Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: a white luggage

Frequent travelers enjoy luggage that is not only durable and well-crafted but also stylish. A white suitcase may be just what you need to up your suitcase fashion game. If you find yourself asking ‘is white luggage a bad idea?’, then you’re in the right spot.

No, white luggage is not a bad idea. In fact, using white luggage while you travel has more benefits than you might think- not just fashion.

Read on to learn about the many perks of using white luggage, as well as some of the reasons you may consider opting for a different color.

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: a lady sitting on a white luggage

White suitcases are a great idea. Not only are they sleek and stylish, but they will stand out from all the other dark colors that most people flock to. The eye-catching suitcase is good not just for style purposes, but it also will help you during the often tedious process of travel.

White is a rare color for a suitcase.

You’ll be quick to find your suitcase at the baggage reclaim as those bright white calls out to you. Bystanders won’t look twice at the white, knowing it’s definitely not theirs. It will also work as an anti-theft tool for nobody could get away with stealing a suitcase that unique.

White suitcases are also less likely to get lost. And if they do, it will be easy to describe it to the airport staff so that they can quickly locate it.

Lastly, while many worry about the easy damage to white suitcases, there are many brands that use materials that are easy to clean. This way, you can keep your white luggage looking sharp for much longer.

Here is a complete list of reasons why a white suitcase is the way to go:

1. White suitcases are sleek, fresh, and fashionable

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: a white luggage on a brown background

White suitcases are nothing if not stylish. If your top priority is looking good at the airport or matching your luggage to your white sneakers, read no further; a white suitcase is undoubtedly for you.

The fun and fresh bright white is eye-catching and fun.

It also looks good with basically every outfit. You can pair a white suitcase with bright colors, neutrals, blacks and whites, and all sorts of patterns. Like black, it’s a versatile and timeless color that will never go out of style.

The white suitcase will suit your bright mood as you step out into a tropical vacation destination or give you that sleek, business style when you travel on a work trip. Whatever your purpose for travel is, white will do you justice. 

2. You’ll stand out amongst hordes of black suitcases

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: two travelers with a white luggage

In the vast, unending sea of black suitcases, a white suitcase will call out to you like a beacon in the night. 

You deserve a suitcase that is as unique as you.

Don’t blend in with the dark, muted tones that most people go for. Instead, choose a white suitcase to stand out. Nowadays, bright suitcases are where it’s at.

Black suitcases are considered ordinary and unexciting. Though they might get the job done, they aren’t nearly as fun- they also aren’t nearly as easy to find.

3. You’ll find your suitcase fast at baggage reclaim

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: different colors of luggage on a luggage conveyor

Everyone has experienced that familiar baggage reclaim anxiety of wondering if your luggage made it. If your suitcase is a dark color, you might be forced to check multiple suitcases that come down the reclaim ramp to figure out if it’s yours or not.

This is the curse of having a suitcase that looks just like everyone else’s. However, if you choose a white suitcase, a mere glance will tell you whose it is.

It is very unlikely another individual will share a suitcase that looks like yours. If there just so happens to be another white suitcase on the ramp, chances are it would be a different brand, anyway.

Save yourself some time and stress at baggage reclaim and go for that white suitcase.

4. White suitcases are less likely to get lost

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: different colors of luggage on a luggage conveyor

Losing your luggage is never a fun ordeal. 

In fact, it is a really awful experience, especially if you packed things that are valuable to you. Using a bright, unique-colored suitcase is known to make it less likely to be lost.

Suitcases can get lost if the tag is misprinted or if they are loaded onto the wrong plane. If this happens, you will go to the airline staff to let them know you never got your suitcase.

If you tell them your suitcase is black, that is one-in-a-million. However, if your suitcase is a bright white, it’ll probably be pretty easy to locate.

Also, your suitcase won’t be left behind in the baggage carrier, hidden in the shadows. It would be pretty difficult to miss a white bag, even at night. Another reason suitcases get lost is because they are accidentally picked up by other people.

Chances are nobody will mistake a white suitcase for their own.

5. White suitcases are less likely to be stolen

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: a female traveler with a white luggage

What color luggage is most likely to be stolen?

Every now and then suitcases are stolen by thieves at baggage reclaim or other areas.

Thieves usually go for inconspicuous luggage that they could claim they thought was their own. White stands out a lot more than other colors and would likely put any thieves off from taking it.

It would be hard to pass it as their own considering its unique colors. Also, they would be much easier for you to spot in the crowds running away with your bright, white luggage.

