Calpak Luggage Review

Our Verdict

Welcome to our Calpak luggage review.
If you’re looking for well-designed, affordable suitcases, backpacks, and other travel accessories, then Calpak is a solid option.

You will find them to be incredibly practical and functional with dashing styles to match. However, some products may not be durable enough for frequent travels or heavy use.
Calpak Luggage Review

Our Verdict

Welcome to our Calpak luggage review.
If you’re looking for well-designed, affordable suitcases, backpacks, and other travel accessories, then Calpak is a solid option.

You will find them to be incredibly practical and functional with dashing styles to match. However, some products may not be durable enough for frequent travels or heavy use.
Calpak Luggage Review

Our Verdict


If you’re looking for well-designed, affordable suitcases, backpacks, and other travel accessories, then Calpak is a solid option.

You will find them to be incredibly practical and functional with dashing styles to match. However, some products may not be durable enough for frequent travels or heavy use.

Calpack Luggage Review: Oh Joy! Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel


  • Unique and vibrant design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Remarkable organization
  • Mostly lightweight build
  • Basic packing features
  • Expandable capacity
  • TSA friendly lock
  • Super smooth spinner wheels 


  • Not for frequent travelers.
  • Limited warranty
  • Not always as durable

Calpak Luggage Review

If you care about having great travel experiences, you need good travel accessories.

But it can get tricky.

You have a lot of options at your disposal.

From Samsonite to Delsey to Travelpro, the market is filled with alternatives.

The problem is they all make the same promises – such as how they carry finest luggages in the market at the best prices with unmatched customer services.

The same is true with Calpak.

Calpak Luggage Review - Calpak promise

But the question is: is Calpak a brand you can trust to meet your travel accessories needs?

Well, you’re in the right place because in this Calpak luggage review, we are going to take a look at their luggage, carry-ons, duffels, backpacks and parking cubes.

We will be analyzing their quality, durability, customer reviews, warranty, prices, and features, to help you make a decision if you believe they are worth your money and will meet your travel needs.

Ready to check out everything that the Calpak Luggage Collection has to offer?

Let’s begin!

CalPak In A Snapshot

Calpak Luggage Review: About US

Founded in 1989 by Edward and Judy Kwon, the Californian luggage brand is best described as stylish and affordable with products tailored to meet every traveler’s needs.

Its wide range of products includes colourful and trendy luggages, backpacks, duffels, packing cubes, wallets, apparels and travel accessories.

Calpak products offer style, quality and value and what is best is that it is sold in the low to middle price range, making it very affordable.

Their products surely do not disappoint, their parking cubes and colourful carry-ons would make you swoon! At least, that’s what they say.

Read on to find out what we reckon in our Calpak luggage review!

Table of Contents

Calpak Luggage Review – Suitcases

Calpack Luggage Review: Jen Atkin and Calpak
Credit: Calpak Travel

Calpak’s diverse luggage range include the following collections:

  • Jen Atkin
  • Ambeur
  • Trnk
  • Oh Joy!
  • Astyl
  • Luca

Based on my extensive research, what I particularly find appealing about these collections is that you can buy them as either a carry-on, or as a checked luggage, which is an excellent feature to suit your travel needs.

The only exception is the Luca which is only available as a carry-on.

All the same, in this Calpak luggage review you will be able to make an educated purchase as we will inform you on whether you will get value for your money if you buy one of these luggages.

Jen Atkin

Calpack Luggage Review: Jen Atkin Carry-On
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Premium Jen Atkin is a sleek piece of luggage that is durable and the carry-on is sized to fit comfortably into the overhead bins on most airlines. 

The TSA-approved combination lock is easy to set and will be a comfort so you don’t worry about people rifling through your items. 

By the way, a TSA-approved lock is a combination lock to protect your checked luggage. No one else will be able to open the lock, except the TSA security agents, in case they need to inspect the bag while it’s checked-in. 

If your suitcase is locked with a regular lock, TSA agents are allowed to break the locks and zippers for further inspection, so it’s good you go for TSA locks.

