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Are you a parent looking for the safest and most functional kids backpack with leash?

Then look no further!

In this article, I’ve eased your search for the best kids backpack with leash by providing you with these highly rated offerings in the market.

Kids backpack with leash: NOHOO Toddler Backpack Leash Kids
Credit: Amazon

So, whether your child tends to wander off or you just want some extra peace of mind, one of these backpacks is sure to fit your needs.

Plus, they all come in super cute designs that your child will love!

Keep reading for more!

Table of Contents

Top 10 kids backpack with leash

Kids backpack with leash: Skip Hop Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Skip Hop Backpack is a two-in-one package that includes a leash harness and a backpack for your kid.

With over 2000 positive reviews on Amazon, the Skip Hop backpack is one of the best kids backpack with leash that has won the heart of many parents, children, and very possibly, that of your kid too.

Even better, you get a leash harness and a backpack in one package.

For trips to the zoo or travel through crowded terminals, parents (especially parents of multiples) are also given security and peace of mind knowing that their kid will not wander off too far because the backpack has an easy-to-attach safety tether.

Since the tether is removable, preschoolers can use it solely as their backpack where they can stuff all their items.

Also, this backpack is designed to keep your child comfortable.

It has a chest buckle to ensure the backpack will stay on and also comes with a wrist strap as an alternative for keeping your child close and safe.

Plus, the straps are padded and adjustable while the back panel is well-cushioned.

Another reason why this is one of the best kids backpack with leash is because it allows your little ones to carry their belongings. 

This backpack has a large main compartment where your kid can store their favorite stuffed toy, books or any other item they need on the go.

On the front of the bag is a zippered pocket with an exterior mesh pocket that where they can put in their water bottle or juice box for easy access.

Whether it’s trips to grandma’s house, playdates, or daycare, this water-resistant backpack has what it takes to survive daily use.

Kids backpack with leash: Skip Hop Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

This kid backpack screams cuteness all over!

Even better, the Skid Hop Toddler Backpack is available in so many animal styles, you just have to ask your toddler to select from the particular animal’s design they love, that way, everyone’s happy.   

The designs are also very colorful so it is very easy to spot your kid from far away when the leash is not attached to the backpack.

Also, it features an easy-to-clean lining, as well as a name tag inside the backpack so you can be sure someone else won’t wander off with your little one’s belonging.

What’s not great

What’s not great about this backpack is that the tether attaches at its bottom, which may cause your child to fall forward if they pull too hard.

Some parents have said that it would be better if the leash was connected to the top, not the bottom of the bag.

Kids backpack with leash: DB Dinosaur Toddler Mini Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The DB Dinosaur backpack is one of the kids backpack with leash that’s incredibly cute and is also easy on the pocket.

If you have a sweet little toddler (say age 1-3) who happens to have a thing for dinosaurs, it doesn’t get better than this DB Dinosaur backpack.

One of the most affordable kids backpack with leash on Amazon, this pack is specially designed to help keep young kids safe and close in crowds, family outings, or even from falling unnecessarily while they trot about feeling dino-like.

Even better, the leash is detachable. So, this is the type of backpack your child can use with or without leash, when you’re sure they are in a safe space and within your preview.

Okay, just how much can this teeny cute pack carry?

For a small bag, your kid can carry a few items like snacks, toys, wipes, and even a tablet.

Kids backpack with leash: DB Dinosaur Toddler Mini Backpack
Credit: Amazon

For carrying comfort, the back of the pack is covered in a soft breathable mesh and the front is built like a harness, so it hugs your child safe as well.

What we also like

This backpack is affordable and has four different colors to choose from, so you’re sure your kid is getting what he/she fancies.

Plus, the design is incredibly cuteeee. I mean, it’s dinosaurs, come on!

What’s not great

The backpack is way too small for tall toddlers, and the straps don’t stay in place when adjusted.

Kids backpack with leash: Yodo Upgraded Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Yodo Kids backpack also doubles as a lunch bag.

