Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry
(15 Cool EDC Sling Bags to Take Around Town and Beyond )

Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: The Bellroy sling bag
Credit: Bellroy


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When shopping for the best sling bag for everyday carry, the three things I personally look for are: 

  • comfort (I want my bag to have an adjustable padded strap that allows me to wear it in a dozen different ways throughout the day without feeling uncomfortable);
  • room (I want enough space to be able to fit all my daily essentials); and
  • style (I want something that gets me lots of compliments).     

However, my recommendations are not just full of sling bags that perform well in these three areas alone. I have included alternatives that excel with respect to other features that may matter more to you. 

Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: The Bellroy sling bag

Perhaps your ideal sling bag is one that allows you to organize and find your things easily. Or maybe your thing is anti-theft features and how eco-friendly the bag is. 

Whatever your preference, I have compiled this list of the best sling bags for everyday carry with each model performing well in at least one unique area.

I trust that my recommendations help you in making an informed decision. And I’m more than happy to help if you have any questions, just drop me a line in the comments section below.

Table of Contents

Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry

Here are the 15 best sling bags for everyday carry that I would recommend in 2021.   

  1. Best overall: AER Day Sling 2
  2. Best for Her: Kavu Rope Sling
  3. Best for Him: CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack
  4. For Photographers: Peak Design Everyday Sling (V2)
  5. For Gym: SEEUs 32L Oversized Sling Bag with Shoe Pocket
  6. Best for Techies: AER Tech Sling
  7. Best Budget: Waterfly Chest Sling
  8. Best for Stylish Jetsetters: Tom Bihn Side Effect
  9. Best for the Outdoor: Patagonia Atom Sling
  10. Best for Security: Pacsafe Ventruresafe X Anti-theft Sling Pack
  11. Most Sustainable: Bellroy Sling (premium edition)
  12. Best for Durability: 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Tactical Sling bag
  13. Best versatile: NeatPack Canvas Sling Bag
  14. The Sexist: Mark Ryden Anti-theft Sling Bag
  15. Best for Minimalist: Osprey Packs Daylite Shoulder Sling
            Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: AER Day Sling 2
            Credit: AER

            Summary: The AER Day Sling 2 is compact but roomy, strong but delicate, and of course, smart and stylish for EDC and city breaks. 

            While there are many wonderful options on this list, for me, the AER Day Sling 2  is the best sling bag for everyday carry in 2021, for all the right reasons. 

            At first glance, the super sleek and stylish design of the AER Day Sling 2 may seem like that’s all it’s got going for it until you remember how much functionality and toughness you tend to get from the AER brand.

            Built with durable 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon with water repellent coating, YKK zippers, and Duraflex hardware, this is one of the most durable packs you can trust to survive the demands of daily use. 

            Even when fully loaded, it stays light (weighs just 0.7lbs) and maintains a slim profile that makes it easy to keep it close to your body.

            Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: AER Day Sling 2

            Plus the Day Sling 2 is organization-friendly.

            On the exterior are two lash tabs where you can clip additional items, a front pocket as well as a hidden pocket located at the back for a passport or cash.

            Going into the main compartment, this 4.5L capacity bag features a 7.9-inch tablet pocket, a key clip, with a big space and pockets for items like your phone, power bank, some earphones, etc.

            What we also love

            You will find it comfortable to wear, thanks to its adjustable shoulder strap that allows for maneuverability and easy access to the pockets.    

            Overall, it spots a fabulous quality for an excellent price and is available in four colorways (black, gray, navy, x-pack) so you can pick your best style.

            What’s not so great

            Its compact size won’t suit those who need to carry bulkier items or larger loads.

            Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Kavu Rope Sling
            Credit: Kavu

            Summary: The Kavu Rope Sling optimizes organization and wins style points with beautiful and colorful designs. 

            The Kavu Rope Sling is a lifesaver for women who want a sling bag that’s stylish and versatile for daily activities.