Calpack Luggage Review: Jen Atkin Carry On TSA
Credit: Calpak Travel

In addition to that, the Calpak Premium Jen Atkin is equipped with 2 Hinomoto spinner wheels that runs smoothly on any surface. Instead of the regular four wheels, you get eight and these tend to be more durable and roll smoother. 

The corners are also protected with aluminium guards to cushion scratches and dings so remains looking as good as new even after a couple of trips. You can expect that wheeling these babies around the airport will be such bliss. 

The interior is fully lined, and is divided into two packing compartments. One side has a panel clip to hold your belongings securely and the other zip compartment allows space for you to hold smaller accessories and toiletries. 

Best of all both sides come with pockets, which is a nice touch in terms of good organization features.

Calpack Luggage Review: Jen Atkin Carry On with lady on pedestrian crossing
Credit: Calpak Travel

Personally, the most exciting feature is the fact that this premium collection is appropriate for both a casual vacation as well as a business trip. 

This classy collection is sold as a carry-on, a medium size, a large size, and a 2 and 3 set piece.    

Moreover, the sleek and shiny case is available in colors red, black, gold, and pink.

Thanks to its polycarbonate shell, this luggage will stand the test of time, which makes it one of the best options on the market.  

However, there is one downside to these suitcases. They are quite heavy to manoeuvre. The medium size luggage alone is 8.8lb!  


Calpack Luggage Review: Ambeur Carry On
Credit: Calpak Travel

Calpak Ambeur is one of the most popular carry-ons from the brand’s collection and it is easy to see why.

Aside its shimmering color and beautiful design, as far as quality is concerned it is most definitely worth your money.  

Generally when taking a look at the features, they are as good as any high-end luggage. 

Calpak  Ambeur is the perfect match for anyone looking for both function and style.

The bright colours and designs on the suitcase are super helpful because it becomes easy for you to identify your luggage when it is amongst others in the airport.

Unlike the Premium Jen Atkin range which is made purely of polycarbonate, the Ambeur luggage is however made up of a mixture of polycarbonate and ABS material, which means that the quality is not as strong, therefore this suitcase will be susceptible to scratches.

For instance, if you have to check the medium or large suitcase, it is likely to return to you with scratches. In fact, more than a few users have mentioned some scratches on its shiny exterior from mishandling and prolonged use.

Nonetheless, this is understandable since the Ambeur is not as expensive as the Premium Jen Atkin – a reflection of the cheaper material used.

Calpack Luggage Review: customer reviews

If scuffs on your luggage bother you, you could consider the darker colours as opposed to the brighter ones on which they are most visible.

Alternatively, I would recommend that you invest in their transparent luggage covers so that your checked luggage does not get beat up and bruised at the airport.

Furthermore, this suitcase is only available in 4 colours; rose gold, black, gold and silver. In my opinion, I feel that a wider variety of choice when it comes to color options would have been better.

Calpack Luggage Review: luggage cover
Credit: Calpak Travel

The collection includes a carry-on, a medium and a large, as well as 2-piece and 3-piece sets.

If you are like me and tend to over pack, the sets have 2 inches expandable zipper, so you’ll be able to squeeze in some more items if needed. 

Just like the Jen Atkins luggage, you can access the case by unlocking a TSA combination lock and you will not need to worry about the safety of your checked luggage.

Also, the suitcases have double spinner wheels which ensure full mobility and rolling ease, which is helpful especially in a crowded airport. The wheels are well designed and are very sturdy.

The case includes two main packing compartments for convenient packing. One is secured with elastic straps and the other has a zippered panel with extra zippered and elastic pockets for your smaller items. 

Overall, they are great suitcases – especially for the price and the trendy colours (if that is your thing). 


Calpack Luggage Review: Trnk Carry On
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Trnk Collection is a classic and the modern spin on the vintage trunk style endears it as the perfect bag for business trips.

They give you this old school trunk vibe for sure!

But don’t be fooled. This baby doesn’t just look pretty.

The Trnk collection features TSA approved lock and a sturdy spinner -wheel base for easy straight rollings.

There’s a top handle in addition to the side carry handles so you can carry and move about more conveniently.

You’ll never understand how handy this feature is, until you are too tired from dragging your luggage from the carousel.

That the exterior doesn’t look cheap is a bonus, so you can step out always in style.