6. Some white materials clean easily

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: July luggage family set

One of the main reasons people are put off from purchasing white luggage is due to the ease of getting it dirty. Suitcases get tossed around on planes and in the cargo bin. It is unlikely a white suitcase can get through a flight without getting any dirt on it.

Luckily, there are many brands that make easy-to-clean white suitcases. It depends mainly on the material used. Hardcover white suitcases are much easier to clean than softcover suitcases.

If you choose a white suitcase, it is better to go for a hardcover.

There are also many tools available for travelers that can help them easily clean their white suitcases.

The disadvantages of white luggage

While white suitcases have a great number of benefits, there are also a few drawbacks on the question of ‘is white luggage a bad idea?’

Even though some quality white suitcases are cleanable, they still get dirty easily. They also can get scratched up, which is much more visible on a white surface. Also, despite the sleek, fashion-forward style of white suitcases, sometimes you might not want to stand out from the crowds.

1. White suitcases get dirty easily

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: July luggage

Does white luggage get dirty easily? 

Let’s be clear; white suitcases don’t get dirty more easily than other suitcases- they just show the dirt a whole lot more.

Dark patches of dirt are much more visible on a white background than on a dark background. If the visibility of dirtiness is bothersome, this might turn you away from a white suitcase.

On the other hand, seeing the dirt visible will probably make you clean your suitcase. It’s easy to imagine there are a lot of black suitcases that have never once been cleaned.

2. Those scratches will stand out

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: a damaged luggage from the airport

This is one of the major argument against the topic of  ‘is white luggage a bad idea?’

Those annoying scuff marks suitcases get from bumping into things are also quite visible on white suitcases. It is highly likely your suitcase will be showing some scuff marks even after just one use.

Though this may be frustrating and annoying, scuff marks are not permanent.

There are tools for cleaning and buffing out suitcase scratches that will help you make it look as brand new as when you first purchased it.

3. You might attract unwanted attention

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: July luggage

Attracting attention with a stand-out suitcase is good on some occasions and bad on others. It also depends on your personal preferences.

Some individuals like to blend in with the crowds, while others like to be seen. 

If your white suitcase is an obviously expensive brand, it may be targeted by thieves rather than avoided. However, this will most likely happen outside of the airport rather than in it because of the uniqueness of your bag.

Never leave your suitcases unattended on the streets or in a public space and you should be fine.

How To Clean Your White Luggage

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: cleaning concept

White luggage does not stay white- it is against the laws of nature. Luckily, there are some simple and effective ways that you can keep your white suitcases looking clean and sharp.

Some suitcase brands that sell white suitcases provide the customer with a magic eraser. These magic erasers can be used to buff out any scuff marks or dirt stains on the surface of the suitcase. For example, the popular Away luggage brand  provide all buyers with a sponge they can use to clean their suitcases and get the scratch marks out.

If you buy a white suitcase that does not come with a magic eraser, you can purchase one separately. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser does the job quite well. Simply wipe the suitcase down when you get home from your trip with the magic eraser.  

Some marks come out very easily, while some need a bit of scrubbing.

Don’t be afraid to scrub too hard; the hard shells of suitcases are quite durable and not easy to chip.

If you don’t have a magic eraser on your hands, there are some other methods you can use to clean your suitcase. A convenient at-home remedy you can make by mixing dish soap with warm water.

I highly recommend you use a soft, damp cloth with warm water and mild soap or sponge to clean the outside of the suitcase off.

If the dish soap doesn’t work at first, you can try using baking soda mixed with toothpaste or nail polish remover. However, make sure you test this mix out first to make sure it won’t do any permanent damage to the material your suitcase is made out of.

Alternatives to White Luggage

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: different colored suitcases

If you like the thought of having a stand-out, stylish-colored suitcase, but you’re still not convinced that white is the right color for you, there are some other great options available.

There are quite a lot of cool suitcase designs out there that are much different from the standard black and other dark colors. It’s best to go for a bright and unique color so that it stands out as much as possible, while still looking cute.

The color obviously depends on your personal style preference. However, some great options I would recommend are the following: 

  • Pink
  • Light blue
  • Bright red
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Silver 

These colors will undoubtedly stand out at the airport and baggage reclaim.

If you are not into bright colors but still would like something unique, you might go for a rose gold suitcase. Though silvers and other metallic shades are a bit more common than rose gold, they are much better options than black.

You will find luggage brands that make suitcases with unique patterns, like florals and other designs. These are also great options for standing out while looking trendy.

If you already have a suitcase in a common shade and you don’t want to purchase a new one, there are still options for you. Fun luggage tags can go a long way in helping you to easily find your suitcase.
There are quite a few cool luggage tags available online that you can choose from. 

