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Welcome to our Ricardo luggage review.
Ricardo has a collection of quality luggage and travel gears that are durable and functional with impressive price tags.

If you invest in a quality luggage set from Ricardo, you can expect it to serve you for years.
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  • Reasonably priced

Ricardo is overall cheaper when compared to numerous big brands in terms of producing high quality and functional travel accessories.

  • Positive reception

Is Ricardo a good brand? Well, they have lots of suitcases with a variety of sizes, colours and design options that users love and can’t get enough of.

  • Good warranty terms

A 10-year warranty or a lifetime warranty is the offer on the table, depending on the particular model you choose. Which means your suitcase is meant to last, and Ricardo will stand behind their products.

  • Good quality

Made with durable  ABS or Polycarbonate for hardshell, and polyester for the softshell, most luggage can typically withstand years of rough handlings. Most of these come with a textured finish and hold out well against scratching and denting.

  • Great features

Ricardo luggage typically come with multi-directional spinner wheels, TSA-approved locks, spacious capacity, protected corners, smart packing features and retractable handles to facilitate hassle-free travel experiences.

  • Lightweight

The company produce lightweight luggage and travel accessories for all-purpose use.

  • Smart packing

You can carry a lot of things in these spacious bags, especially for longer trips. Also, most models are expandable to give you extra 25% packing space to cram in more items.


  • Some lackluster models

Not every travel gear in their product line is perfect. While most are well made and positively reviewed, a few have flaws that question the quality and resilience of the products.

  • Average customer support

Their customer support is subpar at best. Some people reported that their support isn’t too helpful and often slow to respond.

Ricardo Luggage Review

Choosing an affordable and durable luggage is more complicated than it sounds.

Many luggage sets come with claims of being made for a life on the road, and yet, can’t even survive two trips!

Cheaply priced products may do IF you really don’t care about using the smartest travel luggage or if you’ll only be using it for a short period of time.

However, if you will be needing a luggage with extra room for packing a bit more while being able to withstand handlings, well then, you will need something a bit more heavy-duty.

Ricardo luggage typically fits the bill here, but just how well, you may be asking? 

You’ve probably heard about Ricardo luggage and wondered about the benefits of having one or more of their products.  

This Ricardo luggage review has all the details – both good and bad- to help you make an informed choice. 

What’s the best Ricardo suitcases and bags then? These 11 best Ricardo luggage recommendations is your top bet.  

Some Information About Ricardo Brand

Ricardo Luggage Review: Ricardo brand partners
Credit: Ricardo

Before we start, let’s have a short brief on the Ricardo Luggage or the ‘Ricardo Beverly Hills’ Luggage Company.

Founded in Beverly Hills, California by Richard “Ricardo” Gibbs, the quality, lightweight design, and variety of their products is something to be envied. The brand has been around since 1978 and definitely know a thing or two about good luggage!

They produce softside and hardshell suitcases sets, carry-ons, duffels, and backpacks with numerous travel accessories for every type of traveler. 

Interestingly, these products are relatively affordable, well made and appreciated by actual users.

Apart from that, the Skyway luggage, and Stephanie Johnson are the two other trademark luggage companies associated with the brand.

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The company’s website is www.ricardobeverlyhills.com.  You can know more about their warranty terms at https://www.ricardobeverlyhills.com/pages/warranty.

Table of Contents

Full review

Ricardo Luggage Review

Now, the burning question is whether Ricardo luggage can go toe to toe with their close and strong competitors like Samsonite, IT Luggage, Travelpro, and others.

Since it has been established that not all their products are recommendable, this Ricardo luggage review will only focus on their very best with emphasis on quality, drawbacks and great features of individual products.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what Ricardo luggage has to offer.  

Malibu Bay 2.0

The Malibu Bay 2.0 collection has a lightweight construction with innovative patented system that allows you experience smart packing bliss without feeling weighted down.  

But, how? Let’s see:

Made of Dreamfel fabric, this bag is virtually 20-30% lighter and extra durable than polyester and nylon that’s used in regular fabric luggage.

As a result, you’ll experience a new comfy travelling. 

Subsequently, it also manufactured by following eco-conscious practices.

