Team USA Casey Dawson’s Luggage Got Lost
en route to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics
- How Does Luggage Get Lost on a Flight?

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: airport lost luggage sign at the airport

The speed skater Casey Dawson had to borrow skating blades from an athlete from Latvia because his were in his lost luggage.

Unfortunately, Casey Dawson’s Luggage got lost on his flight to the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

But how did this happen?

Why and how does luggage get lost on a flight?

These questions are addressed in this Casey Dawson lost luggage article. 

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: Speed Skater Casey Dawson at the Winter Olympics 2022

The American speed skater Casey Dawson competed in the 2022 Winter Olympics men’s 1,500 m race last week but had to borrow skating blades from an athlete from Latvia to even take the ice.

On his way to Beijing, his luggage got lost, so he had no equipment for the upcoming race. He flew from Lake City to Beijing and had a connecting flight. He first flew to Atlanta, Georgia and was on a flight from there to Paris, France before he got on a flight to Beijing. Landed in Beijing, his luggage was lost.

Luckily, only his ice skates were missing for the 1,500 m race in the Winter Olympics 2022. His skating boots and uniform were packed in a carry-on bag.

The Latvian skater Haralds Silovs luckily skates the same type of blades and had a pair of extra blades with him, which he could lend Casey Dawsons.

The race was saved!

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022

There is almost no chance that your luggage gets lost if you are taking a direct flight. So, mostly connecting flights are the reason for luggage losses.

Here are some reasons why luggage gets lost on connecting flights.

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: airport workers sorting luggage at airport carousel

Not all airports use the same technology to sort out luggage and determine where the luggage should go.

There are still airports where pen and paper are used for that, so it’s impossible to read a barcode because there is simply no scanner for that. Workers at those airports must locate the flight number, passenger, destination, etc. by themselves.

The risk of human error is high here.

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: bags at airport carousel

Even if an airport is modern and got all the advanced technology, there is a chance for human errors.

Someone might type in the incorrect code for your airport of arrival, or another passenger mistakenly takes your luggage.

Also, the baggage handler might make a mistake and your luggage went on the wrong flight. So, you see, there are numerous opportunities for mistakes made by humans at the airport.

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: flight connection sign at the airport

Short connecting times between flights are still a big problem.

Even if everything goes right, it’s possible that you’ll make your connection, but your luggage doesn’t.

Sorting out all the luggage and figuring out where it needs to go is more complicated than figuring out the gate for the next flight by yourself as a passenger. Especially when your flight is delayed, and you must run for your next flight, the luggage can get left behind.

How to Prevent Your Luggage from Getting Lost

To ensure that you do not lose your luggage, here are 5 tips that might help:

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: luggage tag

Make sure you tag your baggage correctly to avoid losing it.

Be sure to include your name, address, and phone number you can be reached while traveling and they should be straightforward and easy-to read.

It’s also a good idea for you to label both the inside and outside of your luggage with your contact information so that should the tag outside be torn off or mishandled, the tag inside can be useful. 

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: lost bags at the airport

Another way to not have to worry about lost or stolen bags is by using GPS-tracked luggage tags.

There are many high-tech tags with codes or microchips that let you track your bag in case they get stolen or lost!

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: man at the airport

Boarding priority is given to those who check in early.

The earlier in advance one checks-in, the more likely it is to ensure that your bag(s) get loaded on promptly and without any problems.

When you check in earlier, you can avoid leaving your luggage behind or having it delayed before takeoff.

Tight layovers increase the likelihood that your bags will go missing.

To avoid losing your luggage, stay away from short layovers and choose flights that offer a longer stopover.

If you’re booking two separate trips anyway then make sure there’s plenty of time between them so the same plane doesn’t leave without bringing up its baggage too!

Casey Dawson, Lost luggage, Winter Olympics 2022: pink luggage

Last but not least, travel with carry-on luggage only.

Carry-on luggage is any piece of luggage that you can take along with you into the plane cabin, meaning that such a bag fits into the overhead bin and/or under the seat in front of you.

This essentially means you won’t have to check any bag that might get lost or damaged because you won’t lose sight of it.

Traveling with carry-on luggage also mean you get to keep all your valuables (documents, cash, devices, medicines, etc.) safe and sound.

However, there are important carry-on luggage rules and restrictions of the airlines and the airport you should definitely know about to avoid any nasty surprises at the airport.  

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