This Yodo backpack is one of the kids backpack with leash with an insulated pocket for meals while allowing your little travelers to safely explore new places and experience the world.

It features a safety harness that you can use when traveling through airports during vacation time and in other busy areas like malls.

And for when it’s safe for them to run free, you can detach the harness, easy and quick.

Even better, it also doubles as a lunch bag or a diaper bag.

The insulated area in the main compartment

The main compartment has an insulated area where you can put meals or snacks, while having enough room for other daily essentials like books, tablets, etc. Additionally, it has two mesh pockets on the side of the backpack to hold water bottles or smaller items.

The Yodo backpack is also comfortable.

It has adjustable, padded shoulder straps, a chest buckle for stability, and a lightweight design, so your little one is not weighed down, however long they chose to wear the backpack.

Kids backpack with leash: Yodo Upgraded Kids Insulated Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

It measures 8.5 x 4.5 x 10.5 inches and can hold up against heavy wear because of its durable and water-resistant polyester material.

All in all, this roomy Yodo backpack is perfect to take on an adventure or even just commute around town!

What we also love

This kid backpack with leash does not only have fun colors, but is available in many different animal designs like dogs, sharks, owls, pandas, dinosaurs, and unicorns, which makes this product even more unique among peers.

Also, the bag comes with a name tag, is easy to clean, and is very affordable!

What’s not great

This Yodo backpack with leash is great for holding your essentials, but the insulation materials in its lining take up space, which means that you can’t fit as much into this bag.

Kids backpack with leash: Mommore Fashion Toddler Backpack

Summary: The Mommore toddler backpack is a durable and fashionable bag.  

If your little one loves to be fashionable, the Mommore toddler backpack might just win him/her over.

Designed with kids in mind, this is one of the cutest kids backpack with leash that has all the features you need to safely and comfortably take your little one on adventures. 

Meaning you don’t have to worry even if you have a little runner.

There’s a detachable leash on the bottom that’s easy to attach and remove whenever not needed or in use. 

The adjustable straps and chest strap ensure a comfortable fit and keep the pack securely fastened while your child explores new places or just gets some fresh air!

Also, the straps are padded, so you won’t have to worry even when worn for extended periods.

Storage includes a spacious main pocket as well as a front zippered pocket for toys, books, and other small gear your child may need on the go.

What’s more?

This backpack is made of high-quality and water-resistant oxford material which means that nothing will get wet inside the pack!

Plus, it is machine washable.

Kids backpack with leash: Mommore backpack with leash

What we also love

The Mommore backpack is available in two different colors: black and pink.

And don’t forget, this backpack is very pretty, so expect admiring glances and compliments from parents and children alike.

What’s not great

While the Momore kid backpack is great for carrying your little one’s stuff, it however has some flaws.

The chest strap may slide down when not worn tight enough and some parents didn’t expect the bag to be as small as it turned out to be.

Kids backpack with leash: Yisibo Kids Backpack with Safety Leash
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Yisibo Kids space rocket backpack with leash is a great way to keep your space-obsessed toddler safe and close while they’re active.

If your kid has a thing for space, well then, the Yisibo Kids Backpack delivers with a cute space shuttle theme design that’s sure to make him/her stand out.

It even features a round transparent pocket that adds to the aesthetics and is also handy for putting smaller items.

And of course, it is one of the best kids backpack with leash that allows you as the parent to hold onto your child while walking through crowds or during family outings!

The tether is not only adjustable but is also detachable for when your child is in an environment safe enough to run about unattended.

This spacious bag measures 8.7 x 4.5 x 10.8 inches, which has enough room for all of your little one’s precious possessions like some snacks, diapers, small toys, etc.

Plus, it has a lightweight design that makes wearing easier than ever before!

The zipper pulls on the backpack are rubber coated, making them easy for small hands to grip whenever they need access to the inside of the bag.

There are also padded shoulder straps for improved carrying comfort and a mesh back panel for ventilation.