Calpack Luggage Review: Trnk carry on inside
Credit: Calpak Travel

There are enough packing options in form of numerous built-in pockets, zippered compartments, cross-straps and a pouch for you to store your clothes easily which aids in keeping your contents more organized.

This luggage is suitable for both males and females. The set includes a carry-on, a medium, a large, 2-piece set and 3-piece set.

Calpack Luggage Review: Trnk 3 piece set
Credit: Calpak Travel

The drawbacks of this luggage is that zipper is actually quite disappointing because it is not strong enough, especially when considering the size of the large suitcase.

Airlines aren’t entirely careful with bags, so it would have been better if your checked bag didn’t return to you with issues because of bad zippers.

Therefore, if you are looking for a suitcase you can frequently travel with, the carry-on would be more beneficial to you.

Overall, it is a solid suitcase set with classic design and is highly functional.

Oh! Joy

Calpack Luggage Review: Oh Joy! Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Oh Joy! Luggage set is a must have for any fashionista who enjoys travelling with extra flair and pomp.

Calpak Luggage collaborated with Oh Joy! to launch the Oh Joy! luggage and packing cubes.

Refined, colourful and packed with lots of fun features, this suitcase is hands down, their most good-looking luggage, and will surely turn some heads.

Plus, the beautiful design allows you to easily identify your luggage on the luggage carousel.

The aesthetics options and fun prints such as the floral prints are perfect for business travellers, and are also exciting for leisure.

Social Media - Twitter recommendation Oh Joy
Credit: Twitter

However, like most Calpak products, this particular set is feminine and is mostly used by women.

The fun patterned interior and the 2 inches expansion capacity which allows you to make the most of the space inside are amongst its most appealing features.

Calpack Luggage Review: Oh Joy cover
Credit: Calpak Travel

Style is not the only thing the Oh Joy! luggage has to offer.
It is equally practical, and does it work pretty well.

This chic collection is made with durable polycarbonate and ABS mixed shell casing but again this material is not as strong as pure polycarbonate that ensures that both your suitcase is scratch resistant during the trip.

But you can buy the colourful dust cover for protecting your sleek suitcase from dust and scuffs.

That said, like all Calpak luggage it comes with TSA-approved lock, and premium 360° wheels for a smooth, easy roll.


Calpack Luggage Review: Asytll Collection

Sometimes the best suitcase is one that you can bank on its durability.
You know, that one luggage that can take the hits and jabs and still works well. 

That is exactly what the Astyll Marble offers!

Sure, scratches and scruffs are visible, but this is expected as all luggages get beat up after flying.

The Astyll Marble Luggage Collection also known as the ‘Original Marble Luggage’, has a durable and flexible hard-shell body. 

Although a hardshell, you’ll be pleased to know that it is very lightweight!

Social Media - Twitter recommendation

While the Astyll is not as durable as Samsonite’s Omni PC 3 Spinner Set, you can be less anxious about the state of your checked luggage. 

However, the durability of the suitcase handle is less than satisfying.  There are issues with the handles as they are not as strong and tend to fall off, especially for your checked luggage.

If you are more interested in durable suitcases, you can find a useful guide here on top hardside luggages.

For some, another concern is the limited colour option of this collection as there is no varieties to choose from. There are just two colours available – the midnight marble and the milk marble.

But in my opinion, that’s not a huge deal-breaker, because the two colours are quite rare and the quality is decent. Plus, they’re priced quite cheaply!

Social Media - Twitter recommendation - Unique design spot in a crowd
Credit: Twitter

It has 360° spinner wheels which makes movement a lot easier, even if you’re carrying the medium size. 

As a result, you can roll the wheels on the side or switch to drag it from the back. So, yeah, no crappy wheels on this one. 

Aside its functionality and style, boy can this baby hold a ton! 

Inside the luggage, there are two shoes pockets, a netted area for your electronics, and enough space for your necessities. 

If you like style and functional travel, then the Astyll Carryon, Medium, Large,2-piece, or 3-piece option is a good bet. 

Luca Carry-On

Calpack Luggage Review: Luka Carry On Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel

If there’s any Calpak products that can withstand the demands of frequent travels, it is Calpak Luca Carry-on. 

