. However, I would suggest you go for a suitcase that’s about 18 inches or less, and under 30L as it won’t be too cumbersome.

A piece of luggage of this size will fit easily in the overhead bin on an airplane and can store clothes, toys, and other items. And since the average carry-on size for adults is 22 x 14 x 9 inches, then it only makes sense that kids should go with something smaller.   

Can a child have a carry-on bag?

Do kids get carry-on bags?

Yes! Children are allowed one carry-on bag and one personal item. The carry-on bag may be a piece of luggage that you plan to place in the overhead compartment or under the airline seat. The maximum size for a carry-on bag is usually 22 x14 x 9 inches, but it’s best to check with your airline before packing to make sure you’re within the size limit and the number of bags allowed.  

Is Trunki suitable for a 6-year-old?

Yes, Trunki is suitable for a boy or girl aged 6. The Trunki Ride-on is designed to be used by children over the age of 3, and most users like Simon Hansen of Family Travel Planet find that it works well for children up to the age of 6.

They are super lightweight and easy for kids to maneuver. Plus, they come in some cool colors and designs so you can pick the perfect one for your child. So if you have a 6-year-old who you think would love a Trunki, go ahead and get one! 

Are ride-on suitcases worth it?

Yes, ride on carry on luggage for kids are worth it. This is because they make travel more fun for kids and help them move around the airport more easily. And they’re just plain cool. I mean, who wouldn’t want to zip around on a ride-on?

Most importantly, they help to teach kids responsible travel habits from a young age. When children have their suitcases to pull or ride on, they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their belongings. This helps to instill good travel habits that will last a lifetime. 

Are kids suitcases carry-on size?

Most kids’ suitcases are carry-on size, but it depends on the dimensions of the suitcase. The maximum allowable dimensions for a carry-on bag are 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

So if your kids’ suitcase is smaller than that, it should be considered hand luggage. And if their suitcase is larger than that, it will need to be checked in at the gate. 

What is the best carry-on luggage for children?

In my opinion, the best carry-on luggage for children is the Trunki Original Ride-On Suitcase, the American Tourister Disney Hardside Luggage, and the Travelers Club 5 Piece Luggage Set

Each of these bags are small enough to be carried on but large enough to fit most items a child would need while traveling. And because most children are not strong enough to carry heavy luggage, you’ll like that these are durable and lightweight!

Can you bring snacks on plane for kids?

Yes, you can bring snacks on a plane for your kids! It’s a great idea to have some healthy snacks for your child, in case the onboard options don’t appeal to them or they get hungry during the flight.

Also, keep in mind that airport security may require you to open up your Carry-On bag for inspection so it’s a good idea to pack snacks that are easy to eat and won’t make a mess.  

What should kids bring on a plane?

Which brand is best for kids’ luggage?

There are a lot of great brands out there that make kids luggage. Some of our favorites are American TouristerTrunkiRocklandStephen Joseph, and Olli Ella. All of these brands make high-quality luggage that is built to last. Plus, they offer fun, stylish designs that kids will love. 

How do you pack a carry-on with kids?

Final Thoughts

Best carry-on luggage for kids

It’s been a journey, but we’ve finally reached the end. These are our picks for the 15 best carry-on luggage for kids.

We hope you found this post helpful and that it gave you some ideas about what to look for when purchasing carry-on luggage for your little one. Whether your child is into superheroes or princesses, there’s sure to be a bag that catches their eye.

Let us know in the comments which of these bags is your favorite or if you have any questions about anything we covered here today. 

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