Hello and welcome to Travelccessories.com. I’m pleased you’ve stopped by to check out our travel accessories insights and ideas. Whether you are travelling for pleasure or for business reasons, having the right accessories with you can go a long way in making for a smooth trip. Here at Travelccessories.com, we’d like to help to equip you with the right information to choosing the most appropriate accessories for you.


My name is Femi. I live in the UK with my lovely wife, Rufina, and two-year-old son. My wife and I are quite creative. One of our creations is a travel toiletry wash bag. And this is what has inspired our interest in the travel accessories space. We literally designed our wash bag from scratch, drawing inspiration from our own personal travel experiences; we reflected on what we liked about our old wash bags and what we wanted to see in them. We also considered what other travellers and tourists had said in reviews of their own bags. This helped us to come up with something relatively unique. And what’s more… we were able to launch and retail it on Amazon. So, when we discuss travel accessories,  we are not just sharing from a researcher’s perspective alone, we come from a place of having designed and manufactured an accessory ourselves. But we also have in our team,  travel enthusiasts and researchers, who help us with our research because we don’t just want to rely on our experience alone. Besides, we haven’t used or owned every accessories we discuss, and so research plays a pertinent role and we take it seriously.  


As a result of designing and retailing our own travel accessory we have accumulated – and continue to gain – a wealth of knowledge in travel accessories in general; we’d love to share our experience/knowledge of accessories to help others in acquiring the most suitable accessories.  


The goal of my website is to furnish you with useful accessories insights to improve the quality of your travels. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, you are welcome to drop us a message at femi@travelccessories.com and We’d be more than happy to help you out. All the best, Femi & Rufina Asaolu travelccessories.com