AER Fit Pack 2 Review
(Looks Great but Is It Worth It?)

AER Fit Pack 2 Review: AER Logo 2

Our Verdict

Welcome to our AER Fit Pack 2 review.
With a streamlined design, tough materials and insane organization to match, the AER Fit Pack 2 caters to your work, gym and even overnight trip items and accessories.

Our Verdict


Welcome to our AER Fit Pack 2 review.

With a streamlined design, tough materials and insane organization to match, the AER Fit Pack 2 caters to your work, gym and even overnight trip items and accessories.

Our Verdict


Welcome to our AER Fit Pack 2 review.

With a streamlined design, tough materials and insane organization to match, the AER Fit Pack 2 caters to your work, gym and even overnight trip items and accessories.

AER Fit Pack 2 Review: feature image
Credit: AER
AER Fit Pack 2 Review: feature image
Credit: AER


  • Amazing organization

Three compartments make for convenient segmentation of items as well as tons of pockets for smaller items.

  • Comfortable harness system

Small and light, carrying this bag is such a cinch even when it’s fully stuffed. The mesh is padded and well ventilated and the sternum strap is an added addition.

  • Stylish and stealth design

With efficient organizational features for all your essentials, the bag comes in subtle colors and design that’s easy on the eyes without being over the top.

  • Premium materials

The bag comes with a sleek look and is made with solid materials that will last you years.

  • Water resistant

The materials and zippers are water resistant, so you can be assured of the safety of your items from the rain.

  • Protected laptop compartment

Your laptop and tablet are padded to protect from drop impacts or bumps.


  • Quite pricey

The Fit Pack 2 is a high-quality backpack so you won’t be paying a typical price.

  • No space for overpacking

If you usually go around with a lot of gear or daily essentials, this bag is not built for over-stuffing and so may not accommodate all your needs.

  • No dedicated water bottle pockets

For a gym bag, there’s no pocket to keep your water bottle or even umbrella.

AER Fit Pack 2 Review

Welcome to my AER Fit Pack 2 review.

Hauling two bags around all day can be such a drag – one perhaps for your work things and the other for gym gear.

How about a small pack that could cater for both needs?

Enter the AER Fit Pack 2 backpack.

It doesn’t just accommodate your work essentials, apparently you can pack everything you need for the day in it, including your fitness or casual things.

But is the AER Fit Pack 2 really worth the hype?

That’s why I wrote this piece. 

In this in-depth review of the AER Fit Pack 2, I will break things down to help you see where the bag excels and where it’s lacking. I will share everything you need to help you determine if this pack meets your needs or not.   

Ready?  Let’s dive right into this AER Fit Pack 2 Review.

AER In a Snapshot

AER Fit Pack 2 review: AER logo
Credit: AER

AER is a carry design company founded in 2014 by Allen Choi and based in San Francisco.

Their main objective? 

Making functional and sleek bags as well as travel accessories with features that cater to the need of a modern traveler.

Their bags serve two purposes – a work and gym bag rolled in one. Instead of carrying two bags, you have special compartments for all the essentials you need to carry in one compact bag.

Aside the Fit Packs, their other product lines include duffel bags, totes, sling bags and brief cases made for the urban setting.

Visit the AER website at   

This detailed AER Fit Pack 2 review would focus on the design, construction, how comfortable it is and the general perception about the pack.

Table of Contents

Design & Look

AER Fit Pack 2 review
Credit: AER

The AER Fit Pack 2 combines a compact and urban style that attracts every person from the businessman to the gym lover. 

At 18.8 L capacity and 1.9 lbs., the Fit Pack is the go-to every day carry pack for your basic work and gym gears.

However, it’s not spacious enough to be used as a single travel bag companion.

The harness system is such a delight. It spots a decent level of padding and mesh lining that keeps you comfortable and well-ventilated. 

AER Fit Pack 2 review
Credit: AER

With its handy straps and sternum straps, you’ll find this lite pack snug fit against your back as you navigate your way around a jam-packed city.

While I particularly favor the black color with its shiny water repellant coating, there are also navy, gray and X-Pac flavors you can pick from.

One feature I appreciate in this bag is its minimalist and clean design.

While the colorways may look boring, at least the pack is versatile for office setting, gym, and even short trips.