            This 10L sling bag is just the right size for everyday use and adventure; it’s spacious with two compartments and pockets to carry bulkier items like a pouch, wallet, a power bank, and loads of other random supplies.

            The polyester fabric is strong enough to withstand regular use and gets the job done while it stays light at just .75 lb (0.3 kg).

            And while it’s not waterproof, it does offer some water-resistant protection. So, you don’t worry, knowing your items are safe in a rain shower.
            so you don’t get worried about the state of your items if caught in the rain.

            What we also love

            More comfortable than you’d imagine, the shoulder strap is adjustable and the back panel is blissfully padded.

            Also, I love that they come in a number of fun patterns, and colors that are sure to turn some heads.

            What’s not great

            You can only wear the Kavu Rope Sling on one shoulder—gets uncomfortable after a while.

            Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack
            Credit: COFD

              Summary: The CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack is a clever and (actually stylish) well-designed bag every man can take anywhere with flair.

                The CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack is cleverly designed for men to look like a total boss while carrying all their daily gear with ease.

                First off, it’s made from X-PAC, nylon, neoprene with YKK zippers and ITW hardware. All you must know is this: this is a very well-made bag a man can trust to last every adventure.

                Thanks to the X-Pac material and Aquaguard YKK zippers in the main compartment, the X-POD (pronounced cross-pod) is highly water-resistant.

                This bag is unique – it can expand from being 2.3L to a full 7L in capacity, so can you cram in a bunch of last-minute items while on the go.

                Along with this, you get two main compartments with pockets (fit pouches within reason), a hidden back pocket, a strap pocket, and attachment points and straps that make it easy to carry extra gear.

                Plus, you get a nicely padded back panel that protects your back from hard or pokey items and makes wearing the sling bag for hours seem like child’s play.

                Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: CODEOFBELL X-POD Sling Pack

                  What we also love

                  Don’t want the compression straps in the way of the minimalistic vibe going on? You can actually remove them.

                  Add a self-locking magnetic buckle on the strap and the versatility to be worn cross-body style or around the hip, and you’ve got a bag you’ll love taking anywhere.

                  What’s not great

                  The X-Pod is quite complex with features that may seem like overkill to others.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Peak Design Everyday Sling (V2)
                  Credit: Peak Design

                  Summary: Carry your camera and other essentials safe and snug in the Peak Design Everyday Sling. 

                  For those who need both a camera bag and something with a bit more room and functionality, the Peak Design Everyday Sling (V2) comes to the rescue. 

                  It’s got a weather-resistant 100D recycled 400D shell with a weatherproof ultra zip that’ll work just as hard as you do, too.

                  It even comes in 3L, 6L, and 10L sizes so you have the option of going for the bag that fits your items and photo gear from a single mirrorless body/lens to a 13″ laptop bag.  

                  Special details —like an easy-access panel and FlexFold dividers — keep your photo kits well protected while internal pockets and cord hook system allow you to fit and attach other needed essentials.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Peak Design Everyday Sling (V2)

                  The Sling’s padded cross-body strap features a quick-adjuster that you can loosen when accessing gear and tighten when actively hiking or biking.

                  What we also love

                  I like that it can be worn as a hip bag, so you can give your shoulders a break and of course, as a sling bag.

                  Sophisticated, compact, and available in three color options, this one really hits the spot as the best option for photographers or videographers.

                  What’s not great

                  The front compartment can look bulky when full.

                  Summary: For a fitness fan who needs a relatively small athlete-inspired bag, the SEEU 32L Sling bag will impress you.

                  The organizational features and spacious capacity with consideration for your gym needs make the SEEU Sling bag a total winner.

                  Case in point: it has a 32L capacity with 10 pockets and several pen clips, to fit a book, some toiletries, and even a change of clothes.

                  There’s even a 15.4-inch laptop pocket as well as a pocket for your iPad so you can head from the gym to work. Plus, a separate size 11.5 gym shoe pocket with hole for air vent for your trainers.