Additionally, it features an adjustable front chest harness that connects across the chest of your little one, preventing falls off during runs, thus allowing free movements.

Kids backpack with leash: Yisibo Kids Backpack with Safety Leash
Credit: Amazon

I also like that the material used is not only eco-friendly and light but is also water-resistant,

What we also love

Although this bag is small and thus better suited for young kids aged 1-3, there is also a larger version suitable for 3 to 6-year-olds if you’re looking for something they can grow with. However, you should know that the bigger-sized bag doesn’t have a tether.

What’s not great

The backpack is not machine washable but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.  Also, some parents were disappointed with how small the size of the backpack is and due to its design, it has no external pockets for bottles or drinks.

Kids backpack with leash: Hipiwe Baby Toddler Walking Safety Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Hipiwe Baby backpack is very cute and practical for very young toddlers.

If your kid is in his/her growing stage (age 1-3), a big toddler backpack might be too heavy. This is where the Hipiwe Baby backpack comes in.

It is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

And as a strong contender on the list of the best kids backpack with leash, it has a detachable leash, so parents can better monitor their toddler’s movement in crowds.

The last thing you want is to be screaming your baby’s name in fear, trying to find where their curiosity has taken them.

Its smart design allows for very few items like baby wipes, toys, snacks, etc., with no room for overpacking.

On design, its shoulder straps are adjustable (not padded though), the back is breathable and the chest strap with clasps allows for stability and a better fit as well.

Also, the Hipiwe backpack is water-resistant.

Kids backpack with leash: Hipiwe Baby Toddler Walking Safety Backpack
Credit: Amazon

What we also love
Another winning feature of the Hipiwe pack is its undeniably cute cartoon penguin design that your little one would love to flaunt.

What’s not great

This backpack doesn’t have the best cushions in the shoulder straps and back panel, so it’s a good idea that you do not fill it out so your tot doesn’t tire out wearing it.

Kids backpack with leash: Agsdon Dinosaur Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The Agsdon dinosaur backpack is spacious enough to fit a kid-sized tablet. 

Because we just can’t get enough of dinosaurs, this is another dinosaur-themed backpack with which you’ll gain peace of mind and added security knowing that your child is always safely at your fingertips.

This Agsdon dinosaur backpack however has a unique dinosaur design in that it has an open mouth design that inspires your little one to own their dreams.

The size of this backpack is 9.5 x 7.5 x 3.2 inches, which makes it suitable for kids.

Also, it is with a roomy main compartment to put the kids’ toys, diapers, snacks, and even a tablet with them as they walk around.

Kids backpack with leash: Agsdon Dinosaur Toddler Backpack
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

The Agsdon dinosaur backpack is made of environmental materials and has a comfortable fit that feels right on your child courtesy of the chest buckle and adjustable shoulder straps.

What’s not great

Unless you plan for your child to carry around an empty albeit adorable backpack, some customers have complained that the backpack breaks down fast under serious use or when mostly loaded out.

Kids backpack with leash: Lesnic Kids Dinosaur Backpack with leash
Credit: Amazon

Summary: With the Lesnic kids backpack with leash, you’ll never worry about your kids running off in public places, and keep your kids close by in the crowd.

This fun dinosaur design from Lesnic will let your toddler’s personality shine through and make traveling with it much more exciting.

On top of looking cute, the bag is made to be fully functional thanks to its lightweight and water-resistant nylon fabric that also happens to be environmentally friendly.

And as one of the best kids backpack with leash, this backpack is equipped with a strap that parents can hold on to keep active kids safe from a distance.

You know, children are naturally curious when they’re out and about discovering the world, and this backpack will allow you to keep them safe.

It has a spacious compartment, including two mesh pockets on the side, making it a bag that can hold books, diapers, toys, etc.

It’s safe for kids as young as 1-6 years old to use and is suitable for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and young travelers.

Kids backpack with leash: Lesnic Kids Dinosaur Backpack with leash
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

With soft and wide adjustable, padded straps, and breathable back design, sweat buildup or slumped shoulders is one less thing you have to worry about.