Extra Packing
This luggage is expandable and comes with a wide range of packing facilities.

It has a large main compartment with two zippered pockets for small items and two external pockets for your laptop and other items.

In addition to that, there’s a water-resistant toiletry pouch and a dedicated luggage tracker pocket.

Ergonomic Design
The multi-directional 360-degree 8 spinner wheels gives smooth mobility, even in tiny space.

There’s also the telescopic handle for effortless lifting when loaded as well as easy access pockets for your laptop, travel documents and more. 

Malibu Bay collection

The collection includes a tote, a backpack, two carryons, two checked luggage and a duffel bag.

What more? This great-looking option each comes with a lifetime limited warranty!

Ricardo Luggage Review: Malibu Bay 2.0


  • Expandable
  • Lightweight
  • Spacious


  • Limited color options

San Marcos

The San Marcos set is a more expensive model of the Ricardo luggage but with better features. 


The set was designed to withstand travel-related bumps and scrapes.

A little wear-and-tear is no match for this suitcase’s tough weather resistant nylon shell.

You’ll also appreciate that it comes with Travel Sentry® Approved combination lock, a rarity for a softside bag and Rfid protection-special pocket against electronic pickpocketing. 

Smart organization

In term of organization, it features two-compartments with a zippered divider wall, removable water-resistant pouch, full suiter partition, expandable zippers, compression straps, shoe mesh, and several accessory pockets, allowing for easy and organized storage.

Effortless mobility

It also maneuvers smoothly on nearly every type of surface, thanks to its 360-degree double wheels and multi-stage retractable handle.

Ricardo Luggage Review: San Marcos
Credit: Ricardo


This premium set is available in gray and violet purple, each contrasted with light brown leather design in the zippers and handles for a richer detail.  

San Marcos Collection

The collection includes a 16-inch 2-wheel tote, a 21-inch carryon, a 25-inch medium and a large 29-inch checked bag.    

This heavy-duty softside suitcase is one of the best travel investments you could ever hope to make.

Ricardo Luggage Review: San Marcos


  • TSA approved lock
  • Multidirectional mobility
  • Easy organization


  • A bit pricey


The Ricardo Seahaven collection comes with excellent quality and smart organization features, and (like most of the Ricardo softside suitcases), is incredibly light.

The durable polyester fabric is strengthened by abrasion and water-resistant coating while the corners are also guarded.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Sea Haven 2.0
Credit: Ricardo


The bag is expandable to give abundant space. 

Pack your neatly folded clothing items into the full-size lid compartment and keep track of your smaller items in the secondary packing lids and external large pockets in the bag.

In addition, there’s a TSA- friendly toiletries bag and a smart pocket for your business card.  


While the bag has zippers that you can lock, it however doesn’t come with a TSA approved locks.

You can include it after purchase, if you’re so inclined.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Sea Haven 2.0
Credit: Ricardo


Despite the case’s spacious capacity, it is easy to maneuver, thanks to the dual 360-degree spinner wheels.

Telescopic handle is adjustable and comes with a comfortable patented contour grip.

Of course, you have top and side carry handle for easy lifting and positioning.

Seahaven Collection

There’s the 21-inch carryon which comes in Paisley pink, a 25-inch medium available in black and a large 29-inch checked bag in currant colour.

A lifetime warranty also affords you additional peace of mind, while available colors include black, currant and paisley.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Sea Haven 2.0


  • Multiple pockets
  • Water resistant polyester


  • Lacks TSA lock


The perfect piece of luggage for a modern traveler should meet a few key criteria.
It should be sleek and lightweight such that you can easily tote it around and sturdy enough to withstand a mad dash to your terminal when you’re in danger of missing your flight.

The Beaumont luggage checks all these boxes and then some.


Made from durable polycarbonate, it’s both lightweight and long-lasting. The case is hardsided.

If it has to be checked, the sturdy exterior can standup to the baggage handling.

Although there’s provision for a TSA lock, it’s however not included in the package.
Considering the price, it seems unfair.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Beaumont


If you ever need a really stylish bag for weekend jaunts or personal travel, this eye-catching bag would get heard turning.
Yeah, it’s that cute. 