                  What’s also great

                  A padded air mesh back panel means you won’t start sweating until absolutely necessary.

                  Also, the shoulder straps are wide and adjustable so it stays comfortable even when the bag is loaded out.

                  What’s not great

                  There’s been reports of how easily it rips when loaded out.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: AER Tech Sling
                  Credit: AER

                  Summary: Keep your tech organized and safe in the AER Tech Sling 2.

                  If you tend to carry around precious cargo like laptops, tablets, or other expensive electronics, the fully padded and organization-friendly AER Tech Sling 2 has you covered.

                  Made with durable 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon with a water repellent coating exterior, YKK zippers, and Duraflex hardware, this is one of the most durable and protected bags for your tech

                  The front compartment features an organizer panel for smaller accessories and a tablet, while the separated and padded compartment keeps up to a 13″ laptop safe within its cushioned interior.

                  On top of that, it also has a quick-access top pocket with a soft lining that protects your phone, or passport, in case of travel. 

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: AER Tech Sling

                  What we also love

                  Thanks to its sleek and clean vibe, this 8L bag weighs just 1.4 lbs and is perfect for everything from running to meetings to commuting to the office and even a business trip.

                  What’s not great

                  There’s no room for overloading. 

                  Best budget: Waterfly Chest Sling bag

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Waterfly Chest Sling

                  Summary: This good-looking and well rated Waterfly Chest Sling Bag is the ideal budget bag. 

                  The Waterfly Chest Sling bag definitely makes for the best sling bag for everyday carry because of its budget-friendly price tag and how highly rated it is.

                  It’s generous in size.

                  Whether it’s carrying your tablet, keys, or wallet, there are multiple compartments and pockets for daily items you might need in a hurry. It also comes with a water bottle pocket and a strap phone pocket that can fit an iPhone 7 plus.

                  Aesthetically, I like the clean and classic style of this sling bag —no-frills and no-nonsense.

                  While I recommend black or grey for versatility, there are also brighter colors if you want something bold.

                  The back and shoulders straps are padded for comfortable cushioning and the bag comes with a reflective strip for a safe signal at night.

                  Designed to help you juggle the demand of daily life, it’s made of durable nylon and a water-resistant exterior to keep water out.

                  What we also love

                  Whether you’re right or left-handed, the strap comes with a swivel clip so you can fix the strap on the left or right D-ring to your preference.

                   What’s not great

                  There are complaints about the water bottle pocket and front phone pocket being too tight.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Tom Bihn Side Effect
                  Credit: Tom Bihn

                  Summary: Designed to be an organizer pouch, cross-body bag, and waist pack, the Tom Bihn Side Effect is versatile and travel-friendly.

                  Tom Bihn is known for its high-quality bags and the Sling bag is more than a fair representation. 

                  That it’s made with Ballistic nylon, YKK zippers, and buckles add to its durable construction.

                  Also, it has smart design features, including an adjustable cross-body strap, O-rings to attach small accessories, a handy key strap, a roomy compartment with divider pockets, and a quick-access zip pocket.

                  What we also love

                  Perhaps, the best thing about the Tom Bihn Side Effect is the versatility it offers.

                  I like that you can use this as an organizer pouch while on the move, a waist pack to explore around, and a cross-body bag as a daily carry when the laptop was not necessary.

                  Plus this is a very simple and cute bag that also comes in a dozen of color options.

                  What’s not great

                  With a 1.5L storage capacity, it’s quite small and so can only fit the very essentials.  

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Patagonia Atom Sling
                  Credit: Patagonia

                  Summary: The Patagonia Atom sling is rugged, organized and comfortable for city breaks and outdoor adventures.

                  If you’re searching for something that’s as resilient as it is classy, you absolutely can’t go wrong with the Patagonia Atom Sling.

                  Spotting the sturdy badge of Patagonia, this sling bag is made from a combination of 50% recycled and durable nylon with a water repellent finish to keep your items dry.