What’s not great

The Lesnic dinosaur backpack will not be a good fit for a tall toddler.

Cutest design: VX Toddler Plush Backpack with leash

Kids backpack with leash: VX Toddler Plush Backpack with leash
Credit: Amazon

Summary: The VX Toddler backpack spots a heart-melting design to choose from while being functional. 

Does your toddler need some encouragement to attend daycare or preschool, exploring the outdoors?

This super cute little cat-designed backpack with a crown (there are 6 other beautiful options), might get them excited!

Plus, parents will love the safety it affords while running or walking with their kids. And as one of the best kids backpack with leash, the backpack has a long and sturdy harness leash to keep your kid running happily while secured on your hand.

You’ll therefore be able to ensure safety along every step taken in public spaces like parks, and sidewalks where kids often get into mischief with friends.

What’s more, the holding part of the leash is covered with plush, which is soft and gentle to hold. The plush material is thickened to provide extra protection, comfy to your lovely babies.

Also, this bag stays comfortable on kid shoulders, thanks to chest clips and adjustable, padded straps.

What we also love

For storage, the kids backpack features a zipped front pocket, two side pockets, and the main compartment where kids can stuff some of their toys, a diaper, wipes, and maybe even a change of clothes.

What is not great

Some parents complained about the poor quality of the zippers.

Most versatile: Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Anti-lost Wrist link Wristband

Kids backpack with leash: Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Anti-lost Wrist link Wristband
Credit: Amazon

Summary: Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Wrist link has an adorable design and practical features that make it a must-have!

Have trouble keeping track of your precious little ones? Worry no more!

The Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Anti-lost Wrist link is here to solve all those parenting struggles.

It’s one of the most innovative kids backpack with leash on this list because it can be worn in four different ways.

Solely worn as a backpack by your child, worn as a backpack with the leash attached, linked together around the wrist by you and your little one when going on long walks, or as a backpack (kid) with a wrist link(parent)!

The peace of mind when you know your child is safe and close by with the reliable mini-bag equipped with a wrist link will make every adventure even more enjoyable.

You can explore, shop or travel in safety while relieving their curiosity at all times because they’re always within reaching distance but not too far away so that anything might happen on its own accord!

What’s more?

The thick wrist link chain can stretch up 6 feet in length, with two ends that contain embedded sponges for added comfort while wearing it!

While the durable and reliable leash is made of high-quality materials to ensure safety.

Kids backpack with leash: Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Anti-lost Wrist link Wristband
Credit: Amazon

What we also love

This little bag is the perfect gift for any child who loves owls.

The room inside this harness mini backpack can fit some toys or other small items that you need on hand without taking a toll on their shoulders.

I also like that the backpack has adjustable straps as well as chest straps.

What’s not great

Perhaps the only complaint against the Eplaza Backpack is the design of the chest strap.

While I think the chest strap on this backpack is a great idea, it has a minor flaw.  The snap buttons that attach to your child’s shoulders strap can easily come undone when toddlers learn to pop these loose!

Once your toddler has figured out this little trick, the essence of the buckle would be useless as the snaps remove the entire chest strap from the backpack.

Tips and advice

Kids backpack with leash: a boy alone in a shopping mall

To get the most of a kid backpack that comes with a leash, following these tips is a step in the right direction.

Explain to your child

A kid might not understand why a leash is attached to his back, but a simple explanation would do.

Let him know that it’s because of this safety, and why you’ll be using it in a crowded place.

And since the leash is detachable, attach it to their backpack only when it’s necessary, and let them be free to play around or just admire their cute backpack without the leash when the environment is safe. 

Choose comfort

When looking for the best kids backpack with leash, go for the kid-friendly one.

This means, a backpack with padded and adjustable shoulder straps, as well as a chest buckle for stability, especially when your child is running.

Also, it should be one that won’t be too tight, nor too loose, but a good fit that also gives them room to move around.