You’ll appreciate the bright colour sprinkled design of blue Gingko and Confetti that will definitely stand out from the boring seas of black and brown luggage on the carousel. 

Effortless Movement

The any-direction wheels rotate and glide so smoothly for you to weave through crowds and corners in a breeze on all 4 wheels or titled on two.

These along with the telescoping handle that has a few different height adjustments to accommodate shorter or taller people is a pleasant feature.

Also, when you’ll need to pick it up, you have touch top and side carry handles to support.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Beaumont


Now for carrying capacity, the suitcases, even the carryon is quite spacious.
Depending on how much you pack, it can fit three days’ worth in there.

Plus, it’s expandable.
You get a main compartment with adjustable compression straps to secure clothes, zippered side pocket for shoes and smaller items and a TSA-friendly water-resistant toiletries pouch to add. 


The 3-piece includes a 20-inch carryon, a 24-inch medium and a large 28-inch suitcase each available in blue gingko and confetti colours.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Beaumont


  • Gorgeous
  • Plenty of room
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • No TSA locks

Ocean Drive

A sturdy and striking hardshell suitcase with innovative features, the Ricardo ‘Ocean Drive is a good option for a durable bag that can survive travel impacts. 

The polycarbonate exterior has a Makrolon finish that is   scratch-resistant and lightweight, with TSA-compliant combination lock to secure the bag.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Ocean Drive
Credit: Amazon


Ricardo’s ‘Ocean Drive” is not just luxuriously spacious, but also lightweight for your next trip. 

This Ocean Drive luggage set boasts of a bevy of convenient features: expandable zipper for extra space along with a main compartment and stabilizing straps to store your clothing and shoes item.

As an extra, you have the luxury of 5 inner pockets and a TSA friendly toiletry pouch that allows for easier packing.

360-degree spinner wheels

There are eight wheels for peak mobility and a multi-stage retractable handle that is so comfortable to grip and adjustable to your taste.

Should you want to carry your luggage, there are top, side and bottom handles to ease the stress. 

Ricardo Luggage Review: Ocean Drive
Credit: Amazon


And, style-wise, it’s all clean lines and sleek feel with this hard side case.

Take it along on your trip, long or short, business or pleasure, it is sophisticated and minimalistic to blend in well.

Although you are limited to only silver and beige colours, I guess a suiter system extra is a good enough catch. 

The Collection

It comes in 3 different sizes- a 21-inch carryon, a 25-inch medium bag and a large 29-inch checked bag.

As usual, you can get a whole set or a single piece.


  • Durable
  • Suiter system
  • Attractive


  • Limited colour option


Ricardo Luggage Review: Ocean Drive

Mar Vista

The Mar Vista Collection is one of the high-selling Ricardo suitcases that makes a positive buzz and is well rated among their many users.

Enormous Storage

One of the wonderful roomy travel luggage in the markets, it can be expanded if needed.   

There are accessible external pockets and zippered compartments inside for emergency items keep and smart organization. 

In fact, it comes with a suiter compartment to keep your suites or dresses free of wrinkles.

It is thus a perfect choice for a short or long travel duration for every busy packer. 

Ricardo Luggage Review: Mar Vista
Credit: Ricardo

This affordable softside luggage is made of Terylene polyester and has positive ratings and recommendations from customers for its durability.

Some have even used the bag for years!   

The only complaints are about the zippers not being as durable but only by a few people.

Above and beyond, this strong baggage comes with a 10-year limited warranty to back its resilience.  

Breezy Movements
Each case features four spinner wheels that spin in any direction on uneven terrain for a smooth and weight-free movement.  

Relatively, the multi-stage locking handles which can adjust to any height you want features TPR grips that gives extra comfort and easy control of your luggage.   

Ricardo Luggage Review: Mar Vista
Credit: Ricardo


The Ricardo Beverly Hills Mar Vista collection set does come with a 10 -year manufacturer warranty which protects the luggage from manufacturing defects. See more here.

Mar Vista collection

It includes 20-inch, 24-inch and 28 inches checked luggage.
Mostly the carryons are available for sales at the moment on Amazon.

Note however that the 24-inch bag may or may not work as a carryon, so confirm with your airline about using it as a carry-on.