                  At 8L, it impressively can hold your phone, wallet, keys, shirt, and headphones for city errands, as well as binoculars and snacks you need to take along on a small hike.

                  For organization, there’s a roomy two-part compartment for your daily items with a padded tablet sleeve, a handy phone pocket, and an expandable chest pocket that fits most phones.

                  Not to mention, compression straps on the outside of the bag are handy for holding bigger items like a yoga mat, jacket, etc.

                  What we also love 

                  Of course, they haven’t forgotten comfort, either, as this bag features an ergonomic strap design that stays close to your body with a soft and breathable mesh on the back panel so you stay cool on your expeditions.

                  What’s not great

                  The shoulder strap can only be worn on the right shoulder- sorry lefties.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Pacsafe Ventruresafe X Anti-theft Sling Pack
                  Credit: Pacsafe

                  Summary: The Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-theft sling pack is built to carry all your items secured and organized.

                  With the Pascafe sling bag, you won’t have to worry about someone stealing your valuables.

                  There’s a hidden anti-theft pocket, a cut-resistant exterior material as well as zippers you can lock for additional peace of mind.

                  Apart from this, the shoulder strap is also cut-resistant and is lockable around a fixed object so your bag isn’t taken away, in an unguarded moment. 

                  And construction wise, the Pacsafe Sling pack is no joke! 

                  The shoulder strap has a breathable design and the bag is durably made with 210D nylon diamond ripstop and 200D polyester for the lining.

                  There are pockets for your 10-inch tablet, wallet, and pouches, including both internal and external attachment points for your carabiner.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: Pacsafe Ventruresafe X Anti-theft Sling Pack

                  What we also love

                  This water-resistant backpack comes with a centered strap and zippers that work easily for both the left or right-handed and stays tucked away when not in use.

                  What’s not great

                  When you lock the zippers, it hinders easy access to your items on the go.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: The Bellroy sling bag
                  Credit: Bellroy

                  Summary: Your go-to eco-conscious sling bag. 

                  If you’re looking for a reliable sling bag that can hold all your essentials, the Bellroy Sling is an ethical alternative to consider.

                  It features a front pocket, a sunglasses pouch, and a main compartment with a key clip.  

                  The best part?

                  It’s expandable, so you have the option to accommodate more items or compress it to maintain a slimmer build.

                  Plus, it’s made from water-repellent material, so you know your belongings are safe and sound while you’re out and about, no matter what the weather throws at you.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: The Bellroy sling bag

                  The adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag three ways — on your chest, on your back, or around your waist in a true fanny-pack fashion.

                  Oh, and it’s made from premium, environmentally certified leather and sustainably sourced fabric. (By the way, here are the 10 best eco-friendly backpacks to consider).

                  What we also love

                  The strap comes with a magnetic clasp so you can take it out of the way and turn this bad boy into a pouch.

                  What’s not great

                  For a 7L bag, it doesn’t fit as much as the capacity claims.

                  Summary: Survive the toughest conditions with this tactical MOAB 10 Shoulder Sling Bag.

                  If you want a small tactical and customizable sling pack that will last you for years, then the  5.11 Rush MOAB 10 Sling bag is the way to go.

                  Sturdy, water-resistant 1050D nylon fabric combines with heavy-duty YKK zippers and MOLLE/5.11 web exterior ensure your bag will last and always stay dry.

                  Meanwhile, the adjustable, cushioned shoulder strap, solid grab handle, and comfy compression straps make carrying the load easy.

                  The multiple compartments help keep things organized and separate.

                  There’s a stealthy pocket for a sidearm, a coms pockets at the shoulder, a fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, an admin panel, and an interior compartment that can fit a tablet and other items.

                  It’s also has a  pocket built for a 1.5L hydration bladder so you can stay hydrated, plus the bag utilizes the molle webbing system for attaching additional gear.

                  What we also love

                  At 18L, this bag is perfect for heading out on hiking, fishing, or climbing, hunting, plus it works well for daily use.

