9 Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Bags)
To Help Carry Your Smelly Things Discreetly

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): woman with an Omerta smell proof backpack
Credit: Dimebags.com


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If you’re on the hunt for the best smell proof backpacks, then you’re most likely looking for a bag which allows you to carry your smelly items discreetly.  

The good news is – these bags exist.

Thanks to carbon filter technology, there are backpacks on the market today that effectively conceal odors.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Skunk backpack

What’s more, some of the best smell-proof bags can control moisture loss and are lockable to prevent others from tampering with your bag.

However, searching for the best smell proof backpacks online can lead you down a rabbit hole of sketchy Amazon listings and into a world of poorly manufactured copycats.

Which is why I have researched the best smell proof backpacks to allow you to transport your highly fragrant stuff or those with poor odor without attracting unwanted attention. 

Read below for the winners.

Table of Contents

9 Best Smell Proof Backpacks

Check out this quick list of the best smell proof backpacks if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see my full list with in-depth reviews. 

  1. Best overall: Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack 
  2. Best for travel: Skunk Hybrid Backpack/Duffel
  3. Best sustainable: Dime Bags Original Hemp backpack
  4. Best for the outdoors: Skunk Rogue Backpack
  5. Best EDC: Skunk Element School Backpack
  6. Best secured: Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack
  7. Best stylish: Skunk Urban Backpack
  8. Best compact: Ozchin Smell Proof bag
  9. Best sling: RAW x Rolling Papers Sling bag
Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack
Credit: Cali Crusher

Summary: The Cali Crusher backpack is 100% smell proof, weather resistant, and designed to keep your gear secured.

The Cali Crusher backpack tops the list of best Smell proof backpacks  because nine times out of ten, it is ready for any journey where you need the odor reined in.

Designed to safely transport your most potent smelly cargo, it is both water resistant and 100% smell-proof.

That’s right, the inside is lined with activated carbon with a double zipper seal design that helps restrain the very pungent smell from seeping out.

And as a bonus safety precaution, the main compartment features a combination lock to keep prying eyes and noses out.

With three compartments, two side pockets and adjustable side straps, it’s easy to keep everything in order on-the-go.

There’s also a laptop sleeve, so you can keep your device protected from scratches or wetness.

Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can tighten the bag for a compact feel or loosen the straps to fit a few changes of clothes while traveling.

What we also love

This stylish and unisex bag is available in six different color options to suit different tastes and is great for school, office, and even the outdoors.

What’s not great

Some users complained about weak zippers.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Skunk Hybrid Backpack/Duffel
Credit: Skunkbags.com

Summary: A spacious and smell proof bag to safely carry your dirty laundry or stash or other big gear safely.

Despite a huge variety in the market, you can’t beat the odor proof bags by Skunk and its Hybrid duffel def qualifies as one of the best smell proof bags out there.

That is, if you’re looking for an excellent duffle bag that’s attractive, strong seamed, and most importantly, has an efficient smell-blocking trait.

As expected, the Hybrid backpack has a carbon filter liner that surrounds the entire bag for unmatched odor-blocking.

You can now carry your dirty laundry or your glass and stash safely, without any embarrassment.

It’s also water-resistant so if you need that extra assurance, you won’t have to worry about it being damaged by water.

Even better, it is made with anti-tear netting rubber, supported with a nylon carbon cover manufactured using good quality Velcro to make sure no sharp objects, such as a pen’s nib, a pointy key, or anything similar could tear the bag easily.

There is more…

The bag also includes a combo lock to keep wandering eyes and hands from the inside of the duffle.

Nice right, I think so too.

Spacious and with sufficient pockets for organization, this is a bag you can travel with on trains, airways or even by road.
It makes for one of the best travel friendly best smell proof bags.

What we also love

To avoid being worn out, the bag has multiple straps to make sure you can carry it as a traveling bag or suitcase.

What’s not great

Zippers can get easily damaged if not handled with extra care.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Dime Bags Original Hemp backpack
Credit: Dime Bags

Summary: Your go-to eco-conscious and well rated smell proof backpack.

If you want a more sustainable and eye-catching option in the list of the best smell proof backpacks, the Original Hemp pack will more than exceed your expectations.

Since concealing odor is its top priority, the Hemp bag is easy on the eyes and even easier on the nose thanks to its heavy-duty zippers and the addition of a free smell/spill-proof stash baggie.

The bag features a secret pocket at the back where you can discreetly and safely transport your stash and prevent unwanted odor, eyes and nose.

It is thus a great option for festivals, concerts, day trips, commutes, and other live events you can go to with a clear conscience.

The material used is an ecofriendly and sustainable choice that is super durable and will last you a very long time.