It might exceed the carry-on luggage size limit at different airlines.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Mar Vista


  • Durable
  • Suiter system
  • Attractive


  • Limited colour option


San Clemente 2.0

Lightweight with an extra thoughtful feature – a built-in USB for you to stay powered during transit, the San Clemente 2.0 hardside Luggage is a modern traveler’s dream come true.


Made with polycarbonate alloy, the exterior is not only scratch-resistant but also made durable enough to withstand travel demands.

The luggage also has a limited lifetime warranty, so you should be covered if anything happens to your bag.

Ricardo Luggage Review: San Clemente 2.0
Credit: Ricardo


Overpackers will rejoice in this suitcase’s capacity—it expands an additional 2 inches, if needed.

The main compartment is wide with a tie down panels to keep your clothing in place.

There’s also a secondary compartment with suiter system to keep your suit and garment. 

The large zippered pocket and toiletry pouch are useful for your smaller items.

Ricardo Luggage Review: San Clemente 2.0
Credit: Ricardo


The bag is convenient to use, with a telescoping handle, cushy rubber grip trolley handle, soft gel top and side carry handles, and TSA friendly lock to keep your bag safe.

Also, four spin wheels ensure smooth mobility and 360-degree navigation. 


The 3-piece set includes a 21-inch carryon, a 26-inch medium check-in and a 29-inch large luggage which are also sold as single piece.

Note that only the 29-inch size comes in three colours – Moon silver, slate blue, smoked vector 

Ricardo Luggage Review: Sen Clemente


  • Suiter system
  • Built-in USB port
  • Scratch resistant


  • Price could be better

Backpacks, Duffels and Packing Cubes

Because let’s be honest, some of us aren’t willing to drop more than $100 on a backpack, duffel or cubes.

These reviewed products are not just functional or comfortable, but also within the affordable range.

The followings are the best from the brand.  

The Malibu Bay Convertible Tech Backpack

This Backpack is a classic, with simple design that meets all the basic functions of a fashionable “tech” laptop backpack.

Despite its simple design, the bag comes with extra bells and whistles – multiple pockets, laptop sleeve, padded tablet pocket, straps, etc.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Malibu Bay 2.


Best of all, it features a 15-inch laptop main compartment and a second padded tablet sleeve for easy access.

Speaking of easier access, there are numerous pockets and pouch for organizing small items including an expandable side pocket on the outside to hold a water bottle.


For added comfort, the manufacturer includes padded back straps and two carry handles on top that can be tucked away when you’re not using them, allowing you to carry the bag in two different ways.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Malibu Bay 2.0


It looks pretty great. The pack is sleek, simple, and naturally blends in for professional settings as well as casual travels compared to your typically bulky backpack.  

The material is lightweight, water resistant and apparently eco-friendly, which is a nice touch.

Overall, it’s a well-made bag that works for your next big trip, or just for taking your laptop to a coffee shop.


  • Can be carried in two days
  • Multiple pockets
  • Padded shoulder straps


  • Lacks theft-preventative features

Malibu Bay 2.0 Weekender Duffel

The ideal weekender is not too big (or it’ll weigh you down), not too small (or you won’t be able to fit enough items), and stylish enough that you’ll feel confident hauling it to your next weekend destination.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Malibu Bay 2.0 Duffel

Made with Eco-conscious Dreamfel Fabric (which is lightweight, weather-resistant, and durable) and packed with pockets for your electronic gears, this is a big practical weekender.

The main compartment is large enough to carry a 15-inch laptop, while the other different pockets can store your tablet, tech gears, books and other items.

You can carry the Malibu Bay at your side using the two handles or over your shoulder using the strap.

Plus, it comes with a back-side sleeve that conveniently slides over a rolling suitcase handle.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Malibu Bay 2.0 Duffel

Sadly, it comes in only one colour for now. I hope the manufacturers would make the midnight navy colour available.

You can used it to the gym, as a carry-on, and even overnight stays.

With a little care, this duffel bag should last you a long time. And if it doesn’t, the Ricardo’s Lifetime warranty has you covered.