If luggage tags aren’t an option, you can always tie a trusty ribbon around the handle of your bag. Even though it is not much, it will help you ensure you grab the right suitcase at the belt. 


Is white a good colour for a suitcase?

Absolutely! White is a great color, especially if you want a luggage that’s really easy to spot and stands out!

Does white luggage get dirty?

Yes, white luggage can get dirty more easily compared to darker colors because stains and marks are more visible on white surfaces.

What is the most common color of luggage?

Black is the most popular color for luggage among travelers. This is because black is better at hiding scratches and wear, and darker colors are versatile for various occasions. Expert World Travel confirms this, stating that “Black is the most common luggage color, followed by dark blues, grays, and browns.”

How do you clean a luggage bag?

Closing Thoughts: Is white luggage a bad idea?

Is White Luggage a Bad Idea?: white luggage and airplane travel concept

Is white luggage a bad idea?

Using white luggage has more pros than cons. The combination of sleek style, the ease of finding your suitcase, and the lower threat of losing it make white luggage a great idea. 

While white suitcases show dirt and scuff marks easily, there are simple ways to clean and buff the marks out.

Therefore, unless you don’t want to have to deal with cleaning it, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t purchase a white suitcase.

So, what do you think? Please let me have your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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10 thoughts on “Is White Luggage a Bad Idea? Pros & Cons of a White Suitcase”

  1. Very interesting!
    I always thought that white luggage was a bad idea but now you’ve convinced me otherwise. Maybe the next time I buy a suitcase I should go for a white one. The one thing that puts me off is that stains show more easily on white – the same reason why I’m also reluctant to buy white clothes – but with the magic eraser that can be dealt with.
    Blue or light pink are also nice colors and if it stands out; it will also be easier to spot at baggage reclaim. That last one is a very convincing argument 🙂

    • Thanks for the honest feedback, Christine! I’m glad you found our article interesting.

      I completely understand your hesitation in choosing white luggage due to the fear of stains, but I think with a few precautions that can be easily avoided.
      Although it is true that stains can be visible on white luggage, with a little care it’s easy to keep them looking clean. As you rightly mentioned, a magic eraser or other cleaning product can help remove any marks or dirt that may accumulate.

      Thanks again for reading and for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Thank you for this article. I love suitcases but I do not think I will ever get a white suitcase due to the fact that it gets dirty super easily and the scratches are visible to everyone.
    Thank you for giving us the good and bad

  3. Honestly, I never thought that so many things can be written about white luggages:-) Personally, I would opt for a white luggage only for short and quick travels because I want to avoid unwanted and visible stains and scratches. Otherwise, I prefer blue or black luggages – it is probably more about a habit than a preferance I suppose.
    You wrote a very interesting, very impressive and quite convincing article, I would say so thank you for sharing it 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Ana Maria.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Ana Maria. I’m glad you found our article on white luggage helpful. I completely understand where you’re coming from in preferring blue or black luggages for longer trips.

      Thanks again for your comment!

  4. I think the colour of luggage is personal preference, and it’s great that you can now go with the colour you desire. For me, white luggage does appear to be higher maintenance than others, although I do now see the benefits of it. Waiting at the baggage reclaim is painful enough without having to figure out which one is yours.


  5. Very interesting Femi, I agree it’s good thinking to get a colour that stands out form the sea of black suitcases. I didn’t think of white but your article grabbed my attention and made me want to learn.
    I think you would need to be careful taking white suitcases/luggage into certain countries if you don’t want to stand out. There’s a lot of risk with some countries and I think there could be higher risk of theft of white luggage and suitcases as it looks ‘rich’. So I think if you are travelling domestically in your own country or a first world country it could be OK, but not to the more adventurous places e.g. parts of asia, Africa, central and south america, eastern europe etc.
    Better not to stand out in some countries I feel

  6. Hi Wole, Never really thought about using a white luggage carrier. I guess I am just a bit boring but I would I think usually gravitate towards something like Navy or Black but you make some very good points here and I guess just standing out from everyone else is a nice thought. I mean you are right about how dirty anything that is white can get I guess that sucks but then why not go for another colour like Orange or Pink Its a good idea to choose different colours for sure.

    Some great ideas to consider here.

    Thanks for sharing Wole

    Best regards


  7. I bought white luggage with black trim and I am totally in love with it! It matches my black and white SUV and my two black and white dogs! Lol. It just makes me happy and so so easy to see and clean. I actually love cleaning it and making it shine again! So so easy and gorgeous!


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