And it is scratch resistant! 

Made of durable resistant polyester materials, the carry-on is resistant to scratches and fading.

Meaning if you ever have to check the carry-on, the squishy cushions would protect the luggage from scuffs and marks. 

Functionally speaking, it is so easy to organize your item as there are zipped external pockets on the side and front. 

You can access your laptop, phone, boarding pass and other quick-grab stuffs easily on-the-go.

Even more, there is a hidden passport pocket for easy access. 

The compression strap and pouch inside the carry-on can make arranging your clothes and accessories so much smoother.

Calpak Luggage Review: luka-carry-on black-easy-access-side-compartment
Credit: Calpak

Lightweight too! You can easily lift the suitcase as the side and top handles are nicely cushioned for your comfort.

It goes without saying that the carry-on can smoothly fit into the overhead cabin, even if you’ve packed too much!

Super stylish and chic, Luca luggage has double 360-degree spinner wheels, and TSA locks  to keep items safe.

If you are not a fan of black, not to worry, there’s silver and bronze colours you can choose from. Sadly, those three colours are the only ones available.

This carry-on is a classic! What more? Positive reviews trail this product, plus Oprah recommends this particular suitcase! 

Calpak Luggage Review – Duffels

What do you need your duffel for- an expedition or a road trip? A quick getaway with friends, a summer trip to the beach, or for work? 

Irrespective of your requirements, Calpak Duffel bags are built to last for many vacations to come. 
Positive reviews trail most of the Calpak duffels for their stylish feel and most users were pleased with their purchase.   

Calpak’s  duffel range include the following collections:

  • Hue  
  • Stevyn 
  • Luca 

Let’s find out which one is right for you in following section of our Calpak luggage review.


Calpack Luggage Review: Hue Duffel Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel

If you in the market for a trendy duffel  that can suit a professional trip or a weekend getaway, the Hue Duffel is a good choice.

Get away in style with this smart, buttery faux leather that is aesthetically pleasing and also environmentally-friendly.

With a removable cross-body strap, trolley pass-through, magnetic closures, a laptop pocket, and a discreet cell phone pocket, this means that you can stuff in a lot of your  travel essentials.

Calpack Luggage Review: Hue duffel with man
Credit: Calpak Travel

This duffel is very spacious, durable, and comes with tons of organization for your quick trips.

It looks way more expensive than it is and comes in four beautiful colours- hazel, moss, pink sand and black.

While it can it be used by both males an females, it is quite small as there’s just not enough room inside to fit clothes for a long weekend.  

Overall, this posh-looking bag is well-built, versatile, and equipped with useful features.

Give it a try if this sounds like something you would gravitate towards.


Calpack Luggage Review: Stevyn Duffel Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel

If you’re in the market for ample storage and convenience, Stevyn Duffel Bag is one of the best values on this list.

Perhaps the reason why it is preferred by so many people lies in the fact that it is actually sized for a light travel and everyday use.

At just $68, this bag offers conveniences like large internal storage, removable shoulder straps, and separate bottom compartments where you can store your shoes. 

Calpak Luggage Review: Stevyn duffel show compartmentmarble front
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Stevyn bag is beautifully constructed from end to end- especially since the bag still retains a premium quality and has a wide array of colors.

The bag is well-built, functional, and has withstood quite a bit of use and abuse.

At the same time, it is not a fully featured bag for travel but is perfect for a weekend getaway.

Still, it has got everything you would ever need for a comfortable adventure – ample space, removable shoulder strap, four external pockets, and smooth zippers.

Luca Duffel

Calpack Luggage Review: Luka Duffel Collection
Credit: Calpak Travel

Luca Duffel is in our Calpak luggage review selection because it is proof that when it comes to duffel, little is more, well, except for the fact that it comes with nine pockets.

Calpak Luca Duffel is not just sleek and durable but also comes with multiple pockets—inside and out—for effortless organization.

This bag is great for travel! Best qualities include- sturdy shoulder straps, fits a lot of stuff, connects to suitcase, fits under the seat on the air plane and attractive appearance. It is perfect for frequent travelers. 