Materials & Construction

AER Fit Pack 2 review
Credit: AER

In this AER Fit Pack 2 review, you’ll see just how sturdy the material each colorway is made with.

There’s a little disparity in the material for individual model though.

For instance, the Black model opted for a durable 1680D CORDURA® ballistic nylon; the Gray Fit Pack is made of 900D eco-dyed polyester while the X-PAC model is made with VX-42 X- Pac™ sailcloth exterior by Dimension-Polyant®.

Due to the high strength and sturdiness of these materials, you wouldn’t be concerned about it falling apart for months and you can handle abuse from everyday use.

Along with the water-resistant exterior and AquaGuard YKK zippers, the pack keeps your everyday tech and gear the way it always should be—dry.

AER Fit Pack 2 review
Credit: AER

Despite how smooth and easy they are to pull, the zippers have some short comings.

You’ve got 4 zipper tracks with pulls that easily get in the way of each other. Since they are close to each other, they sometimes overlap and it can be quite annoying.

So yeah, it can cut your ease of access and cause confusion especially when you’re trying to locate a particular pocket or item quickly.    

Plus, the zippers are not 100% waterproof and are kind of big and clunky.

When you think of durable hardware, the AER pack is made with Duraflex and you’ll be glad to know this bag would last you for years.

All in all, the materials on this backpack are premium and the harness is comfortable to use even on extended wear.

Fit & Comfort

AER Fit Pack 2 review
Credit: AER

As a small pack, the AER Fit Pack is very comfortable and the harness system gets the work done.

The padded shoulder straps are contoured with mesh covering to help cushion your shoulders- even on extended wear. 

There’s also sternum strap to help you redistribute weight, should your pack be fully packed.

AER Fit Pack 2 review

Moving on to the back panel, I particularly like the mesh pads and air channels that helps keep you ventilated.

As for the top handle, it is padded and convenient for grabbing, hanging or sliding the bag around. 

Since it holds about 18.8L of gear, it’s not heavy and won’t be uncomfortable even as you use it as an everyday pack.

Storage & Organization

AER Fit Pack 2 review: storage compartment
Credit: AER

Perhaps the finest thing about the AER Fit Pack is how it helps you keep your office essential separate from gym and day to day use.  

Not to mention how a small looking bag can hold quite a lot ranging from a pair of sneakers, a laptop, an iPad, a few magazine, headphone, charger, and related items. 

But I have to say, it won’t hold larger items easy and risks looking bulgy if you force it.

Top access pocket. There’s a pocket on top of the bag for quick access to small items like phone, passport, wallet, keys.

No water bottle holder. You’ll notice the bag doesn’t have any external water bottle pockets.
It’s surprising and a bit of a letdown seeing as this is a gym bag.

Due to the build of the bag, I can understand that the absence is to maintain the slim urban aesthetic.

That said, you can put your bottle inside the main compartment.
And you won’t have to worry about the safety of your gear either, as there’s a different tech compartment to store them.  

Main compartment. First up, you have a vertical zippered main compartment on the front of the bag.

When you open it, you’ll see a bright lined interior that allows you spot your item easily and store your gym kits or basically whatever you please – an extra hoodie, snacks or a smaller packing cube.

Shoe Compartment: Next up is the shoe compartment.
It can contain a size 13 pair of sneakers or less with two holes to dispel bad smell and keep dirt out.

Sadly, it eats into the main space and a bigger shoe size may get squashed.

When you don’t need to carry your shoe along, the space can hold other items like your hoodie, novels, snack or such.

I however don’t like that when there’s nothing in the shoe or main compartment, the bag looks clumpy and crushed.

AER Fit Pack 2 review: storage compartment
Credit: AER

Tech Compartment:  Also, you have a dedicated compartment for your tech gears.
It has two padded sleeves for your 15.6” laptop and tablet or flatter items travel documents to avoid frenzy searching when you need them.  

You should note that it’s a bit of a tight fit, especially if the main compartment is stuffed.

So, if you usually move around with many or bulky work equipment, this bag is not for you. You may want to consider the Bellroy Transit Backpack 28L.  

Inside Pockets.

On the opposite side of the tech compartment, you have a zippered mesh pocket with two divider pockets.

You can use these spaces for accessories like flash drives, stationery, charger or hand sanitizer to keep them from free-floating around.

While these organizational pockets are handy, they are not spacious and is not for big items.
Forcing these spaces can make your bag bulge or worse, damage your bag.