Also, this pack will neatly organize and keep your items safe.

Why, it has so many compartments!

It’s spacious enough to hold a 17-inch laptop, books, a change of clothes, plus several other items in its large four main compartments.

Two utility mesh pockets hold your go-to items like a bottle while two side pockets help you safely stash your valuables like wallet, phone, etc.

Need more space?

Well, you can deploy the two adjustable straps by the side to carry a jacket or blanket.

And guess what?

It makes for a comfortable carry, from the padded back to the adjustable and contoured shoulder straps, everything feels balanced just right when it’s loaded up

What we also love

It is customizable.

The dime Original Hemp bag comes with a removable patch you can switch out for a more discreet appearance.

What’s not great

The only downside is that the whole bag is not smell proof. You only get a small airtight baggie that is smell proof.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Skunk Backpack Rogue
Credit: Skunkbags.com

Summary: The Skunk Rogue is for the practical city commuter who also appreciates the outdoors. 

If there is one brand that is worth the hype, it’s Skunk Bags.

And if you are a keen outdoor explorer, the Skunk’s Rogue will definitely be able to keep up with your adventures.

This multi-purpose bag is great for just about anything, whether it’s hiking through the mountains or your commute to work.

It is one of the best smell proof backpack that will protect your gear from the elements and unwanted attention.

It features activated carbon technology and silver antibacterial linings with weatherproof zippers. This lining neutralizes odors and traps harmful chemicals and gases in the pores of the material to provide a neutral smell zone.

Also, the included combination locks with a buckle-down flap gives extra security.

In terms of organization, this backpack has it nailed.

With internal and external zippered pockets and a padded laptop pocket, you’ll struggle not to keep things where they ought to be. 

Plus, the front pocket on the exterior is weatherproof and with its large capacity, you can carry a lot in it.

What we also love

The shoulder straps are easy to adjust and well-padded for all-day comfort.

The mesh-lined back panel is also a high performer, and wicks away sweat well even on hot summer days, so it’s ideal for use on your travels as well as exploring the outdoor.

What’s not great

The bag is quite expensive.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Skunk Element School Backpack
Credit: Skunkbags.com

Summary: The Skunk Element pack is an odor absorbing, water resistant backpack for everyday use.

This well rated Skunk Element backpack is worth your consideration for the best smell proof backpacks to take to work, the gym, and even a day trip.

For one, you can hardly go wrong with a Skunk offering.

You cannot smell anything once the bag is closed courtesy of its all-out potency carbon lining and waterproof zipper enclosure.

Lots of reviewers on Amazon have raved about how well it transports their medication (marijuana), flowers or herbal aroma without anyone else knowing.

The included lock and metal zippers for security are the cherries on top of this smell proof tech-friendly design.

The best part?

It functions well and looks just like a normal backpack.

It is stylish, comfortable, and functional for everyday carry.

The bag has ample space with different pockets to store your books, chargers, headphones, folders, laptop or tablet PC, and more.

Plus the pack is light, and its shoulder straps and back panel are cushy and padded, so it will remain comfortable even after you’ve filled it with your daily essentials.

What we also love

It comes in eight different colors to suit anyone’s personal style. 

What’s not great

The zippers could be better.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Dime Bags Omerta Transporter Backpack
Credit: Dime Bags

Summary: The Omerta Transporter backpack is safe, smell-proof and functional.

For a secured backpack, the Omerta Transporter from Dime Bags is your go-to bag for the best smell proof backpacks.

In terms of security, it features a padded smell proof carbon lined interior with lockable double zipper, ensuring that no odors leak out of the bag.

Plus, each lock is uniquely keyed. Yep, it’s an anti theft smell proof bag because you’re the only one who can open the backpack.  

As a result, you won’t have to worry about someone getting a whiff or having access to your goodies, even if it’s stash or a stinky cheese!

And construction wise, the Dime Omerta pack is no joke! 

The material is not only water resistant, but is also wear and tear proof. Talk about a bag that’ll last many adventures.

Also, the Velcro patch is removable and the bag comes in black, making this a versatile backpack for different occasions.

I mean, how more discreet does it get?

Also, the organization is top-notch.

With 9 compartments, organizational pockets and a spacious carrying capacity, you can easily fit a tablet, camera, sweater, phones, snacks, and other bits and pieces.   

Plus, the interior is soft and well-padded to safely transport your laptop and other fragile items.

What we also love

The bag is padded in all the right places so it makes for a comfortable carry while you are wearing it at full capacity.

What’s not great

The bag needs reinforced stitching at some vulnerable places like the seam, handles, etc.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Skunk Urban Backpack
Credit: Skunkbags.com

Summary: The Urban backpack is a smell proof bag that is fashionable & functional.