                  What’s not great

                  There are complaints that the one shoulder strap isn’t well reinforced to hold the weight of the bag well.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: NeatPack Canvas Sling Bag
                  Credit:: Amazon

                  Summary: Lightweight, adaptable and spacious, the NeatPack Canvas Sling bag is a perfect carryall for every situation.

                  Need to go from class to the gym, and then out for a date? The NeatPack Canvas Sling bag has the space you need. 

                  It boasts of an impressive low-profile organization.

                  There are three different compartments and pockets for a fully lined spacious compartment for gadgets, books, a water bottle, and even a 12” laptop! 

                  Did I mention that it has a smartphone pocket on the strap with a headphone cord access and an RFID hidden pocket to deter identity thieves?

                  For good measure, it’s made of durable, water-resistant polyester canvas and boasts of a lifetime warranty, so you know you can trust its quality day-in and day-out.

                  What we also love

                  Speaking of versatility, this sling bag can be worn over either shoulder comfortably, or in the front across the chest to deter thieves.

                  Plus, it features a padded and breathable strap that makes carrying a stuffed sling bag seem too easy.

                  What’s not great

                  Some users complained about durability issues with the zippers and ripped seams.

                  Summary: Practical, stylish, and well-rated, the Mark Ryden bag can take you everywhere, from errands to airplanes.

                  The Mark Ryden Sling can hold your essentials and more as you go about your daily life.

                  It features a main compartment with pockets for an 11″ iPad Pro, a front pocket for quick organization, and a hidden back pocket for valuables, with a mini zipper shoulder pocket. 

                  It also made from high-quality water-resistant fabric and SBS zippers that won’t snag or come off the track.

                  What’s more?

                  The Ryden Sling also comes with a 3D back breathable back panel for ventilation and a heavily padded adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort.  

                  What we also love

                  Also smart, you can charge on the go with an external USB port and an octopus phone sucker design that holds your phone firmly and frees your hand.

                  All in all, it’s a great pack for biking around town, hanging out with friends, or everyday use.

                  What’s not great

                  The straps are not long enough to fit a woman with a busty chest.

                  Best Sling Bag for Everyday Carry: The Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling
                  Credit: Osprey

                  Summary: Whether it’s for day hiking or an active vacation, the Osprey Daylite Shoulder Sling is touted for its versatility and durability.

                  The popular Osprey Daylite 6L Sling lays flat and weighs only 0.5 lbs.  

                  It’s thus perfect for travel (compact enough to slide beneath the seat), festivals, minimalist hikes, walking the dog, or everyday use.

                  It’s made of water-resistant polyester that’s impressively light, yet strong with YKK zippers and a buckle that works smoothly – it’s Osprey after all. 

                  The strap and back panel on the Daylite Sling have a nice, comfortable layer of padding and the pockets couldn’t be more easily accessible.

                  The bag’s front mesh pocket is suitable for essentials like keys, AirPods, and cards while the small mesh pocket on the strap is a great place to tuck away a chapstick or phone. The main compartment is large to hold more items and comes with a sleeve and two mesh pockets, as well as a key leash. 

                  The bag also comes in six vibrant colors so you can easily pick a style suitable for you.  

                  What we also love

                  I particularly like the addition of an elastic strap keeper so you never have to deal with an unruly dangling strap.

                  What’s not great

                  The shoulder strap can only be worn on the right shoulder.

                  Bottom Line

                  So there we have it – 15 best sling bags for everyday carry to help you streamline your life.

                  I hope this list helps you to decide on the bag that suits your needs. 

                  Over to you, let me know in the comments if you agree with my picks or have any recommendations for the best sling bag for everyday carry. 

                  Also, be sure to check out my detailed guide on the 20 Best Everyday Carry Backpacks review. 


                  This article is not sponsored in any way by any company. These backpacks have been independently selected by myself and my team. And the only thing I receive is a small commission from our affiliate program if you buy any of them through the links and buttons on this page. It doesn’t cost you a penny. But it really helps me out as this money goes to paying for maintaining the website, editing software, my time, team and everything else that goes into preparing this post.  