There’s also a separate zip-outside pocket for you to store your comfortable sneakers/ shoes, which is a nice touch.

That way, you won’t have to mix them with your other essentials but save space instead.

You can go with a metallic or monochromatic look, depending on your preference. There are lots of colours available. 

Calpak Luggage Review: Luka-Matte-Duffel-Bag-IRON-LIFESTYLE2_1000x1000
Credit: Calpak Travel

Calpak Luggage Review – Backpacks

Welcome  to the backpack section of the Calpak luggage review.

To put it in perspective, the Calpak backpacks, would never be called ugly nor boring.

They do a good job if you’re into looks and functionalities.

Calpak Backpacks have it all: stylish exterior, smooth interior, adjustable straps and comfortable feels.

So, say goodbye to checked bag fees with these 3 favourite travel backpacks from Calpak.

The three travel backpacks Calpak’s include the followings:

  • Kaya Laptop Backpack
  • Glenroe 
  • Kaya Round Backpack 

Kaya Laptop Backpack

Calpack Luggage Review: Kaya Laptop Backpack
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Calpak Kaya Laptop Backpack has quality faux-leather exterior and is super cute. I mean, have you seen the nice braiding accents it’s got going on?  

The backpack is divided into two distinct compartments to keep your tech and other essentials organized – and safe.

There is a separate padded sleeve at the back for your laptop and an open compartment at the front for everything else. 

It makes taking out your laptop very easy and is comfortable on the back.

The main compartment has three pockets and an interior zipper, and the bag has an exterior pocket for everything you may, like your wallet or a pack of gum. 

Calpack Luggage Review: Kaya Laptop Backpack
Credit: Calpak Travel

Perfect for everyday work essentials- I specifically liked that it had adjustable straps to hold steady the laptop from bouncing as you walk.

Plus, it is super-comfortable to sling over the shoulder.

But it’s too good to be true…  

You can only travel stylish and light…

Some users have complained of how the faux leather can’t bear a bit of over packing. A little too many items will leave the pack bulgy and sloppy.

Also, it is a cute bag but poorly made. The seams rip quite often!

And even if you reach out to Calpak for a replacement, they will not replace or refund as easily as you’d like.  

Overall, if you want a fashionable backpack to make a statement, I recommend the Kaya Laptop Backpack. 

Glenroe Backpack

Calpack Luggage Review: Glenroe Backpack Collection

The Glenroe is both comfortable and incredibly stylish – with lots of storage.

Despite having a ton of pockets and organization, the Glenroe has a minimalist exterior that makes it extremely versatile for a weekend trip or for official use.

Unlike the Kaya Laptop Backpack, I am personally a fan of Glenroe, as it can comfortably carry heavier loads, is more durable, and spacious for perfect organization.

Calpack Luggage Review: Glenroe Backpack inside 2
Credit: Calpak Travel

However, it looks like a school backpack, and is not as cute as the Kaya backpack.  

In fact, the Glenroe design is basic at best, and is not as fancy as the other duffels in this collection.

But what it lacks in looks, it makes up for it in useful space and functionality.

The pack has enough storage to cover you in most situations.

There are lots of pockets for easy organization, including padded sleeves for a 15-inch laptop and a 10-inch tablet.

The Glenroe is for you if you prefer a subtle and refined backpack.
Plus, you have the option of amazing colours to suit your preference.   

Kaya Round Backpack

Calpack Luggage Review: Kaya Round Backpack
Credit: Calpak Travel

If you want a bag with more style and panache, the Kaya backpack is for you.

The pack has only one main storage compartment with interior pockets, so it is not as functional.

This design is a step down from what you get with the Glenroe backpack, which offers more compartments and pockets.

Still, you can easily fit a variety of accessories in there like your phone, keys, a juicy novel, makeup essential, as well as plenty of slots for passports, keys, cards, rings and small documents.   

Overall, if space in your luggage is not your main concern, the Kaya is gorgeous, comfortable, easy to commute with and fit for an everyday use.

Calpack Luggage Review: Kaya Round Backpack features
Credit: Calpak Travel

This is the travel backpack you buy when you’re not afraid of looking super chic, and if you buy this, expect to receive lots of compliments from strangers!