Kids backpack with leash: Mommore Fashion Toddler Backpack

Apply caution

Remember, kids backpack with leash do not substitute for close and appropriate child supervision.

Be watchful and use a leash backpack when you and your child(ren) are in busy or not-so-safe places like amusement parks, areas closer to a water body, shopping malls, or large gatherings.

Also, when the leash is attached, do not pull too hard.

This is to ensure that you do not lose your child(ren) or have them get hurt.

Kids backpack with leash: NOHOO Toddler Backpack Leash Kids
Credit: Amazon

Use When out with more than one child 

When you are out with more than one child, it is hard to keep an eye on them all. 

A backpack and leash may help!

When traveling in public places where a lot is happening (like at the mall), many moms find themselves struggling for control because their hand isn’t free. But using kids backpack with leash makes sure that everyone stays close by while still giving mom peace of mind.

Teach your child about safety

As children get older, they must begin to understand essential safety rules at a young age.

Let them know that places like the malls, beach, theme parks, rocky paths, malls, campfires, large parking lots, and busy streets are where they should stay close to you and the use of kids backpack with leash is also handy in places like this.

As they grow, let them know the difference between right and wrong, as well as the consequences of their actions. This is because kids backpack with leash may not always be effective for everyday circumstances.


What You Need to Know About Kid Leash Safety, According to Pediatricians by Marisa Lascala of 

Using a Child Leash: Is it Ever Okay? By Aaron Hathaway of blog

Child Leashes: The Controversial Child Safety Device by Parent Guide Team

What’s a kid backpack with a leash and why is it controversial?

Kids backpack with leash: Skip Hop Toddler Backpack

Kids backpack with leash are a safety harness attached to your little one’s backpack that ensures they don’t wander too far away from you.

With a leash attached, you can keep track of your child as they wander about- ensuring no mischief-makers get too far away from what is considered a safe distance, especially when you’re in a crowded space. 

However, not everyone is a fan of kids backpack with leash. In fact, some people have compared a child leash to using a leash on a dog, while other parents like how functional and safe these kinds of backpacks are for toddlers, compared to regular ones.

The best part of kids backpack with leash is that it can be a regular backpack when the leash is detached.

And when detached, kids backpack with leash help ensure that kids are safe while parents can retain their sanity, especially if their kids tend to be free-spirited.

Is it OK to put a leash on your kid?

Kids backpack with leash: Quora image
Credit: Quora

Should you put your kid on a leash?

I think the major concern of every parent is the safety of their children

Kids need to be safe and parents need to be sane, which is why you must keep your little one close by on their leash.

When they wander off without telling anyone where exactly he/she may have gone – even if it is just for a quick adventure- there’s no way of knowing what could happen!

Kids backpack with leash are not so restrictive. They give room for your kids to wander but at a safe distance so they do not get too far away.

That said, these backpacks come with a detachable leash, so you can just remove them when in a safe environment and allow your child to carry them as a regular backpack.

Also, you want to be sure the safety harness is not too tight, too loose, or uncomfortable. And if you notice that your young one doesn’t care for a backpack with a leash, or is embarrassed by it, then you shouldn’t force it.

Are child leashes cruel?

Kids backpack with leash: Quora image
Credit: Quora

Who knew that a simple accessory could be so controversial?

The kid backpack with leash is an innovation in safety gear, designed to keep little ones close by and away from danger.

It has been praise-driven yet criticized by both sides of the argument for different reasons; some say that they’re necessary because it prevents your child from running off into danger, while others think this may be an excuse given by lazy people who don’t want to work too much in watching their kids.

But then again, it’s a matter of personal preference, so choose the kind of backpack that suits your child best, with a leash or not.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the best kids backpack with leash!

In this article, I’ve eased your search for the best kids backpack with leash by providing you with these highly rated offerings in the market.

Affordable, practical, and incredibly cute, you can’t go wrong with any of these Amazon top-choice backpacks.