This head-turning Skunk Urban pack is a good representative of the best smell proof backpacks with an overall quality construction.

As a smell proof bag, this thing is a beast.

You can choose from either a rugged nylon or cotton canvas exterior fabric that is rubber backed to block odors from escaping the bag.  

The main and front compartment is fully lined with activated carbon fiber that absorbs and filters odors for maximum discreet carry. The strategically chosen water-resistant zipper is extra tight in design to significantly help trap the smells in to be filtered. 


Other awesome features are waterproof lockable zippers, a padded laptop pocket, a spacious interior and pockets to keep things organized on the go.

What we also love

The has a really beautiful design with colors that stand out.

What’s not great

It has an average quality main zipper that jams if not handled with care.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Ozchin Smell Proof bag
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Your secret is safe with the Ozchin Smell proof bag.

The Ozchin pouch is a highly rated bag that effectively eliminates odor in its carbon lined airtight storage sack, making it one of the best smell proof bags.

Over 8,000 buyers on Amazon swear by the Ozchin bag that you won’t be able to catch a whiff of what’s inside from the outside!

This bag therefore allows you to transport your weed and tools on the sly.

It is also great for medicine, coffee, tea, dried foods, herbs, spices and strong smell items etc.

The best part?

It is lockable! There’s an easy-set and powerful combination lock to keep away unwanted attention.

My favorite thing about this pouch is that it’s extremely portable, so you take it with you wherever and won’t even notice it’s there.

Also, for a small bag, its organization and construction is topnotch.

It has a large internal space that comes with 3 strong removable Velcro dividers, and pockets for easy organization.

What we also love

It is affordable!

Not to mention, this container is very durable, completely waterproof and smell proof so your goodies will always be safe when carried in it.

What’s not great

There are complaints from buyers about bad zippers.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): RAW x Rolling Papers Sling bag
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Carry your weed and other essentials safe and snug in the RAW Sling bag.

If you’re a smoker who goes out with stash, investing in the best smell proof bags is an excellent idea.

After all, life is sweeter when you have your stash than when you don’t, right?

For those who need both a secure stash bag and something with a bit more room and functionality, the RAW Sling bag comes to the rescue.

Case in point: it features a smell-proof interior and coated zippers so your personals stay, well…personal. Aside from fitting your go-smoking essentials nicely, it also has several pockets for your other day to day essentials, like wallet, phone, smoking accessories etc.

I particularly like its hidden back pocket which is great for a discreet valuable you need easy access to.

Special details —like a removable foil pouch and adjustable strap – allow you customize this black sling to taste.

What we also love

I like that it can be worn as a hip bag, so you can give your shoulders a break and of course, as a sling bag.

Sophisticated, compact, and discreet, this one really hits the spot as the best smell proof bags for smokers.

What’s not so great

Its compact size won’t suit those who need to carry bulkier items or larger loads.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Cali Crusher Smell Proof Backpack

Well, yes. Smell proof bags do exist.

Hello, science. 

The best smell proof bags are designed to hold your food, travel, and camping gear you don’t want the person beside you getting a whiff of. They simply conceal the odors in your bag from going out.

With the right smell proof backpacks, you can comfortably transport your cannabis around and not have your car reeking of bud when you are being pulled over by the cops.

How about traveling with dirty laundry? Or going home with your wet sneakers and gym kits? Even storing everything from fish to cheese in and not having your fridge reeking like a dead body has been in it for months? 

The answer is a 100% smell proof bag that helps avoid embarrassing noses and eyes by containing the odor in the bag.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): Level1620.com

Again, yes. Smell proof bags work.

This is because they are made with high quality carbon lining to trap and eliminate odors and sometimes even feature extra carbon lining beneath the zipper for superior odor trapping capabilities.

Also, the best smell proof backpacks feature airtight zippers which help lock in odors and freshness.

The bag exterior is made of very sturdy puncture resistant and moisture repellant–making materials.

But then, not all of these smell proof bags work the same way- there are varying levels to it. Just go for one that’s well reviewed and trusted to absorb any odors.

Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Smell Proof Bags): man with an Omerta smell proof backpack

The best smell proof backpacks are bags you take anywhere you want without worrying about any smell seeping out from your bag, thus providing you the privacy you deserve.

How is this possible?

The inside of the bag is lined with concentrated activated carbon technology fiber, scientifically proven to capture all the odor particles, as well as heavy-duty zippers that work to ensure that no smell escapes.

The added security of a lock (mostly built-in 3-digit combo locks) helps to put your mind at rest, knowing that only you have access to the precious contents in your bag.

Whether it’s a rotten egg, pet snacks or even a collection of stinky diapers, the best smell proof backpacks whisk these odors away.