Of course, there are also the adjustable shoulder straps, a simple carry handle at the top, and a luggage strap to slide it sideways on your case while you are traveling.

As I’ve stated, the Kaya backpack comes with only one main compartment, which is quite restrictive.

Since the lining inside the bag is loose (which can get annoying) and the bag is small, I suggest you place your items in small cosmetic bags to make them more accessible. 

Also, the zipper doesn’t open all the way and this makes it very difficult to get items in and out of the bag.

Still, I’d recommend if you are someone who cares about style and wants a bag that’s small, fashionable, and functional.

Plus, it’s affordable and so, worth it.  

Calpak Luggage Review – Packing Cubes

Welcome  to the packing cubes section of the Calpak luggage review.

Packing doesn’t have to be boring, not with packing cubes and definitely not with the ever stylish Calpak cube set.

The Calpak Parking Cubes just makes your packing and unpacking blissful and fun.

No digging. No rummaging. No frustrations.

It is heavenly to just open your suitcase and pick the exact item you need.

You don’t have to dig into your suitcase every time you need an item.

Stay super organized and get ready on the go with the Calpak Packing Set.

The Calpak Packing Cubes include the

  • Packing Cubes 5-Piece Set
  • Packing Cubes 5-Piece Set- Metallic
  • Oh Joy! Packing Cubes.

Packing Cubes 5- Piece Set

Calpack Luggage Review: packing cubes
Credit: Calpak Travel

The Calpak 5-Piece Set has a large, medium, and two small cubes, plus one Envelope pouch with a water-resistant lining for wet/dry storage.

Each cube has a space for easy labeling for extra organization (type, occasion, outfit, item types), a top-carry handle, and a zippered pocket on the back.

Unfortunately, the zippers are not sturdy and looks cheap in quality as few users have complained that the large cube doesn’t zip smoothly and feels like it will break any minute.    

There is also a mesh window to enable your clothes breathe, and a clear label for you to identify what’s inside. 

You can use the packing cubes with Calpak luggage (suitcase, backpacks, and duffels) and also individually.

It goes without saying that the packing cubes are functional and trendy. But if you need more convincing, check out Mara Leighton’s take on how the set cuts down her packing time and helps her stay organized on trips

Oh Joy! Packing Cubes

If you’d prefer something much more stylish and colourful, the Oh Joy! Packing Cubes is the preferable option.

Calpack Luggage Review: packing cubes floral 1

Final Thoughts

For every journey, there’s the perfect luggage or travel accessory. With so many great Calpak products out there such as the Jen Atkin, the Calpak Ambeur, and the Packing Cubes, you are definitely spoiled for choice!

Reinvent the meaning of traveling in style with any of the Calpak luggages that I have reviewed.

If you already own any Calpak Luggage, Duffel Bag, Backpack, or Carry-on, leave a comment in the comment section below and share your experience with it.

For more tips and advice on what you need to know about buying new pieces of luggage, check out my reviews of the top hardside luggage and the great luggage for international trips.

And if you have any questions about these suitcases or you want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you! 

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  1. Fabulous review of Calpak luggage. I find these really sturdy and great for the price. The only problem is that these are not available locally and ordering them from abroad means that i will have to pay stiff duties.
    Great information though, thanks.

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  3. Hi Femi,

    Such a great review on Calpak! I’ve never heard about this brand but some of the products really catches my eye.

    Decently priced too for chic designs. I would totally get the duffel bag. $68?? That’s definitely one to get.

    Waiting for the day we can all travel freely once more! Hahah. Thanks for this awesome review!


    • Thanks Sam – I’m pleased you found the review useful.

      Yes the Stevyn is currently retailing for $68 today.

      I feel you on the travel thing – can’t wait for us to get control of this infectious virus.


  4. Hi Femi! Thanks for this interesting article! I discovered the Calpac brand and I wasn’t aware about this one before. I’m a frequent traveler and the topic about luggage is very actual for me. Now I personally like to travel with a minimum belongings using a carry – on or even backpack only. My absolutely favorite from your review are the Luca carry-on – I love the material it is made of, never saw it before, and the Kaya laptop backpack – I like this design. Do you know about the price for Luca carry – on?
    Thank you!