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                    Here are many different types of bags I saw and every bag has its own benefits. I like the way you review all types of bags that we need to travel. I will choose a small handbag that I can also carry on my back.



                    • Hey Manu,

                      Thanks for your observation – handbags or slings are more like it for summertime and vacations. A backpack might not always cut it.

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                  2. This a very detailed and informative review of sling bags. My personal favourite is the AER Day Sling 2. I like the fact it’s light yet can carry essentials such as phone and small tablet. Being waterproof is another good feature. I’m not so keen on the larger Kavu Rope Sling as it looks uncomfortable to wear and too bulky for my needs. The patterned fabric is very attractive though. Thanks for sharing:)

                    • Hey Kathy,

                      Thanks for your kind comments, it’s a pleasure to see that you find this review informative.

                      I share your sentiment about the AER Day Sling 2. That it is waterproof is a handy feature, especially for a tech bag. The Kavu Rope Sling gets only uncomfortable when overloaded and worn for long hours.


                  3. Hi Femi,
                    I love sling bags, and the best one I have is of Harley Davidson. It came along with my bike. I call it my woman-bag. It’s so convenient to carry.
                    Great review of some superb bags.

                  4. Hi, this is a good review, I’m a big fan of bags and backpacks. I like two of them very much. The Kavu Rope Sling and The Patagonia Atom sling look very practical for me. Thank you for sharing. I’ll bookmark your site. I like shopping a lot!

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                  5. Hi Femi,

                    Thanks for recommending 15 sling bags in this article. I am pretty sure everyone could find the one that suits them the best from your generous sharing. From all these 15 sling bags, I like AER Tech Sling 2 & Mark Ryden Anti-Theft Sling Bag. Both look stylish for modern workers, and they can carry the essential stuff people need for work.

                    Considering those circumstances, I need to carry my laptops to see my clients. AER Tech Sling 2 seems like a better solution, which also has many pockets to organize my stationery, small electronic gadgets, and wallets. I love to have it one day.

                    Thanks for sharing. This article could be saved as a reference for future purchases. 🙂


                  6. Hey Femi, as usual your review is so thorough and I absolutely love how you do your research into putting such a comprehensive list together!

                    Personally, I don’t usually wear sling bags but my physiotherapist told me its so much better for posture and back to wear a strap across the chest as opposed to just on one shoulder.

                    These are great options and there are so many i would like to try. However, my personal favorite is the Mark Ryden anti-theft Sling bag. I just wish the straps were longer on that one.

                    Thanks for putting this list together and giving us another great post!!

                  7. I love these bags especially the Pacsafe Venturesafe X Anti-theft sling pack. Water resistant and the anti-theft pocket is two attributes on the top of my list.

                    Most of these bags look very fashionable even the “man bags”.

                    I am definitely thinking of buying my father one of these beautiful bags for father’s day. He will like the Bellroy sling – a very manly bag 🙂

                    Thanks for sharing.

                  8. Hi Femi, I am not a fan of sling bags, but I can see that people love them, especially walking or traveling through the city. And actually, they look pretty good! 🙂 I like the backpack more, the rucksack, because I need to carry more stuff with me, and it doesn’t fit in a sling bag. For jogging, it might be great because we can’t take too much when we are doing sports. But generally, I would always be going for a backpack! Thank you very much, Femi! I always learn something new from your reviews! 🙂

                  9. Femi,

                    I never knew that sling bags were a thing until I found this! I used to use a fanny pack back in the day when I would bike everywhere in Oregon, but that Pacsafe one is awesome! I think the sling bag would have been more comfortable to wear vs the fanny pack, just because it would sometimes get in the way of my legs and I would have to sling it back around to my back.

                    I’ll have to keep this in mind next time I’m travelling. So much better than a fanny pack!

                    Thanks for sharing this review! Great review by the way!



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