Are G Shock Watches Allowed In Checked Luggage?
4 Easy Steps To Protect Your Watch While Travelling

G-Shock Watches Allowed In Checked Luggage: A Man Checking Time While Carrying An Orange Luggage

G-Shock watches and other smartwatches are probably your last thought if you’re going on a vacation out of town. Are G Shock watches allowed in checked luggage, or are they a no-go when traveling by plane?

With new guidelines and regulations in airports every day, it is hard to track what is allowed in airplanes and what is not. Let me help you with that!

Are G Shock Watches Allowed in Checked Luggage?

Yes. G-Shock watches are technically allowed in checked luggage as there are no specific restrictions in place that prohibit smartwatches or any other similar items. However, the situation changes if the watch somehow triggers the alarm. If that were to happen, expect a thorough security check and inspection from the TSA. 

You need to make sure that your watch is perfectly secure since it might break after being compressed with other items. For that, you can wrap your watch in soft paddings, place it in a small box or compartment, and separate it from the large and bulky items.

Why G Shock watches are allowed in checked luggage?

Although G-Shock watches are not specifically mentioned on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) list of permitted items, the information provided by reputable sources indicates that watches, including G-Shocks, are generally allowed in both carry-on and checked luggage.

The reason behind allowing G-Shock watches in checked luggage is that they are considered safe for transportation and do not pose any significant safety risks to the aircraft or its passengers.

According to Lee Ann, a writer for Travel Closely, all types of watches, including G-Shocks, are permitted in both carry-on and checked baggage on airplanes. This information aligns with the guidelines provided on the TSA website, as corroborated by Vanessa Ramos, of Clever Journey. The TSA states that clocks and watches with lithium batteries can be packed in checked luggage with specific restrictions. These restrictions include switching them off and ensuring they are protected from accidental activation.

As Ramos explains, “When packed in checked baggage, they must be switched off and protected from accidental activation. Furthermore, all devices with lithium batteries must be charged and working, regardless of whether they are packed in hand or checked baggage, as the TSA prohibits faulty electronic devices with lithium batteries due to fire risks.”

With that in mind, I strongly advise against putting your valuable items in your checked baggage. Instead, it is highly recommended to keep your expensive watch, such as a G-Shock, in your carry-on bag or personal item. This precaution is due to the higher likelihood of theft or damage occurring to items in checked baggage, as airport handlers may not always handle baggage with the utmost care.

How to Travel With Your G-Shock

G-Shock Watches Allowed In Checked Luggage: A Man Checking For Time In An Airport

Now that we know G-Shock watches are allowed in checked luggage, it’s crucial to learn how to travel with them safely! Although these watches are known for their durability and tough construction, they aren’t completely indestructible, despite what the advertisements may claim.

If you pack them in your checked luggage, there’s a good chance they could get damaged due to rough handling.

To prevent any mishaps, here are some valuable tips to ensure your watches are adequately protected while traveling!

1. Pack your watches in your carry-on bag rather than checking them in

If you’re not actively using your G-shock watch or don’t require immediate access to it, I highly recommend storing it in your carry-on bag or personal item rather than checking it in. This advice is echoed by Santanu DasGupta, a member of Reddit, who emphasizes the risks associated with placing watches in checked luggage, such as the potential for loss, theft, and rough handling.

DasGupta shared, “If it’s an expensive watch, it is better to keep it in your carry-on luggage since there is a chance of checked bags getting lost, and there is a remote possibility of theft.” 

2. Wrap your watch using a soft padded material

Watches are delicate items that can easily break when subjected to the rough handling or accidental drops often experienced during the transportation of checked luggage.

Therefore, if you find it necessary to pack your G-Shock or other watches in checked baggage, I highly recommend employing soft padding materials such as a sweater, sock, or positioning them amidst piles of clothes. By adding this additional layer of cushioning, you can effectively absorb any impacts and significantly reduce the risk of damage. It is equally important to individually wrap each watch to prevent scratches and dents that may occur if they are packed together.

Patrick Marlett, a representative from Worn & Wound, who usually carries a maximum of two watches during his travels, also advocates for the use of a sock as a protective measure for watches while on the move. According to them, “I would wrap the watch I wasn’t wearing in a pair of (clean) socks, be it my Captain Cook or Grand Seiko. Provided it was surrounded by enough clothes I was comfortable with the venture”

Furthermore, DasGupta supports this practical approach as an effective means of providing additional protection for watches within checked suitcases.

They emphasize that “check-in bags are handled roughly at times. If you still need to keep it in check, wrap it in a sweater or cushion clothing and keep it in the middle among piles of clothes.”

3. Place it in a small roll or box

For enhanced protection while traveling, it is advisable to invest in a small watch roll or box. Utilizing such hard-structured storage devices ensures that your watches remain scratch-free and well-protected throughout the journey, surpassing the level of safeguarding provided by wrapping them in soft padded materials like socks or clothes.

Zen Love, the watch writer at Gear Patrol, also recommends the use of cases and rolls in an article on traveling with watches. According to Love, these compact and simple storage devices exist not just for easy organization, but specifically to “keep your watches from getting scratched and banged by other items”

They will protect your watches from getting broken or scratched while stopping them from getting dusty or dirty.

4. Separate the watch from large or heavy items

Merely wrapping your watches in clothes or storing them in a watch roll will not provide sufficient protection against the presence of heavy and large items within your bag. To safeguard your watches effectively, it is necessary to place them in a separate box or container, away from bulkier and weightier items.

Failure to do so significantly increases the likelihood of damage to your watches. Additionally, when packing these items, ensure they are positioned securely and safely within the bag. This measure will prevent the watches from moving around during travel, thus reducing the risk of scratches or crushing.


Are G-Shock Watches Allowed In Checked Luggage: G-Shock Watch On Black Cloth

Can I put a watch in my checked luggage?

Fortunately, all kinds of watches are allowed in your checked luggage. As long as they do not trigger the alarm or system in security, you are free to bring along any kind or brand of watch you have.

By all kinds, that means every type of watch is allowed. That includes smartwatches, apple watches, men’s watches, and women’s wristwatches! The TSA does not explicitly restrict accessories on bags, though, during the security screening, you might be asked to remove the watch — and any other accessory on you — and put them in a tray. 

How many watches are allowed in checked luggage?

There are no specific restrictions to this, but it’s important to consider that carrying a large number of expensive watches, exceeding 2-3, might raise suspicions regarding importation for business purposes. To avoid any potential issues, DasGupta advises keeping the number of watches within this range.

But if you plan to bring many watches (say for selling purposes) in your checked luggage, you must declare them if you travel internationally and pay taxes.

Can you put a smart watch in checked luggage?

Smartwatches are far more sensitive and delicate than regular watches, needing more attention and protection during travel. You must be extra careful packing them to ensure they wouldn’t get crushed or dented. Wrapping them in soft padding or placing them inside a watch box or roll offers the best protection for these watche

Also, be sure to remember to charge the smartwatch before packing them. There is a chance that the battery will die while you are away if you forget to charge them. Though, for most, this is an inconvenience as it does hinder their packing efficiency.

Final Thoughts

G-Shock Watches Allowed In Checked Luggage: A Man Checking The Time While Working On His Laptop

So, are G Shock watches allowed in checked luggage Yes! You can also place them in carry-on bags or wear it through security. There is nothing suspicious about a watch, though you must still remove it at the security checkpoint. If you were to travel with it inside your packed luggage, be sure to pack it properly — cover it in soft padding or place it inside a watch roll or box! 

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