    • Hey Alex,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. You can find the prices on their website – the price of the Lucas and the Kaya laptop backpack are $165 and $105 respectively. But the Kaya backpack in the mint color is currently discounted by 25% so you can get one for $75 today.


  5. Hi Femi,

    Thanks for this informative article about Calpak luggage! I have to admit that this is my first reading a very detailed review about Calpak luggage, and I like the photos you attached for different series and the screenshots you took from Twitter, which means people love this brand!

    Among all the choices, I like the Ambeur and love your tips to put the transparent luggage cover to protect our luggage in the airport.

    Thanks for sharing, Matt

  6. Hi there,

    Tons of great information here when it comes to the Calpak luggage. First off, that pinkish gold suitcase is added to my purchase list, it looks great. I also found the TSA lock being extremely useful. This has been a problem for me in the past. Had all kinds of stuff disappear from my luggage while traveling, this TSA lock would hopefully solve that.

  7. I love suitcases. We used to travel a lot a couple of years ago. We still do, but a bit less, still. However, we all stayed huge fans of a good suitcase. Wherever I see one, I need to stop and take a good look. Even better if I can read a good review, like this one.

    I have to say, however, my husband used to have a Calpak, and, now, looking at the photo, I guess it was an Astyll. He used it for quite a number of flights, and was quite happy with it. Until he got it back after a flight where the handlers somehow managed to distort the handle and tear off one side of the side handle. As this was not the return flight, he had to purchase an other suitcase to come home with.

    However, I wouldn’t blame it entirely on the suitcase itself, as I had too many chances to see closely how our luggage is handled sometimes at the airport. Even the super durable ones can get torn or damaged.

    • Dear Kerry,

      Thank you for sharing your experience and for commending my review.

      I agree that there’s only so much rough handling a suitcase can take before it unravels. After all, the handles and the wheels are the most vulnerable parts and you cannot abuse them without expecting the consequences.

      I’m sorry to hear of the unpleasant experience that your husband had with the handle getting damaged especially during transit. Was he able to get some compensation from the airline? I know of at least one person who was lucky to get some money from the airline when their Calpak luggage was damaged by handlers.


  8. I purchased the Ambeur 2 piece luggage set as a Christmas gift. When it arrived I was so let down. In-person it looks VERY cheaply made. The outer material is very thin and wobbly. It looks and feels like it could very easily break. Upon reading further reviews, it seems like the shell cracks fairly often and easily. When I unboxed it, it was already scratched just from shipping!

    Also, the wheels are extremely flimsy and the inside is not lined well and has a very visible band of grey plastic that just looks cheap and ugly.

    I placed my order late November and was guaranteed that it would arrive before Christmas…well it didn’t. it arrived 2 days after. The reason- it was stuck in a cargo ship from China. I certainly understand that that is an issue many companies are dealing with right now…but get this- Calpak claims that all of their items are manufactured and produced in California! Not only are their products of poor quality, but the company itself is completely dishonest!

    And the problems don’t end here, I tried to file a return only to be denied because the set was “final sale”. I have reviewed every detail of the listing and thoroughly read through their return policy and it does not state anywhere that the luggage is final sale. It does say that you cannot return sample items or “flash sale items”. The set was not a part of either of those sales. However, it was on the Holiday sale…. but again, it does not state anywhere that Holiday sale items are non-returnable.

    • Hey Kat,

      Thank you for stopping by to share your experience.

      I am sorry to hear about your bad experience with the Amber 2-piece luggage set as well as the poor customer service that followed.

      I first published this review some two years ago or so and I must admit that this issue about how the suitcases easily scratch came up in my research. It is one of the reasons why it received a 3-star rating when I published the article., but I’m surprised that Calpak hasn’t looked into it since then. What a bummer.

      So sorry once again.


  9. I received a Calpak laptop sleeve as a gift. It’s beautiful and well made. It’s label says it’s for a 17 inch laptop, which I own. However, the sleeve is 15.75 inches, which means that this “17 inch” laptop sleeve will not hold a 17 inch laptop. I’m baffled at the logic of making a container smaller than the product for which it’s intended.


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