Also, they are ideal for tobacco, pet waste, medicine, perfume, coffee, trash, bait, etc.

Aside from these items, best smell proof backpacks like traditional backpacks, can hold other day to day or travel items, like books, tech devices, clothes, and other essentials.


Buyer’s Guide to Water/Air Tight Zipper Applications by SBSZIPPER

Smell Proof Bags Put to the test by Smellproof.com  

How do smart stash bags work? by smartstashbags.com

How does carbon-filter technology work? By DimeBags

Bottom Line

“I’ve learned that we’re all entitled to have our secrets.”

And for some, it is a reliable carry with a smell proof interior for neat and discreet transportation.

From my selection of the best smell proof backpacks, you get tons of options to do that in style and comfort with the perfect bag of your choice.

The packs on this list are functional as they are practical with a smart feature of activated carbon fiber linings that absorbs and filters odors to protect your gear and make your life easier.

Some if not all of them come with features like lockable zippers, organizational pockets, water resistant exterior, padded laptop sleeves, or hidden pockets. 

The bags featured in this review are designed to meet your odor proof needs, while being practical and comfortable.

However, this list is by no means conclusive, so I’m open to hearing your recommendations, questions and/or experiences with these or any other bags.

Please leave your comments below.

If you’re interested in camera sling bags with great protection for your devices, be sure to check out my guide to the best camera sling bags for photographers on the go.

This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These backpacks have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.

7 thoughts on “9 Best Smell Proof Backpacks (Bags) To Help You Carry Your Smelly Things Discreetly”

  1. Hey there, Femi. Thank you a lot for this amazing blog post of several anti stink back bags. I had to stop using one amazing Under Armour just because of this reason (football player). I like the Hybrid Backpack\Duffel. It looks quick big to be honest, especially when mentioned it is travel one. Do you know if the other types on their website would fulfil those anti-smell requirements? Do you know in general what is the secret that bags manufacturers are doing in order to stay smell free?

    • Julius,
      Thank you for your questions.

      For a bag to keep your football gear and not worry about the stink, any of the Skunk backpacks would do. This is because the brand specializes in odor proof backpacks that comes with potent carbon linings and waterproof zipper enclosures. If you noticed, I even recommended four of their offerings in this review.
      But I sense that space is a concern for you. So, I’d recommend the Skunk Rogue because it is spacious enough to fit quite a bit of gear.

      And to answer your second question, the secret to smell free backpacks is in the construction.
      The inside of the bag is lined with concentrated activated carbon technology fiber (scientifically proven to capture all the odor particles) as well as heavy-duty zippers that work to ensure that no smell escapes.

      Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, Femi, for this wonderful article.
    I am looking for two smell-proof bags. One for my weekend gateways and the other for packing stinky items like papers etc., to keep my living area smell-free.
    I would be carrying my vape gear, water, and other liquid items. The bag must be capable of handling scent if something leaks.
    I am more apprehensive about the second one. Can I open it in the living room, or do I have to go out so that room does not stink.
    Are these bags washable?
    Please advise the right one for my needs.

    • Hi Arun and thanks for leaving a comment.

      Yes, there is quite a few options you can consider. For weekend getaways, good options include but is not limited to the following backpacks- Skunk Backpack Rogue, Hybrid backpack/duffel, and the Omerta Transporter backpack.
      All these options are made with carbon filter technology to prevent odors from going out, and have sturdy laptop compartments with pockets to help you with better organization.

      And for the second option, I’d recommend the Cali Crusher backpack because it is designed to odor reined in. since you do not want your living space stinking, id advice you go out of the room to open the bag.

      And no, in most cases, it is not advisable to wash your smell proof backpacks. Smell-proof bags can sometimes be thrown in the dryer for short periods, but they can rarely be machine-washed.

      Hope that’s helpful.
      Happy to discuss.

  3. Hey Femi,
    I am a long term user of day packs and back packs so glad I found your article. You caught my attention early when you wanted that “searching for the best smell proof backpacks online can lead anyone down a rabbit hole of sketchy Amazon listings and into a world of poorly manufactured copycats.”
    I really like how you broke down the article into the 9 categories AND have saved us so much time by pre-qualifying them to only list the best ones – not the cheap copycats. This will help with my needs for a sling and a stylish backpack for a child with diapers too. Wonderful article and keep up the great work.

  4. Thank you for this article. I had been looking for a bag that can stop the smell of things because I tend to have bags where I put things and forget only to find that those things have become rotten.

  5. Hey there,
    I honestly had no idea there is such a thing as smell proof backpack. It never occurred to me that some smells need to be concealed during transportation. I have definitely learnt something and this looks like a good quality backpacks. Thank you for your reviews.


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