  • Spacious
  • Handle pass-through strap
  • Lightweight


  • One colour only 

Packing cubes

Whether you are a pro packer or someone who needs a little extra help, packing cubes just makes travelling so easy, especially if you’re travelling with just one suitcase.

But be warned, they are very additive. 

INDIO 3-Piece Packing Cubes

This starter set is super stylish, lightweight and so handy for keeping luggage contents organized.

The set consists of three sizes:
– Small: Good for undergarments, cords, some toiletries
– Medium: Ideal for tees, thinner tops, tanks, shorts
– Large: Spacious enough for pants and heavier tops

Ricardo Luggage Review: Indio Cubes

The top flap is mesh which lets you see what’s inside and allows the clothes to breathe.

The manufacturer claims that their cubes, made with resilient polyester and zip closure are very durable and of good quality.

To support this claim, they provide a lifetime warranty on their products.

The material is so easy to wipe off and the cubes come in a gorgeous bright and cheery prints! 

We only wish it came in more colors…


  • Beautiful print
  • Lightweight


  • Overstuffing not recommended

The Essentials 2.0 Packing Cube (3 Piece)

If you want to keep everything neat and tidy, you’ll be in your element with this 3-piece cube set from Ricardo.

With this set, you get a small, medium and a large cube in three different stylish colors.

The design also includes mesh in front of the packing cubes which make it a lot easier to identify which packing cube contain which, without having to open nor disorganize content.

Ricardo Luggage Review: Indio Cubes

It’s equally helpful in giving your content the ventilation they need, thus keeping the items fresher.

The Essentials cubes are of polyester, though nylon is usually stronger.

While these cubes are lighter than their nylon material counterpart, don’t expect it to survive years of use.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek look
  • Three different colors


  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Polyester not nylon

Final Thought

Since it has been established that not all Ricardo luggage products are reliable and made with exact standards, I come with the best picks for you.

Featured in this Ricardo luggage review are carefully selected range of travel accessories that won’t only keep your belongings safe and organized, but also suited for the life on the go.  

I believe that once you take a look at the best Ricardo luggage reviews we have listed above, that you’ll surely find one to suit your needs.

8 thoughts on “Ricardo Luggage Review (Our 11 Best Picks You Can Trust)”

  1. I bought the Ricardo Beverly Hills Ocean Drive two months ago, but my girlfriend took it away for herself, and now here I am looking to buy another one. 😀

    Everything you said about it in your review is correct, and I can personally vouch for it. The suitcase is of super high quality; it’s quite convenient and extremely durable.

    I usually used it go on 7-10 day trips, but I feel like you can go for even longer trips considering that I’m a person that always needs to add something extra when going somewhere…

    Oh, and did I mention that it’s also one of the prettiest looking suitcases I’ve ever owned?

    • Hey Gorjan,

      The Ocean Drive is one of Ricardo’s sleekest design in my opinion – no wonder your girlfriend has done a runner with it 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by again to leave a comment.

      Catch you later


  2. I have been looking for a travel luggage for a while as I was meaning to go on holiday this year but this did not happen because of the global pandemic. However my search for a good quality luggage did not stop. I’ve looked at a lot places but did not like many. Now looks like I have come to the right website for these amazing ultra durable Ricardo luggages.
    Thank you for the recommendation.

    • Hey Habib,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes COVID-19 has scuppered many a travel plans but when its under control, when testing gets better, these travel accessories will be back in need and Ricardo luggage is a good brand you can trust.


  3. Hey,

    This is a really informative and insightful review. As we have just gone into lockdown again in the UK, we are not able to travel anywhere and probably won’t be able to until mid next year. But, I m planning on travelling when we are allowed and I do need new bags/suitcases. The Ricardo luggage you have discussed does look very solid and will have enough space for my things.

    I will let you know what pieces of luggage I purchase and give you my own review of them.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    • Tom,

      Thanks again for leaving an interesting feedback.

      Indeed COVID-19 has scuppered many travel plans, and we are just hoping that the authorities will get the testing apparatus up to speed and with rapid turnaround to help us return to some form of normality.

      In the meantime, it’s good to be aware of your options where decent luggage is concerned and Ricardo Luggage is a brand your can trust – certainly when it comes to the ones I have shortlisted in this review.



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