Over to you, let me know in the comments if you agree with my picks or have any recommendations for the best kids backpack with leash.

Let me know in the comments!

Oh and If you are on the hunt for a backpack designed specifically with a lunch box for kids, check out my comprehensive review on the backpacks with a detachable lunch box.

This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These bags have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Cute and Functional Kids Backpack with Leash to Help Keep Your Child Safe”

  1. What a sweet collection of kids backpacks with leash, and great idea for keeping your child safe. I especially like the DB dinosaur toddler mini backpack. It has a really cute design, and the leash is detachable. This makes it perfect for infant school.

  2. I’m all for freedom and don’t like the idea of a lease.
    However, I remember my mum often telling the stories of how my brother and I used to fight often when we were out, and she couldn’t control both of us, and on occasion one of us would get lost for a little while. Maybe if we were on leashes, we might not have gotten lost.
    I like the Agsdon dinosaur backpack for my grandson… it just looks so scary, haha (not really.) I’ll see what my daughter thinks about it!

  3. Hey Femi,
    As a parent with a young child, your article is super useful! Especially how you broke it down into al the different categories to cater for parents needs and children’s wishes.
    I like the ones with the leash that is at the top (not bottom) and detachable. But most importantly I need to show the daughter. It will be interesting what she prefers when she takes a look at this post!

    Until what age are these types of backpacks most needed? Also what age are kids “too old/grown up” and don’t want the leash anymore?
    Thanks John

    • Hey John, thanks for your question.

      There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the child’s individual personality and maturity level.
      However, in general, backpacks with leashes are most needed for kids up to around the age of 5 or 7. By this age, they should be able to follow basic safety rules like looking both ways before crossing the street and staying close to parents when in unfamiliar areas.

      After that age, many kids start to become more self-sufficient and don’t want to be restricted by a leash.

      Of course, there will always be a few kids who are nervous or hesitant about walking on their own, and for these children, a backpack leash may be needed until they reach an even older age, like 7-9 where they are most comfortable and safe.

      So, it’s important to know your child and make a judgement call accordingly.
      I hope your question has been answered.


  4. We have seen these backpacks before and thought two ways about it first would I be taking my kids dignity away im walking them like a dog. The second thought how many kids get hit by cars. We had to really think of this and would be a great suggestion for our neighbors or brother they got kids. They would benefit from using this thanks agian.


  5. I remember when I saw a child on a leash for the first time and I have to admit I thought it wasn’t right. However, my opinion changed right away when I realized that it was actually such a great idea because it would keep kids safe, free and parents reassured. It’s better for a child to walk around and explore than stay in his/her stroller!
    Loved discovering all these cute backpacks but I fell in love with the Eplaza toddler owl backpack that is so versatile. I really liked the anti-lost wrist link wristband. It is so convenient, don’t have to worry about letting the leash go by accident!
    Great review! Many thanks!

    • Hey Anne-Caroline,

      Thank you for your comment. The idea of backpacks with leash simply do not sit right with some people, and for good reasons too. it is a matter of personal preference, and that’s okay. However, if you are concerned about the safety of your little one, it is something to consider. I also like that the leash in these backpacks are detachable so when in a place a kid is safe, there’s no need to use the leash.
      And yes, the the Eplaza toddler owl backpack is super cute. I’m glad you like the review.

  6. Yes, I am a parent looking for the safest and most functional baby backpack with a leash. This leash may indeed seem controversial to many, but it seems to me the most important thing is the safety of the child. And when the child is old enough, or if you are with him in an environment that does not pose a danger to him, you can remove this leash.
    I was most convinced by the VX Toddler Plush Backpack with leash and Eplaza Toddler Backpack with Anti-lost Wrist link Wristband (I am buying for my daughter). I will review the other links and consider purchasing. Thanks for the great presentation,

  7. All I can say is great work. The effort you put into this is very impressive and I enjoyed every minute of the read. After reading this article I get to know different types of Kids Backpack.


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