To get the most of the organizational pockets, don’t pack each compartment to the brim.

Overall, this bag is great to help you stay organized with pockets for store your items and easily have access to them when needed.

Users Thoughts/Reviews

AER Fit Pack 2 review: Twitter image

It’s not only Sleek and lightweight, the bag is very comfortable and well-padded for daily use.    

However, it’s not perfect and that’s why the bag has the 4.5 rating in this AER Fit Pack 2 review.

One of the major complaints against this bag is just how ‘small’ it is.
You can’t afford to overstuff the bag with many items as it would just damage them or leave the bag bulky.  

I also saw some users who complained about the lack of exterior water bottle pocket in a supposedly gym bag.

In addition, four colorways are quite limiting due the neutral shades.
More exciting colors wouldn’t have hurt.

Other than that, majority of buyers are mostly pleased with their purchase. Around 400 reviews were mostly positive on the AER website and on Normstrom, it had 4.4 out of 5 rating.


The AER Fit Pack 2 isn’t exactly cheap.

To get this bad boy, it is going to cost you $135.

As a high-end product, it’s a good investment if it meets your needs. That is, if your needs are a great work/gym bag.

Plus, AER offers a practical lifetime warranty.

However, if you are looking for a more spacious, stylish, and feature heavy backpack, this pack isn’t for you.

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AER Fit Pack 2 review: Warranty

AER offers a lifetime warranty, which basically covers the practical lifetime of the bag. 

But what this means is that the warranty mostly covers manufacturing faults in materials and workmanship of the pack.

 It however doesn’t include damages that result from wear and tear, accident or airline luggage mishandlings.

To evaluate if your used AER Fit Pack falls under their practical lifetime warranty, you contact

Final Thoughts

The AER Fit Pack 2 is perfect for one who transits between an office setting and the gym.

Plus, it’s always pleasant to just know where everything is kept in your bag.

In this AER Fit Pack 2 review, I rated it 4.5 out of 5 because it’s NOT for everyone and has a few shortcomings.

The main drawback with this bag is the carrying capacity – can’t fit a lot and you shouldn’t expect it to do well under extreme use like hiking. 

What’s more, the bag is pricey.  But I would highly recommend this bag if you are someone who needs to bring some gym clothes with them to and from work.

However, if you just need a basic backpack to carry the essentials for day to day carry, or you usually carry around many items, I don’t think it’s worth upgrading to this high end back. Instead, take a look at the Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack at a more friendly price.   

This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. This backpack have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I may receive is a small commission from our affiliate programs if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.  

10 thoughts on “AER Fit Pack 2 Review | Looks Great but Is It Worth It?”

  1. This backpack looks good and the colors are perfect for taking it to the office. Not too attention calling. Although the price may be a little high, I think that it compensates for the durability and the high quality of the material. I have owned a few backpacks and none of them have lasted long. So, I think it is better to spend more money in a backpack that is going to last me for years. I don’t go to the gym, but I often change shoes when I leave my work, so this bag would still be perfect for me. I don’t mind the lack of a compartment for a water bottle, although it would come in handy.
    What I really like about this backpack is that it was designed to be functional.

    • Christine, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

      You seem to have the bag well figured out:) Yes, you are right about the somewhat steep price and how this is justified by the quality of the material. And we must not forget the Lifetime warranty – it is another sign of how solid the pack is when the brand is prepared to offer such a generous warranty.


  2. Really good looking backpack but really surprised at the lack of a bottle holder. You’d expect that from a premium bag but it seems they’ve prioritised aesthetic over function in that regard.
    Nice review Wole

  3. Hi,
    AER is a great brand. I have used their products in the past and I fully endorse it. I just wish they were a bit cheaper. But I can see that you are offering delas on their items too. Tha’s great.

  4. Being from Scandinavia this sleek, clean looking, backpack is a winner. I love the design, the simplicity, and the color choices. Very functional, but the lack of bottle holder would make me chose another option for sport activities.
    Now as a school bag, work bag, I can definitely see the use for it, great option!

  5. Great review Wole. I guess as a woman, I have spent more on bags that have served me less? I actually like the fact that this bag is not built for over-stuffing. Will help those like me who once stuff goes into my bag they don’t come out! it forces one to be better organized. Nice one.


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